Sky Prince: Book 1 Chapter 16

Book 1 Chapter 16: The Second Encounter and Training Regimen

“We meet again.” Says the white dragon while inspecting his claws lazily. Slyfer is once again awed by the size of him. “Don’t just stand there gawking say something.” Slyfer feels awkward. “Uuhm hello?’
The white dragon laughs at him. “So passed out or knocked out this time?” Slyfer sits down. “Passed out it seems and at the worst moment ever.” The dragon looks at him with is swirling eyes and SLyfer starts to explain.

After listening to the story the dragon gives his opinion.“The others have moved too fast and now what could have been your greatest strength has become your weakness.”
Slyfer sits down not knowing what else to do. “I feel lost.” He says finally.
The dragon grunts. “Who in their lives have never felt that way.” Slyfer shrugs knowing the truth of the words. “I can fight a physical enemy but how do I fight myself?” The dragon leans closer. “Dear boy every living thing that can think for itself, fights against itself every day. There is an endless battle between what your mind wants and of course what your heart wants.”

Slyfer sighs and then smiles. “Nothing is ever easy.” The dragon sits up. “Indeed. I have never been in your situation but I may be able to help with it.” Slyfer stands up in excitement . “Can you really?” The dragon nods. “It is long and difficult training and it will change you and the way you view the world.” Slyfer sits down again. “I have changed personalities three times in the last few months another change won’t make a difference.”

The dragon decides not to comment on that. “Now will be your first lesson. Listen closely. The thing you call magic is nothing more than life force being channeled. Some are better skilled at it than others and yet there are creatures that cannot do it at all.”
The dragon is quiet once again so that it can sink in. Slyfer thinks for a while. “So then I have too much life force?”
“No that is the deduction someone un-educated would make. The knowledge I am about to teach you is known by few because of its danger. “Life force or magic as you call it exists in everything and cycles through everything. It cannot be created or destroyed its shape can be changed however.”

Slyfer scratches his chin and walks up and down. “So I have my own life force and so does a tree or an ant?”
“Yes that is true. You have learned how to hide your life force so you must know how to sense it as well. It is the light you see when you look through your mind’s eye. The stars that are not stars but what you see are simply one shade when there are thousands more. The wind that blows has life force in it the very air you breathe the rays from the sun and the darkness at night everything has it.”

“Slyfer’s eyes widen with comprehension. “So there are different types of life force?” The dragon hums with pleasure. “You learn quickly. But what does this tell you about your situation?” “When you have the answer I will teach you more.”
With that the dragon lays down and closes his eyes. Slyfer does the same and ponders the question. “If everything has life force and I have my own the answer must lay in that. Since I am good with fire magic my life force must closely resemble that of fire…. i think? That does not answer the question.”

Slyfer becomes impatient and starts to walk up and down muttering to himself. “Would you stand still what you are doing is very irritating. I will give you a hint. Go back to the basics of what you have been taught about magic then apply what I have just told you. “Magic can mainly be separated into six categories and from there you get sub categories when combining the first two or more of the main categories.” Slyfer summons a ball of flame in his right hand a ball of air on his left.
He looks at them in turn. Then he brings his hands together the air swirls around the fire but after a second the fire itself starts to swirl becoming hotter as it does. Slyfer then increases the air input and the fire grows lighter swirling faster and hotter. He then decreases it and the fire returns to normal.

He stops the magic and then repeats the process over and over. This continues for a while until exasperated he lies down. After lying there for an hour he starts again. This time bringing his hand together above himself.  Slyfer then tries to create water but it doesn’t work. “I need water to manipulate it. Yeah, genius and then what? I learned to manipulate water from after I fused wit-”

“I have it, I know what is wrong with me!” Excited Slyfer sits up and looks at the dragon expectantly. But he does not get any reaction. Slyfer walks closer to the dragon until he is right next to its head. “Are you asleep old one?” One eye opens and Slyfer staggers back. “I was until a second ago.”
“I figured it out.” The dragon lifts its head and the force of it pushes Slyfer back a few paces. “So tell me?” “I no longer have only my life force inside me but that of two other dragons as well and it is not mixing properly.”
The dragon looks at him dumbfounded and then laughs. Slyfer suddenly feels stupid. “I will start over again.” The dragon tries to stop and get words out. “No,no you are correct I am only amused at the way you said it. Yes it is not mixing properly because it is out of balance what you must do is learn how to tell the difference between the three life forces inside yourself but that is not all.”

“I can tell by  just looking at you that you need more physical training in this and your dragon form to build stamina as well as endurance.” Slyfer thinks about it but it does not make sense. “How will that help me?” ‘
“Remember what I told you, life force is in everything and it can’t be destroyed or created only changed. For instance when you eat.” Slyfer knows he should understand now but he doesn’t. his vacant expression forces the white dragon to explain. “A deer that was killed when hunted loses its light, yes?” Slyfer nods. “No, it does not the light is only converted. The meat that the hunter eats still contains the life force the difference is it is now no longer moving but it has the potential to move.”

