Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6, Qin Family Inheritance

“Qin Tian Qing, the Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle is going to be held half a month later.”

Qin Feng Shan stood inside the courtyard and shot a glance towards Qin Tian Qing. He didn’t even use honorifics; it was obvious that he had a mocking intention.

“If one possesses the Qin Family blood vessels, then they are qualified to participate in the Great Inheritance Battle.”

The Great Inheritance Battle is a competition for the Qin Family’s younger generation.

This competition had two goals – inspect the growth of the Qin Family’s younger generation, as well as display the Qin family’s deep and profound strength to the large and small families in the Desolate Town.

Among them, the champion would be granted the Blood Vessels Inheritance of the Qin Family’s First Ancestor.

“My father asked me to relay this to you for formality.”

“Naturally, it’s only as a formality. Listen well, I’m advising you, it’s best to know your own place.” Qin Feng Shan shrugged his shoulders and scoffed.

“I would be ashamed if I were you.”

Qin Feng Hai started speaking at this time, as if they were performing a duet, “Not speaking of your trash son who stole the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade, I really don’t know what my father is thinking, only expelling you out of the family. If I were the one making decision, it would have been an execution.”


Originally, after learning that these two were coming, Qin Tian Qing felt gratified, and he specially made Qiong Shu Yao prepare good food and wine. They wanted to have a chat with their nephews. However, listening to these words, Qin Tian Qing complexion changed.

“What? You’re not willing?”

Seeing Qin Tian Qing’s complexion change, Qin Feng Shan disdainfully said, “Qin Tian Qing, do you still think that you’re the genius of the Qin Family like the old days? Let me tell you right now. You’re nothing but trash, and not only you, your son is trash too.”

“Qin Feng Shan, is this how you speak to your Second Uncle?”

Qiong Shu Yao berated from the side.

“Shut up! You stinky woman, is this a place where you’re allowed to speak?” Qin Feng Shan unexpectedly pointed towards Qiong Shu Yao and scolded. It was as if the word ‘respect’ had lost its meaning, “My Second Uncle? This trash? Does he deserve to be my Second Uncle?”

“Unfilial son, Unfilial son aah, you’re really losing my Qin Family’s face.”

After hearing what Qing Feng Shan said, Qin Tian Qing stamped his feet from anger, he advanced forward and whipped his hand towards Qin Feng Shan.

– Pa! –

However, Qin Tian Qing’s spirit veins were crippled, how could he be Qin Feng Shan’s opponent?

Qin Feng Shan quickly reacted, he raised his hand and caught Qin Tian Qing’s wrist. He mockingly crooked his head and said, “I say, Qin Tian Qing, you still think you are a member of the Qin Family?”


“What you you, get lost for me!”

Not waiting for Qin Tian Qing to open his mouth, Qin Feng Shan sent spiritual power to his wrist, ruthlessly pushing Qin Tian Qing away, “Stop pissing me off and look at yourself, with your current morality and conduct, do you still deserve my Qin Family’s honor?”

“Y-You dared to hit back?”

Qin Tian Qing soared back a few steps, and after noticing the red marks on his wrist, he could already feel the huge gap in his heart.

To think that in those days, he was a grand 9th Layer Spirit Tempering Realm expert; within the entire family, his position couldn’t be spoken, and now, he had unexpectedly fallen into this state, not even equal to these two 3rd Layer Spirit Tempering Realm younger generation.

“Big Brother, what nonsense are you speaking to him, let me make him understand clearly that a useless person should act like a useless person.” After speaking this, Qin Feng Hai suddenly raised his fist and struck it towards Qin Tian Qing’s stomach.

“You evil creature…”

Looking at his nephew attack himself, Qin Tian Qing shook his head as if he was mocking himself. Ultimately, he just closed his eyes, an indifferent expression written all over his face.

“Get lost!”

At this moment of imminent danger, a silhouette quickly flashed by.

After that silhouette flashed by, it grabbed Qin Feng Hai’s wrist and negated that quick and violent attack by fiercely operating some spiritual power.

This silhouette was none other than Qin Shi. He had hardly entered into the old house, but already discovered these two brothers scolding both his mother and father. A surge of rage went towards his head, and his fiery temperament was already at its last straw.

“Oh my! I was thinking who it was, originally it was the trash Qin Shi.”

Getting grabbed by someone, Qin Feng Hai was instinctively alerted. But after he discovered that the person who grabbed him was just Qin Shi, he loosened his alertness and mocked with sarcasm.


“What did you say?”

“I said apologize, are you deaf?” Qin Shi bellowed.

That bellow gave rise to a ear-splitting echo, Qin Feng Hai couldn’t help but feel foolish. But after sometime, he became clear-headed and scolded, “Why should I listen to you? A trash with crippled spirit veins wants to make me … AAAHHH!”

Qing Feng Hai’s speech was interrupted as the tone of his voice changed from arrogance to a wolf’s weeping and ghost’s howling sound.

“Scolding my parents and still not wanting to apologize?”

