Sky Prince: Book 1 Chapter 3

Book 1 Chapter 3: The name and the first meeting.

Alric seems like his eyes are about to pop out.“Slyfer! Are you crazy, do you even know what that means?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                     “Yes I do and I know the significance of it as well. If you choose a name that has already been chosen before you, you make a promise to that dragon that you will accomplish everything he or she did.”
Serina lowers her head until its inches from Slyfer’s filling his entire view.  Her eyes gleam with a serious light. But the blue dragon stares back unyielding. “Do you know what Slyfer accomplished in his life?” Asks Serina a bit worried after seeing the determination on the young dragon’s face.

Slyfer snorts at the question. “Yes he united the world and was the first Elder of our kind.” Alric starts laughing. “Well you are an ambitious whelp aren’t you? To think that I would live to see this day! Ha! I wish I can see the Elders’ Face when he hears this.”

The next morning feels too normal for what happened the previous day. Slyfer stretches in bed and eyes Shcree sleeping on the pillow next to him. “Good morning girl.” Scratches behind her ear. Her big eyes open and ears perk up. “I am happy to see you too!” Aldowins voice interrupts the petting that Shcree is receiving.

“Slyfer are you awake you must come eat breakfast and then we must start our sparring for the day!” Urgh “
Master Aldowin always sparring, sparring and some more sparring I think he even spars in his sleep.”
When Slyfer got home the previous night he had told Aldowin everything except about the promise. Aldowin had just sat and listened asking short questions that got long answers. “So you plan to unite our world again?” “Yes master I do.” “Well then we will have to spar even longer tomorrow.” He had then burst out laughing at his student’s miserable face expression.

Slyfer sits down at their make shift table he had built himself. They are inside the tree house it has been his home since the original him can remember. Their usual breakfast was set on the table an assortment of berries and nuts, cooking was not one of Aldowin’s strong points! Slyfer didn’t complain otherwise the elf would make him get up earlier to get breakfast ready and he loved sleep too much. The sword Slyfer found is lying on the table nearly taking up an the space as the table is only meant for two.

The treehouse itself is not that big. Consisting of three rooms. The dining room Slyfer’s room and obviously the room belonging to Aldowin. Its not big but homey there are hardly any furniture because they don’t need them. The small table is basically the only thing along with a small storage space in the corner where they keep the utensils. Two small windows light up the room filling it with the sun’s warm rays and fresh, gentle morning wind coming from outside.

Before Slyfer had gone home the previous night he had searched for his precious sword, with the help of his dragon vision it only took a few minutes. Slyfer could not help himself admiring it again. “I see you like the sword.” Came Aldowin’s voice from behind Slyfer. Only this time Slyfer had heard his footsteps.

“Yes master I wish I knew who could have made such a beautiful sword.” Aldowin’s chest puffs out.“It was me of course.” Slyfer had never seen his master brag but that came very close to it. The smug expression on the elf’s face gave away the pride he felt.

“You made this? It’s truly beautiful. I found it on my way up to the waterfall.” A Smille dances on Aldowin’s face as he looks at his happy student.“I know Slyfer I put it there for you to find. It is a gift. One of the requirements to become a sword master is to be able to make your own blade, however I must say this is the finest one I have ever created. This gift represents you in a way.” Slyfer looks back at the sword and the sword master laughs at his student’s puzzled expression.

“Look at the engravings. In the high elf culture your sword represents you. That’s why I taught you how to care for and sharpen your blade first. It is what every high elf learns from birth.” “Thank you master this makes up for all the birthdays I have missed.”

Slyfer looks at the engravings. Aldowin sits down on the opposite end of the table and takes the blade in his hands. “The top of a high elf blade represents his parents in your case dragons. The hilt where he comes from. That’s why I have a tree here and the river. The color of the blade represents what attribute of magic the person was born with. In your case its fire and that is why it is red. The jewel I found right here in the valley so it signifies the floating mountains.”

“This is truly an amazing gift master but I have to tell you something.”  Aldowin gives Slyfer a curious look as his student gets up and fetches a bucket of water. He plonks it down on the table between the two of them. Slyfer looks at his master and smiles. As he does the water in the bucket starts to rise and churn into the shape of Shcree and starts running around in the air. “Sky mother! When did this- how can this be.” Aldowin’s eyes are wide, filled with shock. “You are a scary person Slyfer. Explain this to me.”

