Twin Sword – Chapter 2

Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Leo, Vick, Akhil, CrimSonWolf, Ethan, Sai, Fade, Sascha

Twin Sword – Chapter 2: Start Game

“Speak quickly, what will be your name?” Beauty banged on the table, screaming.

Tang Hua, after a lot of thinking sighed, “Eastern Eggplant.” Well, this name was the nickname he used in the previous game.

“Eastern Eggplant registered successfully! How much money do you want to exchange?”

“…?” Tang Hua didn’t understand.

“We can change your federal money to money in game. When the game ends, we help you to convert the money into Planet M’s currency.” When it comes to money, the Beauty seems to have extraordinary patience, but watching the her posture, the thing she wants most right now is clean every single coin from Tang Hua’s pocket.

“Well, fifty thousand.” These are the savings of Tang Hua, including the early retirement salary and the bonus for early retirement of his mother, which was, of course, also added to the total amount of money in his possession.

“Five silver coins, will you exchange or not?”

“Five of silver? How much is that?” Tang Hua couldn’t guess how much the value of money was in the game. Since he watched a history show on TV, he knew that in ancient times the yearly salary of a district chief was 1.2 coins, which would be about 5 coins in four years. But on a few other programs on TV, if a person did not have at least a few million, he wouldn’t be counted among the rich.

“One gold coin equals to 100 silver coins, one silver coin equals to 100 copper coins.”

“I want to know the value of 5 silver coins.”

The Beauty thought for a moment and then said: “Five silver coins… To compare, in a hotel is 1 silver for one night, eating a bowl of noodles with a few of vegetables and no meat is also 1 silver …”

“Her sister!” Tang Hua shouted immediately and said without waiting in a deprecating manner: “Can I not change it?”

“Please.” The tears in Beauty’s eyes drop: “Recently my business is in very poor condition, the boss B.O.L.T told me if there is no prosperity, he will use me to make fried squid.”

“…At least you still have squid to eat, I have to eat air to live.” Tang Hua was very tenacious.

Beauty seeing that she couldn’t be soft with this poor guy, instantly lifted her eyelashes: “Brat, I will calculate for you. If you do not exchange your money into in-game cash, there won’t be any money for you to exchange with traders on Planet M. If you want to send fifty thousand from Earth to Planet M, the procedures fee is forty-nine thousand, which would leave a thousand to exchange, but wouldn’t factor in that I would not service you. To say it more clearly – brat, fifty thousand on the Planet M is only worth as toilet papers. ”

Tang Hua while being full of tears exclaimed: “But after I give to you, it’s worth even less than toilet paper.”

Beauty changed her behavior and began to speak in a seducing voice: “I’ll say this only for you, at least on the starting line of life, you will hold five silver coins in hand. Maybe you only need 5 more coins to buy a rare skill book? Maybe you only need 5 more coins to get a girl?”


“So indeed I cannot let fifty thousand become equal to a pile of toilet paper. I will give you an additional instant noodle bowl. You see…” Beauty finished in a seducing manner and instantly changed to a cold whisper: “You must know your position, don’t dare to test me.”

“…” Tang Hua was a mature man with a strong will having little desire. He would rather let his mother get a thousand than wasting forty nine thousand to buy a bowl of instant noodles.
On a side note, when he was enrolled in university he was eating instant noodles for years. So much that right now it would make him vomit. If it changed to pasta or Duong Xuan noodles he would reconsider though.
“So, Duong Xuan noodles” said the Beauty while bringing out a package of Duong Xuan noodles.

“…” Tang Hua looked at the beautiful woman while panicking, how could she know what am I thinking?

“In the game, NPC skills aren’t just for show, the wider the gap in Spiritual Force, the easier it is to read thoughts.”

“Spiritual Force?” What type of game is this?

“OK. . . I have to reveal a secret, so quickly exchange money. ”


“Two bags of Duong Xuan noodles.” Beauty felt indignant bringing noodles to the table. Tang Hua shouted: “I make you deposit fifty thousand only to be rewarded with three packs of Duong Xuan noodles, you…”

Beauty gave Tang Hua a dark look, which send shivers down his spine.

“Ok ok, here is my money…” Tang Hua carefully handed over his credit card.

Beautie was very pleased. She nodded arbitrarily to credit card and asked: “Your family has a saving account, right?”

“There is one, but …” Tang Hua suddenly awakened, shouting: “Return my money…”

“The game started.” Beauty pointed to him, a large hole appeared just below Tang Hua, then only a bitterly cry left. Beauty wiped her sweat: “This customer… makes me nearly die by exhaustion.”

* * * * * *

“Return my money to me.” Tang Hua screamed, but how could the echo sound louder than himself? Looking around it wasn’t his imagination! Thousands of people who together turned to face the sky and screamed: “Return my money to me.” Tang Hua heard that exclamative; this is the prestige of thousands of people shouting, how massive, such drama, such sadness… really too tragic.

Newbie Village, where every game starts, where you become familiar with the operation of the game, where you could find the secrets of the game, where you could get divine weapons, get forbidden skills, get a wife, get a second wife, then get another wife …

Tang Hua didn’t enjoy landscape, simulated landscape in this era was nothing worth of admiration. He called up the system information panel and began research. The equipments panel has space for two swords and four artifacts. The equipment spaces also include clothes, shoes, belts, gauntlets, knee armor, in addition with two rings and a necklace.

Newbie equipment was very poor. Not only did it lack a weapon it didn’t even have long clothes.

Now all of them knew that Twin Sword wasn’t actually equipping dual swords but a xianxia game.

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