“When your body ingests this energy it is converted to fuel and becomes a part of you in other words it starts to move again. The lights you see are not souls or anything of the like. It is the energy continually moving within a living creature.”
“If magic uses life force and the theory being taught is correct how then, is magic possible? You can’t use the sensing magic you have been taught to detect earth, air,or water unless it is moving at a rapid pace which rarely happens naturally yet I know you when you use air magic you have felt the very air you manipulate.”

A light bulb goes on in Slyfer’s mind and everything makes sense it is not like he is being taught something new but as if he is being told something he forgot. “How then do I train myself to sense this dormant energy you speak of?”
“When you wake up I want you to take n glass of water and put it next to a fire then using your magic feel the water, fire and air remember that feeling and from there it is up to you how to perceive it. In the meantime I also want you to train physically. With your enhanced strength it will  be difficult to find a challenge but you must create one for yourself.”

The dragon starts to fade. “If you have accomplished this you will be able to find me without having to pass out.”
Slyfer desperately tries to hold on to the world where he is. “I still have so many questions!” The dragon completely fades before Slyfer can hear his reply.
The sun on his face is the first thing he feels when he comes to that and the moving earth underneath him. “Moving earth?”  He reaches out with his mind. “I am on some kind of wagon.” He sits up and finds Fira fast asleep next to him. “About time you woke up.” Slyfer recognizes the voice. “Grey Main how long have I been out?”
“You were for three days. She got up after day one I would feel a dent in my pride if I were you.” He says this gesturing at Fira. “But then again if a female gave me the same amount of attention she has been giving you I would pretend being in a coma as well.”

Everything starts to return to Slyfer. “Where is Singing Spear? I must know, now!” Not waiting for an answer he sends out his consciousness. “He is in th-“  Before Grey Main can finish Slyfer is on is feet. Fira starts awake at hearing his loud voice. Before she can say anything she sees what he is about to do. She grabs his foot to draw Slyfer’s attention and she succeeds.
“Are you crazy! If you jumped from this wagon the way you jumped into the forest that night you will break it in half!” He looks at her red eyes glowing blinks twice and it starts to fade. “Sorry I did not know what I was thinking. How do you feel?” He sits takes his hand through his hair relaxing visibly.

She giggles at him. “Sit down stupid before you hurt yourself.” He does as he is bid but crosses his arms. “I must see that rat it is imperative.” She pouts at him.” That’s not what I imagined the first boy would say who woke up next to me.” He blushes. “This is not the same situation you are thinking of.”
She bites her lip and like always it draws his attention. Grey Main thankfully interrupts the volatile situation. “Like I was trying to say before you tried to jump into a moving army. Singing Spear is being held in lock up. Guarded by none other than the Green Hawks themselves so you can rest easy.”

Slyfer closes his eyes and falls backwards spread eageling himself. “I am hungry.”

“Glad to see you are awake Slyfer.” Slyfer bows “Not as happy as I am Old Sun.” He then turns to Jade who smiles at him. “You look a lot better than when I first saw you, considering you just came out of a coma.” Slyfer feels irritated and frustrated. “He had been waiting the whole day to speak with Old Sun and now they are commenting on how he looks. Barely able to hide his frustration. Slyfer smiles. “A bath and a hot plate of food can do wonders. The reason why I am here- I know the reason why you are here and I cannot allow it Singing Spear is a prisoner of war.”
“Old Sun please what I plan to do will benefit us both.” Old Sun puts down the papers he had been looking at and peers at Slyfer. “And what is it you plan to?”

“That’s what he wanted to hear this whole time.”  The old man looks at Jade and then Slyfer again. “I have been asking my daughter the same thing over and over but for some reason you have won her loyalty to the point where she will disobey her father.” Slyfer looks at her and she can see the gratitude and respect in his gaze.
Slyfer sends out his consciousness to detect any spies that may be near but he finds none. He wants so badly to trust Old Sun but he can’t bring himself to. “Slyfer if you do not tell me you will not see him. I will tell you this however the hunt ended a day ago since our scouts were…. Otherwise occupied we did not win the match but that is not of importance. What is important is that the black wolf whom escaped reported what happened to the Spears and at the same time the king has also heard however I am not sure how.”

“Right now we are on our way to rendezvous with the other two armies and we will probably reach them by tomorrow. Whatever your plan is time is running out and I can help you boy do you not see that!” Slyfer crosses his arms. “I am not a fool Old Sun you will help yourself not me.”
The old man bites on his jaw and Jade rolls her eyes at the two and then steps forward. “Why are you two so pig headed.Father if Slyfer accomplishes what he wants our status and power will raise threefold. Slyfer  you will only get what you want by involving my father since you are not a part of the clans yet. Now you two sit down and figure this out together.”

