Sky Prince: Book 1 Chapter 8

Book 1 Chapter 8: The beginning of the truth.

“What am I?”
“You are not of any race or kind but rather an entirely new being. It is as your mother wanted and what she wants…. She always gets.”
“Who is my mother?”
“We are not allowed to say.”
Slyfer suddenly feels irritated that is the one thing he wishes to know the most. “Who are you?”This is followed by silence. Slyfer can almost imagine them whispering to each other in a circle discussing the question.

“We are dragons long passed from the world you inhabit. Now living in the place you created.”
“Me? Created? What is this place you speak of and if you have passed should you not be dead?” Slyfer can feel a headache starting to form this is a bit much but the white dragon in his coma had also said it was the place that Slyfer created. “I must be going crazy.” Slyfer thinks to himself.

“We are but we are still connected to you because of what you made. We are not allowed to tell you of it. That was your request before you took on this form as ordered by your mother.”
“So my mother sent me here? For what purpose? What am I supposed to do? Sky Mother  I… I feel so lost.” Heartache burns in Slyfers’ chest threatening to smother him. Slyfer looks up at the clouds, hiding the precious moon from him. He misses it now for some obscure reason. The old voices pull Slyfer back to himself.

“It was not only your mother’s choice that you are here but also the choice of the others…. Like your mother they all sent a children to this world.”
Slyfer almost jumps up at screams at someone who isn’t there since this whole conversation is in his head. “There are others like me? I am not the only one!”
“There is no one like you nor will there ever be again. The others have come but in different shapes and sizes fitting to their station in….” Another voice breaks in even more ancient then the rest. “Hold your tongues. You go too far!”
Slyfer angry himself bursts in with his own voice. “Who does that voice belong to, you would keep me from the truth. Why? What is it to you a damned voice in my head.!”

The ancient voice laughs at Slyfer. “Damned yes but in your head, no. You have had enough truth for one night little one but heed my words one of the others that they spoke of is already near you. They may have been sent for the same reason as you but that does not mean they will follow that path. Some are going to turn against you others will join you. If you want to survive you must be stronger faster and more cunning than the lot of them.” With that the voices disappear, leaving a strange feeling behind in Slyfer. He tries to analyse it. Fear? There is definitely fear but courage to there cannot be one without the other. Exitement! “That is what it is fear for the unknown but so much excitement as well. I will find these others. I must and I will start with the one already close to me.”

Slyfer sat there for another hour his thoughts milling about  going over every little thing that was said trying to analyze it the way you would a puzzle. No matter how hard he tries for the life of him he just can’t make the pieces fit. A Soft touch on is shoulder startles him into reality.
Aldowin is the source of the freight and on his face still remains the traces of sleep he just left behind. “Here we are sleeping and thinking ourselves safe but my Estund is daydreaming like a teenage girl at the Armorica fair.

”Slyfers’ vacant stare reminds Aldowin he doesn’t  know the outside world.  “Armorica is the Elvin deity of love and hate and of course her sign is one of the great beasts. The great Tiger.”
At this Slyfers interest is peaked.  “Master you said there are eleven?”
“Yes I did, they are the Dragons, Griffons, Tigers, Wolves, Unicorn, Ape, Deer, Snow Leopard, Bear, Fox and Crow. Many believe that there are only 5 great beasts and the others are just …. Big animals.”
“Why is that master?”

Aldowin sits down next to Slyfer and starts to explain. “Well Estund would you compare yourself to the deer you hunted yesterday?”
Slyfer looks down ashamed and tries to explain. “I… It.. Just happened I could not help it.”

“Slyfer stop,, it is your nature now. From the beginning, being a vegetarian was your own choice to make. Now where were we? Ah, yes. Some believe that there are only five since they know of only the five that can talk and believe the others cannot.” Aldowin holds up his hand already anticipating the question. “The five that can talk are: Tiger, Wolf, Griffon, Unicorn and of course the Dragon. However I don’t believe so. I think all of them can talk they just choose not to or they have set of rules like the rest of us prohibiting them from doing so. Only a few of them have magic though, some stronger than the others.”

