Sky Prince: Book 1 Chapter 12

Book 1 Chapter 12: The Ritual.

Slyfer white as a ghost, after the long talk with his master. Climbs out of the bath thoughts swirling in his mind. “So that is where babies come from! I have seen animals pro-create but I never thought that-“ He blushes again remembering Aldowins words. “Sex.” To him it feels like a whole new world has opened up. “Now I can’t seem to stop thinking about, that night by the Lake. No wonder woman seem so strange, they are built differently! I always wondered what breasts are for….” He blushes again. “Breasts.” What seemed unnecessary now seems strangely amazing, scary and wondrous.

Vinx’s voice pulls him back to reality. “You need to get ready it is almost time for the ritual.” Getting out of the water he looks at the same clothes he wore during the day. “Wish I had something else to wear.” As if hearing his thoughts, Aldowin comes in clearing his throat. Slyfer blushes. “How long is this going to continue, it is ridiculous.” Aldowin avoids Slyfers gaze as he puts a bundle of clothes on the ground. “This is from the wagons, look and see if it fits.” Slyfer takes a look at the bundle on the ground. It is made out of silk like most fancy clothes. The shirt is almost the same color as his eyes  but it sits a bit tightly around Slyfer’s shoulders  there is white pants as well but Slyfer decides he doesn’t like it and puts on his black pants with the black moccasins.

He straps on his sword belt and once again is amazed at how the white stands out against his dark trousers. He leaves his hair to hang lose and steps out into the common room. The first one to catch his attention is Trisha. Dressed in a white dress that leaves her shapely legs bare it has a low back that stops right above her hips. The white dress lets her soft, bronze, tanned skin stand out all the more.  Her back is turned to him so he takes a good long look before he hears a feint gasp behind him.

He turns to see the servant elf behind him. Along with everyone else. Turning back he just catches the appreciative gaze from Trisha before she turns away nose in the air clearly still peeved with him.
Anger welling up inside he steps past everyone into the night. Right outside is Fira along with all her guards and of course Pathfinder. She  looks like a flower among thorns dressed in silver showing off everything that can be showed off. Slyfer blushes. “Skymother if this happens one more time.”

“Good evening Lord Slyfer.”  He looks her in her eyes and is surprised to find that she too is blushing. “Good evening Lady Fira.” We have come to escort your party, to the festivities. Pathfinder’s wagging tail tells Slyfer, that Trisha is behind him. “Lady Trisha, how radiant you look tonight.” In the blink of an eye, he has her arm wrapped around his and they are off. Fira more reserved holds her arm out for him, he takes it reluctantly. Aldowin and Elyna follows behind. “Are you ready Estund.” Slyfer looks over his shoulder at his master. “Ready as I will ever be.”

They reach the tent and Slyfer is astounded at the change from the previous night . In the center of the table is a huge roasted boar enough to feed one hundred men or. “Just a dragon.”  Feeling the drool in his mouth he steels himself against it. “Focus, I need to focus. But it smells so nice… Focus!”  He imagines himself turning into a dragon and gorging himself,  but stops when he feels Aldowins hand on his shoulder. Fira chuckles playfully. “Perhaps I should have brought you food maybe, then I would have received the same amount of attention that boar is getting, however I don’t blame you it smells delicious.”

Slyfer just chuckles nervously, not understanding her intentions. He looks up to avoid any conversation and what he sees, he finds rather interesting. There are drapes hanging from the ceiling, that are purple ringed with gold in the center is an insignia, Slyfer has never seen. It is the face of a snarling wolf embroidered in silver with, in a tribal design . Next to it is a red drape with a red wolf standing on a cliff with a moon behind it.

Fira sees what has caught his attention and explains. “The silver wolf is the insignia for Old Sun’s clan and the one in red is that of my father. Take a good look if you pass the tests the silver wolf will be your new pride.” Where the King’s table stood is now a huge stage and on it is a collection of all the tribe leaders. Some of them Slyfer recognizes but most of them just look the same to him. Dark elves dressed better than the rest.

