Sky Prince: Book 1 Chapter 15

Book 1 Chapter 15: The Green Hawks

Slyfer looks at himself in the makeshift mirror standing in the corner of Jades tent.  “A bit tight but a lot better than the clothes I had on.”  Jade ask if she can enter but before Slyfer can answer she is inside. She gives him a look and asks him to turn around. “Looks better than the rags you had on before.” Slyfer now dressed in a green hawk scouting outfit looks the part. It is made out of dark leather, everything black accept for the green shoulder pad and silver stylized emblem on his chest. “Do not flatter yourself though you have not yet earned the right to wear the Silver wolf of the Sun clan.”

Slyfer nods. “Just one thing though, is it supposed to sit so tightly around my… posterior?” Jade starts to laugh at him. “Yes it is.” Slyfer scrounges up his face in disapproval. “Why?” She laughs harder. “So that I can have a better look at it of course.” Slyfer can’t help but turn red which only causes the short elf more pleasure at his expense.
They head out of the tent and for the wolves and Slyfer is surprised to find Fira sitting with the rest of the scouts. She smiles at Slyfer’s surprise. “I requested to go with Lady Jade on the trip.” She explains to Slyfer’s confused face. “Is it wise? What about your injuries?” She winks at him. “You already proved that you are more than capable of looking after any injuries we may get.”

Slyfer is about to complain but Jade calls for them to mount up.
Slyfer is on Grey Main five seconds later. “I swear I can hear the leather creak around my ass while I am walking.” Grey Main chuckles. “I agree it is apparent by how all the hawks are staring at it.” Slyfer looks behind him and they all suddenly jump into action. “Grey Main Is it just me or are all of the hawks women?” Grey Main shakes with excitement. That is correct all the wolves are female as well chosen from the best of our clans. Slyfer climbs onto Grey Main’s back. “Now I understand your good mood.” “What did I get myself into.”

The sun is just starting to crest the hill when they start out it casts a beautiful light over the slow drifting clouds making it seem like you can reach out and touch them. “Just imagine what it would be like to be there in those clouds right now.”  Grey Main growls . “Pay attention to your surroundings and above all else pay attention to how they move with the wolves a seasoned rider can prolong the distance a wolf can travel by a considerable amount.
Slyfer tares himself away from the clouds and starts to take in his immediate surroundings. In total there are twelve wolves running in circle formation. Fira is situated in the center. “Probably as a precaution however anyone that knows the formation will know someone important is in the center. But who would attack us.”  A ominous feeling starts to creep into Slyfer’s heart.

An hour later they come to a standstill near a small creek running down a hill almost hidden between the tall grasses. Slyfer notices that they take turns to drink water so that while six are drinking the other six are watching for enemies. Slyfer breaks away from them to look for sign. Further up the creek he finds tracks of other wolves. “Not sure how many but more than we have.”

He is so engrossed in what he is doing he almost does not detect Fira and two others sneaking up on him. “Now is not the time girls. Look at this.” The three of them give up and walk closer the second tallest of the three is instantly alert when she sees the tracks. “I know these tracks but what are they doing here.” Slyfer looks at them. “Let me guess the Spear clan?” The girl nods. “But how did you- We need to get Fira out of here now she is in danger.” Fira puts her hand on his shoulder. “I can look after myself you know.” Slyfer agrees remembering her ferocity. “I do not doubt that you can but still the risk is not worth it.” “Or is it?” “Don’t be stupid young one use this opportunity to lure your enemies into a trap.” “I understand old ones but it could be us that are moving into the trap of our enemies.” Slyfer looks at the second tallest girl. “How many do you think?”

“It looks like about twenty four of them and judging by the tracks all of them are war wolves.” Slyfer looks at her as if she is talking in another language. She sighs. “War wolves are purely groomed for combat not scouting like ours have been. So it is safe to assume these wolves are not here as a scouting party.”
The feeling Slyfer had redoubles in the pit of his stomach. “You all have to leave they are after me not you and Lady Fira cannot be put in danger because of me.”

