Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Breakthrough

“Strengthening martial imitations?”

Qin became excited and secretly thought that he had picked up a genuine treasure.

“Stop daydreaming. Strengthening martial imitations, self-made martial imitations and other types of great moves are things which still can’t be used by the current me…” Shu Zhong Yu curled her lips and said this when she saw Qin Shi’s foolish appearance.

Getting splashed with cold water, Qin Shi was puzzled and asked, “You can’t use it yet?”

“Yes. My soul has suffered serious damage and is very weak right now. Not speaking of operating the Blazing Book’s power, if it’s not maintained by soul curing herbal medicines, it can be a threat to my life.” Shu Zhong Yu released a sad sigh.

Qin Shi didn’t know why, but strong protective feelings bubbled up in his heart after hearing these words, “All right, Older Sister Yu, don’t look so anxious, you don’t look pretty this way. Isn’t it just soul curing herbal medicines? In the future, your younger brother will help you find them.”

“Really?” Shu Zhong Yu was elated.

“Of course. I, Qin Shi, always keep my word. Moreover, aren’t you my older sister? I would hate to part with you.” Qin Shi patted his chest and made a frank and straightforward promise.

Naturally, he had a reason for giving such a frank and straightforward promise. Was it purely because of charm? That was impossible.

There were many matters related to Lin’er which were forever etched in his memory.

The reason for promising Shu Zhong Yu was mainly because of the Blazing Book. Ignoring the strengthening martial imitations and self-made martial imitations abilities for now, that ability to visualize martial imitations images was already extremely beneficial to him.

“In the future, if only I have Older sister Yu, then wouldn’t all the martial imitations in this world be in my control? Wouldn’t I become a martial imitation genius?” Qin Shi was excited as he thought this, “Moreover, this beauty and I can be dependent on each other, thinking about it, it would be really wonderful.”

With his head filled with spermatozoa, Qin Shi still hadn’t noticed the change in Shu Zhong Yu.

Although the speaker may have spoken unintentionally, the listener desired to hear it. Shu Zhong Yu was moved by Qin Shi just now. She bit her tender pink lips as she advanced a step forward and softly kissed on Qin Shi’s cheek, saying, “Shi’tou, you’re really good! I promise Older sister will reward you.”

After suddenly getting kissed by this beauty, a small blush appeared on Qin Shi’s face…

“Oh my! Originally, my family’s Shi’tou still has a moment of embarrassment~!” Seeing Qin Shi blush, Shu Zhong Yu lifted her white sleeve to cover her gentle smile.

After hearing her, Qin Shi coughed a few times and deliberately put out a fierce expression and moved towards Shu Zhong Yu, “All right! You unexpectedly dare to take liberties with this young master, see if this young master doesn’t execute you tonight.”

“Oh my! What? Are you unable to withstand older sister’s enticement?”

Shu Zhong Yu burst into a loud laughter after getting teased by Qin Shi. After these, the two individuals acted willfully inside these mountain woods; their relation also became harmonious when compared to their previous unfamiliarity.

During this time, Qin Shi chatted with Shu Zhong Yu and received her help regarding the questions he had about the Heaven Splitting Boxing. When it was about noon, he had already grasped the Heaven Splitting Boxing completely, and furthermore, he was able to employ a pure fiery natural color.

– Rumble! –

A red-hot flame followed Qin Shi’s fist and bombarded on top of a 100 zhang tall ancient tree. That ancient tree snapped from the middle as its top fell down to the ground.

“The Heaven Splitting Boxing is really fierce!”

Qin Shi clapped his hands with excitement as he looked at the fallen ancient tree. He saw the sky’s color; it was already dusk. Therefore, he prepared to return to Desolate Town, “Older sister Yu, let’s return.”

Shu Zhong Yu nodded and turned around as she transformed into a divine light and returned within the Blazing Book. After fluttering in the air for some time, it dropped down to Qin Shi’s waist.