The procession reaches the stage and comes to a halt but nothing happens. “Are they waiting for something?” Slyfer takes a look behind him and sees people are filing in behind them mostly warriors dressed in their respective clothes ranging from full armor to plain black leather. “Scouts.” Right in the middle is Pathfinder along with some of his lackeys.
The tent fills with a tumult of voices, whispers and shouts until the King gets up from his throne and raises his hands for silence. The tent is instantly thrown into silence.

“My fellow dark elves we welcome you to this occasion! We have gathered here because another worthy adoptee has approached us.” The king is silent for a while to let it sink in until a shout goes up. “Who is he?!” “What is his name?!” Once again the King raises his hand for silence.
“All will be answered in due time! The Silver Wolf clan has stepped up to adopt this person however he must be tested first to prove his worthiness.” This is greeted with a roar of approval while the warriors pump their fists into the air. “I will now let the leader of the Night Wolf clan speak.”

Old Sun steps forward and raises his hands for silence. “The terms I have made are these: The applicant must complete all four of the tests. He can choose to fight one to four of the warriors that step up to challenge his worth.” The tent is filled with whispers and gasps. “I realize this has never been done before but I will not accept anyone that cannot win all four of the challenges. Of course the right of boon will be allowed.”

Slyfer leans over to Fira. “What is the right of boon?” “It means that a challenger or you can make a pact to do anything the winner wishes. However the one that calls for the right of boon gives his enemy the right to choose what weapons will be used.”
Slyfer sighs. “How troublesome.”
Old Sun continues. “That is not all I have made a special request of the wolves and they can also step up to challenge!” Old Sun raises his hands and the tent wall behind him falls to the floor revealing the great beasts behind they very in sizes but all look ready to fight and all wish to prove themselves. Slyfer meets the gleaming eyes in the darkness head on and smiles his demented smile.

Fira can feel Slyfer shaking and struggles very hard to keep her pose. “He has fear. Don’t worry I will make you mine have some fun and then leave you for the flies to feast on.”
She turns to him and can’t help but let out a yelp. The kind boyish face has turned to one of such blood-lust and eagerness for a fight that she can hardly recognize him. “Not fear! But excitement is what is causing the shaking. What kind of creature are you?” Like always she tries to read his mind but is met with a solid wall once again.

Trisha on the other side of the stage can clearly see Slyfer form her vantage point. Looking at the wolves she had wondered at what his reaction might be. But as expected. “He shows no fear. What is he? What am I? What did he do to me? I feel so empty after what happened or maybe I have always felt this way and he just made me aware.”

“Don’t be foolish girl he is your enemy!”
“This voice again. Who are you? What do you want?” “I want to guide and help you listen to me girl and the world will be yours.” “But I don’t want the world! I… I just want to belong somewhere and I think he does too.”
“Did you not hear him? He wants war! He wants to rule. But I will show you that you can rule.” Trisha looks over in Slyfer’s direction again but this time he is looking at her too. Whatever is inside her has fear of him. “He knows. Somehow he knows.” The voice fades and Trisha is on her own again. But Slyfer’s stare does not leave her and it quickens her heartbeat.

The stare is broken when the crowed erupts into wild cheering again.
“Dammit what was that? I felt a presence in her but how?” “The others with her are allowing you to. Embrace it, it is your right as Sky Prince.”
Slyfer turns back to the stage as the crowd roars once again. Old Sun cocks his ear at them and shouts. “Shall I introduce the man who will do all these things?” A cry of “Yes!” rises up until the old dark elf raises his hands for complete silence. When all is quiet he points at Slyfer and shouts. “This is him! Slyfer approach the stage!”

“What no roars of approval this time?” He makes his way to the stage to stand next to the old man. “My people I know that this is strange. Never before has any other race accept for dark elves been adopted but I tell you!” He lowers his head with a sad face. “Never have we lived in such troubled times! We will need all the strong fighters we can get that is why his tests will be so difficult.”
This is met with a few nods of approval but not all that much.

Slyfer looks at all the faces staring at him.“Well that’s it this party is over might as well leave now.”  Old Sun starts shouting again. “Who will step forward to challenge his worthiness!” The entire tent and all the wolves outside steps forward.  Slyfer sighs. Old Sun hears and whispers. “Worried boy?” Slyfer looks at him and smiles back. “Yes very worried! How will I know which ones are the strongest, I mean I cannot really go up against normal warriors I want a challenge?”