The apparition continues to run around and float in the sky. Shcree comes into the room and sees it. “Last night I, how can I explain? I mind melded with Malgrobin. He has become a part of me and as he was a water dragon I have inherited all his skills including magic. But I can only control water I have not mastered it enough to create it out of nothing like I am able with fire. I know how to do it everything is in my memories but I have not been able to accomplish it.” Slyfer starts to manipulate the apparition to go back into the bucket. It is almost inside when Aldowin sees a grey blur zip past and hit the water with a splash. Both Aldowin and Slyfer get freight and immediately start laughing.

Shcree obviously doesn’t like her water self because she was now peeking out of the bucket wet all over. “I think she wanted to play with or attack her water twin.” Slyfer picks up the wide eyed wet flying monkey and puts her on his shoulder smiling as he does.

Aldowin looks him over. “I think you are going to need new clothes if you are going to travel in two days’ time.” Slyfer is wearing his torn pants simply because he only had one pair.
“I think so too. Wait. What do you mean I am going to travel and in two days no less?” “Yes we received word, the representative of the high elves are close. We must leave in two days if we are to meet them.” The excitement in Slyfer is evident but it soon turns to worry  “How will I appear as a noble with these clothes master Aldowin.”

Aldowin lifts his hands in a placating gesture “Don’t worry everything has been taken care of you will see in two days. It is time for us to spar I want to see if your physical ability has changed.”

Slyfer and Aldowin both go through the sword dance with ease, before it had always left Slyfer breathless. The sword dance is a technique the High elves developed to loosen and strengthen their muscles it also helps build flexibility. There are six stages in the dance and Slyfer has only mastered it up to three. Aldowin seeing that Slyfer is coping with the strenuous exercises shows him the movements for the fourth stage. Soon Slyfer breaks out in a sweat, but still he keeps up with the sword master. Aldowin starts with stage five and Slyfer keeps up but not for long.

Slyfer panting for breath sweat all over sits down right where he is. “Master take it easy I can’t bend and twist like you. It feels like I am going to rip myself apart.” The sword-master smiles at his pupil. “Good, that is what it is supposed to feel like from now on I want you to start every morning and do from stage one to five until you have mastered stage five.” Aldowin turns away and his eye starts to twitch.

“What happened to this boy last night? It took me almost a hundred years to reach stage five and even then the masters were impressed with my quick mastery of the sword dance.”  On their way to the normal sparring spot Slyfer gives his new sword a few swings.The sword makes a high pitched ring as it travels through the air, to his surprise. Slyfer stops in his tracks. “Whats wrong Estund?” Asks Aldowin when he sees Slyfer holding the sword away from him as if its going to bite.

“The sword is singing and it feels lighter like swinging a twig.”
Holding his chin Aldowin steps forward.“It’s not the sword it’s the speed at which you are swinging it and your new strength.” Aldowin turns and picks up a stout staff and throws it at Slyfer. With a twak! Slyfer catches it.
“We will use these until we have learned the extent of your new strength.” Slyfer puts his sword down. Takes a few swings with the staff. He is excited to find out where his limits are but he takes one look at Aldowin and he knows the old sword master is even more excited. They strengthen the staves with magic and head to their positions.

Slyfer takes on his least favorite stance. Staff held upright against his spine. Legs planted straight together facing the opponent sideways to create a smaller target. As always Aldowin copies his stance. All is quiet axcept for the fait rustle of water caused by the river, until.

Wooof! Slyfer strikes first swinging the staff around and while doing so lets it slip further down his grip to make his reach longer. Slyfer feints for the ribs of the Elf but at the last second drops lower to sweep his feet from under him. The elf anticipates this and jumps up in the air dropping his hold also so that he can reach Slyfer. Planning to hit his student on his head as he comes down but quick as a cat the boy rolls out of the way and starts the same swing as before to try and hit Aldowin just as he lands! A crooked smile creeps onto the elf’s face. “Hah! You think it will be that easy!”

