Twin Sword – Chapter 8

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Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

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Chapter 8: Attack BOSS

The first thing he saw after going out of the safety area was the Rooster BOSS with that silly walk under the sunlight. This level 1 BOSS enjoyed a benefit that none of BOSS in previous game ever enjoyed: there was not even one player who dared bother the BOSS.

Outside its area, players were groaning: it’s not that we do not want to fight it, but there is no way to fight. It not only has AoE spell, also has defense spell, who dares to bother it?


Undoubtedly among all players, the fastest leveling player was the sister who had Earth Rat Mace. Now she was Level 5, fighting with level 8 monsters alone. Tang Hua, under the support of Black Crystal, also reached Level 3; Black Crystal herself reached Level 4. Monkeys could not meet the requirement of the two anymore, at least, not meet Black Crystal’s.

So, Tang Hua and Black Crystal moved while fighting with monsters, and slowly walked a full round, arriving in front of some Level 3 robbers.

Tang Hua thought the game was too stingy. After all, in other games, humanoid monsters would drop equipment and money while animal monsters would drop materials. But in Twin Sword, Tang Hua knew that he and Black Crystal killed at least 50 monkeys, but not even a monkey hair was dropped. There was only experience and spiritual power.

Tang Hua looked at his own Spiritual Power stored: 350. Looking at the amount of Spiritual Power needed to upgrade Measuring Sky Ruler: 1 million, made Tang Hua really depressed. Not to mention that the proficiency degree was not full, even when it was full, where would he find 1 million Spiritual Power for the upgrade? It seemed that there was no way he could focus on the Measuring Sky Ruler now.

However, in order to avoid the future embarrassment he would face if he earned one million Spiritual Power, but did not have enough in proficiency degree, Tang Hua threw the Measuring Sky Ruler every 10 minutes.

Killing the robber was obviously much easier for Black Crystal. First, although robbers fight, because the location was different from what they were used to, it was difficult to coordinate their collective attacks. Second was Black Crystal’s familiarity with the body; it was definitely more than any kind of animal.

After he had killed more than 60 robbers, Tang Hua suddenly saw in addition to experience and spiritual power, one more prompt: You received a Thousand Star Kneepad. When Tang Hua and Black Crystal partied, they usually used random distribution mode, so Tang Hua obtaining equipment while not having killed a robber was not surprising.

“Equipment!” Black Crystal and Tang Hua exclaimed together in excitement: “It is a blue item.”

“Quickly, look!” Black Crystal quickly abandoned the robber she had been fighting and hurried over. The robber took the chance to recover its health back to the max.

Thousand Star Kneepad: Defense 20, five elements +1, chance to absorb 10% damage.

“You are the main fighter, you should take it.”

“Ok!” Black Crystal did not hesitate and took over. However, she suddenly asked: “Why can’t I equip it?”

“You must infuse Spiritual Power to it, in that operating system, here, you see.” Tang Hua knew about this after having called “sister” a few times.

“Well, it was equipped.” Black Crystal looked around and ran a few laps, getting used to the new sensations. then Tang Hua said: “I want back the flying sword…..”
Tang Hua opened his own Attributes tab and discovered a strange thing. In common games, the usual attributes were either the Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire; or Four Elements in fantasy: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water 1. But in Twin Sword, in addition to Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, there were two other separate attributes: Thunder and Wind. The Five Elements were placed in order of how they countered each other: metal countered wood, wood countered earth, earth countered water, water countered fire, fire countered metal. When ordering them in order of how they were created each other: wood created fire, fire created earth, earth created metal, metal created water, water created wood. Thunder and Wind were excluded from the five elements because they countered each other.

Tang Hua looked at his own seven attributes, all of them were at level 1 in terms of proficiency. After Black Crystal equipped the kneepad, only the Five Elements attributes increased; Thunder and Wind had no change.


