Sky Prince: Book 1 Chapter 11

Book 1 Chapter 11: Acceptance.

Slyfer feels extremely uncomfortable as they near the edge of the camp a small contingent of dark elves and wolves had accompanied them from the main tent mostly because Fira is with them. They are not the reason for his discomfort though. Fira her arm hooked into his however is a different story. Most of the walk had been done in silence but nearing the edge Fira suddenly speaks.
“How did you come to meet the fairies? Vinx sitting on his shoulder replies for him. “Two days ago in the forest. We were busy trying to heal a stag when their Salamandraco burst into our home trying to eat the poor thing. Whe put the beasts to sleep but not long after these two came in as well.” They however did not fall asleep so easily. Slyfer made a deal with our queen.”

Hearing this, Fira’s head turns to Slyfer inspecting him closely. “What was the nature of this deal?” Vinx hops over to her shoulder and in a mocking secretive voice whispers. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Slyfer starts laughing at Fira’s surprised expression and she starts giggling as well. He decides he likes the sound. Aldowin looking at the two once again thinks to himself. “I must speak to my student about the birds and the bees.”

They come to a halt just outside the camp on the east side nearest to the forest. Slyfer just wants to crawl in bed and sleep but he is anxious to see if Shcree is okay. Fira can see the impatiens in his face. “What is wrong you look like they are bringing you a present and you can’t wait to unwrap it?”
Slyfer smiles at her. Turning away whilst blushing she says. “You must smile more or maybe not. Just now all the girls will want you and I won’t be able to keep you to myself!” This confuses Syfer even more but Vinx giggles. Aldowin grunts in surprise to her straightforwardness.
“Don’t worry Master Aldowin I won’t steal him away… yet. He must first be adopted.” Slyfer looks at them both. “Did I miss something?”

She smiles. “Yes you did because you did not wish to grace our table with your presence.” She turns to him with a mock pouting face.
Slyfer can’t help but smile at it. “She truly is beautiful.”
Aldowin interrupts. “We have talked about it before Slyfer if you wish to become part of the court a royal family has to adopt you.” Slyfer  just sighs. “I understand master.” Looking at Fira who is still looking at him he asks. “So how does the adoption work?”

Biting her lip she starts to explain. “You get chosen by a family but then you have to prove yourself worthy of the house and tribe that you will be adopted into. You normally get tested for your combat skills but there are rare occasions when it changes. It all depends on who you choose to challenge.”
“It hardly seems fair that way. I would be able to challenge even the youngest child then.”
Sh shakes her head making her velumptious red hair dance as she does.“No, not at all warriors from any family can step up to challenge you, you just need to choose one of them. They will then name the type of contest out of the next four categories combat, speed, intelligence and stealth.

Combat is straightforward fighting. Speed is a race that usually goes on for about two days. Intelligence is a contest between your magic and the one you face. It’s not often chosen because we don’t have that many spell casters anymore.  Stealth is where you and your opponent must hunt each other within a night. In total you will face four warriors you may lose to all of them or even defeat all of them but ultimately the decision to accept you or not will stay with the elders.”

Slyfer only stares at his feet. “So far I have not been accepted anywhere.” He looks up at her and gives a sad smile. “Let’s hope your elders will be different than most.” Not saying anything she only takes his hand and squeezes it lightly. It’s warm and comforting.
Vinx suddenly flies into the air making a bee line straight for the forest. Suddenly other lights appear, ten in total they dance around each other making circles and zigzags. A Song fills the air that makes Slyfer feel happy. He can still feel Fira’s hand in his and he squeezes back.

A Furry ball suddenly hits Slyfer on his chest and Fira cries out in alarm and the guard around them are instantly ready for action. They finally relax when Fira starts laughing and the object of her surprise…. Slyfer looks down into big round eyes. “Shcree!” He tries to pick her up but she doesn’t let go. Slyfer can feel the small animal’s heart beating fast against his. So he settles for rubbing her head and scratching under her chin just the way she likes.