Aldowin changes his grip once again and plants the staff first to slow his return to ground. The blow aimed at him misses but hits the planted staff with a twang toppling him over.
Slyfer not wanting to waist the opportunity rushes in and strikes with an overhand blow. The elf not so easily defeated tries to block it in mid-air but the blow hits so hard that it sends him flying into the river. With a boom.. Slyfer’s eyes grow wide with Surprised at the sight of his master crashing into the river. Panicked Slyfer sprints to where his master fell but before he can reach it the Elf is already up and swimming to the shore.

“Are you-  are you laughing master.” Aldowin can barely contain himself with happiness. “I haven’t had such a good fight since I fought against my own teacher. Thank you Estund I must say though I didn’t expect that much power! I am proud of you but don’t let it go to your head! You may beat me in strength but my technique is still way ahead of yours. You must practice!  Now, help me up.”

Slyfer bends down to help Aldowin but the wily old man grabs his arm and pulls him into the water. “Serves you right!” They both start laughing out loud.  Slyfer feels something on his shoulder he looks around and its Shcree sitting on her usual place as if she owns it. “It’s not bath time yet you monkey!” He takes her in both hands and throws her up in the air. She spread eagles herself and glides down ending up on his shoulder right where she started. Suddenly he misses the feeling of flying more than anything else.

With a crooked smile he hands Shcree to Aldowin and says. “I am going for a quick stroll.” He gets out of the river and runs jumping into the air with all his might he goes to that place inside himself he found the previous night and transforms into his other self the blue dragon! This time he pays close attention to his body as he does.

Searing energy explodes from inside enveloping him in bright blue light. Scales start to sprout all over his body taring his skin to shreds as it does! On his back spikes sprout directly from his spine growing in length and girth faintly glowing with gold light as they do. A tail forms on his lower back, shooting out with strength and power! His arms and legs start to contract and with popping sounds they grow larger and larger. Until they are the limbs of a mighty dragon! At the same time his body grows and expands. The sound of a powerful heartbeat in his ears lets him know his organs are changing too. His teeth fall out and turn to dust as fangs grow sharper then knives longer then daggers.

Wings start to grow last. Sprouting from where his shoulder-blades used to be. They are made out of light bones almost in the forms of a bat’s.As he spreads them light blue skin stretches between the bones and feint red veins can be seen in them as they pulse with his powerful heartbeat. All these things happen in the matter of a second

He lets out a powerful raoooor that scatters birds and sends the small creatures scurrying to their holes in the ground..

Aldowin reaches out with his mind. “Remember to keep it to a quick stroll, show off we still need to practice.”As he does he inspects the small dragon as it speeds off. It’s dark blue like the ocean on top fading to sky blue at the bottom. A multitude of spikes runs in a straight line down the dragon’s back. They almost look transparent with shocks of dark blue running through them like lightning.

Slyfer feels the wind under his wings and lets out a roar that fills the sky. Relying on the memories that are not his but yet are he goes through a few acrobatic stunts enjoying every moment of it. He climbs higher into the air out of the clouds that are always surrounding their valley and the view is staggering. All around him are mountains flouting in the sky the biggest one in the center feeding water to their valley he angles himself towards the huge waterfall and swoops past with  only the tip of his wing touching. The mountains are connected with thick vines locking them together like humongous bright green snakes twirling and swirling around the island. If they were to break away from each other the delicate Eco system would die and soon it will leave them little more than life less.

Slyfer can see the gold for his war, glittering way down below and of course the huge green dragon sitting up and looking at him. Alric had apparently left early this morning to go on “patrol” again and with him went the sorrow and pain that now has become a part of Slyfer too. It faded the further the red dragon went but he can still feel it their faintly burning inside him.

Slyfer does a few more minutes of acrobatic flying and is about to head back to Aldowin when Sarina speaks into his mind. “Very well done little one but can you do this.” Sharing her memories with him on what she wants him to do.  He goes through the movements she shows him but cant keep up with everything. “You fly well but you can still work on it.” Is her amused opinion. “You must practice those movements as much as possible it may save your life one day.”

Slyfer makes a note of it and decides to practice every morning and night. “Besides this whole flying thing is awesome!” In his mind nothing can compare to the feeling of flying. With his sensitive wings he can feel the air rush through. With the flap of his wings its like the air gives him power driving him forward bowing down to the prince of the sky.

He heads back to the valley and Aldowin. The Elf is sitting on a rock by the river busy reading something with an eagle nearby. Slyfer swoops down bubbling with happiness and lands kicking up dust as he does as soon as his claws touch the ground he reverts to his humanoid body. The change is dizzying because of the huge size difference but he still needs to get used to it. He walks toward the sword master still unable to wipe the smile from his face.

