Sky Prince: Book 1 Chapter 9

Book 1 Chapter 9: The guests arrive.

He is just about to dive when a bright green light, like a comet shoots out of the forest and heads straight for him.
“A Fairy here? They were supposed to meet us tomorrow.” It stops and hovers above him then suddenly he hears the voice of a young girl sweet and soft echoing in his mind with amusement. “Well that was interesting.”
Slyfer knowing what she is referring to decides to ignore the jibe. Sighing he says. “How can I help you little fairy.”  The light of the fairy dims and he can make out her features her hair is blonde and cut short giving her a tomboy appearance. She has an open face but still alien. She crosses her arms over her small naked body clearly angry now.

“I will have you know that I am tall for a fairy and very big for my age.” Slyfer has to stifle a laugh. “A fairy with a size complex. How interesting.”
“I apologize BIG fairy. Were we not supposed to meet your representative tomorrow?”  She leans down almost touching his nose. “Yes but my queen wanted me to follow you around to determine what kind of people you are.”
Slyfer pulls his hand through his long hair then answers. “You have a smart queen. But you are now talking to me not following.” The fairy lights up a little brighter with pride and then shrugs. “I am not one known for patience. My people call me Vinx.”  Slyfer nods at her and says. “I am Slyfer. Nice to meet you Vinx.”  The fairy makes a small spin in the air as if happy with herself.

“Mmm Slyfer it is a strange name but one well known. It is a name for one with wings though meant to travel in the air.” Surprised Slyfer smiles. “You know the dragons’ language?” The fairy rolls her eyes. “It is not the dragons’ language it is just so ancient that most have forgotten how to speak it. The fairies remember the language and we use it to this day.” Slyfer starts to swim to shore.

When he reaches it something occurs to him. “Would you mind turning around while I get dressed Vinx?” Rolling her eyes again she starts laughing at him and does as he asks. “So how is it that you know the ancient language?”
“My adoptive parents taught it to me.” The fairy spins around and flies back in front of him. She is very interested almost too interested for Slyfer’s liking. “What are their names?” Slyfer only shrugs. “Oh you won’t know them.” Taking a piece of string he ties his hair back.

The fairy is quiet for a while and then says. “My queen knows you are one of the chosen she just sent me to confirm but I can’t see anything strange about your body.” Blushing Slyfer says “So you looked.” Seeing his face expression she giggles. “Yes very closely. Now we have seen each other naked it’s only fair.”
Slyfer remains quiet fiddling with his shirt in his hand. True to her nature Vinx runs out of patience. “So are you a chosen one or not? I won’t leave till you tell me and I can sense you want to be somewhere else.” Slyfer is still hungry for the hunt. It gnaws at him. Suddenly becoming irritated and angry he says. “Leave me to myself.” His eyes turn red and the fairy instantly backs away putting a good distance between them. Turning from her he tries to bring himself under control.

She calls to him from a distance fear clearly in her voice. “I won’t leave you know! You can trust my people and my queen! Besides how can you expect us to trust you if you cannot trusts us?” Turning to her Slyfer throws caution to the wind. He turns and starts to run towards the lake. His heart pounding he leaps into the air with all is might leaving is tethers to the earth behind. He changes into his dragon form. The hunger for meat is intensified immediately almost turning him into the beast Trisha calls him. The fairy is there in a second flying around the dragon in circles inspecting every part of is huge body.

“A… a… ruler of the sky. To imagine one still living! This is awesome. I will be greatly rewarded for this news to my queen there will be parties for weeks…” “No! You may tell your queen but it must stay secret no one must know of this, understand?” Vinx taken aback by the authority in his voice, stops her celebratory flight and stops to hover in-front of him bowing low she whispers. “As you wish my lord.” Accepting this Slyfer surveys the ground looking for something to hunt craving it. Seeing a group of spotted deer he makes to dive for them but stops himself.

“Where can I hunt that won’t upset you’re people?” She lights up with being asked something by a ruler of the sky. “I will show you a place.” Comes the delighted reply and they head off into the moonlit sky.