“Where have you been girl?” Her reply is to pull up touching her nose with his. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted of Slyfer’s shoulders so he squeezes her tight careful not to hurt her.
Fira steps closer inspecting the furry ball of ears and eyes.” I have never seen a creature like this one.” She says joy clearly in her eyes. She reaches out as if to touch the monkey but pulls back at the last second. She looks up into Slyfer’s eyes. “May I?” He nods yes and continues scratching. Fira’s hand joins his in rubbing Shcree.

Aldowin touches Slyfer’s shoulder to bring him back to reality. “The fairies are approaching.” Fira also stops and turns back into her regal self.
The fairies soon reach them. Including Vinx there are eleven ranging with colors so bright it can only be found in the rainbow. Right in the center is one that shines brighter than the others. The color of pure gold envelops the small group as she nears. All the fairies slow to a halt at eye level with Slyfer and Aldowin. Fira has to look up to see them.
A sing song voice sweet as honey fills Slyfer’s mind. “We greet you Sky pr- Slyfer in the name of our Queen and ask that we join you in ridding the land of the betrayer.” Slyfer and Aldowin speak as one. “We welcome your help and accept it a bargain was struck and we intend to keep to it.”

With the formalities out of the way the fairies suddenly start zipping around with glee. All accept for the one in gold. Slyfer ignores the  lights dancing around them. “I thank you for bringing Shcree she has been my companion for many years. When she disappeared I feared the worst.” The fairy is silent for a while and then flits to Slyfer’s shoulder sitting on it as if it belongs to her. Slyfer realizes she is naked but her long golden hair nearly covers all of her body. “It is our pleasure the monkey had your scent on it and was depressed so we thought it prudent to bring her with.”

Aldowin clears his throat and gestures towards the red headed princess. “This is Fira the adopted princess of the dark elves.” Fira curtsies not sure what to do until then she was mesmerized by the beauty of the flickering lights and the soft singing voices. The lights come to a halt as if they are waiting for something. “We greet you she wolf of the dark elves.” Fira looks utterly surprised and blushes almost like she was caught in a lie. Finally she smiles and gains her aloof posture. “On behalf of the dark elves we welcome you. What  is your name?” “ Forgive me but fairies’ names are secret and only given to those they trust and have decided to serve.”

Slyfer looks around for the green light and instantly spots it, his face cant hide how unnecspected that little piece of news is. Due to the fact that it is shining brighter than ever it becomes apparent Vinx is blushing. The golden fairy also sees this and waves a hand. “She has already given her name to Slyfer so she belongs to him that is why her name can be revealed.”
Fira bows in acceptance. With that the fairies suddenly fly towards her and start inspecting her hair.”Shall we return to the dining tent? I am sure my father would like to meet the rest of the fairies.” The question is pointed at the fairies but her eyes are locked on Slyfer’s to gauge his reaction. He sighs heavily and starts plodding on. “If we must.” He gets rewarded with a glare from Aldowin but chooses to ignore it.

The news that there are fairies in camp quickly spreads through the camp and soldiers line up next to the road to catch a glimpse. They quickly reach the big tent and enter. Most of the diners have left the big table however king’s has one new attendee. An old dark elf weathered and grey looks up at Slyfer and smiles. Slyfer senses that it is genuine and smiles back. The dark elf may be old but his eyes shines with spirit and cunning. They go through the formality of greetings with the fairies. The old man gets up bows low. “I am Old Sun head of the Night Wolves clan and adviser to the king and wolves.”

He gestures for Slyfer to sit next to him. With all of them seated an audible silence envelopes the table. The king is the one to break it. “Old Sun has decided that you will be adopted into his clan, if you can pass the test that is.” Slyfer nods. “I have already been told about the test and I accept the terms however I have a few questions.” The king raises his eyebrow.

“Will I be required to swear fealty to anyone? Will I have to serve?” Aldowin looks up at this and creases his brow. The king is silent for a while. But its Old Sun that breaks the silence. “Yes you will have to swear fealty to the Night Wolves clan and since I the head of the Night Wolves clan has sworn fealty to the king you will also fall under the oath to serve the king. Is this a problem?”

