Twin Sword – Chapter 4

Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Leo, Vick, Akhil, CrimSonWolf, Ethan, Sai, Fade, Sascha

Twin Sword – Chapter 4: Battle, Human vs Chicken

Newbie villages had more than 100 families, so who should be looked to for receiving quests? This is the answer: first is the blacksmith, next is the village chief. Of course, if you find a doctor and ask for weapons, he may have a cleaver, the key issue is whether the cleaver is able to fly or not. Even if it can fly, no one can bear that kind of style. Just think about it, someone stepped on the cleaver, flied freely in the sky, but one careless moment, crack, you loses the big toe. Flying around, looking back only to seeing no longer having toe, and it just say about fatty ones.

“No.” Village Chief had a very cool and very cruel way to answer some players are full of twinkle in the eyes.

And while the blacksmith didn’t have a quest, he sold swords… although it only were a Peach Wood Sword 1. Not only did the name sound great, it also have an “affordable” cost: one gold coin.

When all people retreated, one dude gritted his teeth, stomped his feet and put a gold coin on the table. While the admiring gazes of the crowd fixated on him he drew the Peach Wood Sword and… cried. He sorrowfully asked the blacksmith: “Can I return it?”

“No returning for already sold weapon, but…” Blacksmith uncle said in a very soft tone: “But I do buy discarded weapons.”

“This sword…”

“One silver coin.”

After hearing that the dude’s face lost all color and holding the Peach Wood Sword unsteadily walked to the door. But nobody had any sympathy for the misfortunate boy. Somebody grabbed his arm and asked: “How is the situation?”

This dude was an honest person and answered with teary eyes: “This is a normal weapon, not a flying sword.”

“But we do not have a space to equip normal weapons?” Everybody noticed this problem.

He shook his head, while replying: “That’s why it can only be wielded by hand, the game system prompt which appeared said that because there is no Spiritual Power, it cannot be equipped.”

“Well…” Everyone understood that the equipment space can only be used to equip things with Spiritual Power. Everyone walked away, leaving that dude alone to lament to the wind; one hundred thousand federal dollars for such a trash item.

From this occurrence one could guess how this game would be. More than three hundred villagers, but not a single quest. Along Tang Hua’s road, the whole village groaned.

Suddenly a player grabs the leg of a private school teacher and begged in despair, “Sensei, do you have…?”

The teacher averted his gaze and looked far away, while replying with a deep voice: “I really don’t have what you want.”

A familiar scene. Tang Hua shook his head, and tried the second way to obtain a flying sword.

* * * * * *

Excluding quests, where could you find equipment? Of course from monsters. A BOSS was out of the question, but to kill a chicken or a pig was possible, right? If one were lucky, maybe it would drop a divine weapon?

“Kiai!” Tang Hua bravely charged into the swarm of chickens, but very quickly he shouted, “OMG!” and ran for his life.

The reason for that was that those chicken weren’t normal ones, but fighting chickens. Yes, those were the most powerful fighting chickens in Heze City, Shandong Province, China. The roosters of this species had a thriving chest muscle, long neck, long legs, high tail feathers, and were famous for being good fighters, which would rather fight to the death than suffer the shame of defeat.

Even if it was a fighting chicken, how could it fight a human?

The key point were their numbers and wave-tactics. Not a chicken vs a gamer, but a flock of chickens vs a gamer. When Tang Hua arrived in front of the chickens, more than ten chickens immediately came from all directions, moreover a second onslaught was prepared. If Tang Hua didn’t have sharp eyes, quick reaction and healthy body, even though he turned and ran for his life at the right time, he would have become a corpse inside a swarm of chickens.

Inside the safe zone a scared boy patted Tang Hua’s shoulder and gave him a thumbs up: “Impressive, among the fifty players who stormed in, only you returned.”

Tang Hua had few deep breaths, he still didn’t seem to be able to calm down.