A few hours later Slyfer arrives at camp with Vinx in tow. It is just after midnight but the rest are sitting around the fire looking worried and angry. “Not this again.”  Elyna glances over at him but only feint curiosity is etched on her face. “The anger is not directed at me then.” Trisha spots him and blushes with Slyfer as soon as she does she also sees the glowing light on his shoulder.
Aldowin moving his glare from Elyna now directs it at Slyfer. “You missed the party Slyfer.”
Maybe that’s a good thing. Trisha moves closer to Slyfer almost like a cat that is talking a moth as it zooms around above it all the while her eyes remain on the light. Slyfer seeing this decides to introduce them to his new friend.

“Everyone this is Vinx. Vinx you already know Aldowin the Kitty cat that looks like she is about to eat you is Trisha and the angry looking elf is Elyna.”
Vinx sensing the awkward tension just waves at them. Trisha still stalks closer. Aldowin ignores the fairy as if she doesn’t even exist then turns to Elyna again. “I forgot to tell you. Some fairies are also going with us.” Elyna staring at Vinx opens and closes her mouth like a fish in a bowl. However the look of surprise is soon turned into a scowl of anger. “So when were you planning on telling me this? First the dark elves now fairies!”

Feeling offended Vinx bursts out. “Hey! There is nothing wrong with fairies you… you old woman.” But she gets ignored once again. “What did you expect us to do Elyna. Stay with people that can’t even trust the very person that saved their lives. You would have felt the same no matter who we chose to align ourselves with and you know it!”
Elyna’s shoulders slump forward. “I know but dark elves. You are meeting dark elves tomorrow that’s crazy.”

Getting up, Aldowin starts pacing up and down. “It’s not my choice. My peop… the High elves were my first choice and they failed me now we must go with them. What’s done is done.” Saying that Aldowin heads for his bed roll stopping halfway he turns. “I suggest we all get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.”

The next morning they are up early and finally heading in the right direction straight towards Atlantia. Slyfer can’t help but feel excited as he lays on the back of the female Salamandraco staring at the sky. Vinx sitting on his forehead can’t stop talking for a second. Telling him all about the love triangles and scandals going on with her people. Slyfer finally interrupts the tirade of words. “Where you not supposed to tell your queen… everything last night?” She finally stops and looks at him as if he is stupid.

“I already have she is sending two more fairies to travel with you. Oh and she has made you our representative.” This makes Slyfer sit up instantly. “What me? But I don’t get it I am not a fairy nor do I know what your people want or need! This is crazy.”
Vinx lauging sits on his shoulder. “We heard you talking to the Kitty cat about balance and the world. The queen liked it. As for what we need that can easily be resolved by asking the queen.”
“And how exactly am I SUPPOSED to do that! Its apparently two months travel to the city from here.”

Puffing with pride Vinx winks at Slyfer with a sly smile. “We fairies have our ways.” He is just about to give her a reply when Elyna appears on the crest of the hill riding like the hounds of hell are on her heels a moment later. It turns out that it is indeed the case! Four wolves crest the hill only a few meters behind her. Their  fur red as blood blazing in the sun making them look like specters made of blood and fire at the same time.

Slyfer instantly jumps into action pushing the Salamandraco urging her on looking up he sees the wolves have already gained even more ground on Elyna who’s face is set in grim determination. Slyfer lets the reins go and hits the ground running. He soon leaves the others behind. He starts laughing that mad laugh of his. Enjoying every moment of this already craving for battle. To his surprise the fairy is right there next him keeping pace. Aldowin also joins him on foot. The Salamandraco may be strong but they are not very fast.

Looking closer the wolves are nearly the same size as the female. Aldowins voice interrupts Slyfer’s thoughts in his mind. “They are dire wolves  from the southern lands one of the great beasts! What are they doing here unless…” One of the wolves jumps at Elyna making a swipe with a paw to knock her off. It just misses by a few inches. Slyfer redoubles his pace pushing as hard as he can. Aldowin starts to fall behind.  Slyfer can hear the voices in his head. “Kill, destroy, make them pay.” Aldowin tries in vain to talk to Slyfer but his voice is drowned out by the others in his mind.
“Almost there!”

