Twin Sword – Chapter 3

Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Leo, Vick, Akhil, CrimSonWolf, Ethan, Sai, Fade

Twin Sword – Chapter 3: Village Chief

“Hello everyone.” An old man floating as though stepping on the wind, greets all players that are still confused: “I am Village Chief, but do not misunderstand, my first name is not Village, also my second name is not Chief. I am called Village Chief because I am the chief of this No. XXXXX Newbie Village. Obviously if this is a Newbie Town my name must be Town Chief, if this is a Newbie City … ”

“Stone him.” A brave boy who was standing near Tang Hua pick up a stone, to rouse the masses to attack Village Chief who is babbling.

“Biri!” A thunderbolt descend from the sky, that brave boy disappeared into light. Village Chief nodded and say: “That dude will have a one-hour tour in Hell… Ahem! Just now I was explaining about magic, do you want me to explain about the flying sword? ”

No one was saying anything. Although everybody was excited, but nobody wanted to waste one whole hour. Village Chief nodded, scooped one hand, from the his sleeves comes out a small silver flying sword, this sword cut through the masses as fast as lightning, a white light rises. Inside the light, an unlucky boy shout in despair at the Village Chief: ”I did not say anything.”

“Who saw me kill people at random?” Village Chief shows a friendly smile and say.

Everyone shook their heads, this old man is deliberately abusing his authority to satisfy his dark desires by bullying the weak.

“Next… We will have a flashback of an event that happened three thousand years ago. Ah, 3000 years is not calculated in years BC, but in terms of this village time. The time of this village is decided through the use of a hourglass. Hourglass is a jar with sand inside, after a certain time interval, the sand would flow down a little, we would base on the amount of residual sand to calculate the current time. Naturally it’ll have some inaccuracy, sometimes in wet atmosphere, sand would fall a bit slower. Talking about another story, when I was young I had a unforgettable experience, that is when I married my wife… After marriage my wife did not allow me to… Though finally the problem was solved, the case shocked the district department. Speaking about the district department, I am sure everyone here haven’t heard about it… ”

Among cries, some big sisters could not bear that thing called Village Chief anymore, abruptly raises arm and shout: “Damn old man, give me a mercy kill.”

“Us as well!!!” Immediately 1500 gamers raise their arms, everybody beg for a quick death, none wanted to live anymore. Anyone who have a short figure stood on a stone, hoping to be struck first. This moment the masses express unlimited courage and wisdom, this moment must be recorded in history forever …

“Sorry, but I don’t know area attacks.” Village Chief touch his chin as though regretting something and replied.

“…” Everyone made the same vow, in the future if they become stronger, they surely will return to kill this damned chief one hundred times plus one hundred times. But not long after that, everyone would come to understand the kindness of the Village Chief. They also understand one thing: kindness can be divided into many levels is as rare as kilins horns and phoenix feathers. If compared to the Village Chief with the outside world NPCs, he indeed is as kind as Guanyin.

The Village Chief did not chatter any more, swinging a hand. The landscape became a blur, then clear again. Everyone saw themselves inside of many clouds, above the clouds is a place with flowers, grass, trees, but no animals or humans.

Suddenly strong winds brew up, making the clouds dissolve, thousands of players grab the nearest one, reluctant to stand. At the southeast suddenly appeared one black hole, a cool guy with red hair and black clothes came out from the hole, stand on the bloody cloud and watch this area.

At the same time in northwest side ripples appear, after that ripples suddenly appears a handsome guy wearing silver armor, golden-purple helmet, standing on a sword while floating on the air.

Handsome Guy raised his sword and shouted: “It’s you again, in the past one thousand years you invaded the Heaven Lands 27 times, what is your intention!?”

Cool Guy did not say anything, his eyes blinked, around him a blood-red light rise up ten staff, gazing at handsome guy like a hungry tiger.

“Wanna fight? Come here!” Handsome Guy, sword in hand, releases thousands of lightning thin like silk, the blade sharp enough to frighten everyone, it makes a sound like a dragon’s roar, as if it can be projected anytime.

Cool Guy smirked, making hand seals with one hand, the blood cloud surrounding his body transformed into a giant blood dragon, attacking the Handsome Guy. Handsome Guy point the blade up to the sky, thousands of lightning twisted and crushed the blood dragon. At the same time, his thunder sword turned into a light sword, releasing thousands of rays towards Cool Guy.

“Good.” Cool Guy finally says. His hands were roiling in the air, in front of him appear a transparent blood wall with black symbols. But the power of the flying sword is like thousands of rivers, it could not be blocked that easily, instantly the blood wall was broken. Cool Guy exploits the moment when sword was slowed down, step backward and instantaneously, another defensive wall of blood suddenly emerges, then immediately break, emerge again, break again…

When Cool Guy eventually run back to the previous hole, the light could not penetrate the wall and disappeared. Handsome Guy have a faint smile, making hand seals, the outside walls of blood sword beam become stronger. Cool Guy seeing that his situation was not good, hurriedly swung his hand, the cauldron quickly expand. When the flying sword just destroyed the blood wall, the cauldron encircle it.

“Recall!” Cool Guy spat a small amount of blood, as the blood sprayed on top of the cauldron, it immediately begin shrink. Handsome Guy quickly made hand seals: the faster the hand seals were made, the louder the sound inside, sometimes it looked like the sword will break out. The cauldron is forced to enlarge, but this is not a mortal item, so it has not been broken yet.

“Projection Spirit!” Handsome Guy howls. One cluster of white light flashed into the cauldron. In a blink of an eye inside the cauldron appear glows, one powerful light beam fly out, the sword and spirit go back into the body of Handsome Guy.

Cool Guy gave a cold smile, putting the cauldron back in his pocket, the clouds of blood surrounding his body turns into a giant falcon, spread it’s wings and roar. Handsome Guy is breathing roughly, but his sword ki turn into a phoenix to glare at the falcon. The fight was at it’s climax, victory and defeat is determined in one moment.

(TN’s note: If you want to see this fight, you can watch Chinese Paladin 3, but it’s not as epic as described here.)

* * * * * *

“Why does it have to end so suddenly!?” Thousands of players scream. Watching the most dramatic cliff-hanger moment, suddenly be interrupted… It’s like “making love” to the final moment, but the girl says: “Today is my day unsafe day(1)”; that confused feeling between c*m inside or not is insufferable enough to make people commit murder a hundred times.

The Village Chief, without paying attention to anyone, said: “Inside the bag of each player, there is a Transformation Potion. If you use it, you have only once chance to change your face, height, appearance, but not including gender and specific appearance… On the other hand, each person have a stick of incense, that can be used to pray to Heaven. The Transformation Potion and the incense can only be used after reaching level 10, and before you leave the Newbie Village. Ok, disband!”

“SHhhh!” As majority of players left the area, there is a few players that give the middle finger to the Village Chief.

* * * * * *

Almost everyone have the same idea with the Tang Hua finding a flying sword! How? Obviously by accomplishing quests, when you are level 1 the game give you no weapons, then based on item requirements, when you reach the respectively level, it will provide quests with rewards for people is trash. But trash item is item too.
TN’s note:
1. I don’t know this word is slang for “unsafe day” or “menstruation day”, so I choose the former.

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