Twin Sword – Chapter 6

Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Leo, Crimson & Fate

Twin Sword – Chapter 6: Measuring Sky Ruler

“Sister… how did you get this artifact?” Everyone surrounding the girl, asked the same question.

The girl didn’t hide anything. She had a persevering character from childhood. Of course, this can also be understood as stubborn. She was fairly pretty too, so when everyone tried to find a task, she argued with a man who was farming. The reason was that the man accidently splashed mud on her when she went across the street and she asked him to apologize. But this man was a mute, after being pestered by her for an hour, he grudgingly gave her a quest to drive her away. After she finished feeding the cattle, she got this Earth Rat Mace.

“Oh!” Everyone’s eyes lit up, it wasn’t that the village did not have quests, but the quests are hidden. You must find a way to activate the quest. Anyway, this was logical. You wouldn’t ask a stranger to help you take care of your child in kindergarten, would you?

Understanding this point, the group of players scattered, fleeing into the village, one after another asked anyone they met affectionately: “How many people are in your family? How many acres of land do you have?… You don’t have any? You must have, please? Can’t you think again, maybe you worry for your child at home? Do you not worry about your wife alone at home? Have you lent someone money and he isn’t paying it back, or perhaps some loan sharks tricked you and want you to pay it back right now? Do you have any problem with literature?… Ah, brother, why do you not know that the earth is round?… Help me, murder…”

Only Tang Hua quietly sneaked beside that girl. He asked: “Sister, how to use an artifact?”

“Do you have an artifact?”

Tang Hua nodded.

“It’s written xxx, then a question mark?”


“After you kill a chicken, in addition to experience, there is something called Spiritual Power, right?”

Tang Hua opened system screen, looked and said: “There’s 50 points.”

“You must infuse it with spiritual power, in the “Operating Artifact” tab are two buttons: “Infusing Spiritual Power in the Artifact” and “Cultivating Artifact”. But artifacts which was already equipped or infused with spiritual power that couldn’t be traded nor dropped in death. Extra spiritual power can be exchanged for some experience at the designated NPC, though it’s a small amount, but it’s better than nothing.”

“Ah! I see, thank you sister.”

Sister waved: “Never mind, don’t be so polite.”

Tang Hua opened the “Operating Artifact” tab, put the ruler up, and then began the infusion of spiritual power. As soon as he heard the prompt voice of the system, the ruler’s name and notes have changed.

Measuring Sky Ruler, Level 1 (non-flyable), how high is the SkyHeaven, how wide is the Earth, this ruler can measure all. Note: After using a specific method, this ruler can enhance user’s magic attack power, for a duration of 10 minutes, and a cooldown of 10 minutes. Additional skills: None. The next level needs a full proficiency degree and 1,000.000 spiritual power points.

Strange, that sister’s Earth Rat Mace upgrade requires only 100,000 spiritual power, why does this ruler need such a huge amount of 1,000.000?

“Measuring Sky Ruler!” Tang Hua shouted, a three-feet-long white jade ruler appeared in front of Tang Hua. At its center there was a red dot rapidly traversing. What does this mean?

Tang Hua looked at the red spot in wonder, unsure as to what to do. The teacher who was skipping school came across, kindly said to Tang Hua: “You cannot see with just bare eyes, you have to carefully look with your heart.”

“Heart?” Tang Hua stared at it for a long time and nearly got cross-eyes. In the end he cried sadly and said: “Teacher, my heart is almost broken, but I still don’t see it.”

“Then… use this to see.” The teacher pulled out a magnifying glass and handed to Tang Hua.

Calm down! Tang Hua used his left hand to cover his mouth, since he feared that he would not be able to suppress the urge scold his teacher. He took the magnifying glass, and then carefully looked for less than half an hour, and finally felt joy when found a red line on the left side of the ruler. This red line’s width was equal to 30% of a human’s hair. In other words, three times as thin as human hair.

“Teacher!” Tang Hua looked at ruler speechlessly, then said: “If I am not wrong, the exact method to use this artifact is: I have to stop the red dot which moves at the speed 500km/h exactly on this red line, which is only visible when seen through a magnifying glass… right?”

“Yes, young children are easy to teach.” Teacher was very pleased.

“Teacher, is your mother still living?”

“My mother is in good health.”

“That… give my regards to your mother 1.” Tang Hua, a fairly cheerful youth, finally suffered the first trauma of his life. When he knew he won a five million lottery then found the lottery ticket was stirred in the washing machine for an hour; he always thought his first trauma would come from love, he would never thought it would come from a teacher…

Tang Hua walked in faltering, the red dot still kept shaking…

Behind him, the teacher sighed: Wanting to measure the sky’s height, there is no easy way, only with practice.


At a creek outside the village. Tang Hua sat alone in contemplation by the river bank and watched the stream. On the left side he saw a lively scene of chickens being killed, while on the right side people fought with the monkeys in the forest…

“Do you want to commit suicide?” A female voice sounded behind him.

Tang Hua looked back at her, a good-looking girl, but Tang Hua ignored her because… only a idiot would think that someone could commit suicide in this small creek.

“You were wronged by someone?” The girl carefully asked, slowly nearing Tang Hua.

Tang Hua did not pay attention to her, because… his full attention was focused on the red dot! After all Tang Hua was not a man who easily gave up, especially after running around, he still did not find any other artifact or flying sword. He became persistent with the Measuring Sky Ruler. He had finally understood the law, slowly shutting his eyes, in his mind the red dot and the red line were both clearly to see……

“Ah!” Tang Hua screamed, the woman was tightly pressed onto him: “Is there anyone… Help, help.”2

“As long as you promise not to commit suicide, I’ll let you up.”

“Son of a bitch! Who wants to commit suicide?!” Tang Hua was angry, mainly because of shame. A full-growth man was being tightly suppressed by a girl, and after struggled still couldn’t escape, this is such a humiliation.

“You’re not going to commit suicide?” The girl opened her eyes widely.

“I’m not suicidal.”

“Then why are you eyes closed…”

“If you don’t free me, I will complain to the system that you sexually harassed me.” This complaint was a protection mechanism, because many people play, men and women bumping into each other is inevitable. If you feel as though the other one intends to sexually harass you, you can complain to the system. After the system received the accusation, it will analyze whether or not the subject of the complaint has dirty or conscious thought. Once convicted, the penalty is not in the game, but in the reality. Through the judicial intervention, they arrest you for sexual harassment. From a long time ago, people have started a legislation for virtual currency…

(Author’s note: In this game there is no XXX. Even holding hands a little can cause a big trouble. After all, Writing Shrimp have not been deep research and study on the “yellow area3” of novels.)

  1. “Give my regards to your mother” sometimes can be used as a slang mean “F*ck your mother”
  2.  Common rape scene..
  3. I think the author meant “ecchi/hentai area”.
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