Slyfer is quiet thinking and selecting his words carefully. “I wish to remain free to make my own choices.” The king grunts at this Pathfinder wants to burst out laughing but stops when he sees no one else is going to. “The old man touches Slyfer ‘s arm and says. “All we require of you my dear boy is to work for the benefit of all dark elves especially my clan if you are accepted. You will fight in our army and you may climb the ranks the higher you climb the more freedom will be available to you however you will always remain under sovereignty of the king. That is the Price of being adopted.”

Slyfer can feel the voices in his head protesting against it. “Remember your promise remember your oath. You belong to us.”  “That is true lend me your help in this situation.”  Slyfers eyes turn  purple to everyone’s surprise. The king reaches for his sword that is not there unconsciously but Slyfer only smiles at the gesture. An old wise voice fills his mind and speaks for him. “I will accept the term if you accept mine.”

Pathfinder is on his feet and hits the table with a clenched fist. “Who are you to make requests? You have no standing and nothing to bring to the dark elf clans. Slyfer looks at him and smiles again. I have riches and fighting ability. I have also been taught in the ways of war by a grand-master of the art.” He gestures towards Aldowin who seems to swell with pride. “The clan I join will most probably be richer than any other.” The old dark elf seems to lean in closer at hearing this. “What are your terms?” Slyfer looks at him triumph displayed in the now purple eyes. “That I be involved with the council in Atlantia.

I can not only serve the dark elves I serve all the magical creatures in this world the fact that the fairies have joined me is proof of this I have already been selected as their ambassador and I will serve them in that position to the best of my ability.” The fairies seem to glow with affection at hearing this.
The king turns to the fairies. “Is this true?” “Yes it is so.” They all reply as one. The king is silent for a while. “Why?”

The fairies all glow brighter and then dim in unison. “The reason is our own and we cannot divulge what it is at the moment but know this. Slyfer is not what he seems even you, king of the dark elves has sensed this.”

The King sits back into his chair looking a bit defeated but he also gives Slyfer a thoughtful gaze. “If you promise to keep the interest of the dark elves on par with the magical creatures you serve I will agree to let you be the ambassador for them however the dark elves will have their own ambassador as well we have already decided that it will be Fira.” The purple eyes turn to her. “If you can promise me that you will work with me in keeping the magical creatures safe I will agree. But listen well the dragons of old once made the same bargain with all the races of the world and they were betrayed the purple eyes turn red. If it is broken by anyone they will not be spared!”

Slyfer’s aura grows with every word he says, giving it purpose! Making those around not only see but feel his determination. “I intend to start a war with the betrayer’s followers!” Slyfer leans forward his eyes boring into the King’s. “I intend to send them all to hell!” The king shudders at the gaze and the words. For the first time in his life he feels fear.

“The beast indeed.”  “I also wish to go to war so on that we are of the same mind. I agree to the terms if Old Sun accepts it.” The old man smiles again. “You had me by the richest clan. I accept however you must be accepted first and I will accept you only if you do all four contests and lose in none of them.” Slyfer only nods. Pathfinder leaps to his feet and leaves the tent in a huff.

Fira smiles at  Slyfer and his eyes return to the blue she likes so much. “What are you?” Not smiling Slyfer sits back and replies.

“I am vengeance.”

“Tomorrow we will start the ceremony and you will choose your combatants.” Interrupts the King. Slyfer nods. “I will fetch my wagons first thing in the morning form there we can continue. “Wagons?” Aldowin smiles this time. “You did not think we came empty handed did you?”

As soon as they all reach the tent  Slyfer uses wind magic to create an air tight barrier around the room to stop anyone from listening in. The fairies gather in the center and a song fills the air a small tree starts to grow and form to everyone’s amazement! Small holes appear in the tree as it grows to be as tall as Slyfer himself, then stops. Purple flowers form and the tent is filled with its sweet scent. “This will be our home.”