It had been a routine patrol for Arund Sun that morning until he had spotted the high elf on a Salamandraco skirting the woods trying to keep in cover by sticking close to the edge of the forest while scouting their party of five. Arund Sun a young officer in the Dark elf army is eager to prove himself competent in battle he and Grey Main the dire wolf, his partner had seen them at the same time he did. Alerting the others they had started the chase. The high elf had seen them coming instantly after all who wouldn’t the wolves are the greatest of the great beasts there are in Arund Sun’s opinion.

Even though, he had never seen the others. The Salamandraco was fast but not fast enough. Arund Sun couldn’t help but smile as he and his brothers’ started catching up. He could feel the wolves’ paws beating on the ground as it ran. The vibration of it, running all the way through his spine to hid shoulders.
The ground starts to slope and the Dark elf scout party gain more ground with every passing second. The high elf disappears over the crest of what must be a hill and they follow. Immediately they see three more riders on Salamandraco. Something in the back of Arund Sun’s mind keeps nagging at him he just can’t quite recall what it is.

They had been on petrol for the last four days with nothing to see but plains of grass and a tree here or there until they had reached the forest sensing that his chances of proving himself to his men but mostly the wolves was slipping away he had started feeling wrestles and irritable. Grey Main now nipping on the heels of the Salamandraco, jumps for the rider but misses with nothing more than a few inches. Arund Sun, heart pounding draws back his lance. To drive it through the elf’s back. Already filled with fancies of glory and the respect he believes he deserves.

A warning from the others forces him to look up into what can only be described as a demon.  The confidence that he held before slips away into nothingness as fear takes over. This makes him angry and now more determined to kill the source of it. Sending instruction to Grey Main with his thoughts they skip the high elf and aim directly at the speeding demon laughing madly at them. The sword in his hand bone white and then bright red as if already bloodied with fallen adversaries glints ominously at his side and next to him seems to be something shining a brilliant green light.

Not far behind is another high elf falling behind but moving fast. His gaze however is not on Singing Spear but on the demon with an almost pleading look.
What has been nagging at him finally falls into place. The scout master had told them not to blindly attack but to try and talk with any they came in contact with since…. They were expecting something it was secretive and they were not allowed to talk about it again. A lot of the scouts had forgotten about it already but most simply ignored it killing anyone they came across to brag in the camp about it.

“How would it look if I backed down now! I would lose the respect of my men.” Steeling himself he levels the lance preparing to skewer the demon through his heart.

Slyfer had been too focused on the wolf and never notice the rider in black leather sitting on it with a wicked looking lance thinner and shorter than the humans use according to Aldowin’s books. The wolf rider has short cropped purple hair framing a face the color of ash. Red tattoos or war paint on his face turns it into a grotesque mask of fury. “A warrior. Let us see what you can do then!”

The dark elf is now only a few paces away hurtling at Slyfer with neck breaking speed. Arund Sun pulls back his lance in preparation to thrust it forward. He thrusts putting all his might behind the blow intending to turn Slyfer into meat on a stick. Grey Main lets out a final growl as he and his rider closes with the demon. Slyfer suddenly changes the sword to his left hand and in a flash of movement  deflects the spear upwards and away from his body with a dull clunk sound.

His right hand grabs a fist full of the wolf’s fur swinging his legs up with the momentum caused by his rush and the wolf’s he lands behind the rider astride the beast. Using his legs to hold on for dear life Slyfer swings with his fist into the exposed ribs of the rider in front of him.

An audible gasp of breath escapes the rider’s mouth along with a distinctive sound of bones breaking!
The stab of pain in Arund Sun side is paralyzing he tries to suck in the needed breath that had been so forcefully pushed out of him a mere second ago this only causes  more pain to stab his side. Dropping the spear and clutching his side he topples over off of his mount and hits the ground hard with another crack he feels his arm break. With a cry caused by more pain he rolls and bounces on the ground like a skipping stone on water until he comes to a standstill his arm at an odd angle, his body splayed out on the ground.

