Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Heaven Splitting Boxing

The chicken’s cry precedes daybreak as morning dew began to form.

The following day, Qin Shi woke up quite early. Ever since his spirit veins had recovered, his power was always at 100 percent. He was using all of his time to cultivate in order to prepare for the Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle half a month later.

Now, there were only 10 days remaining before the Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle. Thinking of this, Qin Shi couldn’t help but become anxious.

“Qin Siyu, 6th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm…”

Qin Shi sat cross-legged, determination flashed through his pupils, “No matter what it takes, I’m going to get the Qin Family Inheritance! I must take my parents back to the Qin Family!”

With this thought in mind, he earnestly operated his spiritual power, revolving it within his body a few times as he secretly said, “Right now, I am already at the peak of the Spirit Tempering Realm’s 3rd Layer. However, I still haven’t cultivated any martial imitations 1. If I don’t do something, then this would lead to my defeat during the Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle.”

“If it was before, then I could have gone to the Qin Family’s Scripture Pavilion and choose a few martial imitations which is suitable for me to cultivate, but now, in this Broken Rock Street, where am I supposed to find martial imitations?”

Qin Shi thought for a bit. Realizing that he had no other options, he got down the bed and walked outside the room.

After he reached the courtyard, he saw his father brandishing one kind of fantastic boxing style under an ancient mulberry tree. Looking at his father’s fluttering boxing style, he couldn’t help but become absent-minded, “This boxing is not outstanding at all at the first glance. It doesn’t have any magnificent style, but if one carefully observed it, they would discover that the fist style is similar to a tiger and a dragon, each move is overbearing and impossible to block.”

“What’s important is, father doesn’t even have any spiritual power, yet he can actually display such a strong power just from doing this boxing?” Realizing this point, Qin Shi’s heart became more curious.

“Shi’er, just woke up?”

After seeing Qin Shi, Qin Tian Qing immediately stopped practicing.

Qin Shi was roused as he nodded. He advanced forward and asked, “Father, what boxing style are you doing just now? It’s unexpectedly so mysterious?”

“Naturally! This is one of the 3 Clan Shaking martial imitation of the Qin Family, Heaven Splitting Boxing.” Qin Tian Qin said proudly, “Even if at the Qin Family, a person has to be at the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm and have an outstanding aptitude in order to cultivate it.”

“Originally it is one of Qin Family’s Clan Shaking martial imitation ‘Heaven Splitting Boxing’? No wonder it’s so tyrannical.” Qin Shi sucked in a cold breath, he definitely knew about the Qin Family’s 3 Clan Shaking Great martial imitations. They were a set of sword play, a set of body arts, and a set of boxing.

The sword play was called the ‘9 Yellow Springs Sword’, the body art was called ‘Disappearing Without A Trace”, and the boxing was precisely this ‘Heaven Splitting Boxing’. During the time when the Qin Family was still settling down in Desolate Town, they relied on these 3 martial imitations to become well-known everywhere.

“Heaven indeed wants to help me.”

Qin Shi, who was worried about where to go to learn martial imitations, was elated as he said, “Father, you see, your child hasn’t cultivated any martial imitations after recovering spirit veins, can you …”

“Stinky brat, take it.”

Qin Tian Qing did not even need to think, he could easily guess what Qin Shi wanted. Actually, he had already realized Qin Shi’s problem with regards to not having cultivated any martial imitations. Therefore, he deliberately got up early in the morning to practice the Heaven Splitting Boxing here.

After obtaining the scripture of the Heaven Splitting Boxing, Qin Shi was very excited, dashing against his father who was laughing; he even forgot of express thanks as he ran out of the old house.

“This stinky brat.”

Upon seeing this, Qin Tian Qing forced a smile and shook his head, he seriously thought, “Heaven Splitting Boxing, 2nd rank boxing martial imitation. On the basis of his current strength, if no one gives directions to him, it’s simply impossible to learn it. But this is also good, it might motivate him even more.”

After Qin Shi left the house, he reached a jungle at the outskirts of the Desolate Town half an hour later.

He was already a bit impatient right now; he wanted to begin cultivating the Heaven Splitting Boxing as soon as possible. Thus, he found a lonely nook and began to meticulously study the scripture for the Heaven Splitting Boxing, “Vigorously split open the blue dome of Heaven, crush the Heaven and Earth into little pieces, fists that strikes like a clap of thunder and fierce winds…”

After studying for half an hour, Qin Shi began to do it himself.

He moved the spiritual power within his body according to the instructions of the scripture, completely amassing it at his palms, before finally firmly gripping it into a fist, punching it out towards the air.

However, there was no reaction after his fist exploded out.

“Strange, I have cultivated it according to how it’s written on the boxing record, yet why is there no reaction?” This made him astonished; it seemed like one time wasn’t enough to learn this skill, so he decided to do it again and again.

“Vigorously split open the blue dome of Heaven, crush the Heaven and Earth into little pieces, fists that strikes like a clap of thunder and fierce winds…”

While brandishing his fist, Qin Shi was chanting the Heaven Splitting Boxing’s mnemonics, but against his expectations, there was still no reaction.

“To hell with it! When dad was brandishing it in the morning, he didn’t even need to use spiritual power, yet its strength was even greater than mine, where am I making an error?”

After continuously brandishing a few times, he found that his spiritual power wasn’t able to harmonize with the mnemonics of the Heaven Splitting Boxing, as if it was lacking a turning point.

But what was this turning point?

Qin Shi thought deeply, but he still wasn’t able to find it. However, this didn’t affect his fighting spirit, he didn’t give up, instead, it made him cultivate more assiduously.

In a blink of an eye, the day was already about to end.