The old man bursts out laughing and claps him on the back.
“Slyfer wishes to know who among you are the strongest he wants to have a challenge?!” Old Sun turns to Slyfer while the crowd is swearing at him. “I had no idea there would be so many that steps forward this is problematic. Slyfer thinks for a while “May I suggest something?”  Old Sun smiles his crafty smile and leans in to hear better. “Let’s make a day of games that tests strength, agility, magic and   speed? I will fight whoever wins in the respective categories. However please make sure no injuries can befall any challengers.”

“Good idea I will make the suggestion to the council however the organizing of such an event can take several days.” Slyfer shrugs. “What else can we do, we don’t want a riot on our hands now do we?”  Old Sun nods and heads for the council. The plan he mentioned was perfect in Slyder’s eyes since if he is able to beat all their strongest warriors in one swoop he would gain prestige and respect all at the same time!

Slyfer feels awkward standing on stage with all the eyes on him. He amuses himself by looking at the movement of Fira’s tail. “Tail? Trisha also has a tail.” A thought starts to enter his mind and the more it forms the more certain he is of it, unconsciously he reaches to feel if he has a tail. “It has to be I can’t think of any other reason. But how can I make sure? Old ones do you have any ideas.”

“You can try the same thing you did with Trisha however it is very risky. The girl is up to something you can feel it too. Use your instincts boy.” “Gee thanks for the help.”  Slyfer beckons for Aldowin to come closer.
The high elf is dressed in is white clothes although the insignia has been taken off. “What is it Estund?” Slyfer shuffles from one foot to the other. “Well I just don’t want to stand here like an idiot by myself.” Aldowin smiles. “So now we are two idiots on a stage.”

This brings a smile to Slyfer’s face as well and they laugh. “Where is Elyna?” Aldowin looks at Slyfer as if he is stupid. “Guarding the wagons of course. You should have seen her face it was worth all the gold in the wagons.” Slyfer looks confused. “She tried to track whatever brought the wagons there but there was no sign of course since they came from the air.” They start laughing again.

Aldowin is all too conscious of the attention Fira is giving them so he lowers his voice. “You must be careful of that one.” Slyfer subtly looks over the master’s shoulder. “I know, I have told myself the exact same thing-In a manner of speaking.”Slyfer finds Trisha again but it seems that Pathfinder has as well.

“Trisha? Will you come to my tent tonight?” She only shrugs. “Is that a yes or a no?” Her golden eyes turn on him. “What is it you want from me?” The question takes him back. “Errrr um what is it I want? Why it’s you of course! You look so beautiful tonight.” She cocks her head to the side hand on her hip. “So am I an object to be had then?” Pathfinder feints surprise. “Of course not. You are an independent strong young woman that has caught my attention. Is that such a bad thing?”

She looks him over. “He may be a brute but he is attractive. No I guess it is not a bad thing.” Pathfinder’s tail doubles its speed. “So will you join me tonight?” Trisha leans against a tent pole. “Will he ever give up? Do I want him to?” Her gaze turns to Slyfer again all she can see is his back and it reminds her of the lake. She blushes. Pathfinder steps in before she knows it and plants a kiss full on her cheek. “I knew you liked me that reaction said it all.”

Slyfer saw the kiss and a strange feeling forms in his gut. “Well guess that ship has sailed if there ever was a ship.” Trisha looks over and she finds herself looking into Slyfer’s eyes. He smiles and nods turning away. “Why does it feel like he just turned his back on me?”  The thought of that brings a tear to her eyes. Turning to the giddy smiling Pathfinder she feels a smoldering anger. “Don’t do that ever again. Never without my permission or I will make you an eunuch!”

Pathfinder’s tail that was wagging slumps along with his smile“Uhh What? What did I do wrong?” Trisha walks off into the crowd. More angry at herself for being angry at him. “What does it matter anyway? Why do I feel guilty?”