“Only a few minutes as promised master.” Says Slyfer seeing the eagle he gets irritated because it didn’t fly at the sight of him landing. Aldowin looks at Slyfer with pursed lips. The boy seems to be looking at his messenger eagle as if he wants to pluck all its feathers.

“We must leave immediately, we cannot wait any longer.” Aldowin looks extremely worried about what he had just read. “Whats wrong master?” “The representative of my race is being pursued by bandits. Since she only has a small detachment of guards protecting her this can prove fatal!” A million things run through Slyfers mind.“How do you know this master?” Aldowin holds the letter out for Slyfer to read.

Lord A.

We have made good time towards the rendezvous point. However I fear we are being followed. A scout has reported a group of armed men and orcs numbering about one hundred. We have started traveling in the night as well but I estimate we will be overrun in about a day I have a detachment of ten guards all highly skilled but they may not be enough.
Do not attempt to rendezvous with us since they will surely encounter you then. I hope to see you again someday.
May the sun mother bless you.
The writing is neat and clearly written by a woman. She asks not to come but one look at Aldowin tells Slyfer that is not going to happen. “Are you still connected to Alric?”
Slyfer nods. “Yes I can feel him even now.”
Aldowin places his hand on Slyfer’s shoulder. “Contact him I will speak to him through you.” Slyfer starts to search himself and he finds the pain and hurt. Using that as a guide he follows it to Alric,s consciousness.

Suddenly they can see what Alric is seeing. He is stalking a caravan with a beautiful wagon fit for a king to travel in. It is black with gold trimming along the side . “What is it you want I am busy. As I am sure you can see.” Aldowin follows Slyfer down the path in his mind he struggles with the pain and sorrow but keeps himself under control. “Elf what are you doing in my mind this better be good or you will be my next snack on the menu.”

Aldowin swallows.“We need to move up our plans the High elf representative is going to be under attack by this time tomorrow if the attackers succeed in killing her it may result in my people completely withdrawing from the plan.” “We cannot allow this to happen!”

“Mmmm…. You are right elf, I will go kill the enemies tell me where they are.”
“We can’t let anyone know that the dragons are involved unless it is absolutely necessary.”
“Then what do you suggest elf?”

“Let me and Slyfer go and you can drop the rest of the equipment at the rendezvous point.”
“You and the hatch-ling? Well it can be a good opportunity for him to experience the beauty of battle. I agree you and Slyfer will go. But Serina must go with you. She can stay high above you in the clouds so that if anything goes wrong she will be there to help.” After a long pause Aldowin agrees reluctantly. If anyone sees Serina the whole plan can go up in smoke.

Slyfer starts to pull back from the big dragon’s mind the last image in his head is of the dragon diving for the caravan with a feeling of lust for blood so strong it shakes him to the core. “Is that what it is to experience battle?” Slyfer’s heart starts to pound in his ears and his chest tightens.”I am finally leaving our valley. Will I be able to kill?” A part of him hates the thought of taking another creatures life. But another part of him can’t wait to sink his teeth into flesh to taste the blood of his enemies to rip them apart with tooth and claw. His hands start to shake in anticipation.

“Slyfer. Slyfer! Focus boy we have to move time is of the essence.” Aldowin was already heading for the tree house to pack their things. Slyfer quickly followed as he enters his master pushes a bundle of clothes into his hands along with his sword and a scabbard. The scabbard is made out of the same type of bone as the handle of the sword but where the sword is beautifully decorated his scabbard is completely blank.  That in itself makes it beautiful. The strap used to fasten it to his body is red. “The scabbard represent where you are going it is for you to decorate with anything that you feel is noteworthy in your travels.”Put on the clothes Slyfer hurry we must leave as soon as you are finished.”

Slyfer gets dressed in the complicated clothing as fast as he can but he doesn’t get the chance to find out what he looks like. Shcree sitting on his bed looks at him curiously. “Shcree you cannot come with us the master will forbid it.” He gets an idea and projects the thought into her mind. Slyfer never tried it before and he is surprised to see how advanced her thoughts are to the other creatures he had encountered. She gets the meaning right away and leaps to his shoulder and smells his nose. In her thoughts he learns that this is a sign of affection a greeting of sorts among her kind.

