Sky Prince: Book 1 Chapter 4

Book 1 Chapter 4: The Princess And The Beast.

“Who goes there?”  Calls the sentry as the three, move closer to camp. “It is me, Trisha and high Lord Aldowin along with his…..Charge.” The last word she basically spits out. “If you are who you say you are you should know the password.” Using her mind she gives the password. Enemies can hear a voice but not a thought unless trained in the art. “You may enter.”  The camp was clearly set up in the most strategic place available. Since there are only plains and flat lands around them it would be useless to try and hide so they made camp among a few boulders gathered together on high ground that can be used as cover if an attack was to come.

Camp consists of three wagons pulled strategically in between the boulders to serve as cover and to stop any attacks from behind. The tents are set up in the center. The biggest one surrounded by the smaller ones.
Slyfer having calmed down now keeps himself aloof. “The first woman I meet and I already don’t like them.”

“Aldowin it has been a long time old friend.” “Lookin! To think that I would run into you here of all places.” The two elves bow to each other. Then embrace heartily clapping each other on the back. “You owe me an explanation, disappearing for sixteen years and leaving me alone to run things in the Elumanon house.” Lookin is Aldowin’s cousin and head of the Elumanon house after Aldowin stepped down to heed the call of the dragons. Aldowin gestures towards Slyfer. This is Slyfer my student and charge. Part of the reason I had to leave.”

Lookin gives Slyfer a closer look. “Well there certainly is something about the boy.” Slyfer bows down remembering the custom. “It is an honour to meet you Lord Lookin.” While bowing he holds his hands out palms upwards to show he means no harm and has no weapons in his hands.  Lookin puts his hand on Slyfer’s head acknowledging the gesture. “He has better manners than you do Aldowin.” The two elves start laughing. “I wouldn’t be so sure of that if I were you.” Says Trisha giving him a venomous look.  Slyfer simply arches his eyebrow and looks at her neck. “I will go fetch Lady Eluna.” She huffs and stalks off toward the big tent.

Lookin looks at Slyfer enquiringly but he just shrugs and looks away, appearing all the more guilty. “Everyone else is sleeping; they will need it for what comes tomorrow. Lady Eluna will not be happy that you have come to your death Aldowin.”  “You worry too much old friend.” Lookin shakes his head tiredly. “And you don’t worry enough; you have not seen the forces that hunt us!”

“Calm down you have not experienced the forces I bring.” Lookin gives Slyfer the same questioning look but before he can say anything Eluna appears.
Slyfer feels like he has been kicked by a mule. He has almost never seen something this beautiful. She walks with confidence and a bearing that tells you her status just by looking at her.  She has long silver hair that glows in the moonlight. She is almost as tall as Slyfer himself. Her gaze is concentrated on Aldowin. Slyfer finds himself wishing it’s on him. She has slanted eyes that are inherent to the high elves but unlike the green of Aldowin hers is light blue like the sky. She has a simple lose hanging white dress on . Her lips are full and heart shaped the beauty of them a bit dampened because right now they are pressed so tightly together that they are almost white. “Well somebody looks like they got out on the wrong side of the bed. Looks like angry is the only feeling woman can feel.”  Slyfer sighs because he can already guess what is coming next.

“Aldowin, did I not forbid you to come. Now you are dead with the rest of us!”
“Good evening my lady.”  Says Aldowin bowing low.                                                                                                                                   “Don’t you good evening my lady me you must leave at once before the enemy knows that you are here.”
“I am afraid I can’t do that you are my princess and as a son of house Elumanon it is my duty to protect you. Besides without you our plan has no hope of being accomplished.”
“I am not even sure if we are going with your plan or not.”

Slyfer or something inside him does not like the sound of that. “There must be war or everything in the world with magic will die.” He can’t stop himself and the words slip out. Her fiery gaze turns on him. She has to catch herself Trisha did not mention the beast is this good looking “So you are the beast that attacked Trisha.”
“Any creature will attack once it perceives its life to be in danger.” Slyfer turns to Aldowin. “Master I do not understand why you spoke of woman in such reverence they seem like nothing more than hens clucking at every shadow. I am going to sleep but not here. For all I know her-“ Points a finger at the princess. “-kitty cat will try to cut my throat in my sleep!”