Qin Shi simply didn’t let Qin Feng Hai speak; he sent out spirit power towards his hand, and after a movement of his wrist, only a ‘Ka Ka’ sound was audible.

It still hadn’t ended at that though. Qin Shi lifted his foot and ruthlessly kicked towards Qin Feng Hai. He coldly said, “Want to pinch the pushover? You’ve got the wrong person.”

– Peng! –


Receiving Qin Shi’s foot, Qin Feng Hai felt a twinge at his navel region. He shrieked in pain as he continuously retreated a few steps like a cat performing gymnastics.

Seeing this scene, everyone present at the place were stupefied. Especially the couple, Qin Tian Qing and Qiong Shu Yao, an excited expression flashed through their pupils. Seeing their son’s growth, they were extremely elated and happy.

“Second Brother!”

Seeing his younger brother fly, Qin Feng Shan was anxious. He sent a puzzling gaze towards Qin Shi and cried out in alarm, “H-How can this be possible? Your spirit veins, aren’t they…”


Qin Shi laughed strangely, interrupting Qin Feng Shan. His complexion became vicious as he roared, “I’m sorry to disappoint you. Now quickly apologize to my parents.”

But Qin Feng Shan’s shock gradually faded. He composed himself and spoke, “Humph! Apologize? Impossible. So what if your spirit veins have restored? I still don’t believe that you are able to defeat me!”

After calming down, Qin Feng Shan relaxed a bit.

He believed that even if Qin Shi’s spirit veins were restored, it would, at most, be at the strength of the 1st or 2nd layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm; Qin Shi was absolutely not his opponent. As for Qin Feng Hai, he thought that he was surely defeated due to underestimating the opponent.

However, the next second, his opinion was thoroughly toppled.

“You’re courting death!” Seeing that Qin Feng Shan was not ready to apologize, Qin Shi’s expression became ice cold. His body quickly swayed, dashing ahead in a flash.

While dashing forward, he covered his fist with spiritual power and ruthlessly smashed it towards Qin Feng Shan.

“Humph! Let me take a look at how many winds and waves you’re able to rise!”

Seeing Qin Shi attack, Qin Feng Shan also lifted his fist to face the attack.

– Peng! –

Their fists had barely touched, yet they quickly gave rise to an intense collition of spiritual power. The colliding spiritual powers continuously circled around in the sky, finally forming a magnificent vortex.

After the vortex rotated a few times, it exploded, distributing a surging heatwave. That heatwave was similar to those which came during summertime; it swept towards Qin Feng Shan and engulfed him.

– Peng! –

Getting engulfed by the heatwave, Qin Feng Shan fell down to the ground.

Right now, his face not only showed alarm but also shock. He didn’t dare to believe that he was defeated, moreover, he was actually thoroughly defeated. He realized that he was incapable to make even a single move against Qin Shi, “H-How can this be? How can I be unequal to you?”


Looking at the two brothers collapsed on the ground, Qin Shi secretly snorted. Although he was also at the 3rd layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm, due to the existence of the Evil Spirit, the purity of his spirit power exceeded these brothers by a large margin.

“You two dogs, today I’ll break off your legs.”

After Qin Shi knocked down those two, he still hadn’t dropped the matter. An evil breath flashed past his pupils as he walked towards those two.

“Shi’er, let it be.”

At this time, Qin Tian Qing raised his hand to block Qin Shi.

“Let it be? Father, how can I leave it be? Just now, these two… against you and mother…” Qin Shi stared blankly, looking towards his father, feeling not resigned.

“No matter what, they are your younger brothers, the flesh of the Qin Family. They are children whose words carry no harm, stopping here is proper.” Qin Tian Qin swept his gaze towards the two brothers, a silent and pitiful look flashed within them.

Qin Shi hesitated a bit, he really wasn’t ready to swallow his anger. However, he couldn’t go against his father’s words and finally had no choice but to give up. Sending spiritual power to his hand, two strands made of spiritual power whipped the bodies of the brothers as he scolded, “Humph! For the sake of my father’s face, I’ll stop here today. Scram!”

Those two looked at each other with a painful expression. They were shocked by Qin Shi’s strength, so they didn’t dare to stay here. They quickly tucked their tails as they went outside the old house.

“Qin Shi, you mustn’t believe you are a paragon in the land under heaven after recovering a little bit of your spiritual power. If you have the guts, then come to participate in the Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle half a month later, see how Older Sister Siyu teach you a lesson.” After those two reached the entrance of the old house, they suddenly scolded Qin Shi.

“Siyu, Qin Siyu?”

Qin Shi stared blankly, a silhouette flashed in his mind.

Qin Siyu, the daughter of Qin Shi’s Great Uncle, Qin Tian Yu. A genius within the Qin Family’s younger generation. 1 year ago, she had already reached the summit of Spirit Tempering Realm’s 4th layer. Her talent shocked all the people in Desolate Town.

“Hehe, stop the nonsense, I, Qin Shi, will definitely come to the Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle half a month later. Moreover, I will become the champion! Qin Siyu? I’ll personally defeat her!” Qin Shi was brimming with pride and confidence as he spoke these words..