Blissful unconsciousness showers over him.
Slyfer feeling victorious lets out another mad laugh but its cut short when the earth is frown upside down where the sky was before now there is only hard ground coming to meet his face head on. He realizes he has to act fast and releases his iron grip on the now upside down wolf and throws his body backwards rolling back over the wolf’s hind hind-quarters and tail leaving it to go on rolling forwards on its own.

Slyfer hits the ground on his back, and is missed by the wolf’s crushing weight by sheer luck! But it’s not over! The speed they were traveling sends him ever onward head over heels he hit’s the ground again and again sending pain and jolts through his body. The wolf however nimble and trained rolls to all fours and carries on running already starting to turn to go for the kill. He lets out a growl as he sees the spinning Slyfer and bursts into action once again.

Sprawled and dazed Slyfer finally comes to a standstill trying to collect his wits. He can feel feint vibrations in the ground ever growing stronger as the wolf is bearing down on him. Vinx’s voice interrupts his dazed mind. “Get up Slyfer the wolf is coming, get up!” He tries but he stumbles again falling on his face. “Get up idiot!” Slyfer feels irritated and let’s out a growl not fit for the body he is in now.

Gray Main can see the strange creature trying to get up and he hastens his pace. “What is this thing made of?” A growl suddenly reaches him out of nowhere so out of place and unusual for any two legged creature it makes him miss a step just as the bright green light comes out of nowhere and hits him in his eye. The wolf almost stumbles and slows down but the green light stays in his eyesight. He snaps at it jaws making a clapping sound as they close on nothing!

Slyfer stumbles to his feet winded looking for his sword that had been ripped from him in his fall Aldowin is with him the next moment. “I told you to wait! They are dark elf scouts. Our allies!” Slyfer shaking his head to clear it says. “We could not wait they would have killed Elyna.” Aldowin has to concede to this. “We must stop this Slyfer without any more bloodshed.” How do you suppose we do that he says pointing at the four wolf riders on their mounts. Now turning to them after having looked, at their fallen comrade.

To the left of them Vinx is desperately trying to keep the other wolf busy. “I know of a way but you will not like it master.” Aldowin looks at him sharply. “No, you can’t change here you are a secret weapon, won’t be so secret once you change now will it.?”
Irritated with always having to hide who he is whatever that is Slyfer sets of and picks up his sword then calling back says. “You try talking to them then I am going to try and save one whom I know is an ally!” Trisha arrives with her mount and the other Salamandraco, Elyna also joins them. “So what now.” says Elyna snarlingly. “Your allies are trying to kill us.”

Aldowin looks at her with a face that says it all. “Trisha here also tried to kill him.”
Trisha goes crimson at the memory fingering the light white scar in her neck. “I… did not… I mean.” We need some way to stall them so they will listen to reason… take out your bows and give me an extra.”

Slyfer’s headlong rush alerts Gray Mane to his presense and Vinx returns to his side. The two circle each other looking for an opening. Silent and deadly are the looks they give each other. “You are a beautiful and mighty creature but if you do not stop I will have to kill you.”  The wolf stops and then starts again. Slyfer realizes he understood what he just said.

“You kill me two leg? I can rip you apart.” The voice from the wolf is rough yet young.  Slyfer smiles. “Then why haven’t you tried?” If a wolf can show surprise the look he gave Slyfer just then must have been one. “I do not know what you are. Curiosity is what keeps you alive!” Slyfer stops circling making the wolf crouch low in preparation to attack.  Vinx now on his shoulder is listening and watching with interest she can barely contain herself.  “You wolf if you only knew who you are talking- Vinx please don’t say another word.”

The wolf lifts his head slightly turning his head as if trying to listen in. “Who spoke now. Are you trying to bewitch me two leg?” Vinx floats forward a bit. “I am the one that spoke it is not magic and you had better listen to the Sky…. To Slyfer.”

The wolf narrows his eyes the grey in them filling with thought. “You are a fairy, creature?” Vinx makes a loop in the air.“Took you long enough to figure that out. Can’t you sense the living things around you?” Slyfer getting irritated says. “We did not come here for conversation either kill me or leave me be. Your rider is injured and needs help!”. The Dark elves expect us surely they must have told you to look for us?”

