Twin Sword – Chapter 13

Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Fluffy

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Chapter 13: Shu Mountain

“That is the Zhu Lan honeycomb, for our infantry it’s alright. But once someone flies over with a flying sword, they will attack us in a swarm. If there is no defense artifact, then this section will be the most difficult place for commando teams.”

“This is the Poison Water Formation, the players will be damaged over time but for commando teams, it isn’t a big problem. They can pass with losing only half of their HP, but for our infantry, it is.” Tiger King spoke: “Everyone, plug your nose and mouth with your clothes. See that tree? When I shout “go”, close your eyes and rush over. Do not open your eyes or else poison gas will blind your eyes for 10 minutes.”

“Stop, we must rest in this place, I have to look… Well, after five minutes, there is a big rock that will roll down from the top of the mountain. Only after waiting for its pass, then we can continue to move forward.”

“Excluding Yasha patrol, the number of monsters on the ground is relatively small. If you encounter a powerful monster like a moth, we can only wait for the commando team to help us sweep them, and then we’ll take advantage of the time they need to respawn to move forward.”

Needless to say, Tiger King was a very good captain, he replied to all questions. He also paid attention to the team formation and the mood of the members. About his shortcomings, that is, every time he saw the commando: “Damn, I wish all of you fall to your deaths.” But this sentence often caused the team to laugh. Maybe because of this sentence, the team’s atmosphere was quite harmonious.

“Halfway there.” Tiger King looked at cliffs: “Look, on the opposite side of the cliffs, there is a Resurrection Place, if we can reach it, then even when we’re dead, we won’t have to go the first section of the road.”

Tang Hua looked and saw that the cliff was only two feet wide, while there was a small stone stele. It wrote:”Crescent Moon Pass.” Then transparent smoke rose.

“This smoke is the Flying Ban Domain, here is the most difficult step on Shu Mountain Road. I just received a message from my friends, except for the ones who went to Kunlun, they also were bruised. Those who went to Penglai and other places had a smooth arrival.” Tiger King then said: “I guess with these difficult, Shu Mountain might have very few disciples.”

Glass Heart followed: “This is not difficult, it is impossible. Even the world champion cannot jump 20 meters.”

Tang Hua asked: “Tiger, have you passed?”

“No, I only reached here, my Resurrection Place is on the side. The second time I tried, I also brought a jumping pole, but still could not pass.”

“Will we need to directly jump down?” Tang Hua asked.

Tiger King looked at him like he was a moron. “I jumped once, dead as normal.”

“How did you feel?”

Tiger King shuddered: “Deep, quite deep.”

“There is a section of ivy.” Soul of Wind pointed to the cliff that wasn’t covered by clouds and everyone saw an ivy in a high place.

Tiger Girl said: “I already saw it the last time I came here, but it was too high.”

“Not out of reach,” Soul of Wind laughed, no longer speaking.

The five people looked at each other; no one opened their mouth. The harmonious atmosphere of the team suddenly disappeared.

“I’ll go.” Tang Hua voluntarily went to the edge of the cliff and crouched down.

“Then… so will I.” Soul of Wind smiled and climbed on Tang Hua’s shoulder.

Tang Hua shouted: “Woman first!”

“Ha!” Tiger Girl let out a cry, climbed on Soul of Wind’s shoulder.

“Kiai!” Tang Hua stood up, Tiger Girl grabbed the ivy and it began to slide, Tiger Girl let it go as it firmly fell to the other side of the cliff. The ivy returned to Tang Hua’s side of the cliff.

“Glass Heart, go!” Glass Heart hesitated, but was not polite and mimicked to go to the other side.


Comparing to the two women, Tiger King was quite shameful as he looked very embarrassed. But Shu Mountain has been very close… so he would like to say a few words, but did not know how to say.

“Go on! Don’t worry about us!”

“… Good!” Finally Tiger King stepped on the shoulders of the two, caught the ivy and jumped to the opposite side.

“Goodbye!” Tang Hua waved, after some polite words, the three disappeared in the sea of clouds.

“In fact, he already knew of this ivy.” Soul of Wind sit down, took out an apple and ate.

“Well, I knew he had a conspiracy.”

Tang Hua’s reply made Soul of Wind surprised a little: “How did you know?”

“He died twice, knowing of the circumstances but still made a party to come. If he didn’t have a conspiracy then it would seem a bit unreasonable.”

“Then did why you…?”

“After all, he is taking me with him, and if he did not, I would be dead twice before I could get here.”

“Haha! Good, I’ll go one step forward.” Soul of Wind went to the edge of the cliff.

“Where will you go?”

“I guess I can’t become a Shu Mountain disciple, after the resurrection, I will go to Penglai.” Soul of Wind shook his head: “To be honest, I have became a ladder twice. But regretfully won’t ever have two people like you in my party. Farewell my friend.”

“Goodbye!” Tang Hua turned back to look at the abyss: “This man is really interesting.”

System prompted: “You are disbanded from the party.” Originally, the party only had Tang Hua and Soul of Wind remaining, and now Tang Hua was the only one in this region.

“For China… go forward.” Tang Hua finally jumped down.

“Another stupid death.” Suddenly a vortex of light came and Tang Hua’s body disappeared.

When Tang Hua opened his eyes, he found himself standing in front of a hall with a great appearance; it really had a fraction of Xianshan scenery. Hills floated mid-air, flying stone staircases, NPC riding on flying swords, what was all of this shows? Now that he is in Shu Mountain.

“Newcomer, focus your attention.” An NPC old man was not satisfied with the fact Tang Hua had ignored his existence.

“Ah!” Tang Hua awoke and hurriedly looked around. Except for him, there were three other players, opposite to them was an old man who looked very angry.

“Name!” The old man pointed to the first female player and ask.


“Angel, I see that you’re stupid like shit. Do not be convinced, I ask you, why do you not use your flying sword?”

“But it cannot be used in Flying Ban Domain, right?”

“That’s why I said that you are stupid, why did you not jump out of the cliff and then fly to the opposite side?

“Ah … that’s alright?”

“You didn’t try, how do you know if it’s not right?” The old man pointed to a male player: “Name.”

“One Smile Soared Sky.”

“Also stupid, next.”

The third player walked forward with a fan in his hand, elegantly answered: “Third Young Master.”

“Stupid again, next.”

“Eastern Eggplant.”

“Well, even the name was so stupid.” The old man was not satisfied: “All of you don’t use your brain, there are more than 100 ways to pass, why do have to jump off the cliff?”

Tang Hua carefully asked: “For example … …”

“For example, you can wait for the next team’s voluntary sacrifices, for example, you can find stones to make a stair, you can use the ivy on cliff walls… … please use your brain a little more and don’t be silly like an eggplant. ”

‘Insert suitable sound here’ the other three players turned toward Tang Hua.

“If it wasn’t because we really cannot find 4 disciples… I am the Shu Mountain’s Quest Giver, now you can enter the hall, you can officially become a Shushan disciple, but you have to remember that you are stupid.” Then the old man walked away.

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