Touching one of the flowers Trisha smiles. “This tree reminds me of home.” Aldowin steps closer taking a flower in is hand. “Indeed it does.” They hear a scratch at the tent canvas and the dark elf Slyfer saw earlier enters. And nearly screams at seeing the small tree suddenly inside the tent. All the faces turn to her and she bows unsure of herself. She has worn a tattered clothes if it can be called that the rag she has on must have been white once but now it resembles a dish cloth. She is short and thin with hair cut as if a rat was chewing on it.

Seeing the fear Slyfer steps closer. “Do not be afraid what is it you need?” Not looking up she says. “I am to be your servant.” Slyfer scrounges up his nose not liking it. “I do not need a servant nor do I want one. Who sent you?” She cringes away expecting a blow but receiving none. “Master Old Sun my Lord.” Please tell him I do not need your services.”

She starts to cry. “Please my Lord this is my last chance if I cannot serve you I will not be needed and will have to fall in the back train with all the other followers of the camp.” Thinking back Slyfer remembers the stench and strange sounds.
Sighing he says. “Very well we will call you when you are needed for now please wait outside.” She disappears instantly. Aldowin comments. “Be weary what you say in front of her she may be a spy.” They all nod.

There is a bed for each of them rooms partitioned of with hanging drapes. Slyfer chooses the one the furthest from everyone and moves his pack to it. Shcree settles in the tree with the fairies Elyna and Trisha decide to share a room. After setting there things down and sorting it out they gather in the common room Vinx and the fairies keep to their own singing and dancing around the tree.

Aldowin starts. “What are your thoughts on what happened today?” He asks looking at Trisha and Elyna. Elyna does not say anything but then turns to Slyfer. I told the king about the weapon and he called it a gun he wishes to have it inspected.” Slyfer only nods accepting the statement. Elyna turns to Aldowin. “So you have wagons?”

“Yes we do about six of them.” Elyna looks at them both. “How did you manage to get them here?” Aldowin just shrugs. “You and your secrets I will go with you to fetch them tomorrow.” Slyfer looks up all of us will go. “No, you must stay Estund you have to train and prepare yourself.” Slyfer too tired to argue only nods. “It is decided then.”  They all split up and Slyfer calls the servant in and points to the extra room left over because Trisha and Elyna are sharing. “You will sleep there.” The dark elf is clearly surprised. “What is it?”

“I have never slept in a bed before.” She whimpers. Irritated Slyfer just shrugs. “There is a first time for everything.” He then stalks off to undress and get in bed he  immediately drifts into his dreams .

The next morning Slyfer is up before  everyone else except for the servant who is quietly sitting on a chair in the common room. She instantly gets up and curtsies as soon as she sees him. Without a word she brings a wash basin and a basket full of fruit. Slyfer nods his thanks and washes his face and eats some of the fruit. “Where can I go to practice swordplay?”

“There is an open field to the west in the camp kept empty for this reason my Lord” Vinx is appears next to him Dancing as he dresses along with another purple fairy. “Where are you off to so early in the morning?”
‘I need to train.” “We will go with you.” The three of them leave quietly leaving the servant to tend to the other’s needs.

The camp is silent but as they move more and more movement envelopes the camp. When they reach the clearing there are already some dark elves sparring with all kinds of weapons. What draws Slyfer’s attention though are the elves without any weapons they stand in neat lines about thirty in total. A dark elf with a regal bearing back as straight as a plank stands in front of them shouting orders while they go into different stances and punches and kicks in unison.

Taring his eyes away Slyfer goes to the corner of the clearing where almost no one is. Taking of his shirt he draws his sword and the deadly ringing sound fills the air. He starts with level one of the sword dance.  The sword rings and to his surprise the fairies start to sing with it. The entire clearing is filled with the deadly song.