Slyfer got a suspicion that there is a clue in this to what the voices had told him. “Does every great beast have a deity associated with them?”
“a Strange yet interesting  question my Estund. I only know of three deities and each one does have a great beast as a sign. However the races are secretive about their religions for some reason and it’s not likely that I will ever find out about the others.”
Slyfer’s confused face spurs the elf on to continue. “I do not know why Slyfer it is like an unspoken rule engraved in each of us a great magic stops us from revealing our deities except to those we trust the most. A lot of elves at home have studied the magic surrounding it but still they have no answer to it. In fact there are no records of any history before the great peace brought on by the one that carried your name before you.”

“It took Slyfer almost four thousand years to unite the world and the peace got utterly destroyed in a mere three hundred.”
Suddenly it became all too apparent why Alric had laughed at the name. “What did I get myself into? Well it was this or die, thanks to Alric.”
They sat in silence for a while pondering the determination to have accomplished the feat until Aldowin brakes the silence by by tapping Slyfer and sending him to bed. Slyfer shook his head and headed out of the camp to fly.  Aldowin wanted to object and say no because of what happened during the day but in the end he resisted Slyfer needed to learn and grow.

This time keeping it to an hour Slyfer returns and sneakily gets in is bed roll after having to climb over the Salamandraco to get to it. “I must really brainwash her to leave me an opening to get in my bed or nest whatever she thinks it is.” That reminds Slyfer of Shcree he had not seen her in a while. Scanning the camp with his consciousness he finds her with Elyna. Smiling he thinks. “Traitor.” As if having heard him her eyes pop open and in an instant she flits over to Slyfer making herself comfortable in the crook of his neck.  He rubs and scratches her a while but soon drifts off to sleep himself.

A month and a half later they finally reach a lake seemingly in the middle of nowhere within a dense forest. The trees were so thick ten people would have to join hands to surround most of them. Some were tall and others short but they all had one thing in common. They were incredibly ancient. The Salamandraco sensed the water before them and had doubled their pace. At first the creatures’ haste had alarmed the group of thirsty sun burned travelers but they perked up when they spotted the woods and urged their mounts to a faster gait laughing for no apparent reason. They had become irritated and snappy with each other the group growing more distant with every passing day Slyfer and Aldowin sticking together separated from the other two. Elyna and Trisha spent most of their time scouting ahead most of the time or so they had said.

Slyfer had occasionally found water which basically kept them alive. He also went flying every night when it was Aldowin’s turn to watch During these flight the voices and Alric would instruct him in the way of dragons teaching him making him stronger. Slyfer had learned many secrets but also things that were very upsetting. the worst being the fact that dragons could get pellets!

“What are pellets Alric?” Alric had gone quiet and for the first time he sensed the mighty Alric being embarrassed. “It is the bane of dragons something so evil that we only teach our young about it once! So listen closely!” Slyfer sensed the importance of it and gave the dragon all his attention immediately! Slyfer sensed Alric taking a long deep breath. “Pellets are indigestible material left behind in our stomachs such as teeth, skulls, claws and things that are to dangerous to pass through our digestive tract.” He paused for it to sink in. “For us to safely pass it through our system or stomachs separates it from the meat and we then have to…” As if rushing it out the dragon says the last part. “…we have to regurgitate it!”The voices inside him all went ballistic when he said it. All making cringing sounds and swearing as if Alric had said a great taboo.

Slyfer nearly fell out of the sky at hearing this not knowing if he should laugh or cry at the old dragon. But horror soon followed. “What had I eaten and hunted in the last few days! There was nothing like that right? Doubt settled in making his eyes grow wider with every second. There was that one time when i felt something hard go down my throat! Sky mother what would happen if it started while I was in my human form?! Would my head explode!” If someone was at a certain place with fields spanning everywhere in the distance. They would have seen a small blue dragon drop out of the sky…. pale as a ghost!!!!

Needless to say he had still gone hunting occasionally only taking care to not eat any funny things for the first time in history a dragon was born that only eats the very softest meat of animals he then gave the leftovers to the salamandraco. The other two had soon caught on to Slyfer disappearing and tried to follow but they could not keep up that coupled with the fact that it was dark most of the time made it pretty easy for Slyfer to lose them. This is what lead to the conflict between the two groups.

Upon reaching the woods Elyna and Trisha had gone to scout immediately looking for danger. After a few hours they had come back to find a fire was going and a much better camp was set up than they had usually had for the last month and a half. Aldowin and Slyfer had busied themselves with gathering wood and food to eat however they had no cooking utensils. Trisha fished a pot out of her traveling pack and started using what they gathered to make a meal all the while silence reined in the camp. Aldowin was the first to speak.