Old Sun and the council finally come to an agreement and he makes the announcement. “Games will be held over the next four days for each of the contests! The champion of each division will then face Slyfer as per his request. The wolves will compete for speed and agility and the warriors will compete for strength and cunning.” The wolves howl with pleasure and the elves shout in agreement  “I do not know if that boy is smart or stupid doing something like this. If he wins he will prove undoubtedly that he is the best warrior in the clans. However if he loses well that’s that. Either way he has earned the respect of most of the people here. just for making the suggestion!”

Slyfer looks at  Old sun. “Can I go now?” The old man shakes his head. “No I must introduce you to the other clan leaders first.” He rolls his eyes. “Do your best to be respectful Slyfer.” Says Aldowin. Slyfer looks at him innocently. “Why master I am always respectful.”After meeting all the old dark elves  Slyfer gets excused and the feasting starts. Slyfer looks at the boar but he is put off. “I want to hunt I want to fly.” Fira catches him though before he can slip away quietly. “Off to bed so early and you looked so hungry before?” “She is trying to probe my mind again.”  Irritated he can’t help himself. “What is it that you are looking for in my thoughts?” Fira looks surprised. “In your thoughts? Why I dont know what you mean?” Slyfer lifts an eyebrow. “You have been trying to get in since we got here.”

She stops acting realizing she had been caught. “Well there is something about you Slyfer that draws me to you and I want to know what it is.” Slyfer smiles. “Liar. Not the answer I was expecting but I will accept it this time. Just don’t try it again or I will attack your mind and make a little game of it.” Fira smiles. “We can start now if you want?”
“No thank you I am off to bed.” Aldowin seeing that Slyfer is not going to join in the feast quickly catches up before he slips out. “Where are you going Estund?” Slyfer keeps walking feeling the urge to fly even more. “To sleep.”  “ I know that look and tone-“ “Please don’t try and stop me master.” Aldowin sighs. “Be careful okay, go far away before.”

Slyfer hastens his step and soon reaches the tent where they live.The fairies are all asleep in the tree. The servant elf is there as always but in his haste Slyfer ignores her. He puts his black shirt back on and is nearly out of the tent when he runs into Trisha. “Where are you going?” Slyfer looks at her and then away clenching his jaw. “He is irritated he always does that when he is.” “I am going out Kitty cat don’t wait up.”
Before she can say anything he steps past her and nearly runs into the servant. “I brought water for you Lord Slyfer.” “Don’t need it.” “Where are you going master?” “Why can’t these people just leave me alone when I want them to?! That’s none of your business.”

He disappears into the dark without backward glance.
Slyfer is just out of site before Trisha sprints to her room and starts to get dressed in her scouting leathers. All this happens while the servant looks on wide eyed. The bustling in the room wakes the fairies and as always Vinx  is the first to make noise. “What’s going on? She says to Trisha as she sprints past the small sapling and towards the entrance of the tent. All reply she gets is a short “Noting.”

Trisha outside  sends her consciousness out as she runs in the direction Slyfer went in and searches for him. She nearly misses him though and has to turn on a dime and head in the opposite direction. “Got you now, Even though you have become good at suppressing your aura you can’t change it entirely it is still above average.”
She senses something else also big but pushes it aside and quickly retracts her consciousness before he senses her again. “The hunt is on!”

Slyfer stops suddenly in mid stride. “Was it my imagination? Seems like it, either way lets speed this up a little.” Slyfer starts to sprint weaving through the tents and startling people as he goes. “There it is again. Fine then I will completely disappear once I reach the forest!” Despite everything his heart starts to race and a part of him enjoys what is happening. He smiles and speeds up more leaping over any obstacles in his way. Adding wind magic to muffle is movement.

Trisha sends out her consciousness again but this time Slyfer is a lot further ahead. “He sped up! Did he sense me? Damn it I was so careful.” The other presence she felt is still there as well only it is closer to Slyfer than before. “Is someone else following him?” She retracts once again and speeds up moving the way Elyna had taught her a ghost in the night.

“It was a good thing I left when he did and caught their conversation. What did his master mean by what he said.” The hooded figure smirks to herself. “People always underestimate my hearing. So he has begun to move faster he must have sensed me. Impressive however I will make him mine. He won’t get away!”

