Twin Sword – Chapter 9

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Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Ryan, Kylian & Leo

Chapter 9: Fire Keeper

One hour later…

Tang Hua looked at the Riverlord Dragon’s HP, then stood up and walked a few steps, bouncing a few times, and then sat back down and started throwing the Measuring Sky Ruler.

Four hours later…

Tang Hua threw the Measuring Sky Ruler, then bent down and used grass roots to tease the ants.

Eight hours later…

Tang Hua no longer watched the Riverlord Dragon’s HP; after throwing a ruler, he stood upside down and played hide and seek with the ants.

Twelve hours later…

Tang Hua threw the ruler and began counting the number of leaves; it was at this time that he remembered a historical sentence transferred too much among players, so much so that it became rotten words: What I beat is not the BOSS, but the loneliness (1).

Fifteen hours later…

This was the second time Tang Hua successfully activated the Measuring Sky Ruler; his body was surrounded with red light, which forced the ants to flee. After scaring all the ants, he analyzed: Nine out of ten mental patients had friends like Black Crystal.

Eighteen hours later…

“Hu Sister, Hey! My wife…” Tang Hua recently discovered a praying mantis with a twisted ass.

Twenty hours later…

Tang Hua picked up the Measuring Sky Ruler to smash the ants, while cursing: How dare you climb on my body, why don’t you let me climb on yours…

“What are you doing?” Black Crystal was very shocked to see Tang Hua, and was very concerned about him, “You.. Are you alright?”

“I …” Tang Hua face immediately blushed red; this had to be the most embarrassing moment of his life.


“The BOSS is dead?” Tang Hua asked after he washed his face three times in the spring.

“Dead.” Black Crystal was still a little afraid of Tang Hua.

“What was dropped?” This was an eternal question. What was dropped from the BOSS?

“Here, for you!” Black Crystal traded two items to Tang Hua.

“Wow! A flying sword!” Tang Hua’s eyes flashed like flames, and Black Crystal immediately leapt back three steps. [Silver Fish Flying Sword] (offense type) Rank 1 – Attack damage: 30-45. Has a chance to activate the skill: Parallel Sword Shadow. Parallel Sword Shadow – Create an illusion of the sword to attack. Mana cost: 50.

“What is this?” Tang Hua looked at the other thing; it was a booklet: Fire Keeper, after being used, one can learn primary level spell: Fire Spell. Fire Spell (single-target) – Activation time: 10 seconds. Inflicts fire-attribute magic damage.

The dilemma of the century had arrived!

Between these two things, not to mention that he did not contribute any effort – just playing with the mantis – even if he contributed more than half of the effort, it was embarrassing to take both things. Which one should I choose? Why are there so many decisions in life? Flying sword… This was the entrance to flight for newbies. Spells… seemed to not be as important as the flying swords. But she already had to fight for a day, how can I shamelessly ask for the flying sword? So embarrassing. But if not for my own Yongchun noodle, how could she play for a day? A package worth 25,000 federal money. But even if you have the money but not her ability, how you can get these two things? Confusing… quite confusing.

Black Crystal fell back one more step. She looked at Tang Hua’s strange expression, like he was almost crying…

“You take the flying sword, please give me the Fire Keeper, is that OK?” Tang Hua asked softly, looking forward to Black Crystal’s polite words, such as: “Flying swords must be used by boys.” “You were lonely for a day, so you can use a flying sword first…” However, Black Crystal was neither gentle nor polite, directly snatching the sword from his hand before warily leaping back.

“Equip it and take a look.” Tang Hua barely managed to choke out the words, “Remember to infuse Spiritual Power into it.”

“Good!” Black Crystal took one more step back, then equipped the flying sword. Tang Hua only saw a small silver sword begin to rotate around her; with Black Crystal’s valiant posture, a combination of both was very nice to watch.

“Beautiful, try attacking that robber.” Tang Hua pointed at a distant robber.

Black Crystal shook her head, “It says my Cultivation Level is not high enough, I can only attack opponents that are within 30 meters, or the flying sword will be lost.”

“Oh, so attack this robber.”