“We have reached our destination and tomorrow we meet those that came to greet us.” Elyna and Trisha immediately exchanged glances and asked simultaneously. “Who is it?” They both looked at Slyfer as if expecting an answer but he just shrugged and continued eating.
Irritated they turned to Aldowin who rewarded them with a smile so smug it only made things worse. Elyna was the first to burst out. “I am tired of all this secrecy we have been traveling with you for a while now how could we possibly relay what has happened to anyone.” Aldowin just sat there quietly eating the smug smile never leaving his face.

He finally looks up the and the smile grows nearly splitting his head in half! “I know you have a scrying bowl in your bag and I have seen its twin in the princess’ tent do you think me a fool? I know why the two of you are here despite what lies Trisha had told me that first day. I know because I would have done the same thing.” Elyna’s shocked expression gives her away instantly however Trisha lifts her chin in defiance to the sword master’s words.

“I did not lie that first day I do feel connected to the… beast in some way. Yes the Princess sent me but I also came for my own reasons I do not fit in anywhere same as him.” She says nodding towards Slyfer. “I have never seen another with the same eyes or skin tone not to mention my….. Tail.” Saying this she blushes as bright as the afternoon sun setting in the distance.Slyfer chokes nearly spills all his food over himself at the word “tail”! Trying to be inconspicuous about it he leans to the side trying to look behind her as if he would be able to see it. The gesture does not escape kitty cat and she gives him the death stare.

Elyna puts a hand on her shoulder trying to calm the girl that now seems so vulnerable.  Seeing his plan fail Slyfer is the first to speak. “You have a tail?” He says it while lifting an eyebrow as if challenging her. If she was red before she is practically glowing now. Looking away she whispers: “Yes. The queen of the high elves may have taken me in but the elves never accepted me. In their pursuit for perfection I was not perfect enough.”

Slyfer wants to take the beautiful girl in his arms but he resists the urge not knowing why or where it came from. Aldowin looks at his student and seeing his face expression decides that he and his Estund will have to have THE TALK before they reach Atlantis. The tension seems to have drained away but like a shadow it remains barely noticeable in its familiarity but still there.

Aldowin sighs after a while. “If you agree to give me the scrying bowl I will tell you what you need to know. Otherwise you must leave us tonight and if you are caught following us, you will be viewed as enemies.” Aldowin’s eyes turn to stone as he looks at Elyna. “Do not take this threat lightly.” Without saying a word Elyna gets up and places the bowl in the middle of the group. In the fire light it shines with unnatural light. The bowl has engravings running all along the rim and looks to be made out of a strange green substance he has never seen before. Slyfer can sense the magic coming from it faint but constant, tentatively he probes toward it.

Looking at Aldowin with a defeated expression Elyna asks. “May I at least send one last report to inform the Princess of the situation before you take it?”
Aldowin smiles a crooked smile nodding yes. “But only in my presence. Lake Dunia is nearby you can get water from there.” Nodding Elyna reaches for the bowl but Aldowin picks it up before her. “This will stay with me in the meantime.”  Elyna smiles but it does not reach her eyes. “Had to try.”

Trisha and Elyna head out to go fetch the water and Slyfer suspects to bathe as well. The thought brings color to Slyfers cheeks. “Master I must hunt tonight I can feel hunger gnawing at me like a worm inside my stomach. Please let me fly tonight.” Slyfers pleading gaze softens the expression on Aldowins face. “If you must you can but just wait till we see what Elyna reports.” Slyfer calming himself sends out his consciousness trying to lose himself in the nature around him thinking somehow it will help with his hunger. He soon picks up familiar life forces like always the male Salamandraco head out to hunt and Slyfer hones in on them thirsting to do the same. At first it seems like they are milling about with no purpose but Slyfer soon realizes they are tasting for scent.

One picks up on something and makes a low hissing sound that gives Slyfer goosebumps. “The hunt is on.” They all now head in the same direction their purpose clear all the while flicking their tongues in and out tasting the air. Slyfer wants to do the same on impulse but stops himself. “I am a beast.” He muses.
They suddenly slow down and lower their bodies pressing close to the ground. One stays in place while the others. Split up and start circling around. They move painstakingly slow careful not to step on anything that will spook their pray. When the other two reach their positions they let out a loud hiss and all at once the Salamandraco start sprinting towards whatever creature is unlucky to be in the center of their triangle!