They both look at him as if he is stupid. “Jade will decide what to do she is our leader you may be handsome but that will only get you so far.”
After explaining what they found to Jade she asks to inspect it herself. Gesturing at the tracks. “They are here for me Jade the spy from last night must have overheard and reported I would be here.” Clearly angry she rounds on him. “You will refer to me as commander and I know full well why they are here don’t be so conceited we have dealt with situations like this before.” A part of Slyfer feels amused another afraid for the princess and yet another part of him wants to take flight and burn them all to ash.
“Since my opinion counts the same as that of an ant I will leave it up to her.” “Women are cunning young one but be prepared to kill them all should something go wrong.” Slyfer lets out a long breath. “If you could feel my feelings the way I do yours you would be asking me to calm down.”

The voices seem amused with this. “Ok commander I will leave the decision making to you.” She nods approval. “Skyla, Shifan scout ahead make sure not to be seen I want to know where they are and I want to know now!”  The two mentioned get on their wolves and leave nothing but dust behind.
They head back to where they were when they stopped. “Now what commander?”  She smiles. “Now we wait and the games begin.” Slyfer gets the chills just looking at her smile. Walking over to Grey Main who is lying flat on the grass Slyfer kneels down. “What do you think of this situation?” Lifting a lazy eyelid Grey Main replies. “Leave it up to them the green hawks had to earn the respect of the clans and so they have. Lady Jade knows what she is doing.”

Slyfer gives up and sits down with his back against Grey Main. Looking up at the sky he once again longs for it. An insect flies by and he gets an idea expanding his consciousness he enters it with his mind. Instantly he can see what it does but it is so dizzying he gives up a minute later. He finds himself looking at the sky again when he opens his eyes.
Fira’s beautiful features come into view. “You do that a lot you know.”  Slyfer sits upright. “I do what a lot?” She sits down next to him and starts to fiddle with a blade of grass. “You look at the sky as if it is a long lost lover.”

Slyfer blushes but he doesn’t know why. “In a way it kind of is I guess where I come from I lived very close to it.” She puts her hand on his. “Is it really that hard for you to be around us. I heard what you said about wanting to go back to your valley one day.”Slyfer looks at her and smiles. “It is difficult to explain. What race would you say I am?” She scrutinizes him for a second and Slyfer can’t help but stare at her lip as she bites it in concentration. “I don’t know.” She finally says matter of factly. “Neither do I princess, or anyone else. In essence I guess I don’t really know who I am yet. I do not know where I come from who my parents were or even what they were but that last part is the same for the both of us.”
She squeezes his hand tighter. “I also feel like that sometimes but then I remember something I read once: It matters not where you come from or who you were. But where you are going and what you choose to be.” “That sounds like something a feeble minded elf would say.” Slyfer rolls his eyes at the voices. “Then tell me who I am old ones.” The voices go quiet.

Fira slaps Slyfer on the shoulder.”Here I am trying to give you advice and you roll your eyes at me.” Huffing she crosses her arms. Slyfer starts to laugh and soon Fira cant help but laugh with him. “There is truth in what you said but I feel that my destiny is tied to who I am and where I come from. So far I have only been told that I am meant to start a war if that is where I am going what does it make me, what then must I choose to be?”
Fira frowns. “That I can’t answer but the…” She looks around and then at Grey Main. Winking at Slyfer she says “The voice inside me trusts you for some reason and in some way my brother and I are bound to you. Keep that in mind as you make the choices we all must make in our lives.”

Silence rains for a minute. “I feel that i must apologize to Slyfer.” Slyfer only lifts an inquiring eyebrow. “When we first met I had other intentions, bad ones and I feel ashamed.” When Slyfer doesn’t say anything she continues. “As you know my father made me the representative for the dark elves and in doing so he put me in a very difficult position.” She scratches her hand then tucks a strand of red hair behind her ear. “Many were angry with my father saying that I am too young and inexperienced which is true but I will still do my duty to the best of my ability.”