The wolf comes out of his crouch standing naturally. “If that is true you must know the password.”
Slyfer furrows his brow. “I do not know it but my master will. We must stop the others of your party before they die! Hurry lets go.” Reluctantly the wolf starts running with the strange two leg that has no fear.
Lining up the Salamandraco in a straight line. Aldowin atop his mount shoots an arrow at the approaching enemy and it embeds itself in the ground just in front of them. They instantly stop staying  in front of the arrow and not passing. “They think it’s your maximum range. Idiots.” Says Elyna. Scoffing at them.

“That’s exactly what we want them to think.” Taking off his white shirt now more, brown than white because of the travel he waves it above is head and shouts. “Send one rider we must talk!” The four lean to each other talking among themselves the wolves however keep their eyes trained on the pray. “Who is the leader of your pack, great wolves?”  To this the young dark elves stop and shout back. “We will send a rider meet in the middle!”

Aldowin spurs the Salamandraco into motion saying over his shoulder. “Keep your bows ready if the other three decides to move, shoot them.”
Slyfer and Grey Main are moving towards the others, fast. Afraid that a battle may ensue between the two parties. Grey Main feels skeptical about what the demon- two leg had said but a part of him wants to trust him for some reason.  He feels a kind of kinship with this, two leg almost like he does with the Pathfinder but not quite.  They reach Elyna and Trisha. Elyna nearly jumps at the sight of the wolf but soon controls herself. Grey Main’s gaze is instantly drawn to Trisha she too is different. “I must report about this to the elder wolves.”

Trisha’s gaze shifts to the wolf cat like in her curiosity. Slyfer explains gesturing at Grey Main. “I have convinced this one to listen to reason at least. How goes it here.” Trisha speaks not shifting her gaze. “Aldowin goes to speak with the Dark elves perhaps you should join them.” Slyfer turns to look at Grey Main expectantly. “We will go. After all according to you he should have the password.” Says the wolf. Without a word Slyfer starts walking towards the two in the middle.

“Do you wish to say your last words before we end you high elf.”  Aldowin inspects the youth in front of him. Young for a dark elf to be a warrior he must be in his twenties. With an ugly flat face red hair and the grey skin all of their kind have. “No I did not come to give my last words but a message I received from Great Hunter himself.” The youth’s grey skin turns white right in front of Aldowin’s eyes.

“Why should I believe the words of a high elf.”  Aldowin shrugs then looks up his eyes giving warning. “If you don’t I will have to kill you and then talk with someone of more worth than you.” He says this while gazing down at the wolf the rider sits on. The wolf meets Aldowin’s gaze steadfast and unwavering. “You think me more worthy than the one that rides me?” Says a shy female voice into is mind. “Oh I know you are lady wolf, especially this one. I was told to give the wolves the password to pass into camp if the Dark elves gave me problems.”

The female wolf cocks her head. “Only the pack leader and his mount knows the passwords and one of them is unconscious the other approaches from behind along with the crazy two leg.”
Aldowin bursts into laughter not able to control himself. “Crazy two leg? You have never been more right with any description.” The Dark elf on her back bristles with anger at being ignored. “You speak to me I am in charge here high elf!” Aldowin looks him over with disdain. “You are not even in charge of your own feelings how can you be in charge of anyone else. I will wait for the leader of the wolf pack to arrive.”

The Dark elf suddenly reaches for his spear. But the female wolf quickly shakes her body giving him a signal not to try it. Aldowin assumes they are having an argument because she suddenly begins to growl and the Dark elf’s hand slowly moves back and rests on his leg.

Slyfer and Grey Main appear next to Aldowin and they can instantly sense the tension. A moment of silence follows while Grey Main and the female have a conversation. He suddenly growls and snaps at the Dark elf on her back making him flinch and shiver with fear. Grey Main turns to Aldowin. “What is the password?” Aldowin  looks into the grey eyes so uncommon for the red dire wolves along with the grey around the wolf’s neck that’s surrounded by red it looks so out of place. “The password is: open the hell gates.”