Qin Shi was startled. He forgot that Shu Zhong Yu could still return inside the Blazing Book. However, after thinking a bit, he felt that it was better this way. If not, he wouldn’t know what to say to his mother and father when he returned home.

Travelling the whole way without any dialogue, Qin Shi finally reached Desolate Town.

After some time, he reached back to his home.

Qin Shi just stepped inside the door when he noticed Liu Yan Bing sweeping the courtyard.

“Older Brother Shi, you’re back.” Seeing that Qin Shi had returned, Liu Yan Bing wiped the sweat on her forehead and hurried over to welcome him.

Qin Shi nodded and lifted his hand to gently stroke Liu Yan Bing’s beautiful hair, “En, mother and father?”

Liu Yan Bing obediently answered back, “Adoptive mother went to buy vegetables and adoptive father is inside the study room. He said to let you come visit him after you return back.”

“Oh? Father is looking for me? All right, I’ll go right now.”

Qin Shi was a little astonished after hearing her words. After nodding towards her, he walked towards his father’s place.

Once he arrived, he saw Qin Tian Qing meditating by sitting cross-legged on the stone bed.

Although Qin Tian Qing’s spirit veins were ruptured, he persevered to continue cultivating and never slacked for a single moment. He still had a final desire in his heart which he wasn’t willing to renounce.

Naturally, no one could understand how painful it was for a fallen genius to not be able to cultivate anymore.

However, spirit veins were the foundation of cultivation. It was bound to be useless no matter how hard he worked without his spirit veins.

Seeing this scene, Qin Shi felt as if a thousand needles were stabbing his heart. Intense blaming thoughts bubbled up inside his heart, “Father… He was a 9th Layer Spirit Tempering Realm expert once; a genius who had the most potential in stepping inside the Spirit Bestowal Realm in the Qin Family, but now, even cultivating has become an extravagant hope for him.”

“This is all because of me! Because of this unfilial son! Harming him and finally making him fall into this situation!“

“Father, no matter what, I will find a method to cure your spirit veins, definitely!” Qin Shi firmly gripped his fists and made a decisive oath in his heart. He wanted to make up for the matters he had caused.

“You’re finally back?” At this time, Qin Tian Qing opened his eyes.

Qin Shi recovered his spirit and sadly lowered his head, “En, just now.”

Qin Tian Qing got down from the bed and it seemed as if he could make out Qin Shi’s worries. He laughed as he patted on his shoulder, “Stinky brat, as a man; always straighten your waist and back. Never bend down even if the sky collapses down.”

Qin Shi stared blankly and nodded his head as he tightly gripped his fists. He straightened his waist and back and said, “Father, be relieved, child knows, child won’t let you be disappointed.”

“En, this is my, Qin Tian Qing’s, son.” Qin Tian Qing’s nodded, and soon after, he opened his mouth to say, “Right! How did your cultivation of the Heaven Splitting Boxing go?”

“I have already completely grasped it.”

“What? You have already grasped the Heaven Splitting Boxing?” Qin Tian Qing couldn’t stand firmly after hearing Qin Shi’s words and staggered, almost falling down to the ground. He asked with amazement written across his face, “What did you say? You have completely grasped it?”

“En” Qin Shi said as he lifted his fist to operate the Heaven Splitting Boxing. An intense flame converged around his fist; the exceptionally dazzling flame illuminated the entire house.

“It’s really the Heaven Splitting Boxing? How can this be?”

Qin Tian Qing could hardly believe it and trembled. He believed that this Heaven Splitting Boxing would be capable of giving a blow to Qin Shi and reduce his drive. However, he never anticipated that Qin Shi would remarkably grasp Heaven Splitting Boxing instead of receiving a blow.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing, that’s but one of the three great martial imitations of the Qin Family. Even inside the Desolate Town, it was a peak martial imitation, and the troubles faced while cultivating it weren’t something an ordinary person could imagine.”

Qin Tian Qing recalled the time when he was learning the Heaven Splitting Boxing in those days, “I was at the 6th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm at that time and still wasted an entire 3 months to completely grasp it. In this short amount of days, this stinky brat has already grasped it?”