Slyfer pulls out some grass and starts to weave without knowing it as he listens. “That still does not explain why you had the bad intentions?” She pouts feeling uncomfortable under his scrutiny but its her own fault so she continues. “I need power Slyfer, not physical power but political. When we heard you were coming we were told how important you were and I saw my chance to gain some.” Slyfer’s hands stop with the weave.”That coupled with the fact that you seem to be rich and will soon be adopted by another powerful clan drove me to my stupidity.”

Slyfer turns his eyes from his hands to bore into hers. “How do i know that right now you are not scheming something?”
It seems like she wants to cry seeing his face that has no trust in her but she swallows the lump in her throat. “I am willing to let you into my thoughts and feelings to show you that I am truly sincere.” A tear runs down her cheek even though she tried to not look so weak. SLyfer brushes it away with his thumb afterwards sliding his hand down to put his hand behind her neck.

He leans forward and puts his forehead against hers. She is surprised at first and wants to reject it but somehow all the pressure from her father and the things she did that weighed on her comes  bursting out and she starts crying accepting the embrace. Slyfer expands his mind and shoots into hers. Her barriers keep him out but soon they dissolve like she promised and he enters.

The feeling she gets from him is like nothing she ever felt before. Like pure light he washes through her analyzing everything. The wolves also keep to themselves not interfering at all since they can sense what lurks behind him. Fira gasps as he goes deeper into her memories to where her father gave her the position. He then analyzes her feelings at the time following from there what she went through, what she felt how her people treated her differently even some attempts at her life were made.

As soon as he got in he exits and for a minute they just sit quietly listening to each others breathing. Slyfer breaks the contact and she suddenly feels empty like a part of her is missing and she wants it back. Slyfer lifts her chin with his finger and looks deep into her eyes. “I forgive you and I will protect and support you with the council any attempt on your life I will see as an attempt on mine.” He then smiles the most handsome and dashing one he can. “Stop the tears it brakes my heart to see them.” She cant help but to blush and smile at his words nor can she help with the way her heart is beating threatening to climb out of her chest! They continue to talk for a while about her plans but they stop abruptly.

Slyfer, Grey Main and Fira sit up at once. Lowering her voice Fira asks. “Did you two sense it as well?” Slyfer nods and moves his hand to his sword. The next moment  Jade appears out of the grass almost leopard crawling. “Good you seem ready for a fight. The wolves have picked up a scent. My scouts have not returned but I heard they have caught up and are fairly far from here. This is someone else.”
Slyfer extends his consciousness a bit further. And encounters… “Humans coming from the west they know where we are.” Jade looks at him doubtful but asks anyway. “How many?” Slyfer extends himself even further and encounters two magicians who block themselves immediately. “There are about thirty of them all on horseback. Fira you can do magic right.” She nods a little fear on her face. “There are to magicians with them I may need your help with the other one. Wait for them to act first!”

Jade is about to object. Slyfer holds up his hand “I have dealt with humans before Commander please leave this to me. We must get high ground. I hope you can use those bows you carry with you.”
He does not give them time to answer and jumps on Grey Main making a bee line towards the highest hill he can find. The others soon join him. “Spread out and take out your bows we must have them stop at a distance so we can try and talk first and please put on your hoods and masks.” They all look at him irritated except for Fira who does it instantly with complete trust in him. “Why?” “Men fear what they don’t know or understand and you are woman these are all men who knows how they will react.” They look at each other and do as they are told. A sudden flash of armor announces their arrival. “Jade fire an arrow to land in front of them.”

The twang of a bow is heard half a second later and it strikes the ground next to the rider who is leading the group. He reins in his horse, the rest follow suite.
The man waves a piece of white cloth. “What does that mean?” Asks Jade contempt in her voice. “It means they want to talk.” Slyfer fishes out his old white pants now mostly brown and does the same. “I count about twenty.”  Slyfer turns to Jade but she acts before he says anything. “Four of you guard our backs they are trying to outflank us.”