Slyfer turns to leave already boiling with anger.
Another elf that looks to be the same age as him. Blocks his way. “You will not speak to the princess that…” “Move elf or I will make you move and it will not be a pleasant experience.” Aldowin walks to Slyfer anger clearly showing on his face. “Slyfer this is not the way I taught you, you must apologize immediately!”

“You are right master it is not.” Slyfer looks at his master and Aldowin is struck with the hurt that is clearly showing inside them. He turns back to the elf blocking his path. “This is your last warning.”
Young elf boy lifts his chin in defiance. Before he knows what is happening Slyfer has him by the neck lifted clean of the ground. “I warned you little elf.” He feels a gentle hand on his arm and looks down. It is the kitty cat Trisha. “This is not the way.” He drops the elf on the ground and walks into the darkness leaving everyone stunned by what just happened.
“I thought you trained him Aldowin?”

“I did princess but he is not a dog to be controlled. You are the first people he has met except for me and all he has experienced since meeting you is an attempt on his life after trying to talk peacefully.” Saying this he looks directly at Trisha. “Then he gets called a beast by someone I told him must be greatly admired for her love and patience of all things. All of this, after traveling hundreds of miles to save them. I have hurt him the most though I made him think he will be accepted by others but that is clearly not the case.”

“Aldowin it is not safe for him out there.” Says the princess looking worried and a little ashamed. “Lady Eluna it is not safe for anyone else out there with him.” The princess is surprised Trisha has never praised anyone before although she is not entirely sure it was praise. Looking clearly uncomfortable with the situation and just wanting it to end says. “Let’s all go to bed we only have about five hours of sleep left before sunrise.

Slyfer finds himself a nice spot under the overhang of a huge boulder the sand is soft remnants of a river that once used to flow here. He takes out his bed roll and throws it on the ground. Stripping naked because he does not want to soil his clothes. He takes out the neatly wrapped bundle and opens it putting on the pants that are now shorts. He once again goes into Shcree’s mind and wakes her. If anything can make him feel better now its her. The little monkey’s eyes pop open almost immediately and she looks around not recognizing the surroundings.

He takes her in his hand and starts to scratch her ears without a worry in the world she starts to play with him running around on his shoulders and pulling on his nose and ears. Soon he starts laughing forgetting about the events of the day but the thought of the fight tomorrow still nags at him.
He lets Shcree go not worried because the protection spell is still around her and he knows she won’t go far. Lying down he closes his eyes and goes to the place in his mind where the old ones are.
“Are you awake?”                                                                                                                                                                     “
We are always watching hatch-ling.”  Replies the ancient voices.
“Tomorrow I fight for you to give you revenge to prove myself to you and no one else.”
“We sense a change in you, why?”
“I thought that you are always watching?”
“We are but do not assume we understand your feelings.”

Slyfer sighs mentally feeling hurt at the rejection he received.“Tonight I learned a simple truth. I am alone in this world. I may have a master and two dragons that care for me, well I think at least one of the dragons do. But none of them can ever truly understand me.”
“So why is it that you tell us this?”
Slyfer clenches his fists his face set with determination.“I want you to feed me images as I sleep. Images of war. Images of how you died. I want you to make me hungry for battle. Will you do this?”

“As you wish hatch-ling but be wary of your sanity you may lose it.”
With that they are gone but the images begin. Images of death, slaughter, pain and hurt. In his sleep Slyfer starts to weep of all the atrocities that has been done to what he now perceives to be his people.

Trisha awakes to the feint sound of singing. No, not singing but a high pitched ringing sound that seems to draw in the senses. Looking over to the bed of the princess she sees that she is already up. “Did I oversleep?” No the sun is not up yet but it must be very close to dawn.  She gets dressed and pools her hood up. But remembers that today she will not be scouting so she pulls it down again. Poking her head out of the tent all is quiet except for the, continues high pitched ringing that seems to be speeding up.