Slyfer’s heart is beating just as fast theirs branches snap and crack as they thrash their way through the woods. They suddenly burst out into a grove sparkling with colors flitting about in a dazzling array of streaks and lights dimming and flashing. Right in the center of the tumult of lights is a wounded stag lying on her side.
Slyfers consciousness suddenly bursts into a thousand colors and he is swept back to himself pulled by the voices inside him. As soon as he is back he grabs his sword and shouts only one word to his master before sprinting into the dark woods like a mad man. “Come!”

Aldowin is quick to follow not asking questions only speeding after his student . Slyfer runs his lungs pounding and fighting for breath he wills his feet to move ever faster and when they do still he pushes harder! The voices in his head are screaming at him danger but still he goes on he did not save the Salamandraco only to see them die. He finally sees the tracks of the Salamandraco where they had sped through the forest and he slows down instantly alert. Listening waiting for any sound or indication that they are not alone. Aldowin is next to him in an instant. “What is it?” The elf asks into Slyfers mind trying to still his breathing. “I don’t know but our Salamandraco are in danger .” They hear a faint sound behind them.The air is assaulted instantly with the unmistakable sound of branches braking. They turn ready to face anything only to find the female Salamandraco had followed them from camp.

Aldowin lowers his sword. “Blasted creature it wants to give me a heart attack along with you I can’t sense anything.”  Slyfer looks at is master and says “Exactly.” It dawns on Aldowin they couldn’t even sense the Salamandraco behind them. The elf taking Slyfers shoulder stops him from advancing. “Tell me exactly what you saw Slyfer.”
“Lights master hundreds and hundreds of lights.” Aldowin suddenly pulls hard on Slyfers arm. “We must get out of here now.” The fear in the sword-masters voice is contagious and Slyfer breaks into a sweat but he is adamant!“I will not leave them Master they have helped us this far. If you wish to go I will not stop you but don’t think you can stop me.”

Aldowin swears at his Student’s bullheadedness and stands with his shoulder against him determined to fight whatever comes their way.  Steeling himself Slyfer steps into the grove and the dark night is instantly transformed into a thousand flicking and beaming lights of all colors it threatens to confuse and make him drunk but Aldowins hand on his arm steadies him. “Stuff cloth in your ear or their song will make you sleep.” Slyfer hears the voice but he cant move he is way too tired to care faintly he feels his master tugging on him but why. “It’s so peaceful here I wish you would just go away and let me sleep.” Slyfer makes to ly down on the ground but. Aldowin slaps him hard his hand traveling all the way from yesterday and stuffs cloth in his ears.

The sound is still there but faint. Slowly Slyfer starts to regain is wits. Looking around all he sees are lights dancing, twirling, and curling. “It’s so beautiful he says aloud.” Aldowin slaps him again! Slyfer flinches rubbing his cheek. “Hey! What was that for?” “For you not listening to me you idiot!” Aldowin had shouted it as hard as he could. Master and student were still glaring at each other when they realize something is wrong…. the sound has stopped!

Turning slowly they face the lights again only this time there was no twirling, dancing or curling going on. All of them hung still in the air. Slyfer got the weird feeling that he was being watched by thousands of eyes. Ignoring it he starts to scan the ground to find the precious mounts. He finds them almost instantly lying in a heap sleeping peacefully next to the wounded stag. “When I say go. You run like your life depends on it, until your legs turn into stumps! We cannot fight these creatures.”
Slyfer  only has eyes for the lights they resonate with him“What are they?”


Saying this Aldowin steps forward. “We come in peace.” One light shining brighter than the others floats forward slowly but surely. Slyfer has to hold is hand over is eyes to shield them from the light. A Voice rings out in his mind smooth as silk it reminds him of a small stream running down a hill or soft wind blowing through leaves. It leaves behind an echo in his mind. “You come in peace yet carry weapons.” Slyfer looks down at his hand seeing that he is still clutching the sword. Quickly he puts it away.

“The swords are only for our own protection we do not wish to harm you only to collect the three creatures that interrupted your healing ceremony.”
“They wished to harm the wounded stag. Why should we let them go?” She says this while moving closer Slyfer starts to see outlines of a small body. The light dims and is now so close to Aldowin his master would be be able to snatch her out of the air. Out of curiosity Slyfer steps forward. The light immediately flares up again.