“If anything happens aim for the men with robes. They will probably stop it with magic but it’s worth a try.” Saying this Slyfer dismounts. Already anger is burning inside him but its still controllable. “Grey Main if this goes south please ensure the princess gets out first.” “Don’t you want me to go with you?”
“No you have a more important job right now.”  Slyfer takes his first step blows out a breath and takes another. “Well I am coming with you.” Jade dismounts and has to take a light jog to catch up with him using her short legs.

They meet a smiling man along with a mage in the center of their two little groups. “Top of the morning to you.” Slyfer looks him over not used to speaking the human language is caught off guard and it takes a moment for him to remember his lessons. “Good day to you as well.” The man is a bit scrawny and looks pale, sweaty and kind of gaunt but his eyes sparkle with intelligence. His armor is oiled and seems to be kept in pristine condition despite the way he looks there are no markings on them however.

“It is strange that you understand my language.” Slyfer nods. “Not as strange as finding humans so far from the city.” The man’s smile fades but is quickly plastered on again. “We are looking for some caravans and wagons there is also a coach that has gone missing recently. He steps a bit forward and so does Slyfer causing the human to look up.
“We have not seen or heard of any recently so I apologize we cannot help you.” The man backs down a little and puts his hand on his face shaking his head in mock remorse. “Now that, is a problem we have been searching for days and you are the first other hum… well things we have encountered. I so dearly hoped that you would have a lead for us.”

“Sorry for disappointing you then.” The man smiles even wider. “Well then I bid you farewell.” He turns around and Slyfer does the same. “Ah just one more thing perhaps this will help you remember in case you forgot.” He takes out a sketch rolls it open and practically shoves it in Slyfer’s  face. At the same time SLyfer can feel the mage trying to invade his mind. He ignores the sketch and pulls back into his mind and part of him wants to lash out and kill the nosy little mage.
After shoring his defenses he looks at the sketch. “The black wagon!”  Playing the fool Slyfer asks. “This is the wagon you are looking for?”

The man shakes his head. “Not wagon but coach. A c-o-a-c-h.”  Slyfer had never heard the word before. He shrugs. “Looks like a wagon to me.” The man lets out an exasperated breath of air then mutters something to the mage who then shakes his head. “He smiles his fake smile again. “Well it seems that you know nothing in all sense of the word.” He then takes out a map. The man turns to the mage again and he gives the man what looks to Slyfer like a mechanical bird. “This is a messenger if you were to see the coach mark its location on a map and let it go and it will come back to us with the information. Do you understand?”  “I do.” But Slyfer does not. “Why would they give such a precious looking item to a random group of elves and what is so important about the wag-coach.”

“Well we have to be going now still have a lot of ground to cover before sundown.” With that the two men head back to their group.  Slyfer turns around and does the same explaining what was said to Jade. “You must teach me their dirty sounding language that was frustrating beyond reason.”
Slyfer doesn’t answer to preoccupied with his own thoughts. They reach Grey Main and mount up. “Anything happen while we were gone?” Inquires Jade. The women start to giggle. “Nothing much we just had to scare some fools away with arrows.” They turn around and start to retrace their steps back to where they were. Slyfer can still sense the humans but they are moving in a different direction now.

The mechanical bird in Slyfer’s pocket makes him itch he can sense magic emanating from it. The group starts to slow down and Slyfer gets a chance to take it out and have a better look. It is made out of what looks to be gold with a green gemstone in the middle. Slyfer probes at it with his mind. “The magic is emanating from the gemstone. Old Ones do you know what this is?”  The dragons are quiet for a while. “No we do not.” They sound more disappointed than Slyfer is at the words.

“Humans may be short lived but we have learned that because they are so short-lived they are extremely innovative. For us a hundred years is but a short time to them it is a lifetime so they accomplish more than most races do in shorter time and are not so set in their ways. This is their greatest strength and greatest weakness.”