“Good!” Black Crystal nodded, the flying sword soared out, immediately stabbing through the robber’s chest. Black Crystal followed the system’s instruction, using Sword Controller to make the flying sword wretch itself out and cut the robber’s neck, and then soar out again. The robber finally fell to the ground. Originally, they needed half a minute to kill this robber, but now he was killed within three seconds.

“It took nearly half of my MP!” Black Crystal shook her head, “Not as good as my fist.”

“Don’t think about that in the future.” Tang Hua seriously said. He cried in his heart, so cool, so beautiful, so efficient, why she was not polite about it?

“Look at your spell.” Black Crystal sit down and reminded him.

“OK.” Tang Hua crushed Fire Keeper. Immediately, the system prompted: You learned a new spell: Fire Spell. “Look at me.” Tang Hua tapped and targeted a robber, and then followed the system’s instruction to make a hand seal, then a timing bar appeared in front of him.

“Kiai!” the Robber suddenly rushed towards Tang Hua.

Tang Hua was shocked. F*ck, I haven’t attacked you yet, how can you attack me first? Faster, faster, faster! Tang Hua stomped and nodded in anxiousness; if possible he would use his hand to pull the timing bar directly to the end.

“7, 6, 5, 4, …”

Black Crystal hastily waved her flying sword, and with a *clang*, she blocked the slash which was about to cut Tang Hua’s neck. Meanwhile, seeing the robber, Tang Hua was still stomping, “3, damn it, 1, activate!” A small pillar of fire rose from under the robber’s feet.

“Wow…” Black Crystal was delighted and said, “Depleting more than half of its HP, amazing.”

“Normal, it’s normal.” Tang Hua was very ‘modest’; the outcome was significant.

“But why do you have to stomp so hard before using a spell?” Black Crystal finished off the robber and asked, “Isn’t clenching your fist okay? I think that would look better.”

“……” Tang Hua blushed again.


Next, the two’s efficiency in killing monsters increased substantially: Black Crystal’s flying sword came out, *phut phut phut phut* rotated in a circle around the body of four robbers, then came flying back *phut phut phut phut*, and when four robbers reached the front of the two,*phut phut phut*, four robbers were down. Why did it lack a fourth *phut*? Because Tang Hua’s fire spell had activated, and so the last one was burned to death.


At the moment both of them reached Level 6, Tang Hua was prompted: Fire attribute +1.

The third day of the game, the two fought with level 8 monsters. When Black Crystal reached level 8, Tang Hua was prompted again: Fire attribute + 1, Water attribute – 1.

Each additional point in fire attribute was strengthening Tang Hua’s Fire Spell. But unfortunately, he still felt that the Fire Spell was very weak.

At the same time, the level 1 rooster BOSS after acting arrogant for three days outside the Newbie Village, was beheaded by the players.

The one who beheaded the rooster BOSS was none other than the sister who had an Earth Rat Mace. This sister has become the most popular figure in Newbie Village. First, she was the first player who reached level 10, and was also the first one to complete Pray to Heaven and Earth. Second, she was the first one to have two flying swords. Finally, her ability in controlling the flying swords was very good.

Most of these days, people worked together. Luckily acquiring flying swords from killing monsters, or relying on doing the quests to get flying swords. But definitely no other person has two flying swords. Moreover, this sister really had talent, she could control two flying swords at the same time, one to fly and one for attack.

(1) This is reference to a sentence from wuxia “What I drink is not wine, but loneliness” ( Gu Long novel, but I don’t remember exactly which novel)

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  • skittles

    Thanks for the chap.

    And hmm. Dunno whether I like this or not. There is so little tension. Given the world building so far the only goal of playing the game is so you’re not bored and earn money (also so that the spaceship doesn’t need a toilet!)

    Add to that the actions of most characters is pretty bizarre, both players and NPCs alike. There really isn’t a big motivator to keep reading. They just play the game and earn money until reaching the planet? Needs an actual plot! Or at least the MC and girl to have some goals. Also it would be nice if main girl’s actions weren’t quite so idiotic.

    • ChLN

      Please wait until chapter 15, that’s when Arc 1 begin.
      And they doesn’t play just for money, but for career too.
      MC was offered the position of Vice-President of United Nations on Planet M.

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