Fira and Pathfinder dressed in their sparring leathers are on their way for the morning training. “I can’t believe father agreed to that half breeds request.” “You forget brother we also do not know what we are that makes us half breeds as well.” She says this while playfully wriggling her tail at her brother. He only looks away irritated. “Why do you dote on him as if it is full moon and you wish for a mate? It is irksome and I don’t like it.”

She smiles at him. “I don’t care what you like and don’t like. If I sway him to my side we will have more power within the clans.”
“He suddenly stops do you hear that.” She listens and the sound gives her goose bumps. “Come let’s hurry.” As they get closer to the sparing ground the sound intensifies and she is drawn in by the melody. A crowd obstructs their way but their guards soon clear a path for the two royals. All the sparring in the clearing has stopped. Except for the lone figure dancing with a sword far of in the corner. “Should have known that fool was behind this.” As he says it a bead of sweat forms on Pathfinders brow.

A soldier behind him says what is on his mind. “How can someone move that fast?”
The royals and their entourage move closer. The fairies spinning in wide arcs around Slyfer speeds up as he does. “Time for Level four.” Slyfer pushes himself harder and harder spinning and cutting droves of invisible enemies. Turning and stabbing always cutting never backing down. “Cut,cut,cut,faster,faster.” His breathing starts to intensify as he continues the ringing is now continuous never stopping as his moves become one movement. “Level five.” He speeds up even more and he can feel his muscles stretching screaming in protest at the exertion.

A Chorus of mumbles and woops fills the air as the crowd starts to cheer encouraging him edging him on to go faster and Slyfer obliges although he can’t hear them  beyond the ringing of his sword and the beating of his heart. Sweat envelopes him. With one last spin and thrust he suddenly Sheaths his sword but the ringing seems to echo into the silence. The crowed starts clapping first a wavering one or two but soon everyone joins in.

Slyfer looks around in surprise only realizing now that he had an audience. He contemplates running away but the train of thought is topped by the red headed princess. She steps closer along with Pathfinder. The crowd suddenly goes deathly quiet eager to hear the exchange in words. “An impressive display of swordsmanship Slyfer.” Says Fira taking him in with her gaze. Slyfer not sure if he likes it puts his shirt on. Pathfinder next to her rolls his eyes.

“Aawh you have made the boy shy sister.” The men around them start laughing.
Slyfer fights for control of his anger and wins this time. Keeping his face neutral he nods. “Good morning.”
Pathfinder steps forward anger on his face. “It’s good morning your Highness to you cur.” A Small smile creeps onto Slyfer’s face which only worsens the situation. “Here we go.”

A voice comes out of the crowd. “Now, now play nice kids.” Looking for the owner Slyfer finds it. Old Sun with his cunning smile steps out. “Indeed an impressive display. I would dearly love to see how you do at Sharshuckh though.” Slyfer’s blank face lets the old Dark elf continue. “It is our way of fighting without any weapons.” Pathfinder steps forward. “You swing a sword alright but how about your fists half breed.” Slyfer ignores him and looks at the old man. “I saw earlier and I am interested to learn.”

The old man smiles again. “Good, good however I will teach you.” Everyone is surprised at this. Fira looks at the old man not sure what to make of him. “He always has been difficult to read. What are you planning I wonder.” Pathfinder interrupts. “Surely a great master like you is not interested in teaching an outsider like him?” “You forget young prince he may be my adopted son soon.”
“He will have to pass my test first of course.” Pathfinder’s face lights up with a smile. “No one has ever passed it.”
Fira looks at the old man and then at Slyfer. “Careful people have died trying to pass his little test.” Slyfer looks at them in turn. “What is the test?” The old man smiling even more cocks his head reminding Slyfer of the way a bird looks at a worm before pecking it up. “All you have to do is hit me once. Do we agree on the terms?” Slyfer, frowning only nods.“There must be a catch.” “Be careful young one this one is surrounded with danger. He may be old but we can sense he has power.”