Slyfer reflects on what the dragons said. “I do not think that the sole purpose of this device is to deliver a message.”  “We agree. Whatever it is, we suggest you put it in a strongbox or something similar until you can figure it out.”
“Well it’s not like I can carry one of those around.” Slyfer says aloud to himself causing Fira who is riding next Slyfer to look at him. Cocking her head she looks at him suspiciously. “Talking to yourself or something else?” Slyfer shrugs. “Who knows? My master always says talking to yourself is fine but you need to get worried when you start answering yourself.” Fira chuckles. “It makes sense he sounds like a smart high elf.” Slyfer smiles at her.

“To me he is the smartest person I know but then again he was the only person I knew for sixteen years. Please don’t ever tell him I said that.” Fira is surprised at this. “But you mentioned parents before?” Slyfer winks at her. “They weren’t exactly people and one of them has nearly killed me a few times.” She laughs. “Well I am glad you survived.” Her tone of voice makes Slyfer blush again. Fira seems not to notice and continues. “Is that where you got the small scar on your neck?”

Slyfer shakes his head and his face goes grim with remembrance of what happened. “No, I got this when I met Trisha for the first time.” Fira looks at her hands. “Do you like her?” The question surprises Slyfer in more ways than one. “I am not sure how I feel about her myself. How should I answer?”

“Right now I can’t afford to like anyone. Trisha is loyal to the high elf princess so in essence I can’t trust her.” Fira flicks her hair back over her shoulder revealing her slender neck. “What about the dark elves can you trust them?” Slyfer starts to laugh. “Princess right now we are on the lookout for a group of elves and wolves that want to kill me. You even tried to attack me.” She goes rigid as if hit with a physical blow and then. “That was before! I wanted to control you the way I do others I realize now that I was wrong! Thats why i let you enter me.” She trails of mumbling. ” Slyfer chuckles. “Things between me and you are settled but do not try and cross me again i will keep to my word and you and your brother must keep to yours. If any of you attack me again consider your lives forfeit!” Grey Main grunts.

“I found the place you two fought. I understand why you lied but I do not understand how you caused all that damage to the forest.”  “I agree Grey Main when everything was over I was tasked by the king to go investigate once more. It was as if wolves had fought there.” Grey Main looks at the She wolf Fira is riding on and asks the question Slyfer was about to. “What did you report?” Slyfer’s heart starts to race. “My loyalty is to the princess I reported what she told her father.”
What comes next catches Slyfer by surprise. “She wolf? If the old ways were to be restored would you fight against it?” The she wolf nearly trips with surprise. “My name is Sha Rysa and why would you want to start a war Grey Wolf.”

“It is a good name and a good clan the Rysa and Grey were allies in the past.” Sha Rysa is quiet for a while. “We lost a lot of good wolves. I would not want the clan to go through that again. You of all people should know what it cost us. The Greys were wiped out and now only one of you survive holding the knowledge of our race and he should be passing it on to you.”

“He is not allowed to! The spears keep him locked up and away from us.” She stops and the other wolves are forced to as well. “That is not part of the agreement! He is old and can die any moment and then all will be lost.”
Jade closes in a furious scowl on her face. “Why have you stopped we have to move.” Slyfer does not know how to react so Fira does it for him. “The wolves have been betrayed by our people Jade.” Jade looks at them in turn. “We must discuss this another time the scouts have caught up with the Spears.”

Jade does not leave time for debate and starts of again moving at a faster pace. “I fear you have started something Grey Main.” Grey Main pounces around a boulder and then replies. “ That was my intention however we must keep it in this group until the time is right remember what you promised me two leg I am holding you to it.”
Slyfer is fully aware of his promises and what he said he would do but the plan could fail miserably resulting in all of their deaths.