The wolf then  turns to everyone and gives a mental shout. “You are now our guests and will be treated as such!” The last part he says while looking at the rider on the female wolf. The rider scowls at the wolf and then at Slyfer. “Arund Sun is dead. You will pay for that!” Slyfer trying all he can to stay calm only shrugs. “You are lying I can sense his life force from here.”
Aldowin beckons for the others to come closer and they all go to check on Arund Sun. “He has a concussion, two broken ribs and a broken arm. They all look at Slyfer and he suddenly feels guilty. Aldowin smiles. “You held back I am proud of you. It seems you may be getting some form of control over that anger of yours.”
“I have been training myself to suppress my anger along with most of my aura it will help me disguise myself when the need arises.”  “I have noticed your aura does not blaze like it used to. It is a good idea.”

The other Dark elves then starts working on a kind of stretcher to carry their fallen companion in. Aldowin helps with splinting the bones and uses the opportunity to teach them  a bit about first aid. All, but one of course. The sour flat faced rider stands to one side as if he is too good to take part. Turning to Grey Main Slyfer asks. How far are we from  the main camp?”

“About a day’s ride, form here if you push your beasts.” Slyfer looks at his companions with excitement. “We have almost made it!” Gray Mane looks at Aldowin. “I do not understand this one a moment ago he was seething with hate and now he celebrates as if it is his birthday.” Aldowin only chuckles at the wolf liking him instantly. “He is new to the outside world mostly going by instincts.”

They had been traveling a while when they come upon the tracks that the Dark elf army left. A huge brown smear going in a straight line as far as the eye can see. The grass brown and dusty caused by all the boots wagons and who knows what else. There is also trash littered around the ground. Slyfer still happy and excited is the first to talk. “Well we won’t have any trouble following them.”

Alric interrupts abruptly. “I see you are close to the Dunmer army.”  Slyfer pauses for a while the dragons pain and suffering is an ever present thing but if he gets this close. It’s hard to control or resist crying out. “Yes we are close to the Dunmer army we are already with some of their scouts.”  Slyfer gets a glimpse of a group of people far down on the ground. “You are above us!” “Gah! shows what you know even though we are connected you never sensed me.” Slyfer rolls his eyes at the huge dragon even though he can’t see him. “I try to stay away from that part of my mind. You have too much pain too much sorrow.”

The dragon is quiet for a while. “I see well it can’t be helped. At the pace you are going you will only reach them by tomorrow morning.”
“We can’t move quicker someone is injured.”
The dragon scoffs. “Leave him he is weak and useless. He went down with one punch for Sky Mothers sake.”
“You were there, watching!” The blood drains from Slyfer’s face. He knows what comes next.

“Yes I was and I saw your pitiful performance as well what an ugly thing you are you had more spunk fighting me and from what I hear when you were fighting the mangy orcs and humans. Gah should have called yourself Grass butt instead of Sky prince.”
Slyfer sighs. “Are you done now?”
“Uh-umm yes I am done. Now I have already brought some of the gold here to the plains along with some traveling… accommodations.” An image of a fancy black carriage with gold trimmings comes to mind. “You need to reach camp before nightfall if you want to claim what I have brought in the morning.”
“I will tell the others that we must hurry. Thank you Old one.”
“I will be on guard tonight but tomorrow I can’t help you, you must hurry.” The pain and suffering fades to a dull throb as Alric pulls back his consciousness.

Turning around Slyfer becomes aware everyone is staring at him. Frowning Aldowin steps forward. “Slyfer your eyes are watering.” Touching his face Slyfer feels the tear on his cheek and wipes it away immediately.
Turning back he says. “We must hurry. We need to reach the army before nightfall.” He starts moving immediately after he had said it. The others give each other a look and follow. Judging by the trail of mud and trash the army is skirting the woods as well a good thing since Slyfer had not seen Shcree since the night before when she jumped into the forest disappearing in the night he had looked for her the next morning but could not find her.