“I agree to the terms.” The old man smiles again very well.  We will start as soon as you have received the proper training clothes I will send someone over to take your measurements.
“I wish to take the test as well!” The old man turns to Pathfinder shaking his head. “You already have your master by our laws you cannot don’t be foolish.” With that the old man leaves along with most of the onlookers.  Fira is suddenly next to Slyfer arms wrapped around him even her tail encircles his leg. It causes Slyfer’s heart to race he tries to untangle himself. Looking up into his eyes she murmurs. “Don’t be so cold.” He feels like a fly caught in a spiders web. “Will you come visit me tonight in my tent.” She bites her lip while saying this drawing his attention to them. “No I can’t I have to sort out some things.”

She pouts and releases him anger on her face that she quickly hides “Suite yourself. You are missing out though.”
“I don’t think he will miss anything. Not from a sneaky fox like you.” Fira rounds at the voice but Slyfer already knows who it is. “Trisha good morning.” She looks at him but it’s clear she is angry. Not able to carry her fiery stare he plays with the pommel of his sword. Fira saunters over to Trisha. “But Pathfinder beats her to it. “My lady Trisha beautiful as ever care to join me for a morning stroll.” His tail to Slyfer’s surprise is wagging up and down. It nearly causes him to start laughing. Trisha blushes and shakes her head.

“I can’t Slyfer and I are needed by our tent.” Fira steps forward and rests her hand on her hip. “Surely you can do whatever it is yourself what kind of servant are you to come call your master.
Trisha is angry and wants to reply but Slyfer beats her to it. “She is no servant but an equal I will not allow her to be treated otherwise Fira, I suggest you apologize.” Pathfinder and Fira are both surprised at this.

Once again a shadow of anger flicks over Fira’s face. “I apologize Lady Trisha. I did not know you held such high position.” Lifting her chin Trisha nods acceptance then looks at Slyfer slightly less anger in her eyes. But only slightly.
Stepping forward Slyfer takes her arm. “Let’s go.” Fira catches his shoulder however and turns him around. “Please remember tonight is the ceremony for choosing your opponents. It will be held in the King’s tent please don’t be late.”
By the time they reach the tent Trisha is spitting fire. “That woman is up to something and you, you just stand there with a drooling face as she clings onto you.” Slyfer only grunts. “Women are strange creatures.” Vinx and the other fairies only giggle as Trisha continues ranting on.

Slyfer had never seen her like this and smiles at her flustered face. “What is it you fool?”
“I don’t know I have never seen you this open with anyone before its refreshing.” She blushes turns around and crosses her arms. Hmpf “Idiot.”
“So why did you call me here?” Slyfer sees the servant elf and sends her for water he feels in dire need to wash after the practice. “Aldowin asked me to keep an eye on you so that you would not get into trouble since you attract it like honey attracts bees.” Slyfer wants to start arguing against it but he can’t think of anything to retort with.

Sitting on the floor he crosses his legs drawing her attention. “What are you doing?” “Practising my meditation care to join me?”  Reluctantly she sits down on the opposite of him. He moves closer and pushes his knees against hers. “Relax this is how Aldowin taught me in the beginning.” They both close their eyes and extend their consciousness. Like always the first thing Trisha notices is the big mass of warm energy pulsating from Slyfer. He however is surprised at how much energy she has as well. Unconsciously he focuses on it and dives deeper something is familiar about it. The voices inside his head joins him and they push harder Slyfer no longer in control gets swept up  in the tumult of energy.

Other voices not his joins in the fray fighting against him and the old ones. Somewhere along the see of energy Slyfer runs into Trisha. Her mind is curled into a ball protecting itself. He calls out but gets no reply. He goes in further until suddenly he is in a great wood that seems older than time. The light is blinding in fact every color is blinding as if turned up it shoots daggers into his eyes and he closes them against the onslaught.

The old voice inside him says to open them again and he does expecting to see the sad white dragon. But instead in front of him is a great tiger as big as his parent dragons but not as big as old white. “Be careful Slyfer you are in enemy territory now.” Reverberates the white dragon’s voice. The tiger is lying in the sun seemingly asleep but instinct tells Slyfer otherwise. A rasping old ladies voice fills his mind. “I do not know you. Why have you come stranger?” Slyfer lightly steps closer taking in the pure white fur black stripes and slowly swishing tail. “You are a beautiful creature!”  He says in amazement.

