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Translator: Can you read  Japanese, Korean or Chinese? Moderate in English? Why not give a try translating a novel? Improve your language skills, Speed up your typing, Earn a few extra ($$$$) bucks every week!!

Translation Checker: Requires knowledge of Japanese/Korean or Chinese.. Responsible for checking if the translation by the original translator is correct or not, if they have missed any parts or not..

Writers/Author: Are you good at English? Have a creative and wild imagination? Then share with us your creative world in words by writing your own novel. A writer is required to showcase his written work (few chapters) while applying, having it posted on another website and receiving feedback is a plus.

Editors: A person who proof reads the writer or translator’s work. No knowledge of Chinese/Japanese is required, all you need is to be good at English! Translator’s have done the hard part, What an editor needs to do is just fix any spelling or grammatical mistakes, while if a sentence sounds weird, rephrase it… Usually because of not having an editor available the chapter releases are delayed! A great way to contribute to the novel community for giving us such awesome novels… An editor will need to go through a small test before joining the team..

Editor Test

Please do the above Editors test, It’s on a Google Doc, Make a copy, read the instructions and edit the file… DO NOT REQUEST FOR PERMISSION!

Joining discord is compulsory, as all Team members are there on our server… Please add us on Discord and Send us the link to your Editor Test Doc File! Make sure you have given permission to


If you dont know discord, its a chatting program available for mobile/PC.. Download Discord

If you are interested in any of the mentioned positions above


Discord: lightnovelsworld#4565


Make sure you write the Position you are applying for.