Twin Sword – Chapter 5

Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Leo, Vick, Akhil, CrimSonWolf, Ethan, Sai, Fade

Twin Sword – Chapter 5: Almighty Rooster

“People at birth. Are naturally good.” 1

“…” Tang Hua nearly spit a mouthful of blood 2, he realizes now that he was in the game, not reality. He stood up…

“Sit down.” The teacher is very solemn. Since ancient times, what does being a teacher mean? Teachers are gods. No matter who you are, whether an emperor’s relative, princess or prince, if a teacher wanted to punish you, you immediately get punished. Even when the emperor saw his children being punished, he would even say: good education.

“Yes!” Tang Hua put his ass back to the seat. Several players outside, who had intention to invade the school, laughed, especially when they hear, “People at birth…”

“Stand up.” Teacher stopped in front of Tang Hua.

“For what?”

“Extend your hands.”

“Sensei please don’t do this, you see, I also read “People at birth” like everyone, please save my face.” Tang Hua sweat like a waterfall. Even if this is a game, being beaten on the palms is a very shameful thing.

“School is school. No matter what, “People at birth” or “The way that can be told” 3, they are also for school education. Don’t you see how many kids are watching you?”

Under those innocent eyes’ stare, Tang Hua put his left hand covering his face, then showed his right hand.

Teacher gave him some light hits, then satisfied he said: “Young children are easy for teaching. Although you have no heart for studying, but you have the heart to respect a teacher. I will give this ruler to you. I wish you have a good life from now on.”

“Thank you.” Tang Hua take the ruler and stole a glance, suddenly feeling dizzy. This ruler… is unexpectedly an artifact. Its title is “Ruler”, with another line below saying: “Artifact? Unknown attributes.”

This… Tang Hua is half-crying and half-smiling. What is this? After equipping the ruler to the equipment slot, he not only can’t see any spell added, but after looking around his whole body, he also doesn’t find anything different.

“Sensei!” Tang Hua bravely stood up.


“Let me borrow a bench.” Tang Hua without waiting for the teacher’s reply, grabbed the bench under his seat then disappeared as quickly as the wind.

Teacher sighed: “Foolish Confucian. You already have a ruler, what would you need a bench for? People at birth…”

“People at birth…”

* * * * * *

“Don’t cut the line, go to the back of the line.” Said the shabby uncle standing on a large rock, to Tang Hua, who is still holding the bench.

Tang Hua looks from left to right, indeed, if he does not line up at the back row, his weapon cannot display its ability.

“Today we are not just fighting for ourselves, but also for all the players in this game. The word “players” from today on will have a new meaning… If today we can destroy those chickens, then today will not be just another “game day” for us, it will also be the “game day”of all people in this game.” The shabby uncle waved hand and shouted: “Pot lid teams, move forward.”

Three rows, containing 150 players each, came out of the safety zone. Without delay, the roosters let out a long crow, rushing into these valiant players.

“Raise the shields… sorry, lifting the pot lids.” Shabby uncle said, one hundred and fifty valiant players squatted down together, lifted the pot lid to provide protection in front of the body. This method is very effective, any chicken that hit the lid will be knocked back and scream in pain.

“Archers… sorry, stone-throwing team, be prepared. First team throw… second team throw… third team throw.” Hundreds of stones as big as an egg flew toward the chickens, this scene looks like the sky and the ground is covered; in the blink of an eye, many white lights appear among the chickens.

“Warriors… Anyone with weapons, attack!” Shabby uncle grabbed a wooden shovel and chased after them towards the flock.

This time, obviously, is a much more comfortable fight. Because the chickens were suddenly attacked, they became disordered. They couldn’t organize themselves to have effective attacks or restrain players. Left wing, center, right wing, all of them were pierced. From initially a flock of chickens vs one player, changed into one chicken vs one player, finally evolved to a lot of players vs one chicken. In the end, when a chicken respawned, it immediately became covered by the pot lids, rolling pins, stools, benches, rocks, shovels, fists, feet, teeth, saliva… many weapons smash it to pieces. This can be described as ”a chicken appear, to be beaten by a hundred people”.