Jade holds her hand up for everyone to stop. They wait a few seconds. “From the east.” Says Slyfer aloud. They all turn in the direction to see the scouts emerge from behind a hill. Jade spurs her wolf forward. “Something is wrong!” Slyfer senses it before he can see. “Grey Main you can slow down they managed to lose their pursuers but Skyla has left this world.”

Grey Main slows down to let the women lead. Jade is the first to get to Skyla and gingerly pulls her off her mount. Three arrows protrude from her back. Jade is the first to speak. “How did those pieces of trash manage this Shivan?”
Out of breath sweaty and bloody Shivan shakes her head. “I don’t know wolves just appeared out of nowhere as if they were invisible.” Grey Main steps forward. “Invisible you say?” She nods. Grey Main’s back hair stands on end and he lets out a growl.

“So that is what they have been doing all along. The reason they stop us from talking to the elder. They have been teaching the war wolves the Grey ways.” All the wolves snarl in anger. “It is forbidden the spears will pay.”
Shivan starts to cry. “They laughed as they shot her with arrows from point blank range. It is thanks to her that I survived.” Jade takes Shivan in her arms her face set and hard as stone reflecting the determination that is now burning inside her. “Where are they now?” Shivan sucks in her breath and then stops she finally gets herself under control.

“They are not far from here there is a rock quarry to the east and they have made camp there.” Jade nods.  “Do you think they will move?” She shakes her head. “The fools are far too confident for that.”
“Who is leading them?” Shivan spits on the ground. “One of the pig brothers Singing Spear himself.” Slyfer smiles to himself not a pleasant happy smile Fira watching him sees it and gets a chill down her spine. She however is struggling to control herself inside her mind the great wolves are in a rage for what she just heard. “Now is the time for the boy to prove himself. We have already told your brother of what has happened and he will carry the message to your father.”

Fira looks at Slyfer again and the smile is gone his face now only set with grim determination. “Are you hurt Shivan?”
“No Lord Slyfer nothing but a few cuts and bruises.” He nods and then picks Skyla up reverently. “I do not know what your burial customs are but I think we should give her rest before we do anything else.” They all agree.

The ceremony is swift and without delay. Using magic they cremate her body and Fira using fire magic melts a stone to form a makeshift urn to keep her ash in. The ones who knew her say a few words all with grim faces. Each then makes a small cut on their index finger and lets it fall into the ash. Slyfer watches all this in rapt attention. At the end of this the wolves let out a gut wrenching howl that Slyfer hopes their enemies can hear to his surprise Jade starts with a Ballad and with each verse another dark elf joins in. Turning it into a beautiful and lamenting song since they are all female.

Born to ash and molten stone she came from the place we call home.


A woman she was born and she lived and loved as one. A boon to our race she filled our hearts with grace.


Now she has been taken to a better place but our hearts are no longer filled with her love and grace. But she will never
become a memory that fades we will remember her story and tell it as it was.


Born to ash and molten stone she came from the place we call home.
She was taken but we must live on. We now carry her ash and will take her home. Home to where the mountains roar


changing the earth as they release the blood of earth’s core. A part of it she will become but our work still is not done.
Born to ash and molten stone she came from the place we call home.


The taker was not time, accident or enemy but a brother of our race who has broken the laws and now we must give chase.


Born to ash and molten stone she came from the place we call home.
The hands of the taker will be ours his heart given to the mountain to devour. This is a promise to our race, to deliver justice in her place. Until this has been done the rest of her song cannot be sung.

When the ceremony is finished the sun is already taking its last peek over the horizon. Jade takes the earn and seals it with wax. She wraps it in cloth and then puts it in her bag. “When it is completely dark we will start killing cleansing the dirt. It may take us a while and we will have to use gorilla type tactics but we will kill every-“

“That will not be necessary.” She rounds on Slyfer. “Do not fight me on this don’t you dare!”
“I am not planning to. What I meant was guerrilla tactics will not be necessary we can end it tonight.”
“You have too much faith in us we are good but not that good. Don’t be stupid.”