Slyfer slows down as he reaches the outer perimeter of the camp. The sentries are a mixture of wolves and elves. “I can deal with the elves but the wolves will pick up my scent.” Vinx suddenly pops into his mind. “Where do you think you are going?” “Not you too Vinx!” She is quiet for a moment Slyfer picks up the impression of her flying high above the camp. “There you are. I am coming with you.” Sighing Slyfers says “Okay deal but help me get out of here first.”

Slyfer can see a green light high up in the air one would think it’s a shooting star then it suddenly goes out. “Are you okay what happened?” “ I am fine Slyfer, I told you Fairies have some secrets. Now let me do my work.”
It’s not long before the wolves suddenly jump to attention and start racing of along the tree line. Elves hot on their heels some even jumping on their backs as they run past. Slyfer sees his opportunity and kicks away with all his strength he leaves the ground with a boom leaving dust and two collapsed tents with the cursing of whoever was inside behind him.

He sours through the air and clears a few tree tops. “Have I gotten stronger? That was a bit too much.” He is tempted to change right there but decides against it. “Who ever was back there though will have a bit of explaining to do.”  He laughs as he clears a few more trees. But that soon stops as he realizes he needs to think of a way to slow down before he hits the ground.
Before he can though two fairies surround him and he seems to start floating. The sudden stop  and weightlessness makes him want to throw up but he controls himself. “Thank you.” Is all he gets out before they set him on the ground and disappear again.

“I have to move I have to get out before the guard returns I have to follow him with that one leap he destroyed my entire plan but how how could he jump like that. Not even if I change can I do the same. I need to know what he is but first I need to get out of here. I need to move.”
The hooded figure moves with unnatural speed heading for the opening that Vinx created she can already here the guards returning after the sound he made when he jumped. She runs over the clearing and into the woods in the blink of an eye and disappears into the forest.

Trisha not far behind had also heard the boom and had immediately changed direction. Angling more to the left counting on the fact that the sentries there, would have moved to the sound. “I was right they are gone they only left one elf behind.”   Sprinting Trisha picks up a half burned log and throws it to the left of the elf it hits the ground and sends up sparks crackling as it does. The elf nearly jumps out of his skin and she is passed him on the right. Giggling she enters the forest.

Slyfer looks up at the sky the two moons are in their full splendor. As always he feels the thrumming in his heart the longing for the sky intensifies. This time the moons are against him he cannot risk changing while they light up the sky he will be spotted too easily. Getting more irritated he shrinks his aura to almost nothing and starts to move through the forest like a whispering wind.

The hooded figure stops immediately panic setting in. “Did he die? It can’t be! But how, how did he manage to disappear like that. I will have to change at least then he won’t recognize me.”
With a crash of wood and splinters the figure starts to grow crushing the fallen tree under it. Fur red as blood runs along her back shining brightly in the moonlit sky. The green eyes come into focus and the pupils dilate as she sniffs and picks up his scent instantly. She smells something else too but doesn’t care her paws sink deep into the soft forest floor as she takes off after her prey.

Trisha can’t believe her eyes what she just saw can’t be true. “How can something or someone change into that. I must warn Slyfer I must tell him what is coming.” Trisha runs as fast as she can but she can’t keep up with the beast that had just changed. She soon loses it but with the help of her keen night vision she starts tracking the huge wolf that just appeared.

Inside the voice is screaming telling her to let go to leave it be. But something else inside her drives her on forcing her to take another step while the other fights against it. “Enough! I am going to do this so whatever is inside me stop it.”The tumult of feelings inside her melts away until she can only feel the cold determination inside her heart. She lets out a slow breath and continues moving faster and faster with only one thought in mind. “I have to warn him!”

Vinx can you see it?” The night is silent  for a few seconds. “It’s a wolf about twice the size of Grey Main and its gaining on you fast!” Slyfer speeds up but he knows he won’t be able to outrun a creature of that size. “Shall I kill it?” Blood-lust flows through him but its stopped by the voices. “You can’t solve this with violence we need it as an ally.”
“Are you serious? You the ones that always want me to kill?” Slyfer starts to circle around. “We only want what is best to achieve our purpose.” Slyfers heart starts to race as he crashes through the woods making sure to rub against trees and branches as he goes. The fire inside him burns. “I must control it. Make it mine.”
He knows if he doesn’t he may kill whatever is chasing him or even worse he may change and spoil everything.