“She doesn’t want me to go.”  He implants the idea that he has to. She climbs into his shirt and he struggles to get her out but eventually does. “Okay,I get it, you want to come with?” She smells his nose. Thinking hard he goes to his pack. He gets an idea, holding Shcree in his hand he goes into her mind and puts her in a deep sleep at first she tries to fight it but it’s no use and soon she is fast asleep dreaming of berries and floating among an endless sea of trees. Slyfer wraps her up in his old clothes and then puts the same spell of protection over her that they use on the swords so that she can’t be squashed. He had just put her in the bag when.

Aldowin bursts into the room and is about to say something but he can’t find the words. What was a boy this morning now looks like a king or something very close to it the bundle of clothes he had given Slyfer was some of his own noble house’s attire. It is all black with strings of gold embroidered into it that forms a pattern of oak leaves blown in the wind it runs all the way down next to the buttons in front. On both sides of the collar are two swords also in gold. The pants are plain black with black pointed moccasins on his feet embroidered with the same gold leave pattern along the sides. The Outfit is completed with the mantle the elf has now brought for Slyfer to put on.

He walks over to him and throws it over his shoulders ties it to the clasps that holds it together and steps back. The mantle is also black but the underside is made from silk colored to gold. On the back is Aldowin’s house insignia. An oak tree with the rising sun behind it. The clothes make Slyfer’s blue eyes stand out all the more. You can plainly see it doesn’t belong but it only makes him look all the more striking.
The elf claps him on the back “Ha! Not as ugly as I thought it would look but it will do. Come, are all your things packed.”

“Yes, master I don’t have a lot of things to begin with. What does the picture on the back of the mantle mean?”
“It stands for the noble house Elumanon.” They start heading out Slyfer sees that the master is wearing the same outfit only where his outfit is black the one that the master has got on is white. “So this is your house?”
“Yes Estund it is my house my full name is Aldowin Elumanon.” Slyfer is just about to say something when they see a sight of beauty and terror perfectly mixed together. Serina is already waiting in the air the force of her wing beats makes the sky shout as if there is thunder. She has got something in her claw. “That’s the scale I ripped of off Alric but it looks different somehow.”

“It is time Slyfer, Change into a dragon.” Slyfer ties the sword around his middle the stark white against the black makes it look all the more dangerous. He turns into his dragon self. But something feels different. “Master is there something wrong with my tail it feels heavier.” A moment of pause and then; “Skymother! Slyfer what did you do?”
“Nothing I just transformed like I did earlier today. Why? Whats wrong is my tail broken or something……. Well don’t stay quiet answer me.”  Slyfer decides to try and have a look himself and by accident he hits a tree with his tail. To his surprise the tree is cut clean in half. “Slyfer watch where you swing that thing!” Comes the surprised voice of Aldowin. Slyfer finally gets a look at his tail and is even more surprise than the elf. His tail seems to have taken on the appearance of his sword near the tip. The carvings and the slight red color can clearly be seen.

“What the!” “What is going on master, it wasn’t that way this morning?” “Have you ever worn the blade or any other weapon before changing?” “No, never.” “That explains it. I think your body changes according to what you are wearing when you transform.”
“But why then am I still blue and not black all over with gold?” “I don’t know Slyfer we will contemplate the reason another time we must go. Now….. stick your front leg out.” Slyfer was just about to ask why but then his master gives him the look. He does as he is told and with two jumps the elf is on his back. “You had better fly carefully or ill hit you on the head, got it?”

Slyfer starts laughing and opens his wings. “Fly carefully? This is my chance for revenge! I can still feel the damn bump on my head from the stairs! “Hold on tight it is going to be a bumpy ride!” He takes off with a jump and he can hear the Elf cursing on his back.

Serina starts to climb even higher and Slyfer follows. Aldowin just clings on for dear life as Slyfer’s body is now basically pointing vertically up!  Serina’s voice rings in his mind. “Don’t come to close to me Slyfer your wings won’t be able to take the pressure of flying close to me. It hurts Slyfers pride but judging by the sound one of her wing beats makes, he is inclined to agree. The size of her dwarfs him many times over. “This is perfect or would have been if we were not flying to battle.” He finds himself staring at Serina time and again. “Alric was right compared to this I am ugly.”