Startle and afraid but even more so intrigued! Slyfer shouts “I apologize curiosity got the better of me! I have never seen anything like you.” Saying this Slyfer quickly shields his eyes again. The light dims again and a faint laugh can be heard. She floats closer yet and he can finally make out her features. Eyes all black even where the white is supposed to be. They look too big for her head giving her an alien appearance. Golden hair frames her head with a pinched nose and mouth. Slyfer turns crimson when he looks down the little fairy is naked.

Tilting her head she inspects him. “I have also never seen a creature such as you.” Aldowin clears his throat interrupting . “As I was saying we come in peace and only for the salamandraco. It is their nature to hunt and so they cannot help it every living creature has to eat. Surely you understand this fundamental truth?”
Still staring at Slyfer she asks. “What have you got to trade?”  Slyfer and Aldowin are both surprised at this but Slyfer comes up with a plan. Lifting is arms he gestures at the forest. “A continued life of peace.” Her voice now turns to steal.

“You threaten us?” Slyfer shakes his head sadly. “No, not me, the black dragon. He intends to eradicate all of the magical creatures in the world. Right now we are on a mission to Atlantia to try and unite the east as he has done with the west. Because if we do not the land will stand separated and weak against those who would destroy all magic!”

Her late flares and so does some of the others. “Are they communicating using light?”  “We have heard of this city Atlantis and how all the races squabble there except for the high and dark elves. So why is there a high elf and strange creature on their way to the squabbling city?” This time it’s Aldowin’s turn to talk the high elves will sit idle no longer and they have already sent a representative. The dark elves have done the same we are here to meet up with their representative.”

The fairy seemed to float still for a while and then said. “The fairies will also send a representative. We are after all one of the many races even though we are but small in number. In exchange for your beasts you must protect our representative. Do we have an agreement?” Slyfer and Aldowin exchange glances. Sensing they have no choice. “We agree to your terms.”They reply together.

When Slyfer and Aldowin finally reach camp they find the women’s faces filled with more wrath than Alric could ever muster. “Where have you been? We were worried sick thought that you had left us here.” We had to go save the Salamandraco they went somewhere they were not supposed to.” Slyfer trying to lift the mood says. “You smell better. How was the water?” Elyna still trying to stay angry opens her mouth as if to say something and then closes it again. Trisha looks away blushing. Elyna blows out a long breath. Slyfer can’t help it and imagines her deflating. It gives him a new idea to try out with magic.

Aldowin sat down feeding twigs to the now almost dead fire. With a small pop they burst into flame after a while he adds a log and waits for it to burn. “Did you get water?” Elyna takes out her waterskin  and Aldowin adding more logs to the fire sends Slyfer to fetch the bowl. They then pore some water into the cup and wait. The green glow in the cup intensifies then fades to a light blue as the water settles. The water’s surface turns into a mirror but not one that reflects the holder of the cup. Slyfer leaning over Elyna catches a glimpse of the blue drapes that are so familiar. “It’s the tent of the princess.” He says in wonder.

The face of a young elf fills the mirror and instantly disappears again. A Minute later the princess makes her appearance. “Elyna I was so worried it has been four days since your last report.”
“I apologize Lady Eluna we had no water available to spare. However I must say that we are not alone in this conversation. Aldowin has discovered the bowl and is listening as we speak after this message he will take it away or I must leave them and try to catch up to you.” The princess is quiet for a while.

“Report what you can and then we will meet again in the city.”
“Yes my lady. We have gone further south than I expected.” She looks up at Aldowin defiance on her features. “Aldowin says their destination is close and we will meet the other people tomorrow I do not know who they are nor will he tell me.”

Eluna looks down with a pained expression . “Elyna stick with them. Do not fail them as I have. I fear Lookin was a traitor and that is why he left in the midst of battle.”
Elyna’s eyes narrow with contempt. “He always was a coward.”
Lifting a hand the princess says. “He is only guilty of cowardice so far we still need to prove he is the traitor. With luck he believes we are dead and will report this. On a lighter note our army has reached me and we now have the required number of people to join the council.”
Confused Elyna askes. “Enough people?”

“It is a hassle but each race that wishes to join the council must bring an army of a thousand to guard the city or to move with the councils wishes.”
Aldowin now speaks for the first time. “I do not like this move to the council’s wishes idea. It is a ploy to warn away races that have their own agendas but it can also be a trap.”
“I am well aware of the risks Aldowin. However we have no choice what happened at the battle only proved the extent of the black dragon’s reach.”

