Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Shu Zhong Yu

The next day, early in the morning.

Qin Shi was standing beside a brook within the woods.

There was an approximately 2m tall huge rock beside the brook.

Qin Shi faced himself towards the huge rock and operated his spiritual power according to the instructions in the Heaven Splitting Boxing scripture. His fist bombarded towards the huge rock as he said, “Hah, break for me!”

– Boom! –

However, a brittle sound echoed out, that 2m tall huge rock was completely unaffected.

After continuing like this for half an hour, Qin Shi’s complexion became ashen. He had an indescribable expression over his face as he gripped his fist hard and cursed, “Damn, it really hurts!”

“Still nothing?”

Qin Shi took out the Heaven Splitting Boxing scripture again after complaining. He continuously flipped through its pages while wearing a melancholic expression on his face, “Vigorously split open the blue dome of Heaven, crush the Heaven and Earth into little pieces, fists that strikes like a clap of thunder and fierce winds…”

“Where am I making a mistake?”

This was already the third day he had thrown himself into learning this Heaven Splitting Boxingw.

However, the outcome was not as he expected.

Qin Shi’s mind was turned upside down. He had looked over this boxing scripture several hundred times, but he was still unable to discover its mysteries, and enduring this long had made him distressed.

There were only seven days left before the Qin Family Inheritance Battle.

Qin Shi couldn’t help but become frantic as he thought of this.

“Hehe~, you’re really a little idiot.”

At this time, a heavenly voice echoed beside Qin Shi’s ears.

This voice was exceptionally sweet, making a person feel boundless reverie regarding it.

“Wh-Who? Who is speaking?” Qin Shi didn’t have the time to appreciate this sweet voice. He was extremely focused on analyzing the scripture, and after hearing this sudden voice, his body trembled in shock as he almost fell on the brook.

“It’s me~, try to guess who I am.” The sweet voice echoed once again.

Qin Shi calmed down and tried to find the voice’s source.

After looking everywhere, Qin Shi discovered that this voice was unexpectedly coming from his navel region. This made him astonished. He stretched his hand inside his clothes and randomly touched around before his hand came across that ancient rotten book.

Qin Shi stared at the ancient rotten book absent-mindedly.

This ancient rotten book was the gift he had received from that mysterious man in the Market Lane of Desolate Town. He had almost forgotten about this matter due to focusing on cultivating the Heaven Splitting Boxing these past few days.

“Yi, be a bit softer, it hurts!”

At this time, a coquettish protest echoed from the ancient book.

Hearing it, Qin Shi trembled as he asked with amazement written across his face, “I-It’s you who spoke just now?”

“No kidding! Of course it’s me, who else did you think it was?”

“Yo-You can speak?” After he was certain that the book was speaking, Qin Shi went on guard and asked, “Tell me, who are you? You unexpectedly dare to peek at this Young master cultivating a Martial Imitation?”

“Peep at you cultivating a Martial Imitation? What you did just now, can it even be called a Martial Imitation?”

“Humph! Stop speaking nonsense. Don’t tell me that you fell for this Young master’s heroic and outstanding beauty and decided to secretly hide inside this book and peep at this Young master?” Qin Shi tried to calm himself down as he shook that ancient book.

“Loosen your hands, you idiot!”

After getting shaken, that ancient book struggled free of Qin Shi’s hand.

After getting free, that ancient book floated in the sky and suddenly flipped its pages. After a few pages flipped through, a shadow leaped out of the book; that shadow seemed like a solitary and graceful fairy.

“Mon-Monster aah!”

Qin Shi was really frightened after seeing this and pushed that shadow at its navel region.

That shadow still hadn’t recovered her spirit after appearing from the book and directly fell inside the brook after getting pushed by Qin Shi.

“Yi!” That shadow issued a coquettish sound as she fell inside the brook.

“You really don’t know courtesy; weren’t you taught to tenderly treat the fairer sex?” After fluttering inside the brook a few times, that beautiful woman’s shadow raised her body. A displeased expression was written over her face as she bitterly looked a Qin Shi.

– Gulp! –

At this time, Qin Shi gulped down his saliva while he was stupefied looking at the scene in front of him.

He could clearly see that the shadow was a pretty woman. Furthermore, she had a seductive body and spotless white skin as she stood bare naked in front of him.

“Very beautiful!”

Qin Shi was fascinated as he gazed towards that woman’s figure.

This was also not surprising; if a bare naked woman suddenly appeared in front of a man, then it would be really difficult for him to stay calm.

Moreover, this woman’s bosom had two huge lethal weapons which could only be described as exceptional without comparison. Because of rising from within the brook, a few water droplets were softly sliding down on them.

“It would have been a real fortune if I was that droplet aah~.”

Qin Shi rubbed his palms as he was captivated by that woman. Thinking of her alluring body, he couldn’t help but get excited and say, “Perfection, true perfection, this simply can’t be compared to those women in the brothels. Everything is fine except one thing though, the age is a bit high, looking at this mature face, it looks to be around 23-24 years old.”

That woman was not even a little bit embarrassed as her naked body was exposed.

Seeing Qin Shi’s engrossed appearance, she recalled her bitter expression and giggled, “Chi Chi, showing such a lecherous expression yet you still say older sister peeped at you? It seems that there’s no need for older sister to peep at you as you also wish to lose money instead of getting paid.”

“Of course it’s like that. Since older sister is so pretty, I’m willing to surrender under older sister’s skirt. No,no,no, ought to be under the legs, let older sister ravage me as much as you like.” Qin Shi responded in a half-muddled and half-awake manner. His sight was fixed on the woman’s lethal weapons as he deviously thought, “The difference in age doesn’t matter. Anyway, this Young Master eats both lolita’s and older sister’s indiscriminately.”