Slyfer looks at her and he she nods urging him on. “Please fetch Fira and Grey Main as well.”
An hour later the five of them Grey Main barely fitting in the tent sits together around a table. “Ok boy let’s hear this plan of yours and wolf would you please stop drooling on my furniture.”
“Sorry racial habit I am afraid and it’s so hot in here.” Slyfer smiles at the wolf. “Okay I will make this quick but first of let us fill you in on exactly what happened the last few days. Slyfer tells him everything that happened except for the part about the coach. The old man has mixed reactions to what he hears. Ranging from anger, shock and then finally disbelief.

He looks at Grey Main differently now. “Well I’ll be the son of the wolf king lives.” They all sit in silence for a while. “So tell me your plan.”
“We want to take the Grey wolves from the Spears.” Once again the Old Elf’s face turns into a mask of disbelief. “Are you crazy it will start a war!” Slyfer leans forward. “I have told you before war is coming whether we start it or someone else it is here!”

“I grow tired of your war mongering boy! The Spear clan earned the Grey’s by law.” Slyfer stands up. “Yes and now they have broken that law. If The Sun take over from then and give back the wolves their traditions not only will your Clan grow stronger but you will earn the respect of most of the wolves. Even now as we speak the Spear are teaching their wolves forbidden magic meant only for the Grey’s.”

“And what do you think will happen if they have finished with it?” Old Sun sits down deep in thought he then looks at Slyfer confused. “What is it you gain out of this?” Slyfer leans back in his chair. “Stronger allies for what is to come. Right now the clans are divided for the dark elf race in a whole to prosper they must become united.” Old Sun laughs sardonically. “And who will do it?  You?! Will you become King!?”

Slyfer shakes his head. “I will never aspire to be a king you are dark elves and must be ruled by a dark elf I cannot be tied to one race but must be tied to all.”
Fira uses this opportunity to speak up. “I will support you in this plan Old Sun my word carries weight with my father.” Old Sun looks at her. “How are you tied to this my lady?”
Fira knows she has to answer carefully. “The spears have broken the law of my father the king and our agreement with the wolves. If something is not done we will not only have them to contend with but the wolves as well and the first ones to blame will be my family since it was them that struck the bargain.”

Old sun, still a bit suspicious grunts at her. But he admits to himself she definitely has a point. Looking over the people standing in his tent he sighs and sits down rubbing his face looking tired and more haggard then ever before.
“So what will you do when you see him, what can you change? I cannot let you hurt him even though I would like to execute him right now we have laws!” Before the old man can continue Slyfer holds up his hand for the old man to stop before he explodes.
“I don’t want to kill him and he won’t get hurt. Well….. not physically at least.” As Slyfer says it a dangerous look flashes on his face but he hides it again before anyone really noticed.

Fira saw it though and she could not help but feel a bit of pity for Singing Spear but the pity disappears as quickly as it came. Grey Main having been quiet until now finally spoke. “Old Sun, Slyfer is right war is coming if we want it or not it is here already. The clans have been standing still for too long and after what the Spears have been doing I for one will no longer let this rest even if all the Grey’s were to die this must be settled with blood.” As the wolf said it he could not help but let out a low growl in his anger.

“Okay I will allow you to see him. But” Slyfer knew there was going to be a catch. “But under the condition that you are watched by a healer to make sure you don’t kill him.” Slyfer wanted to object but he could see in the old mans face that no argument would help his cause. Having decided that Old Sun didn’t wait he called for Jade. “Jade call the healers and ask them to accompany Slyfer to the stockade if he injures the prisoner he is to be apprehended immediately we cannot risk a war in the clans.”

Slyfer sighs audibly. Along with the dragons calling Old Sun a fool with the mind of a mosquito.

They turn around and head directly for the stockade. To his surprise the healer was none other then Lady Nilm who also wants to adopt him. She looks at him curiously. “What is your plan Slyfer. Before you object remember who it is that puts his trust in me.” Slyfer looks at her and cant help but trust the woman. “I want to interrogate him maybe get him to confess.”

Fira, Jade and Grey main are all surprised at this. The Spears are a proud clan how can Slyfer just assume that he will spill the beans so easily. Looking at their surprised expressions he winks at them not knowing where he learned to do it or how he knew what it meant. Fira just rolls her eyes Jade purses her lips and Grey main snorts at the two leg gesture. About halfway to the stockade a familiar presence draws Slyfer’s attention. “The Spy. Hmpf maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.”

Just before they enter the tent he sends Jade a mental image of the presence he discovered. At first surprised she soon realizes who it is. “Is it the same presence from the other night?” Slyfer only nods. Jade starts scanning the area with her eyes, trying not to be obvious about it.

“Its okay after I am done with making Singing Spear sing we can catch him.”  Jade nods and sends messages to the surrounding Green hawks to fan out and surround the tent but not to make it obvious. Some of them even sit down and starts chatting as if they were on holiday. If the spy was smart he would have bolted right then but subconsciously their behavior made him relax.

Satisfied Slyfer entered the tent with the caged Singing Spear inside.

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