They make good speed with Serina as a guide through the wind currents. Slyfer’s tail still feels a bit heavy and uncomfortable so he makes a point of it to start training his muscles in dragon form as soon as he gets a chance. They fly for hours and it starts to get dark. Slyfers dragon eyes can still see but he can sense his master is getting very uncomfortable with flying in utter darkness. Time and again he asks if Slyfer can still see okay his reason; “I don’t want to be a splattered bug on a mountain.”

A few hours pass and his wings are starting to ache not being used to this kind of long flight. Aldowin can sense this. “It is about midnight we should reach them soon.” “We already have! Look below Slyfer.” Comes Serina’s voice from high above. “Slyfer has to concentrate but he can see feint fire lights on the dark ground below and not far from it a bigger group.

“I take it the bigger group is the enemy.” Slyfer feels the blood lust building at the mention of the word he fights to control it but its overpowering . “I must destroy them. Oath breakers they all must die. They have destroyed everything I built my whole life wasted, lives of millions wasted they will pay tonight they will know my wrath!” Ancient voices bubble up threatening to drive Slyfer mad with anger.

He is just about to dive for them when Serina enters his mind Like a fresh summer breeze she blows away the anger and hate. “Control yourself little one I can feel the blood lust in you.” “Its not me. They are not my-.” “Remember the promise boy.” Comes a voice even older than that of Malgrobin. “I will remember, but you promised too. To leave my body for, me to control to give me a chance to prove myself. Malgrobin gave himself up for that.” The voice is silent for a while. “We will be watching.”

Aldowin’s voice finally breaks through to his student. “Slyfer land us about three miles from the representative’s camp.” Angling himself down he goes into a dive and the elf starts cursing again. “I will be watching Slyfer, be careful!” Serina’’s voice fades as the dive takes him further away from her. Slyfer starts to level out sooner than he usually would have to make a softer landing. He circles a few times to make sure all is clear and then goes for the landing.
He only waits for the elf to get off and then turns back to normal. Slyfer can hardly keep himself standing because of the exhaustion. Taking a step forward he nearly collapses but the elf is there instantly to help him remain on his feet.

“You did well Estund sit down rest a while but then we must go.” Too tired to even speak Slyfer plonks down right where he is.
After a few minutes tired and sore all over Slyfer gets up and fetches his bag. He checks to see if Shcree is still ok. She is fast asleep and oblivious to the world.  He takes a few berries and eats them. Only now does he realise how hungry he actually is and for some reason he has a craving for meat. This puts Slyfer in a foul mood.  “Let’s go master; I just want to get this over with.” Aldowin sensing his student’s mood just starts walking in the camps direction hoping everything will go smoothly.

One mile from the camp Slyfer suddenly stops and his master is instantly on alert. He whispers; “Whats wrong Slyfer?” “I can’t sense anything but I smell it. Its like flowers in a summer breeze mixed with something else. My memory tells me its female! A female two legged being!. Slyfers’s heart starts racing at the thought. Sixteen years and he has never met another girl. “Is she squishy, soft, hard? No cant be Master said girls are soft and wonderful and must be treated with respect.” He calms himself with a few deep breaths.

They wait a while but she doesn’t reveal herself. “Master is there a way to hide one’s presence?
“Yes there is, I never taught you because I was preparing you for battle not to sneak around.” Excited Slyfer looks at the elf with a pleading look. “Teach me now, please.” Aldowin wants to object to his absurd request but he can see his student is dead serious. “It takes years to master but here is how. You have to focus on yourself slow your heart rate and picture in your mind that your life force is shrinking draw it deeper into yourself until it is but a candle flickering in the wind. Be careful if you go too far you can go into a coma.”

Slyfer starts searching Malgrobin’s memories for something similar and it comes to him he remembers how the dragon had to learn it at a young age to hunt prey bigger than itself.
Slyfer leans in closer to his master. “Keep your life force as bright as possible keep walking to the camp but do not drop your guard.” Aldowin is about to say something but his student is gone, like a ghost. Even his footsteps have no sound.“That is the last time I will ever underestimate him”.