Slyfer holds up his hand. “If eleven high elves and I can defeat a hundred men and orcs eleven dark elves and I should be able to do the same with thirty riders.”
Fira steps forward. “So the story is true you killed all of them alone is what I heard.” He shrugs not all of them but most.
“Then we will do it if your plan is viable.” Slyfer turns to Shivan. “Explain what the quarry looked like.”

Fira can sense the men and wolves from where she is standing. It had taken her almost the whole night to get to where she is but the plan would not work without her being here. “Damn it I should have paid more attention with my magic lessons.” “We will support you in this child do not worry.”
“I swear that man is crazy completely out of his mind.” The wolves chuckle. “We sense how you care for him.” She huffs.
“It’s your fault as well first you want me to make him mine and control him like the others and now I have to follow him.”
“Everything turns around this boy even our realm and we have our suspicions of who he is and if it is true he will either destroy or re-create your world. It seems he himself does not know it yet.”“Tell me then?”

“We cannot even our world has its rules. Look to your task now child it is about to begin.”
Huffing and puffing Fira comes to a standstill and starts gathering her magic for the task at hand under her lay the hopefully unsuspecting Spears.
Slyfer can sense the hidden wolves as he makes his way down the quarry. “Three behind me.” He calls on magic and starts a fire in his hand and makes it pulse three times whilst pretending he needs it to see. “It will feel good to release all of my presence for once.”
“A word of caution young one You are not the same as you were remember another dragon has joined with you.” Slyfer sighs. “What do you mean not the same?”

“Your power grows every day you may not be aware of it since you have been hiding it, it may be difficult to control.”
“Well what a surp- Thank you I will keep it in mind.”  Slyfer looks up at the overhang where he knows Fira is he had chosen her position carefully after listening to Shivan’s disruption of the quarry. Thinking back he is surprised at how accurate she was given the circumstances she was in. “It looks like a huge sword was used cut into the side of the hill and then wrenched out. There are no trees surrounding it so it’s difficult to sneak up on and the rocks at the bottom provide perfect protection from arrows. There is a slight overhang that provides cover from wind and rain and that is where they chose to make camp.

The Ideal position would be on the overhang but it’s difficult to get to since you have to climb up boulders to get there it also has no cover on top so if we get pinned down we will be finished.
“I hope I made the right choice and Fira is not in too much danger.”
“There is nothing you can do about it now.”
Slyfer stops when he feels the the three riders behind him starting to get tense there is a another two of them not far ahead. “The ambush point.”
Slyfer uses wind magic to carry his voice further so that everyone can hear. His main focus actually being Fira. “Singing Spear I know that you are there! Come out now and surrender for your crimes and you may still have a fair trial! If you do not I will rip out your spine and shove it up your-“

“You think I am scared of you and a few girls!” Slyfer focuses his attention in the direction the voice came from. “I don’t think so. I know so that is why you are hiding behind your men and wolves coward!”
Despite Slyfer bating him Singing Spear does not come forward. “Idiot I need you to come out from under the overhang”
“Let’s settle this! You and me right here right now!” “He is moving forward!”
“I don’t need to settle anything with a mixed blood!” “Damn he stopped again. But I have him.”
“Using my status as an excuse not to fight me is the top point of cowardice. Let’s face it the only reason why you are where you are now is because of your father! Your men probably resent you because they know what-
Singing Spear appears from behind the boulders livid with anger.  “The piggy spear appears!”

Fira springs into action immediately. “The signal!”  She sends torrents of her magic into the overhang heating it where it feels weakest soon the rock begins to melt.
Slyfer hears a deafening crack as the entire overhang tarts to collapse. Dark elves scream in fear as they realize what is happening. Singing Spear turns to look and Slyfer acts instantly digging his heel into the ground he springs forward sending rocks and debris flying behind him and into the wolves that were behind him. A second later arrows protrude from the very same wolves and elves mounted on them.
Slyfer plummets into Singing Spear accidentally braking a few of his ribs. He then changes direction with difficulty and heads out of the quarry. To Jade who is watching him closely he seems to disappear and then reappear as his feet touch the ground again within seconds he is next to Jade panting and out of breath.