“One eye opens at this and scrutinizes him. “You are ugly but I guess even ugly creatures can see beauty.” Slyfer blushes at her reply and nods. “My dad also thinks I am ugly.”
The tiger purrs in amusement. “You are funny so I will not eat you. What is strange to me is that you do not have fear.” Slyfer cocks his head in thought. “Well I have been to a place like this before and I have met someone similar to you.” The tiger’s ears perk up at this. “Similar to me? Impossible. I do not like liar’s small creature.” “I am not lying he was not a tiger though but something else.”

She lazily licks her paw while she contemplates. “You are one of the eleven then but not of my kind. However to be here you must be close to the one who is.” Slyfer thinks for a while. “Trisha! Trisha is one of yours?” She stops and her demeanor changes. “So it is true.” She suddenly crouches and launches at Slyfer all he can do is watch as the mountain of a tiger clears the space between them in one leap. She lands her huge face inches from his her eyes boring into him.

“What have you done to her why can we not contact her! Speak or you die!” Slyfer holding his ground shouts back. “I have done nothing!” He turns into a dragon blood boiling the voices in him screaming for a fight. This makes the tiger move back a little.
“So you are Slyfer.” She looks around almost fearfully. “What is the prince of the sky doing here you do not belong, leave.” Something in Slyfer answers for him deep and menacing. “You dare command me cat!” She shrinks back but is still ready for a fight. “I am not here to fight or cause trouble let us talk you and I.” She sits down and licks her paw as if nothing happened the power leaves Slyfer and he is himself again. Or the part he sees as normal that is.

“So talk then.” Slyfer sits down in front of the tiger as she continues to bathe herself. “Trisha and I are companions at the moment we are with the Dark elves.” The tiger looks up but continues. “She has been taken in by the high elves due to a tragedy that happened when she was small.” The tiger now thoroughly interested puts her head on her paws and scrutinizes him. “Tell me everything.”

“So that is what has happened. Poor child and we cannot help her she has closed herself off to us for some reason we cannot contact her but the others can.” Slyfer looks up. “Others?” She moves in closer to emphasize her point. “Not all of us are of the same mind. There are some who wishes to rule the world instead of saving it. We made a pact with the dragons to follow and protect them but some of the great tigers did not agree and turned against us. If you were to open her to us we would honor the pact and give you our acceptance. This will not be easy. Speak to your elders and devise a way they are older and know more of this world you created.”

“Why does everyone keep telling me I created this world!” She looks at him and he can see the amusement. “Go now young master and gain your acceptance.”
Like before the scenery starts to fade into nothing and he draws himself inwards to only open his eyes along with Trisha. Who jumps up and smacks him in the face. She then storms out.
Vinx on his shoulder shakes her head. “What did you do now?” Slyfer rubbing his cheek turns to her. “Only what I needed to.”

Aldowin tired and weary is nearly knocked over by Trisha as she storms out of the tent in tears. “What the- what’s going on!” He bursts into the tent to find his student on the ground rubbing a sore red cheek. “What did you do?” Slyfer looks up the way he always does when he is guilty and trying to look innocent. “Nothing.” Aldowin stalks over. “Don’t you lie to me boy I know you to well for you to even try.” “Remember the promise no one must know of us.” Slyfer wants to tell his master everything but the voices won’t allow it so he goes for the half-truth. “I invaded her mind and read her thoughts.”

“What!” Aldowin does not know if he should be proud or upset with Slyfer. He decides to go with upset to teach his student manners. “I have told you many times that it is rude. Why did you do it?” “Good he bought it now for the next one.” “Well master I don’t understand woman and I wanted to learn something.”

Aldowin gets up and turns around so that he can hide his smiling face from his student. “It’s time you and I have a talk about the birds and the bees.” Turning around he steels himself for the most awkward conversation of his life.

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