Slyfer trying to push is worry aside calls Trisha over. She approaches giving him a weary glance as if expecting he is about to strip any moment. He smiles at her and the look changes instantly into a smiling blushing face. “I am sorry about what happened last night. I grew up in the…. Mountains far from any civilized people. You are the first other person I have met except for Aldowin and the first female not to say the least.” She is quiet for a while then looks at him with her golden eyes.

“In a way I envy you for having had solitude and time to spend with Aldowin. Was he the one that adopted you?”
“No, not exactly he was my teacher my adoptive parents sent for him on the day I was given to them.”
Trisha looks at him long and hard, probably judging to see if it will be worth it to ask. “What are their names?”
Slyfer shakes his head sadly. “Even that I can’t say.”
“I see.”
Slyfer sighs and looks at her deeply. Trisha can feel the blue eyes boring into her it feels like he can see right through her to her very soul. “Please don’t get angry. We only keep secrets for my safety and yours.”

She looks down at her hands fumbling with the mount’s bridle. “It may be that keeping secrets will be the end of us one day.”
Slyfer lets out a laugh and she snaps at him. “You think it’s funny!”
Lifting is hands he says “No, not at all. I apologize. I did not mean to laugh; I just don’t know what else to do.”
“Is that why you cried earlier?”
Slyfer instantly blushes and looks away. “I did not cry. I had something in my eye.”
This time it’s her turn to laugh. “The beast can cry!” Lowering er voice so only he can hear she says. “It is not a shame to cry.”

Slyfer leans towards her lowering his voice as well. “Then why do you say it so softly, Kitty cat?” Changing the subject after a while of awkward silence he says. “You know every time I meet someone new they try and kill me. It never starts or ends well.”
“Is that meant to be jibe at me? Aldowin also won’t let it go.” Leaning over he brushes softly against the white scar on her neck. His thumb tracing it slowly from start to finish. She gasps and Slyfer pulls back his hand as if bitten. “Sorry is that also against the rules? I just wanted to say I have already settle things with you and put it behind me.”
She takes a deep breath. When he had touched her she had felt ready to explode “Last night and now this.” “Careful remember what happened last time when you let someone in.” Says an old purring voice in her thoughts. “Not you, again.”
“Yes US again. We have told you, you are not going crazy so stop thinking it.” “With all of you in my head I think I soon will be.”

Slyfers voice breaks into her conversation with them. “Are you okay thought I had lost you there for a moment. “I am fine.”
“I was trying to apologize.”
Upset about the voices in her mind Trisha just wants to be alone. “It’s okay. We will talk later. I have to go.” She angles her Salamandraco away from Slyfer and towards Elyna.
“I don’t understand female creatures. They are crazy.”

He then hears a shout from one of the Scouts. “It is the army!” Far ahead of them is a huge black mass of Elves wolves and other creatures moving. slowly forward. It boggles Slyfer’s mind and he can hardly contain himself. Fear and excitement grips him at the same time. “How can there be so many people in one place!” Slyfer says it aloud as he thinks it not realizing that he did. Vinx is next to Slyfer in an instant twirling and curling dancing through the sky.  “What a sight. I do not know if I must be happy or dread what comes next.”  Aldowin slaps Slyfer on the shoulder. Now begins another type of battle one of politics far more dangerous than swordplay since you cannot see the enemy coming at you.”

Slyfer looks at the Army and then back at his master. “At least now I know why you taught me about these things. I never thought that I would use it. Stuck up there as I was.”
Aldowin chuckles and looks at his student. “Soon you will wish for our home again far from this place, serene, peaceful and safe.” Turning to Vinx Aldowin says. “You must watch my student’s back and he yours when will your comrades arrive.”
Vinx is silent for a moment and then replies. “They will be here by nightfall.”

Looking down the hill at the ever moving army, Aldowin sighs. “There is a detachment heading our way.” He turns to Elyna and Trisha. “There is no turning back now.” The two women only lift their chins in defiance.
Aldowin looks in front of him again only to see that Slyfer has already moved forward towards the coming detachment of Dark elves and wolves.

“It will always be like this. He will always move forward without looking back…..He has no other choice.”

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