Hearing Qin Shi, Qin Feng Shan and his brother were startled, they suddenly sneered and disdainfully said, “What did you say? Relying on you? You actually dare to say that you can defeat Older Sister Siyu? Really a big joke.”

“Whether it’s a joke or not, you’ll understand at that time.”

Qin Shi sneered and suddenly sent out a surge of spirit power, restraining the movement of the brothers. He crooked his neck and laughed, “You’re thinking of leaving like this? Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Forgot, forgot what?”

Qin Feng Shan said in a dazed voice as he was completely restrained by the spirit power.

“Apologize to my father and mother!” A surge of rage rose inside Qin Shi’s heart as he roared.

The brothers’ legs started to tremble after hearing Qin Shi’s roar. The fear broke their guts. not daring to show off anymore, they apologized and ran out of the old house while leaking something nasty between their legs.

After those two people left, Qin Shi finally calmed down.

His originally jovial mood disappeared. Turning around, he faced Qin Tian Qing and Qin Shu Yao, saying, “Father, Mother, child is unfilial, I have made the both of you suffer so much.”

“No, we have not suffered, come let mother…”

Seeing her son, Qiong Shu Yao instinctively advanced forward to embrace Qin Shi, however, before her words were finished, she was interrupted by Qin Tiang Qing, “Shi’er, your spirit veins have recovered?”

Qin Shi didn’t conceal anything and spoke the truth, “Yes, right now, I am already at the 3rd layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm.”

“3rd Layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm?”

Everyone else sucked in a cold breath at the same time. Qin Shu Yao and Liu Yan Bin naturally felt happy for Qin Shi.

At this time, Qin Tian Qing’s complexion suddenly changed, “In a short 3 days time, not only your spirit veins have recovered, but you even directly jumped into the 3rd layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, don’t tell me you are in control of the Evil Spirit?”

Hearing his father, Qin Shi trembled. He was hesitant as he thought, “The Evil Spirit entering my body cannot be divulged to anyone. The results would be disastrous, and it would provoke someone to come for my life. However, regarding my father and mother, is there a need to conceal it? Don’t tell me I’ll have to deceive them?”

Realizing this point, he nodded and answered, “Yes, that’s right.”

Qin Tian Qing trembled, his gaze warming up a bit. He suddenly advanced forward, holding Qin Shi within his bosom, “Haha, the firmament had not left me in vain, good youngster, worthy of being my, Qin Tian Qing’s, son, you’ve done very well.”

Getting suddenly hugged by his father and experiencing paternal love after a long time, Qin Shi’s mouth twitched; his mood was excited as he made an oath to himself, “Father, I will surely take you and mother back to the Qin Family.”

Seeing the rejoicing father and son, Qiong Shu Yao and Liu Yan Bing were moved to tears.

“Brother Shi…”

Seeing her older brother restore his spirit veins and regain his confidence, she felt extremely happy, her complexion became red as she opened her mouth. She was hesitant to speak.

“Bing’er, this is for you.”

At this time, Qin Shi became aware of Liu Yan Bing’s strange behavior. He smiled and took out the golden hairpin from his bosom, handing it over to Liu Yan Bing.

Seeing the golden hairpin, Liu Yan Bing trembled, almost wailing from the surging emotions.

The whole family was reunited once again, and it goes without saying that they were happy. Thinking that it was the right time to celebrate, Qiong Shu Yao took out the food and drinks she had originally prepared for their nephews.

During the dinner, Qin Shi accounted the events that had happened during the past three days. He only mentioned how he had obtained the Evil Spirit and recovered his spirit veins. However, he didn’t dare to mention the matter of the Evil Spirit trying to devour himself, not even a word or a hint about it.

He didn’t want to make his father and mother worry for him.

“Father, you know something about the Evil Spirit?”

Qin Shi suddenly said at this time. He was certain that his father knew something about the Evil Spirit. It was not farfetched to say that the sole reason why he was able to obtain the Evil Spirit and recover his spirit veins was all due to his father.

Suddenly getting asked this question, Qin Tian Qing grimly stood up and said, “Shi’er, regarding the matter of the Evil Spirit, remember, the lesser you know, the better. Your father doesn’t want to harm you, and the time isn’t ripe now.”

Qin Shi was startled, he believed his father, his father would never do something to harm him. With that thought in mind, he refrained to ask any question again.

“Right! The Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle is half a month later, you definitely have to win it.”

Qin Tian Qing suddenly changed the topic, “This Great Inheritance Battle holds an unusual significance for you.”

Seeing his father’s grim face, Qin Shi also nodded and answered with a determined expression, “Even if father had not spoken, I will do my utmost to win this Qin Family Inheritance. I am its rightful owner.”

“Stinky youngster, although you have recovered you spirit veins, you cannot be careless. Siyu, that girl’s strength has already reached the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm.”

Qin Shi was shocked, 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm? He hadn’t foreseen this. However, this served him differently. There was no fear in his heart, it was the so called ‘the more the pressure, the more the increase in power’. As of this moment, inside his heart, a blazing will to fight was raging on.

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