Trisha is hard pressed to keep up the wolf it seems has picked up its pace Slyfer is totally gone from her senses. Despite the danger she is enjoying it the chase the danger everything.
The wolf suddenly stops and Trisha slows down creeping closer. In her mind’s eye a blaze as bright as the sun lights up washing away the wolf and every other living creature. “Slyfer has made his move.”

Slyfer reveals himself from behind the tree he was hiding behind the wolf is ready to attack but is caught off guard and is in a weak position so it holds back. “This energy. What is he I must know. He must be mine.” Slyfers eyes turn red and the deadly crazy laugh comes forth involuntarily. Slowly he draws his sword savoring the sound reveling in it. “So you have caught me. What is next she wolf?” He laughs again and her hair stands on end the voices that told her to attack now screams at her to retreat but she can’t she keeps her ground growling.

“Who are you? What are you?” Slyfer stops. “I know your voice from somewhere. What I am is of no consequence right at this moment.”  He calls on the magic inside him and summons a ring of fire above their heads. It casts them in an eerie glow. “I do not have all night Wolf!” He plunges the sword into the ground and leans on it. “Now.” Shouts the voices in her head.

Trisha quickens her pace as soon as she sees the firelight.  She stops just out of sight. Slyfer is leaning on his sword. The wolf strikes! Teeth as big as her forearm closes on Slyfer but he is no longer there.  Slyfer rolls under the wolf and kicks with all his might a rib gives in under his shoe and he laughs at the sound. The wolf lets out a yelp and jumps back but is soon on the attack again. Slyfer barely doges as she swipes with her paw more weary this time.

A gash opens on Slyfer’s chest staining his  shirt. Trisha gasps but. Slyfer attacks this time growling harder than the wolf. In Trisha’s senses all the living creatures in the forest start to flee.
Slyfler goes on all fours his hands and feet dig into the ground and he leaps straight at the Wolf crashing into and bowling it over.  They tumble together to the ground, rolling Slyfer feels his back hit something and lets out a grunt at the pain.

The wolf snarls and kicks at Slyfer trying to get him to back away. Instead of backing off he lunges, his arms lock on her chest and he squeezes. Two more ribs give way and the wolf screams in pain and goes limp. Slyfer continues to squeeze.“I will destroy you!” He laughs as another rib cracks and the wolf struggles vainly to get him off.   The voices in is head scream at him to stop.

“Its over young one, stop!”  Slyfer knocks them away mentally as if swatting at a fly. This wolf thinks it can challenge him! All he wanted was to go hunt in peace but no! It followed and attacked! Now it must die! Destroy all he wants is to destroy!

A hand on his shoulder makes him release his grip and he grabs the owner of the hand by the throat. “Its me Trisha, stop!” She gasps out right before he Spartan kicks her in the chest sending her flying a few paces. She hits the ground rolls once and comes to stand still. Somewhere inside Slyfer a hole opens up and the anger rushes out leaving him empty. He gasps as if taking in air for the first time in hours the pain in his chest is excruciating. Looking around bewildered and afraid he spots Trisha lying on her side.

He rushes over making to touch her but stops himself.  He starts to feel angry at himself and ashamed of what he had done. “I really am a monster!” “Now is not the time young one. You must help them before they die.”
“What must I do please help me!” He can feel the dragons sifting through memories looking for a method to help the young-ling. The memories stop and they relay everything to Slyfer. A female dragon’s voice enters his mind. “Let me take over.” In his mind’s eye he can see a small golden dragon in a field surrounded by different races all of whom have books and pens arrayed around them along with different medical implements.

Not understanding completely he opens up and she rushes in. Slyfer disappears in himself the last thing he sees is himself rushing through the woods collecting different roots and plants.