“We will meet again in the city Eluna.” With that Aldowin keeps quiet through the rest of the exchange only making sure that Elyna had nothing to say of import. Slyfer got bored and drifted towards the woods intending to slip away into the night. “Where are you going.” says the Kitty cat behind him.
“Umm … I need to wash too.”
“But we brought water.”
“I know I just want to take a walk have a look around on my way to take a bath.”
Trisha smiles at Slyfer seeing through the obvious lie. “I will walk with you.”

Her glinting golden eyes tell him that he is not going to get out of this one. “Fine.” Defeated he turns around and starts walking. Just then Shcree lands on his shoulder . “Oh. You wish to bathe as well?” Her reply is to touch his nose with hers. Slyfer strokes her a bit but before he knows it Shcree is off into the woods again.
Trisha following behind is confused and irritated with herself. “Why does he have this effect on me? Is it love… no can’t be love. Admiration? Perhaps he did nearly kill a hundred men by himself. Most of all I think its curiosity. He is odd like me and I wish to know what he is… Like I would like to know what I am.”

Feeling sadness build up inside her she pushes it aside and quickens her step to catch up. “Where are you going you don’t even know the way  Beast.”
“My name is Slyfer Kitty cat and I make my own way.”
“It’s dangerous we did not scout this way.”
Slyfer snorts. “These woods hold no danger to us. Aldowin and I have already spoken to its masters.”
Now its Trisha’s turn to snort. “ A forest does not have a master it’s a bunch of trees clustered together.”

“Then you are naive everything in this world or the next has a master. It’s the way life works.”
“How can you be so sure?” She asks with genuine interest.
Slyfer turns to her. “Can’t you see it? In the wind, earth the trees, beasts, birds, insects and most of all us. Everything linked all of it working together without one there cannot be another. Everything so balanced it must have been made by a designer a thinking mind.”

“I don’t agree. We just are what we are. Created by chance.”
“Slyfer rolls his eyes at her “That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. All you need to realize the truth of what I am saying is to look at nature around you. What came first in this chance world of yours the trees or the insects? What about the birds and beasts? All of them would have to be made at the same time to make the eco system work. Its balanced the only ones who can break the balance is us. Like Chronos intends to do there is a purpose for magic in this world and we cannot allow it to be destroyed.”

Trisha is surprised at his passionate speech. She just keeps quiet and pushes past him towards the lake and starts walking in front. “What is this designers name then?”
“Does it matter that the designer has a name? If you gave it a name how many wars would start? People would give it their own names and then fight with other groups who did the same. Point is the designer made everything then gave it to us for safe keeping and now it has come to this.”

“You have strange thoughts beast but I will think on it.” Just then they reach the lake shore and its beautiful. The moons are out shining brightly giving the night plenty of light for Slyfer to see.  The reflection of the moons on the lake makes it seem to Slyfer as if he can just jump into them . The water is still and black hiding who knows what underneath. A shiver runs up Slyfer’s body and he starts to undress.
Trisha shocked, screams at him. “What are you doing!?” He gets a freight hands frozen in place where he was undoing his pants.
“What does it look like, I am getting undressed.”  He can almost see her glowing in the dark with embarrassment.
“I am not sure what kind of women you are used to but I will not be a part of… of this.” She says gesturing at him.
“Huh? Part of what I just want to bathe you wanted to come with. So here we are.” Turning around he makes to pull off his pants
“Wait!” Jumping forward Trisha crashes into him grabbing his pants she holds it on the sides of is hips. Slyfer is suddenly rigid standing like a rabbit frozen in fear heart pounding so hard he thinks the whole forest must be listening. He can feel Trisha’s curves pressing against his back and thinking about it only makes it worse. His body seems to move all on its own down there like it has done before but this is ridiculous.

Trisha’s voice is soft and husky as she says. “You really don’t know, do you?  A boy is not supposed to undress in front of a girl and a girl is not supposed to undress in front of a boy. I would have thought you knew that.”
Her voice and breath on the skin of his back seems to burn right into his soul making it feel like he is on fire! Trying to control his voice all he can get out is. “I did not know.”

“I am going to leave you now. Wait till I am gone before you take off the pants at least.” He feels her go and suddenly the night is very cold a rustle in the trees tells him she has gone into the woods. His heart still pounding he wades into the black still cold water, the cold he thinks is just what he needs.

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