She stalks her pray making sure to stay downwind. The elf and the…. Don’t know what are careless plodding along as if there are no enemies nearby. “Fools, enemies or not tonight you will learn a lesson not easily forgotten.” Her cat like eyes focuses on them. The moon hidden behind the clouds makes them harder to see. But her night vision coupled with her sensing ability makes it easier. The one that shines like a small sun suddenly stops. He looks directly in her direction and her heart starts to race. “There is no way he could have sensed me!” He looks away and turns his back on her.

“I was right, it was just coincidence any creature that feels threatened would never turn its back on the danger.” She uses the opportunity and stalks closer.
The other one leans in closer to the elf. She stops sensing something is off. He vanishes as if the darkness has swallowed him up. “What could have happened? Did the elf kill him? No, impossible they seemed friendly enough with each other.”The elf starts walking in the direction of the camp again his life force shining even brighter than before. “It’s a trap a ruse to keep me focused on him. But why?” It hits her, the other one did sense her and now the stalker has become the prey.

Staying absolutely still she scans the area but can’t see or hear anything. Panic starts to set in and her heart begins to race. “Where is he!?” Drawing her knife she starts to scan the area once again. She hears a faint crack  coming from right in front of her. She has been taught too well to not recognize that sound. It’s the sound a twig being stepped on! The clouds move. Revealing the other that had disappeared. He smiles and she is struck by how handsome he is. “You know, it’s rude not to introduce yourself.” His voice too sounds young but the authority in it cannot be mistaken. Her heart races. “What is he? How did he? “Well aren’t you going to say something?” He is closer now but she didn’t hear him move. Jumping back she throws the knife at him. He moves but too slow the blade nicks his neck and a trickle of blood starts to run down.

Slyfer feels the anger coming and tries desperately to keep it at bay. But it washes over him. “I come to you openly without malice or intent to kill and you attack me with a blow intended to kill me! You have made the last mistake of your pitiful life little creature of the dark.”

Fear grips her heart his eyes now red burns into her. The thirst for blood is so thick in the air she can almost taste it. His life force being almost nothing a few seconds ago is now so bright she has to shut her mind a life force too big for the body in front of her it can’t possibly fit. It seems the body should be burning unable to handle all that power. Yet there he stands he smiles this time not one of kindness but one filled with evil intent. The way a human would look at an ant before squashing it.

Drawing her sword she takes up her stance. “If you think I will cower in fear from you beast you are mistaken. Come let me bury my sword in your belly.”

Slyfer strikes and starts laughing not one of happiness but a laugh of a madman. The girl brings her sword up to block she can see that it is going to be too late he may not kill her with the blow before she can block it but the wound will be deep.

“Slyfer stop this immediately!” It’s the elf he must have sensed the beast when he released his life force. His blade stops mere millimeters from her shoulder. Her blade meets his and there is a clang of steel on steel. His blade does not even move from the impact it stays in place. “Slyfer back off she is an ally.” “Then why did she try to kill me now!” Aldowin draws his sword. “She was confused anyone would be meeting you for the first time.”
The beast called Slyfer does not look away or lower his blade. His eyes still shining crimson bores into her.

Dressed all black in a thin figure hugging material that fits tightly around her body not really hiding anything for the imagination she has curves on all the right places. She is athletic that much is obvious her head is covered by a hood and her mouth by a mask the only piece of her you can see is her eyes. And they are striking! A yellow gold with an iris of a cat. Clearly, a young woman in her prime.

“Let her go Slyfer, let the anger go.” Comes the elf’ss voice. The beast smiles at her and with a flash his sword moves and makes a small nick on her neck. “Now we are even.”  He sheaves his sword and walks away toward the camp. The elf walks over. “You know, you are the first girl he has ever met.” Aldowin smiles at her. “I think it went pretty well.” The elf bursts out laughing. “Who are you and what do you want?” Aldowin sheaves his sword and takes a step back bowing he says. “I am Aldowin of house Elumanon the boy you just met is my charge and student Slyfer.”

“You-you are lord Aldowin!? I apologise for my rude behaviour my Lord.” She says this while bowing low as the elf did. Aldowin detects a faint accent. “Not to worry child I am not all that noble. You are not elvish?”  “No I was taken in by Lady Eluna at a young age after she found me abandoned in a forest close to the high elf lands.” “Well let me go and meet the lady I fear my student’s manners may leave him once again. He is in quite a mood tonight.”

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