He awakes to the chirping of birds and slow rushing water.  He opens his eyes but closes them again against the massive headache the light just seemed to cause in his head. He opens his consciousness and senses two people close to him. “Trisha and… and Fira?”  For a moment he is confused with blissful ignorance but then he starts to remember and everything crashes down on him all at once. “What have I done?”  Alric’s voice interrupts. “Finally awake I see.” Slyfer is not entirely surprised.  “Yes I am it seems. Though I wish I wasn’t.”  Alric pauses. “What happened I sensed pain and then you disappeared from my senses?” Slyfer sighs this being the last thing he wants to do.

“I was in a battle.” Not wanting to explain he sends images of everything to Alric. Alric is quiet but Slyfer can feel different feelings and sensations from the dragon as he inspects Slyfer’s battle. “Hmmp you could have done better.”
Slyfer rolls his eyes. “What else did I expect.” Slyfer inspects his chest but only finds a pink mark where the gash was.“Already healed. Although what is Fira doing here.” He walks over to them, the two are next to each other covered in a soft wool jacket.

Trisha is sleeping soundly but Fira is in a cold sweat. Slyfers mind immediately starts to analyse the symptoms and he realizes for some reason he knows medicine or a little about it at least.
“Old ones. What has happened to me?”  For a long time there is no answer so Slyfer starts to move first fetching water from a small stream collecting plants as he goes plants he never knew of before but does now. He starts a fire and looks for a rock. “I lost it again and I hurt two people.” Looking over at the two Slyfer feels a stab in his heart. “What have I done? How will I explain this?”

After crushing the plants together on the rock he walks over to Fira and gently puts it in her mouth. Even now in this state she is beautiful her red hair is splayed  out around her shining like the rays of the sun. He looks at her soft red lips and feels something stir inside him. He quickly looks away embarrassed at his stupidity. Something tells him to inspect her wounds and he does. Feeling her ribs gently probing and prodding whilst blushing the entire time.
“Ribs…. So I was right she was the wolf from last night. Another chosen. That only makes things worse. What have I done?” Depressed he walks over to Trisha but as soon as he lifts the jacket to inspect her wound, her eyes open and they lock on his. For a second or two they are blank dreams still swirling inside her thoughts but then they clear and her face turns from sleepy and cute to anger and fear.

The look in her eyes does more damage than any blow or outburst could ever do. He steps back looking at his feet. “Sorry I only wanted to check your wound.” Trisha sees the hurt in his eyes as he turns away. “I won’t let you fool me again, beast.”  Sclyfer feels the words strike as if from a physical blow. Pursing is lips and squaring his back he turns around. “I hurt you, I apologize for that. But what where you doing there?”

The question catches her by surprise and she stares at him for a while. His features are blank and unreadable again. “I was uh…I was…” “-you were following me. The both of you and I want to know why.” Trisha looks to where he is pointing and sees Fira. “What is she what happened to her?”

Slyfer sighs. “I happened to her.” Trisha looks at him suspiciously as if he thinks she is stupid but he just walks over to a flat boulder worn by rushing water takes a seat and starts plucking grass from the ground. “She was the wolf Trisha… no sorry she is the wolf.”
Trisha sits upright and feels a sudden stabbing pain in her chest. She nearly cries out because of the pain. Slyfer is there in an instant pushing her down. “Be careful you must rest!” She slaps away his hand but lies down nonetheless. He walks back to his boulder and starts weaving the strands of grass.

Sensing he isn’t going to continue talking she asks. “She is the wolf am I supposed to believe that?” Slyfer turns his eyes to her for a brief second. “You don’t have to believe me just believe what the voices in your head tell you.”
“The voices in my head what are you…..” “He knows he knows about us! Kill him. Kill him now and the girl kill them!” Trisha is called back to her senses when she hears the unmistakable sound of a sword being drawn.  Slyfer still on the boulder has drawn his sword and is looking at her through the corner of his eyes. “Whoever is causing the blood-lust inside you Trisha should know that I have already spoken to the others inside your mind.”

“How could he have? Kill him girl!” Trisha finally gets her thoughts in order. “I can’t he is too strong and you know that! Besides I want to know what he is talking about.” The bloodlust fades along with the voices. “Slyfer how do you know? About the voices I mean.”