Qin Tian Qing naturally didn’t know about the Blazing Book.

“Moreover, that level of proficiency is better when compared to me. Don’t tell me that this stinky brat has some kind of special gift regarding martial imitations.”

Qin Tian Qing was excited as he thought of this; he held Qin Shi into his bosom and said the word ‘Good’ three times, “Good, Good, Good! A good person, really worthy of being my, Qin Tian Qing’s, son.”

Qin Tian Qing released Qin Shi after some time. He gave some pointers to Qin Shi, and although he was a cripple right now, Qin Shi was still far inferior to him regarding the experience in cultivation.

After Qin Shi seriously recorded those pointers inside his heart, he asked, “Right! Father, were you trying to find me for something?”

“En? Eh …”

Qin Tian Qing felt a little awkward after hearing those words.

The reason Qin Tian Qing was trying to find Qin Shi was to give him pointers after seeing his deflated appearance and help him in grasping the Heaven Splitting Boxing. Right now, good or not, Qin Shi had grasped the Heaven Splitting Boxing himself and it was simply useless to help him.

He hesitated a bit before he finally took out a purple medicine dan from his bosom, “Shi’tou, there’s exactly seven more days before the Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle, since father can’t help you much, take this Spirit Tempering Dan, it will be useful to you right now.”

Qin Shi was elated after seeing the Spirit Tempering Dan.

Spirit Tempering Dan, as the name implies, was a medicine dan for spirit tempering which was capable of promoting a person’s cultivation level at the Spirit Tempering Realm; there were many families who break their heads in order to struggle in obtaining this treasured object.

Qin Shi clenched his teeth, but he didn’t shirk; he knew that it was really urgent for him to become stronger, “Father, feel relieved, child absolutely won’t fail to live up to your expectations. After seven days, I will definitely obtain the Qin Family Inheritance!”

Qin Tian Qing laughed with satisfaction and didn’t speak much.

It was deep into the night.

After Qin Shi had his dinner, he returned back to his room.

After going in, he impatiently took out the Spirit Tempering Dan as he took a few deep breaths, “It’s already been several days since I reached the summit of Spirit Tempering Realm’s 3rd Layer. I can definitely breakthrough using this Spirit Tempering Dan!”

He swallowed the Spirit Tempering Dan into his belly as he thought of this.

After swallowing the Spirit Tempering Dan, he didn’t dare to be careless and hurriedly sat down and operated the spiritual power inside his body in a circle once.

After operating the spiritual power for a few heavenly revolutions inside his body, he finally converged it in his dantian; it surrounded that Spirit Tempering Dan.

That Spirit Tempering Dan gradually blended into the blood and formed a tiny red vortex.

In a split second, intense Spiritual power filled up Qin Shi’s body, making him release a carefree shout, “Hu~! Very comfortable.”

– Ka Cha! –

At this time, a brittle sound echoed from Qin Shi’s body.

Qin Shi was excited as he heard that brittle echo. He could feel that a tiny opening had split open on the path where the completely sealed fourth spirit vein was, because of the attack of the intense spiritual power.

“Finally going to breakthrough?”

Although he was excited, Qin Shi didn’t dare to be careless and controlled the spiritual power within his body; he continuously attacked that fourth spirit vein.

Once, twice, thrice…

At this time, the breach in the spirit veins had become similar to a dam which had completely become full after receiving the river water’s attack after a long drought.

– Rumble! –

Finally, the fourth spirit vein was thoroughly run through.

Qin Shi’s body ferociously trembled. His complexion became ruddy as he tightened his fist and said, “Did I succeed? Is this the power of the 4th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm?”

After breaking through successfully, Qin Shi gripped his fists as a satisfied smile emerged on his face.

“Shi’tou, don’t be noisy, someone has stealthily come over.”

“Someone has stealthily come over?”

After hearing this, Qin Shi was startled and became completely alert.

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