She spots the princess standing next to a boulder with Lookin and Aldowin. Their attention seems to be somewhere beyond the camp but not towards the enemy.
Walking up behind them she spots what they are watching. Her mouth goes dry and her heart skips a beat it’s the beast doing the blade dance. The ringing is that of his sword slicing through the air while he does the complicated movements. “Now watch this.” Whispers Aldowin to the others.

Slyfer readies himself mentally and goes into phase four of the blade dance. He speeds it up as he goes. Feeling his muscles stretch and loosen. All is still nothing but the blade in his hand matters. He imagines the enemy in front of him and cuts them down mentally one by one they fall to his sword but it is still not enough the images of fallen comrades are burned into his mind the old ones have done well. Next is phase five. Twisting and turning slicing and dicing he speeds up even more the ringing singsong of his blade is now almost continuous.  He misses a step and berates himself starting from scratch.

Lookin swallows audibly. “Aldowin, am I mistaken or is he already at stage five of the blade dance?”
“That is correct old friend.”
“He must be older than I thought at first.”
“He is sixteen.”

Lookin starts laughing at his crazy friend. “I am so happy that you have not lost your sense of humor over the last sixteen years that you have been gone.” “I wish I was joking but I am not he even scares me sometimes.” The ringing stops.
Slyfer feels he is being watched and stops. Looking over to the camp he sees the group assembled there. The kitty cat is not wearing her hood though without it she looks even more beautiful than the princess. She has long black hair that frames a face gently tanned caused by her travels. Her red full lips are slightly parted she has a short cute round nose. Slyfer turns his back on them and heads for his bedroll Still angry about last night.

The princess leans closer to Trisha and whispers in her ear. The girl nods and heads in the same direction as Slyfer. “What did you tell her?” Asks, Aldowin. “I am sending her with a piece offering.”
Slyfer is sweaty and breathing hard. “I need a place to wash. Should have thought of that before exercising” Bending down he places his palm on the river sand. “Where there was water there should still be underground.”  Sending tendrils of magic down into the ground he starts to search for it.
Trisha hears movement around the next boulder. She walks around it intending to say exactly what the princess told her too. But like the saying goes curiosity killed the cat. She spots Slyfer bent over the sand with his eyes closed.

“What could the beast be doing? He is smiling why is he smiling like a crazed fool?” Water starts to bubble up by his palm. He stands back and puts all his stuff on the nearest boulder to keep it from getting wet. “Truly a fool to think that the, small trickle of water will make everything wet.”  He walks back to the trickle but this time he places both palms on the ground. Trisha too curious for her own good waits to see what happens. He suddenly jumps up looking very surprised. He runs to his things on the boulder grabs it and starts sprinting towards her. “

Oh no! He is going to see me.”
Pretending to be all casual about things, she walks around the boulder as if for the first time. She is just about to say something but she doesn’t get the chance. He scoops her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and keeps running at full speed. Trisha wants to protest but then she realizes the beast is laughing. “What are you doing!? Put me down!” “I can’t we are in danger!” He continues to laugh as he runs.

Aldowin standing in the camp spots his student with the girl over his shoulder running at full speed. “What the hell has the stupid boy done now!” The others stop whatever they are doing and turn to watch the spectacle. The princess storms to Aldowin. “What is the beast doing to her does he intend, to kidnap her!” Just then the ground starts shaking with a rumble, rumble,rumble baaaang!  A huge explosion rips the ground open where Slyfer had been.

Water bursts out in torrents from the other side of the  boulders. It shoots one boulder high in the sky and toward the enemy’s camp. Everyone dives for cover as debris, dust and mud flies around. After a few seconds the dust starts to settle and there are faint droplets falling all over, A geyser has formed where Slyfer was shooting water into the air and creating a rainbow.