– Swish! –

“Humph! Little pervert, haven’t you looked enough?”

At this time, that woman laughed angrily as she waved her lily-white hands. Suddenly, a white hemmed cheongsam appeared in her hand. Within a few moments, her body was immediately covered.

Qin Shi lost his spirit as he saw this woman put on her clothes, “Really stingy, it wouldn’t hurt to let me look a little longer.”

“Chi Chi, you; strip and let older sister take a look.”

“Alright, I don’t mind ~!” Qin Shi curled his mouth and prepared to strip his clothes as he spoke.

“You’re really going to strip?” That woman laughed when she saw Qin Shi’s movements after coming ashore and said, “Chi Chi, greedy guy. Older sister hasn’t charged you after letting you look for such a long time so be content with it.”

Qin Shi shrugged his shoulders as he secretly thought in his mind, “You think I am an idiot who will lose the chance of taking small advantages? However, what is the history behind this great beauty? Wouldn’t it require the Spirit Tempering Realm’s 6th layer to be able to use that clothes changing skill?”

Qin Shi became vigilant of that woman when he thought of this and said, “Which evildoer are you? Why did you enter inside my book?”

That woman stamped her feet with anger after listening to Qin Shi and said, “Who said I entered inside this book? I am the tool spirit of the Blazing Book! You dare to say I am an evildoer; be careful of this older sister castrating you!”

“Eh?” Qin Shi stared blankly with a puzzled expression across his face.

Seeing Qin Shi’s foolish appearance, that woman curled her lips as she picked up that ancient book and said, “See this book? It is called the Blazing Book; it comes from the hand of the great Heaven Burning Ancestor Emperor from a million years back.”

“And I am this Blazing Book’s tool spirit!” Reaching this point, that woman had her chest out as she raised her head high, feeling extremely prideful.

“To-Tool Spirit?”

Qin Shi was excited after hearing those two words.

Although he didn’t know who this Heaven Burning Ancestor Emperor was, he knew that to be capable of producing a magic weapon with a consciousness was something that couldn’t be looked down upon, “Then this Blazing Book must be quite powerful?”

“Of course it is. Let me show you the powerful aspects of this Blazing Book.”

Saying this, that woman set out her bosom proudly and softly brushed her lily-white hands past Qin Shi’s eyes.

– Boom! –

Qin Shi stared blankly as those lily-white hands brushed by.

At this moment, he still hadn’t recovered his spirit when an explosion occurred in his mind. He felt a splitting pain as a huge amount of unfamiliar images mysteriously rushed into his sea of consciousness.

“Th-This is, Heaven Splitting Boxing?”

Qin Shi was amazed to discover that these images formed the Heaven Splitting Boxing’s scripture after they were put together. And, the most important part was that these weren’t just images of the characters, but instead there was a demonstration that came from moving images.

It was obviously easier to use these images instead of the characters. It made cultivating the Heaven Splitting Boxing much easier, and even the starting point, which wasn’t clear before, was easily discovered by Qin Shi.

Qin Shi felt very happy as he began to operate his spiritual power according to the images. Gathering the spiritual power on his fist, he set it out towards the air in front of him!

– Rumble! –

At this moment, a red-hot flame surged out following along his fist. That flame struck that huge rock, turning it red from the heat as it issued a – Bang! – sound and exploded.

“I-I succeeded?”

Qin Shi was overjoyed when he saw that the huge rock explode into pieces, “This Heaven Splitting Boxing is worthy of being one of the Qin Family’s Clan Shaking martial imitations. Showing such might in its first use, it’s really extraordinary.”

“How? Now you know how powerful I am?”

That woman proudly laughed after seeing Qin Shi succeed.

“Powerful, really powerful!” After successfully practising the Heaven Splitting Boxing, Qin Shi was very excited. He flattered that woman while secretly thinking in his heart, “Visualising martial imitations? This is absolutely something that cannot be belittled aah!”

“If it’s really this way, then wouldn’t I, Qin Shi, become a martial imitation genius in the future?” Qin Shi was secretly delighted in his heart as he thought of this.

“It’s good if you understand!” That woman curled her lips after seeing Qin Shi’s giggling expression and said, “Right! I am called Shu Zhong Yu, from now onwards you can call me Older sister Yu, Older sister will cover for you. What are you called?”

“Shu Zhong Yu, Shu Zhong Yu, a jade within the book, a really beautiful name.” Qin Shi exclaimed in admiration after his spirit returned back and said as he was hit upon an inspiration, “I am called Qin Shi, you can call me Shi’tou. Haha, one jade(yu) and one stone(shi), jade(yu) and stone(shi), a precious stone(yu shi), it’s really well matched.” 1

“Stop showing off shamelessly.” Shu Zhong Yu made a pleasant laugh.

Qin Shi was secretly delighted in his heart as he saw Shu Zhong Yu’s sweet smile, “I really didn’t expect the Blazing Book to be so powerful, having the ability to visualise martial imitations. It seems that I have picked up a treasure. Moreover, it was accompanied by such a beautiful woman. Just thinking about it makes me really happy!”

Qin Shi calmed down and called her in a natural manner, “Older Sister Yu, besides being able to visualise martial imitations, what other ferocious points does this Blazing Book have?”

Shu Zhong Yu haughtily stuck out her bosom and said, “What other uses? The Blazing Book is ferocious in many ways; strengthening martial imitations, even making self-made martial imitations; anyway, it has many ferocious uses…”

  1. TLN, In the above para, the character for jade is the same as the character for Yu in Shu Zhong Yu, and similarly, the character for stone is the same character as Shi in Qin Shi. So the mc put the last names or the ming characters of their names together to form YuShi which literally means ‘precious stone’.
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