However, Qin Shi didn’t succeed at all. No matter how he brandished his fists, there wasn’t any reaction. This made him mad as he secretly said, “Strange, I’m cultivating it according to the mnemonics written in the scripture, but why is there no reaction?”

“Apparently, I can only continue tomorrow!”

He lifted his head to look at the sky, a golden glow had already appeared at the west. This gave him no choice but to stop cultivating, he sighed and walked towards his house.

During the whole journey, his head was hung down, thinking about the matter regarding the Heaven Splitting Boxing in his mind. He was thinking of various methods, analyzing what might be the turning point in order for him to succeed in cultivating this martial imitation.

“What am I lacking”

Thinking deeply, he unknowingly reached the Market Lane of Desolate Town.

There were street stalls arranged by peddlers all over the Market Lane. Those peddlers were continuously shouting, and whenever someone passed by, they would immediately raise their voices.

As a matter of fact, Qin Shi had hardly entered Market Lane, but that group of peddlers already started shouting as if they had gone mad.

“Whoever is passing by mustn’t miss the opportunity! Large discounts, very very cheap items! You will not suffer a loss!”

Listening to the shouts, Qin Shi felt very fidgety, he braced himself and quickened his footsteps.

At this time, when he was passing by a street stall, something suddenly caught his interest.

He discovered that this stall’s boss was different from the other peddlers.

The rest of the peddlers were shouting as if they had gone mad, but this stall’s boss before him was still calmly sitting at his original place, clasping his hands in front of his chest. He was resting with his eyes closed, as if he had no relation with this stall.

“A really strange person, how can he do business like this?”

Qin Shi curiously thought; although he didn’t like those peddlers shouting, he had no choice but to admit that their shouts were very effective inside this small street alley.

At this time, the stall’s boss suddenly raised his head, as if he sensed Qin Shi. He deliberately put out a profound expression and said, “Karma gives rise to Karma, Karma leaves behind Karma in accordance with Karma, everything begins with Karma and ends with Karma, Karma rises, Karma ends, everything is imaginary.”

“He noticed me? Hehe, interesting.”

Qin Shi couldn’t help but stare blankly, he walked towards that stall. After reaching there, he stooped down, fiddling with the goods on the stall as he asked the boss, “Boss, why aren’t you shouting like the others?”

That stall boss slightly opened his eyes and laughed towards Qin Shi, “The people who have karma will easily reach my door. Is there a need for me to shout? What’s the use for me to shout towards a person without karma? Everything climbs up in accordance to karma, if there’s an opportunity, it will naturally reach perfection.”

A string of unfathomable and mysterious words entered Qin Shi’s ears. He was mystified as his eyes twitched, “Doing this business, isn’t it in order to make money? Similarly, when other peddlers are shouting while you’re not, won’t it be detrimental to your business?”

“Wrong. Little Lord, even if I shout, how can you take notice of this place?” That stall’s boss vetoed, he crooked his head and mysteriously laughed towards Qin Shi.

Hearing these words, Qin Shi stared blankly.

True, he wanted to quickly leave Market Lane because of the ear-piercing shouting. However, it was precisely because this boss wasn’t shouting that he was attracted on his stall. If this boss also shouted, he would have already left the Market Lane.

Being clear of this point, he realized, “Silence can rake in customers and bring you profits?”

“Haha , Little Lord, some things can only be grasped intuitively and cannot be conveyed in words.” The stall boss stroked his beard and laughed heartily, saying, “Considering the karma between us, you can choose 3 items on this stall, this old man will give them as a gift for the first meeting.”

“3 gifts for the first meeting?”

Qin Shi became dazed. He opened his mouth and was about to refuse, however, when his gaze swept over the stall items, he was attracted towards an ancient rotten book.

That feeling was as if that ancient rotten book was beckoning him.

“Strange, what’s with this feeling?” Qin Shi was surprised in his heart, it was the first time he had experienced this kind of strange matter, therefore, he curiously picked that book and sized it up.

After picking that book, he didn’t know why, but Qin Shi suddenly felt an intense attraction. This made him more curious, after hesitating a bit, he said to the stall boss, “Boss, then I won’t be polite, but 3 items are too many, I will take only one, this ancient book.”


Seeing Qin Shi select that ancient book, the stall boss stared blankly, then suddenly started laughing, “You don’t want any of these many valuable goods, but you want to select this seemingly useless ancient book?”

“Yes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, this might be the destiny between us, hehe.” Qin Shi didn’t explain, and after picking up the ancient book, he got up and thanked the boss, “Many thanks boss.”

“No need for thanking me, you said it yourself, this is your destiny.”

The stall’s boss laughed heartily while waving his hand. Soon he put away the stall and spoke a few words to Qin Shi before disappearing within the Market Lane, “Be sure to remember that everything is in accordance to karma, there are nothing that can prevail over karma, if we have the same karma, then we will see each other again.”

Seeing the leaving stall’s boss, Qin Shi stood in a daze as he pondered deeply about the mysterious words of the stall’s boss.

However, even after thinking for a while, he still couldn’t figure out anything. Therefore, he just threw this matter to the back of his mind and turned as he headed for his house. Naturally, he couldn’t sense that when he turned around, there were two eyes watching him from a place not far away from him.

“This generation’s Demon Son has already started turning around his fate. It seems that the prophecy the Sovereign King made in those days has already started to emerge aah.” The person watching Qin Shi wasn’t someone else, rather it was that stall boss. It was only moments ago when he had separated with Qin Shi, however, he had already changed his clothes into a respectable blue dragon robe, revealing one kind of imposing manner.

  1.  Martial Imitation was used instead of martial technique, martial arts, etc.. in this novel by the author.
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      person a meets person b.
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