Aldowin looks up at the arc of water shooting into the sky totally drenched along with the others. Angry he starts marching into the direction he last saw his student running in. Soon the princess joins him along with a few other elves.
Slyfer laying on his back with the kitty cat tightly held against him is still laughing. He is shocked to realize she is laughing with him. Looking down he becomes aware of her soft warm body tightly pressed against him. Something in him begins to to stir but he pushes it down.

He manages to speak in between the bouts of laughter. “Are you okay?” She suddenly blushes at realizing she is laying on top of him and jumps up quick as a… well a cat. Trying to be all serious again she stammers with cheeks, red as tomatoes. “My Lady Eluna offers you a warm bath.” Slyfer bursts out laughing again. “Well you should have said so sooner instead of just standing there and watching me. This is the result of me trying to make my own bath.

If it is even possible she turns redder in her face. “If you knew I was there why did you not say anything?” “What do you suggest I say to someone clearly spying on me?” She is about to answer when the others arrive. “Slyfer, what the hell happened?” Slyfer stammers for a second collecting his thoughts “Well umm uhh I was trying to make a strategic obstacle for the enemy to cross before reaching us.” He tries to keep a straight face but he can’t help and starts laughing again. Trisha also starts giggling to one side.
“This is no laughing matter you could have blown us all to hell.”

“But I did not.” Princess Eluna looks at Trisha and then at the beast. “Well then let’s go see this strategic obstacle.” Slyfer feels hurt and sore on his back where he fell that coupled with the previous night’s exertion of flying makes it worse. They start walking in the direction of the water.
Standing off to one side they have a look at Slyfer’s “strategic obstacle”. The water has subsided somewhat and is no longer spraying up into the sky because it has worn a way the obstructions that caused it. The once dead river is now alive again and the water is making its way down the hill heading to the west effectively cutting a thin line of water between the enemies and themselves. “How did you manage to do this?” Asks Eluna. “With water magic princess but as you can see I have not mastered it yet.”

“But this morning…. your sword is made out of red steel is it not.” “Yes it is my lady.” Seeing that the beast is not going to explain any further she turns to Aldowin with a questioning look. “Did you get his attribute wrong?”

Aldowin shakes his head a proud smile on his face“No, he is attributed towards fire he only recently discovered his water abilities.”
She turns to Slyfer looking at him with a bit more respect than yesterday. “I will only say this once. I formally apologize to you about what happened last night. I hope my actions does not affect your opinion of my people or that of women.”

Slyfer bows respectfully.“I accept your apology and return it in kind I could have handled things differently.” Looking at Trisha he says. “Things between me and the kitty cat has already been settled.” She blushes at the nickname hating and liking the feelings he causes her to have.

“With that settled we must prepare for battle the scout that came back this morning informed me of the enemy’s position. They will be on us by this afternoon.” “He also informed me that the enemy has acquired two magicians of what kind we do not know and finally they have six war Salamandraco.”

The name rings a bell in Slyfers mind but he can’t quiet place it. If Lookin was worried before he looks panicked now. It suddenly comes to Slyfer Salamandraco are fierce mounts used by the orcs. But the twist comes when they are taught from birth to fight and kill. These mounts are called war Salamandraco they are chosen for their ability even if it is limited to spit fire. Not on the level of the dragons of course but still enough to give any fighter pause to go up against them.

It looks like a komodo dragon only a lot bigger stronger and faster. Only some of them can spit fire, those with the purest of blood. Slyfer looks around at the ring of worried faces. “Leave them to me.” Everyone looks at him. Aldowin grabs his shoulder “It is admirable but Slyfer you don’t even know what a Salamandraco looks like!” Getting irritated he projects the memories of them that he has into the elf’s mind. Using those memories he comes up with a plan.

“Salamandraco hates water more than anything! We may be able to scatter them using my “strategic obstacle”. I may not be able to create water out of nothing but I can control it to a degree.”  The princess steps forward I am also attributed towards water. But we cannot speak of things here let us go to the tents and discuss the battle plan.”

Slyfer takes one more look toward the enemies camp the plain stretches as far as his eyes can see and in the distance he can see a faint dust cloud. The images of the previous night come back into his mind. “Let them come they will taste the wrath they have brought upon themselves.”