“BOSS, be careful.”Tang Hua had sharp eyes, and as soon as he saw danger he shouted. Black Crystal did not know how many robbers were killed, but all of a sudden a robber burst into existence from beside her. He was different from other robbers; this robber wore a hat, and while other robbers used a normal sabre, this robber was holding a Golden Big-Ring Sabre 2. The most important thing that proved that he was the BOSS: he had a name above his head. It said: Riverlord Dragon. “Damn, no wonder I can not to use that name.” Tang Hua suddenly grinded his teeth as he remembered the Beauty.

Black Crystal body reacted quickly; as soon as she saw that she was in a dangerous situation, she hastily retreated. But she was a bit too slow, and as one slash from the Level 3 Riverlord Dragon’s sabre swiped past her body, Tang Hua saw Level 6 Black Crystal’s HP in the party’s screen nearly fall to the bottom.

The worse thing was, Black Crystal’s speed suddenly slowed, as if she were doing a moonwalk 3. Tang Hua hurriedly glanced at the status of Black Crystal and was stunned; speed reduction of 75% for 5 minutes?!
But Black Crystal had a good reflexes. Even as she was caught in this bad situation, even though she was empty-handed, she didn’t step back, but instead stepped forward, into the slash’s range. Black Crystal used her shoulder to hit Riverlord Dragon, pushing Riverlord Dragon back three steps.Using the time she bought herself, she returned to a normal state, and immediately ran back towards Tang Hua, which was the border between the monkeys and robbers.

They could not buy a potion, and even if they could, potions shouldn’t be used in this case…… The easiest way to replenish health and mana was: sit down.

“Too exaggerated! After I reached level 3 I tried to attack that rooster BOSS, but it used one spell to knock down half of my HP. This level 3 BOSS’s slash not only nearly drained my HP bar empty, but also comes with speed reduction.” Already sitting down, Black Crystal looked with a little fear at Riverlord Dragon, but she happily snapped her fingers and said: “We have business.”

“What business?” Tang Hua did not understand.

“I have no method to deal with magic, but I have a bit of confidence to deal with him.”

“If you can’t beat level 1 BOSS, how can you defeat level 3 BOSS?”

“It is not the same; that chicken’s spell was undodgeable, but this robber depends mainly on physical attacks; I can still dodge his sabre, and as long as he cannot cut me twice, I should win.”

Tang Hua asked gravely: “I have only one question, and that is: do you think with your puny attack power ……or rather, how long will you need to beat him to death?”

“Well …… do you have anything to eat?”

“Ah?” Tang Hua’s mind could not catch up with this jump-like thought. What is the relationship between eating and attacking BOSS ? Was it to call the boss to come and cook with them?

“Do you have or not?”

“Yes, yes. I have” Tang Hua brought out a package of Yangchun noodles and said: “There is spring water, noodles cooked by spring water is also fine to eat ……”

“I can eat raw noodles; after all this is in the game.” Black Crystal took the Yangchun noodles, chewed a few times and swallowed. Tang Hua swallowed saliva: since when were raw Yangchun noodles so delicious?

“Well, my hunger degree is 0, so I will try to play with him for one day.”

“……” Tang Hua almost fainted. One day …… Less than a day had passed since the beginning of the day until now, but this girl said she wanted to fight for one day. He quickly pulled Black Crystal aside and earnestly said: “But he only need two hits to take your life.”

“I will not let him cut me.”

“But you must fight for one day.”

“My hunger degree is 0.”

“But he only need two hits to take your life.”

“I will not let him cut me.”

“But you must fight for ……” Tang Hua was rapidly getting depressed: he could feel his IQ regressing slowly. He let go of her arm, burst into tears and said: “You go.”

“Yes, you do not talk to me, it distracts me. Also, cheer for me.” Black Crystal’s posture like a boxer prepared to go on the boxing ring.

“Come on, come on.” Tang Hua started to review his character; could it be counted as bad or not? After entering the game, his pockets were emptied by the intelligent computer, then he had to read the Three Character Classic with primary students. He acquired a ruler with a very cool name, but was actually very useless in battle. And then he met Black Crystal ……

  1.  In raw this  is “thunder, wind, fire, water”, but it doesn’t fit Four Elements, so I changed a little.
  2. twinswords
  3. For anyone who doesn’t know, search Micheal Jackson + Moonwalk.
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