“I spoke to them when we were in the tent and you slapped me right afterwards remember. Fira also has voices I know this because she can transform.” Trisha cocks her head at him. Slyfer realizes she does it when she is concentrating.
“So what are you saying Slyfer?” Slyfer pulls out a few more strands of grass and adds it to the weave he has no idea where he learned to do it. “I am saying that you can also transform.” Trisha starts to laugh “Me transform? You are crazy!” Slyfer smirks. “Says the one with voices in her head.” Trisha has no retort. “So if I can transform why haven’t I?”

Slyfer  lifts the weave and inspects it then continues. “Because the voices in your head are keeping you back the ones you can hear anyways. Think of it this way there are two armies in your head each one fighting for control. But the armies must become one before you can transform. Got it? Judging by the blank expression you don’t have it.”
He stops weaving and ruffles his hair in frustration. “The voices in your head they are like ancestors meant to guide you. To give you strength and teach you. One group of your ancestors wants to go against what you are meant to do and that is why they are fighting. You need to convince them otherwise.”

Trisha is quiet for a second and then asks. “Even if I believe you how am I to go to them.” Slyfer looks at her as if she is an idiot. “They are in your thoughts. They are already there just look inside yourself like… like I looked inside you.” They both blush and he turns away gathers magic and feels the wind around him a small gust starts to form and he sends it forward with his weave.
It’s the form of a crouched tiger ready to pounce it makes a few circles in the air and lands next to Trisha. “Great power is inside you Trisha you have to unlock and choose how to use it.” She is transfixed by the weave she now holds in her hands she stares at it for a few seconds and when she looks up he is gone. “Idiot.”

Slyfer despite himself and his circumstances starts to enjoy the hunt for food.  Stalking a deer he tries to make no sound. Because he feels it is unfair he doesn’t use magic. He only has a sharpened stick the wind rustles through the leaves around him and he takes the chance to stalk closer. “Good I am still downwind.”He crouches and crawls under a bush only a few feet from the animal the wind stirs again and the blood pounds in his ears. “This is as close as I will ever get.”  A moment of silence falls over the forest as if taking a breath and holding it in anticipation. The wind blows again and Slyfer launches with all his strength. The deer is startled and turns but not quickly enough. The make shift spear pierces its hide and goes through its heart.

Immediately after the kill he sends out his consciousness again but he finds nothing out of the ordinary. Looking down at the deer he finally allows himself a smile. “Dinner is served!”
He makes it back to camp to find Trisha sitting by Fira’s side and giving her water. She gives him the same look that he got that morning but it doesn’t dampen his spirit. Having already cleaned the meat he feels dirty. “I am going to wash don’t sneak up on me this time.”

Trisha turns red and he chuckles. “That was your fault not mine!” She screams after him. He chuckles again as he enters the river. “Who is screaming in my ear?” Fira mumbles as her eyes open to find Trisha next to her. “What are…. where am I?” She immediately regrets talking as pain shoots through her entire body. She squeezes her eyes shut afraid to cry out in pain but she does anyway and it hurts more. “Ssshhh lay still. It will hurt less if you do.”
She listens but not out of obedience. Fira just wants it to stop. She opens her eyes again and looks around the first thing she sees is the bone white sword resting against a tree.

Memory rushes back and her heart starts to race. “Where is he? Why am I not dead?” As if to answer her question Slyfer comes around the bend carrying his shirt that is now wet because he washed it.“Finally awake I see.” Her eyes roll over his body and stops on the pink scar covering his chest. Slyfer follows her gaze. “You got me with one of your claws.” She tries to speak but he holds his hand up. “You have three broken ribs I advise you against speaking.” He can see anger in her eyes and looks away taking his sword he sharpens a few sticks and pokes them through the meat he then adds more sticks to the fire.

“You know I only wanted to come hunt to get away for a while you guys followed me. Why?” He looks at Trisha but she just looks down. Turning to Fira he says. “You can speak into my mind its fine.” She just looks away as well. “Women.” Is all he says while shaking his head. Fira finally speaks directly into his mind but leaving out Trisha. “I wanted to know what you are.”

Slyfer clenches his teeth. “What I am has nothing to do with you.” After a few moments of silence he burst out. “I could have killed you, both of you! I wish I could go back to where I came from away from, from people like you! It seems all I can do is hurt people and a part of me thinks you deserved it!”

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