The tent they enter is the one for the princess.It smells like lavender it’s how he found Trisha the previous night. A huge bed is placed far to the one side cordoned off with a light dark blue material. Slyfer can immediately see that it belongs to the princess because her bedding is also blue stylized in round rolling shapes that reminds Slyfer of water. Not far from it is a smaller bed he assumes it is the kitty cat’s. She sees him looking in that direction.

Blushing she grabs his hand and pulls him towards the table where everyone is standing. On the table is a crude map drawn with the camp in the center. They now add the river and a few more details. “The enemy is coming from here.” Says the princess, pointing to the North of their camp. “We have twelve people against their hundred so what we will do is place teams of two here, here and here.”She points at gaps between the wagons and boulders. “If we keep them concentrated  in the small areas their numbers won’t count for anything.”

Slyfer holding his chin in thought speaks out loud without thinking. “It won’t work they have Salamandraco not to mention the two magicians of whom we know nothing.” Everyone stops and looks at him the truth of his assessment sinking in. He realizes he spoke out loud and blushes at the attention now riveted on him. Aldowin breaks the silence. “My student is right from what I know of Salamandraco they will burn us if we gather in one spot. Then the confines of an enclosed battle will be to our disadvantage.

Slyfer sees only one option and he can see the master elf has deduced the same so the both of them at the same time say what  is going on in their minds. “We must fight in between the enemy’s ranks.” They look at each other and nod approval. The others all start speaking at once. “Stop!” Everyone falls quiet at the princess’s command. “Why do you say this?” “If they want to use the ability of the Salamandraco while we are fighting they will burn their own comrades.”
Slyfer steps forward. “I suggest we spread out in teams of two like you suggested but instead of remaining inside the camp like they would expect us to we form a circle of about five hundred meters and close in from different sides.” I will remain here. He points at the rock outcropping where he unleashed the water. “I can manipulate water and attack them with it that will draw most of their forces there especially the Salamandraco. To combat the water with fire. The other teams of two must not just jump in and attack but wait till most of their attention is concentrated on me then choose your targets carefully and try to slip in as far as you can undetected before attacking.”

“If we can take out their leaders quickly we can win a lot easier even though it’s still a long shot.” Aldowin looks like he is about to choke. “Do you expect me to just sit by and watch you throw your life away.” “No master I expect you to believe in me and those that chose me.”  Lookin  confused  and afraid blurts out. “The ones who chose you? What are you talking about?” “Nothing you need worry about Lord Lookin.” Says Aldowin. “I agree with the plan. But on one condition.” Says the princess clearly dead serious with a look that says; don’t even try to change my mind. “ I will join Slyfer at his position I have a better understanding of water magic than he does.” Lookin wants to say something but she holds up her hand making him close his mouth. He gives Slyfer a venomous look and stalks out of the tent with the young elf that Slyfer taught some manners to.

“Here is the rest of the plan.” Slyfer starts explaining what he has in mind after asking everyone their abilities. “When will the last scout come in?” He doesn’t direct the question at anyone in particular. “She is already here.” Says a tall elf that just entered the tent. She has got the same outfit as Trisha on. She looks older than most of the elves in the tent but all the more beautiful for it. Her face has got laugh lines at the corners of her eyes. But right now her face is dead set and serious. She walks with a long firm stride.  Straight as an arrow. On her back is a big black long bow and Slyfer has no doubt that she can use it. “This is a warrior.”

Slyfer bends down first surprising everyone. She does the same and in her eyes he can see the smile that is hidden behind the mask. “So you are the troublemaker I have been hearing about.” Slyfer instantly likes her. He faints ignorance and shock. “Do I look like a trouble maker to you?” She looks him up and down. “Yes but trouble worth having.”
In the corner of his eye he sees Trisha blush again. An uncomfortable silence settles in the tent. “

Am I missing something?”  The princess interrupts. .”This is Elyna a bow master, She has been scouting the enemy camp and movements.” Turning to Elyna she says: “We need to know the formation that the enemy force has taken on and where the leaders are in the formation.” Walking to the table she draws the formation. “They form a triangle, with the front end being a flat side instead of a point. The two mages have split up to either end of the triangle in front. The Salamandraco form the front-line. Behind them are a mixture of footmen and pike men and the back of the triangle coming to a point are the archers with the leader of them all forming the point. He is human but very large for his race.