“How did you?” “No time riders are coming.” He then turns around and draws his sword. The singing, ringing sound sends shivers down her spine.
“Remember stay behind me and keep shooting no matter what!” To Slyfer’s mind’s eye they had killed nearly half of the group with their first attack. “Fira seems safe but she is not moving we need to hurry this up.”
Slyfer drops Singing Spear who has passed out due to the pain. The first seven riders appear and as they do nine arrows greet them. Two riders go down along with their wolves their lights snuffed out of existence.

Wolves howl in pain and elves curse but they still come. Another volley kills three more wolves sending their riders hurtling to the ground at breakneck speed. Another six come into view. “Aim at the new targets! Do not worry about the remaining two.”

Arrows fly into the new adversaries and Slyfer steps forward calling on magic. He summons as much he can while he starts to tap into what he has been hiding. The power flows through him like torrents of water threatening to burst his body apart. “Young one stem the tide or you will kill yourself!”  Slyfer pushes against it barely stopping it but he has what he wanted gasping for breath and extending his hand he shouts and lets out a torrent of flame that engulfs the two advancing wolves. Burning them beyond recognition and they collapse as heaping piles of flesh and bone. The stink of burned hair and flesh fills the air. The fire reaches the rider in front of the second group and he is engulfed instantly.

The others behind him frantically try to stop there headlong rush causing them to crash into each other. Arrows are added to the chaos as Jade and her hawks fire two more volleys before Slyfer manages to shout. “Grey Main! Move in now and finish this.” Grey Main and the other wolves rush past Slyfer and he can’t hear anything accept paws on stone. It sends vibrations up his legs. Then it’s quiet, the calm before the storm.

Growls follow next and then they meet crashing into each other. Howls, growls yelps and men screaming fill the night sky. Slyfer hears a sickening snick sound and can’t quite place it until he realizes its flesh being ripped apart. He forces himself to stand afraid to draw more energy from inside himself.
“We warned you young one.”
Slyfer shakes his head to get rid of the grogginess. “I know, I know it was not like this before why is it now.”  “Your body is not ready for it and you have not been hunting or been in your true form for a long time. Added to that is the fact that the last dragon to join with you was full grown for her kind and even though she lived most of her time in peace spending her time learning how to heal she had large amounts of magic energy.”

The grogginess returns as soon as he takes a step and he is about to collapse when they spot him. “A black wolf from the Cyan.” Gasps Jade.  Slyfer replies by standing on his own and picking up his fallen sword. “We can’t let any escape shoot-“
Grey Main’s voice carries over to them. “Cyan Fang you are mine!”  The black wolf stops and his cold blue eyes inspect Grey Main for any weaknesses. Jade grips Slyfer’s shoulder nearly pulling him over. “You can’t let him do this Slyfer the Cyan train only how to kill besides that he is much older than Grey Main.” Upon closer inspection Slyfer can see what she says is true. Cyan Fang stands a head taller than Grey Main and the other wolves.
The two start to circle each other. “You are not a worthy fight whelp. Why must I give you the honor.” Grey main growls. “What honor. The way you and your kind gave my father honor by attacking him six against one.”

The black wolf stops his circling. “You, you are Grey Masim’s son we killed all of his line and only kept the grey servants how could you have survived?” “My mother hid me among the servants you black wolves may be brawny but your stupidity outweighs it.”
Cyan Fang ignores the jibe. “No matter our mistake will be corrected as soon as the master hears of this.” Grey Main lunges but it is too late and the black wolf disappears into the night.

Slyfer takes a step to give chase but his leg gives in underneath him. Jade puts her hand on his shoulder. “There is nothing we can do now.” Frustration fills Slyfer  as he sees the sorry state of their wolves. “Get Fira I think she passed out the way I am about to.” He faintly hears the orders being given before everything goes dark.

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