“Watch me.” A guy came out of the safe zone. One of the fighting chickens scowled at him and flew to attack. He shouted: “Monster, receive my spell… Sorry, wrong thing: Monster, receive my shovel.” In his hands is a long wooden shovel, he swung with “Swept Thousand Soldiers” pose. The other players only saw the chicken being tossed away. While letting out a single cry, it crashed into the swarm of chickens. Obviously it was badly injured.

But their action was immediate, thirty enraged chickens surrounded that guy as fast as lightning. A flash of white light, the chickens scattered, only a wooden shovel was left on the ground as proof: This field was place of one of the most epic battles between humans and chickens in history.

Everybody in the safety zone mourned for this silent hero.

“All brothers, all sisters… examine all houses.” A macho man stood on a big rock exclaimed… Ah, wrong again, it was a shabby uncle instead.

In an instant all people awoke and went into the village to rob the people blind. Tang Hua saw neither tragedy nor disadvantages with this and walked to a local woman: “Where is the pot lid?”

“Robbed.” The woman responded terrified.

“Where is the rolling pin?” said Tang Hua, after searching around and finding nothing.

“Robbed too.”

“F*ck, these guys really have a quick hand.” Tang Hua reluctantly came out of the woman’s house.

Suddenly near Tang Hua blew a cool wind, as a young woman ran into the house: “Where is the pot lid?”

“…” Tang Hua’s heart calmed down again. He was relieved that there was someone slower than him, even if it was a girl. Tang Hua stood on the hill, watching the tragedy in the village. Thousands of players went in and out of the houses, like hard-working ants looking for food.

“WTF, is there even a single house they haven’t robbed yet?” Tang Hua looked left and right as his eyes suddenly lit up. At the center of the village was a large cottage where no one had entered yet and neither had anybody come out. Whoa! There was a possibility that it still had a hatchet. While thinking of this he quickly stormed down the hill and ran towards the cottage.

He recklessly rushed through the streets colliding with people left and right. There were also dogs on the streets which he ran over. Without pause he stormed into the house and shouted loudly: “Pot lid, rolling pin, give me two of each kind…”

Time stood still. He noticed that didn’t he stand in a normal house, but a school!

The teacher with a mustache looked at Tang Hua and ordered him: “Sit down!”

“Yes.” Tang Hua obediently went to the empty corner and sat. Who is the one Tang Hua feared the most? Absolutely not his mother, but his teacher. In the era when teachers saw students as gangsters, while students saw teachers as mafia, why was Tang Hua so afraid of the teacher? This was because when Tang Hua entered elementary school, there was a genuine teacher. The teacher already passed away… But for generations his family had traditions to respect teachers and so Tang Hua was a little different than other people. His respect for teachers include heavy-handed teachers. Perhaps because Tang Hua confirmed that the teacher was sick and tired of his students.

  1. Peach Wood Sword is a famous tool of Daoists to purify ghost. If you want to ask why blacksmiths have wooden swords, you should watch the anime “Hayate the Combat Butler” season 2 episode 3.
  • Cythril

    all i can say is …WTH? so far this is such a mess xD

    • Sesmicyoss Tyler

      How so? Are you talking about the story or the editing? If it is the editing, we deeply apologise. We have recently been rotating people in the editing team to find more suitable fits for everyone and you should see the names on the chapters become more stable. In particular, my account will be in charge of this novel, so please direct any future concerns to me by our discord! Thanks!

      If it’s the story, 😛

      • Cythril

        Ahh no the translation is all good! 😀
        but more like the start of the story is bit confusing (atleast for me)
        is MC mentally sane? how come the world (outside of the so called safe zones) is free for all *shopping* mall? like they just robbed every1 in that village.. o3o why so desperate? i may have missed something when i went tru the chapters #gottagofast xD

        • Sesmicyoss Tyler

          He is sane. When you consider this is an VRMMORPG and that he is essentially playing this to stay alive, it makes sense to be as money grubbing as you can 😛

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