He goes by the name of Browly. Browly has grown tired of the chase and he wishes to end it quickly. He intends to storm us and crush us in one blow.”
Stepping back to the table Slyfer examines the sketch. “Do you know what kind of mages they have?” “I saw one using earth but the other I have no idea.” “They also seem to have a false opinion that we may have a catapult of some kind because a boulder fell a little less than a 100 meters away from them. Everyone turns to look at Slyfer who is looking at the roof of the tent innocently. Elyna continues not paying them any attention.  “It stopped them for a while but after no other boulders followed they started marching again.”

What she said gives Slyfer an idea an idea though. “I can take care of most of the archers before they come into range.” Aldowin wants to object to his student’s boast but Slyfer sends him the images of when he threw wagons of gold at Alric. The elf stops and smiles.

“Trisha I want you and Lady Elyna to attack from the rear. Your target is Browly. If she can’t take him out with her bow try to get closer but don’t get surrounded always leave an opening for escape.” “Lookin will attack the mage with earth magic since he has the same attribute, his partner will be the young elf he left with.” “We need another mage to attack on the other side any volunteers.?” “I will do it.” Says a shifty surly looking elf.

Slyfer nods at him.“Choose a partner that you trust to go with you. Master you must make sure they don’t flank me and the princess we will have our hands full with the Salamandraco. Your position will be here behind the river on our left side where the water is the lowest. That leaves us with two people, they will have to be on the opposite side of Aldowin  so that the enemy cant outflank us from that side. Slyfer fills them in on the rest of the plan they make small changes and soon they start heading out in their directions.

Trisha and Elyna are the first to go since they have to circle the enemy without being detected. Slyfer is also painfully aware that they are the most exposed and he watches them go a bit worried. Aldowin takes Slyfer to one side, worry clearly etched on the elf’s face. “You are sure about this?” “Do you have any other ideas master? You brought us here now it’s time for us to do what we came for.” “That’s not what I mean Estund will you be able to kill?”

Slyfer looks his master in his eyes and without hesitation answers; “Yes, I am more afraid that I won’t be able to stop. If that happens I want you to end it. I may have had differences with the elves but I don’t want to hurt them.”
“What do you mean?” Slyfer gives his master a pleading look.“Just heed my words master don’t let me hurt them.” Aldowin agrees not sure what he is promising or why. The princess comes and stands next to them.

“Aldowin I have something for you and Slyfer, follow me they head back into her tent and on the table there are two sets of armor.” Aldowin gasps in surprise. “This is, this is my armor from home?”  Her face grave the Princess nods“Yes I thought you might need it I brought both lucky for Slyfer since we had no idea about him. If we survive this you will have to give me answers.”

“I will answer what I can.” Is the only reply Aldowin offers.
She heads out leaving the two to change. Her mind keeps going back to what Trisha had said before she left.”Be careful my lady Slyfer may not recognize you once the fighting starts.” Heading to the boulders where she and Slyfer will be standing she spots something in the distance. A small detachment of men are on horseback approaching from the enemy’s camp. She turns around and sprints to the tents.

Stopping outside the one Aldowin and Slyfer are getting dressed in the others had already left. “Riders approach carrying a white flag.”
Aldowin bursts out of the tent and he takes her breath away the elf is covered from head to toe in black and gold armor the emblem of his house displayed proudly on his breastplate his grieves and and bracers are black with the golden leaves running down the sides. The breastplate is aslo black with only the emblem on it the shoulder guards are gold.On the back of the breastplate is an oak tree in gold. “Lets go princess.” She is also dressed in battle gear of blue and silver her breastplate does not have her house emblem on it she decided not to wear it in case the enemy found out who she is.