So the situation turned to the most tragic moment from the old online games; the number of players are bigger than the number of monsters.

“Experience 33%.” Level 1 Newbie – Tang Hua looked back at his achievement after half an hour of labour, and could not express anything except for two lines of tears flowing. Since the moment he began to play online games, the worst situation he ever met, was the need to wait ten minutes to reach level 2.

Chickens cannot be depended on. If this situation continued PK will become possible. According to reliable information, the level 2 monsters are monkeys in the outer ring of the forest. Shabby uncle is organizing the players, making a strategy to sneak attack them on a large scale. The only annoying thing is dealing with attacks from above… because all monkeys are jumping down from the trees.

“BOSS.” Suddenly, over ten players scream, attracting attention of thousands of people among the swarm of chickens. Tang Hua turns his face in that direction, only to see in a hundred meters apart from him, a rooster stand haughtily there, blue light flashes around its body, its crow soars to the sky.

“Fighter team… Those with melee weapons, pay attention to the other chickens.” Shabby uncle, after a while, start waving his arms and shouting: “Pot lid teams, surround it on all sides, stone-throwing team recharge ammunition, attack at my command.”

The rooster glanced at shabby uncle on the tree, as if it can understand human language, then after looking at the pot lid team, who are surrounding it, gently shake its head.

“Go!” Shabby uncle see the chance, wave his hands and shout out orders, 150 players rush to the rooster, judging from their posture, they probably thought to smash the rooster.

Describing it is slow, but it happened quickly. The rooster suddenly face upwards. Under its feet a flood appear, flowing to all directions. Fifty players in the first pot lid team instantly disappear into white light together, you can say they died in hatred…

“Blocking cannot withstand against it!” The second pot lid team although have not died, but became unsteady, obviously can’t continue fighting. The flood after hitting the third pot lid team eventually disappeared.

One kid, after carefully studying the situation says: “This is totally violating the conservation of laws of physics, right? Why is that possible?”

No one payed attention to him, because the shabby uncle gave the second command: “Stone-throwing team attack.”

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of stones were flung towards the rooster. Just before the stones hit, three walls of water appear around the rooster into a triangle form. Flying stones hit the water wall, fell to the ground, without causing any injury to the rooster.

“The water walls have HP.” A few clever players discovered, water walls have HP bars, though damage to it is almost zero, but certainly these wall are breakable.

But in an instant they cannot see the water wall’s HP, because while people are talking, its HP had fully restored. It had a simple meaning: This level of attack isn’t enough to break the water walls.

Everyone understood this point. This is not a fighting game, if you use primitive measures to fight with a BOSS in a xianxia game, the result is like a mantis trying to block a carriage.

“I’m coming!” A big sister comes out from the swarm of players, quietly looking at the BOSS rooster.

“Can you…?” Everyone whispers in their heart.

This girl throws a mace and shout: “Earth Rat Mace!”. The mace after left her hand became bigger, flying over the ten meters high, then immediately slam down the rooster…

“Whoa…” Everyone looks at her with respect, the BOSS’s HP instantly fall down 1/20. But…

“Shrrt”, before the rooster strike back, the girl flees immediately into the safety zone, also explaining to the confused players: “Cooldown, also mana is not enough. I have to sit down and rest.”

  1.  This is the opening of Three Character Classic, the first formal education at home for children in ancient China.
  2. The term “spit/vomit blood” is common in Chinese literature with two meanings:

    1. a) (due to) injuries or disease.
    2. b) (due to) anger, sorrow, or annoyance.

    My translation will use “vomit blood” for a) and “spit blood” for b).

  3. This is from Tao Te Ching of Laozi.
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