Twin Sword – Chapter 1

Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

Edited by: Leo, Vick, Akhil, CrimSonWolf, Ethan, Sai, Fade

Twin Sword – Chapter 1: Register

“WTF!!! Twin Sword!! Who created that stupid name?” A very disgruntled kid was watching the news on TV. “Each man with two swords, whomever slashes the fastest wins? Why can’t those in the Chinese area vote?”

Under the fifth floor someone shouted. “Tang Hua, come out and join the protest with me.”

Tang Hua looked down at the street. It turned out to be his childhood friend, Sun Ming. “Protest for what?”

Sun Ming shouted: “We don’t want to play this stupid game, we would rather play Magic and Sword.”

“Boring, you go alone.”

“Little Hua 1…”

“Mother, call me Tang Hua, otherwise people will misunderstand my gender.”

“Ahh… Son, you have to go tomorrow, why are you still so stubborn? This time, when you leave, … it is likely to be… that we will be unable to see each other again for a lifetime… this is because our ancestor, three generations is enough to pay…” Tang Hua’s mother wiped away her pitiful tears.

“I know, I know. Mother, you just try to look after yourself, I do not have anything for you to worry about. “

“Yes, I know. Mother heard people say this game can be used to earn the Planet M’s currency. So …” She pulled out a pen and began writing. “I will teach you how to play virtual games.”


“I never told you, but before pregnancy, your mother was famous among hunters. The class I loved to play the most was the archer. How did I meet your father? (EN: How I Met Your Mother anyone?). In an online game… Since hundreds of years ago, the Tang clan didn’t have anyone who was not a gamer; your grandfather, grandmother, and great-grandfather, great- grandmother…” Which young man has never been crazy over games?” So, Tang Hua’s mother spent a night, teaching the essence of the gameplay through each stage, all the favorites, from wizard, priest, assassin, soldier, knight…


“According to my analysis, this game is called Twin Sword, must be focused on physical attacks, such as the skills like Wind Slash, Savage Rush, and so on…”


“While this game doesn’t allow you have both strength and speed, you can train your speed to make up for the deficit of strength. On the other hand, support skills are essential. Examples are Defense Boost, Attack Boost, Armor Break Arts…”


A sleepless night; the whole of China was the same. Former gamer parents instilled the knowledge of “how to play the game” into their children. Party, BOSS, guild, trade item, etc…


After the tearful adieu, people started boarding the spacecraft. Tang Hua’s spacecraft was numbered 18000, his number was 180999990. After most of the passengers had boarded the spacecraft, Tang Hua went into his own room. Private rooms were very small, no more than about four square meters, and other than basic necessities there was just the equipment for the game.

Tang Hua already knew that this was considered kind. Many years before, the whole world was in chaos because of the lack of food, and people invented the full dive simulation game, so you could enter hibernation. By entering full-dive, one could thereby enter hibernation and not require anything or carry out bodily functions during the hibernation periods, reducing consumption levels of the individual by huge amounts.

In brief, all journey time was spent by lying down here…


Radio of Spacecraft: “Currently our spacecrafts are leaving Earth, let us once again look back on our homeland, a beautiful planet in the universe – Earth. The sky is yellow, the ocean is black, there are volcanoes erupting everywhere…(EN: Sounds like a great place to be!) Also: after one hour, the game will start; please enter the chamber. There is no spacecraft cafeteria or toilet, so if you do not want to die by hunger or die because you are unable to poop, it is best to do what I say. Thanks to everyone, the computer has the most intellectually honorable mind inputted – B.O.L.T, wishes everyone good night.”


Time for hibernation arrived, and the game begun.

According to the system before you entered the game, you had to talk for a while with the server NPC.

The receptionist Tang Hua met was a popular female character from a manga. Tang Hua knew this girl; she was the main character from the most popular manga series last year. Although he had forgot her name because he didn’t really enjoy reading manga, he did remember that she used to fight villains and before she used her special move, she would say one sentence: “In the name of the galaxy, I’ll destroy you!” (TL: Maybe she is Sailor Galaxy)

Tang Hua disliked this person; in fact, he preferred not to be delegated by anyone.

“Name.” The beauty asked.

“Tang Hua.”

“Name in the game.”

“Riverlord Dragon! 2

“Name related to mafia, rejected.”

“Teddy Boy 3

“Biri” a thunderbolt struck Tang Hua. The beauty blinked. “Please do not make me repeat myself again.”

Tang Hua’s fists clenched; his hair… erected (ED: lenny face) due to electrocution. (TL: Not because transformed into Super Saiyan)

Tang Hua collapsed onto his knees, and powerlessly grabbed onto the legs of the table. He gasped: “I want to sue you!”

“I Want To Sue You, name confirmed?”

“No, no!” Tang Hua hastily stood up; who wanted to be called by a stupid name like that?

“No No? The twenty second countdown has begun.”

“F*ck you… That’s not a name! I want to… I do not want my name like that, you must give me time, when my mother named me, she needed to think for a whole month…”

“9, 8…”

“Moonlight ahead of bed, Suspect mist on ground, to see moon shine, Bow to remember old country 4… I don’t need an ancient poem… I need a name.”

“Time out.”

“Ah!” Tang Hua’s face turned pale. Time ran out. Then what would his name be? Would his name be the last sentence he said? Why should he get the last sentence he said as his name?! Tang Hua was being driven into madness by this scary beauty(hag).

“Not finished? Continuing the countdown, twenty seconds. 20, 19… ”

Tang Hua’s face darkened. Being teased, being thought of as an unruly monkey, made Tang Hua really want to shout or cry out of anger. The only good news was that he still had time to choose a name.

“You are late, be careful, another thunderbolt might be coming.” The beauty also seemed to be annoyed. More than 40 seconds to think of a name?!

Tang Hua was feeling resentment, but more than that, frustration. However, Tang Hua wasn’t willing to complain; Traditional Chinese customs dictate that more fuss was worse. (ED: Didn’t he already complain though??) Of course, it could not be said that Tang Hua was a coward. It could only be said that he was… well… smart. When your opponent is so powerful that you can’t even use cheats to beat him, then if you cannot become his friend, do not make him your enemy.

  1. “Hua” mean “flower”, a common name of girl.
  2. A common name of gangster.
  3.  A famous comic about gangsters, adapted to film series “Young and Dangerous”.
  4.  A famous poem of Li Bai.
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