“Where is Slyfer?” “Still struggling to put the armor on he will be with us in a moment.”
They head down the rocky embankment on the left side in full view of the approaching party. Aldowin and princess are pleasantly surprise by how far the water in the river has risen. They stop at  their side of the river bank. The enemy still takes about five minutes to reach the river. The man in the middle is a huge brute with a receding hairline next to him on either side are men in robes. The one carrying the flag is an orc. “Seems I almost missed the party.” Says Slyfer from behind them. The armor he has on is all black with no decorations. The shoulder guard on his right is pointed making it look like a spike.

The brute comes to a halt on the other side of the river he looks confused to see it there. He points to it. “This your handy work elf?” The disdain in his voice is clearly evident. Slyfer does not miss the black dragon painted on his breastplate.  It ignites fury in him and he struggles to control himself. Aldowin answers. “Maybe, maybe not.”

“Hmm no matter. I come offering terms.” “I will hear them.” Answers the princess with her chin lifted. The brute snorts and spits in the river. “If you give up now I will kill you quickly if you do not I will let my men rape your woman while you watch.” He suddenly looks past Aldowin clearly startled. “What is, is that.” One of the mages stammer.

The voice that comes from behind Aldowin is not Slyfers but that of a demon’s, vengeance incarnate! “I am your reckoning the answer to your question.” “What question?” says the brute struggling to control his horse that wants to bolt. The demon steps forward past Aldowin and the princess. Slyfer has put on the helmet completing the picture. The helmet is horned like a bull with a slit that runs from the bottom upwards and then splits in two running diagonally widening to give the wearer a better view. The princess takes an involuntary step back from him.

“So this is what Trisha meant.” He stops walking and continues. He points a black armored finger at the orc. The orc is a pale green color with a jutting jaw tusks jut out like that of an elephant on either side of his mouth making him unable to close his mouth properly causing drool to constantly drip down.

He has got an evil looking mace at his hip. Animal skins roughly cover his body. Slyfer starts to speak in orcish surprising them all most of all the orc. “You, from what clan are you.” The orc looks at him without fear and beats his fist on his chest and says. “I am Narzroc of the Skintuk, what is it to you demon?”
“How old are you Narzroc?”  “I have lived almost three hundred summers.” He says this with pride because due to their very nature they don’t live long. “So you were at the last dragon peace meeting?” This clearly has an effect on the orc but what can’t be discerned. He snorts and rolls his eyes. “Yes I was.” Slyfer reverts back to elvish. “So why do you break the treaty and aid the black dragon betrayer of all that is good.”

The brute turns red at the mention of Chronos in such a way. “How dare you speak ill of the high lord.” “So it is true then fool.” The red fades to stark white as the brute realizes he had been tricked to reveal his master. “You have just signed your death warrant!” He screams spittle dribbling down into his beard.

Slyfer starts laughing not the happy laugh from this morning but the same as the one he had when he nearly cut Trisha in half. “Narzroc you will be the first to taste the wrath of those your kind have betrayed the promise was made that day and it will be kept today!” The orc lets out a soft whine he knows exactly what the dragon’s promised. Looking back at the three humans Slyfer once again says. “I am the answer to your question.” “What question damn you!?”

Slyfer laughs again. “The question of; Is there life after death? Browly I will find you on the battlefield!” With that the group turns around and gallops of toward their main army.
Slyfer turns to the other two. “You must not fear me.” “Aldowin puts his hand on his students shoulder and laughs. “You make it very hard not to but on the positive side. If your allies fear you your enemies must be shaking in their boots!

The crimson eyes turn to Eluna. “You were also at that meeting were you not.” “Yes although I was very young at the time. How could you possibly know?” “Perhaps I will be able to tell you someday. Slyfer turns  Aldowin his heart pounding his anger ready to explode the thirst for battle incomparable. “Make ready the enemy approaches!”

Aldowin leaves to go to his assigned post. The princess and the beast head to theirs.

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