Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Venting Off


Qin Shi’s spirit veins had recovered and his confidence was also boosted.

While on his way back to Desolate Town, he killed quite a few low level desolate beasts.

Entering the Desolate Town, he didn’t hurry back home, instead, he searched for a store first, selling off the animal skin, snake gall, bear paw etc.. he obtained on the way. He prepared to buy a few jins 1of Shao Jiu2.

“I haven’t had a drink with father for over a year, who knows if he was able to increase his liquor tolerance or not.” Qin Shi held a few gold coins while searching for a tavern. He bought two jins of Shao Jiu, and thinking of drinking with his father made him really happy.

At this time, he passed by the Intoxicated Immortal’s Restaurant. Recalling the previous events, specifically Liu Yan Bing giving away her invaluable golden hairpin as collateral, he turned around to walk in, preparing to redeem the golden pin back.

“Young Master Qin?”

Seeing Qin Shi arrive, the waiter came up to him with a towel hung over his shoulder, “What? You have found another beauty to give you a dinner party?”

There was a dense flavor of sarcasm in these words.

“Humph!” Qin Shi snorted as he shot a glance towards the waiter. However, he didn’t feel like arguing with this lowly man, so he directly dashed over to the front desk and spoke to the Intoxicated Immortal House shopkeeper.

“Shopkeeper, today I have come to redeem my Younger Sister, Bing’er’s, golden hairpin.”

“Oh? Redeem the golden hairpin?”

Hearing that, the shopkeeper’s son was startled. After a hearty laugh, he pointed towards Qin Shi with an expression filled with disdain and said, ” I say, Young Master Qin, are you joking? Seeing your poor appearance, you think you can redeem the golden hairpin?”

“Humph! Stop saying nonsense, here are 10 gold coins, return the golden hairpin back to me.”

Seeing the 10 gold coins, the shopkeeper suddenly had a grim expression as he pulled the drawer open. He took out the golden hairpin and spoke with disdain, “Really, Young master Qin? Have you been around a wealthy women lately? Are you sure you want to redeem this golden hairpin? 10 gold coins are really insufficient.”

“Insufficient?” Qin Shi furrowed his brows.

“Give me 100 gold coins and this golden hairpin is yours.” The shopkeeper weirdly laughed; he secretly felt delighted in his heart. He thought to himself, “This golden hairpin value’s can at most be 50 gold coins; it seems he is really about to take out a 100 gold coins. This is certainly a big catch.”

“100 gold coins?”

Qin Shi sucked in a deep breath, “Shopkeeper, did you make a mistake in recording? The food I ate last time would at most amount to 10 gold coins, and now you are unexpectedly asking for 100 gold coins?”

“Last time is last time, this time is this time, you think I am a fool? This golden hairpin’s entire body has been delicately carved, asking you for 100 gold coins is already a bargain.” The shopkeeper was very shameless. Shooting a glance towards Qin Shi, he said, “Are you going to redeem or not? If not, then don’t disturb my business.”

Listening to the shopkeeper’s words made Qin Shi angry. Unable to hold himself back, his fists made crackling sounds, however, he still took out a 100 gold coins from his bosom and hit them on the table, “100 gold coins, return the golden hairpin to me.”

“Heh, you really have been spoiled by some rich woman, eh?”

The shopkeeper was very happy, quickly snatching away the gold coins.

“Hehe, Young Master Qin, this golden hairpin has now returned to its rightful owner,” the shopkeeper tallied up the gold coins and prepared to hand over the hairpin to Qin Shi. He smiled secretly, making his flabby face sway up and down.

Qin Shi’s heart was filled with rage.

He knew he was cheated by the shopkeeper; if it was in the past, then he would have crashed the table. However, he was a little different now. This 1 year had made him a lot more patient and calmer. Therefore, although his spirit veins were restored, he wasn’t impulsive like before.

But as this moment…

“Young Master Lin, that hairpin looks very pretty.”

“You like it? I’ll gift it to you.”

A handsome youth walked towards the desk while hugging a woman wearing revealing clothes in his bosom.

“Shopkeeper, this golden hairpin, give it to me, Lin Ya, for 200 gold coins.”

The woman was very excited after hearing this, she tiptoed and softly kissed Lin Ya’s cheek, and those two huge breasts on her bosom made a boing sound, “Young lord Lin, you’re really good to me.”

“Hahaha, if the beauty likes, then I, Lin Ya, will satisfy you.” Lin Ya joyfully raised his head, not caring at all about Qin Shi at the side as he took out 200 gold coins and slapped them on the table.

“Young Master Lin?”

The shopkeeper was a bit more polite when he saw Lin Ya. His hand, which was about to set out and return the golden hairpin to Qin Shi, suddenly stopped, “Since Young lord Lin wants this golden hairpin, then this old man is ready to part with this treasure.”

Qin Shi was angry, “Shopkeeper, what are you talking about? You have taken my money, how can you go back on your word?”

“Going back on my word?”

The shopkeeper returned the 100 gold coins back to Qin Shi and said, “Young Master Lin has bid 200 gold coins for this golden hairpin. You think I will still sell it to you? You think I am a fool?”

Lin Ya shot a glance towards Qin Shi; he simply didn’t put him in his eyes. He lifted his hand to take the golden hairpin.

Qin Shi’s gritted his teeth. He knew this Lin Ya, he was the Young Master of the Lin Family, a second-rate family in Desolate Town. He mostly idled about during the daytime, indulging in debauchery. By relying on the Lin Family’s power, he oppressed the people; it could be said that he had been given the title of an evil tyrant in Desolate Town.

“250 gold coins.”

Qin Shi was anxious to get back the golden hairpin from Lin Ya’s hand, so he had no choice but to have a bidding competition; he had to obtain this golden hairpin at all cost.

“300 gold coins.” Lin Ya felt it was really pointless and spoke with an indifferent tone.


Qin Shi was angry, 250 gold coins was already his limit. He had only obtained 260 gold coins from the spoils he had sold a while ago.

“What? You don’t have money?” Lin Ya took the golden hairpin, tightly hugging the big breasted beautiful woman beside him. He sarcastically said, “If you don’t have money, then you mustn’t try to imitate others. Want to pick up a girl by buying a gift? You’re really overestimating your abilities.”

“Give the golden hairpin back to me.”

“Return it back to you? I say to you, don’t make me angry, quickly get out of here!” Lin Ya became more rampant; he gave a loathful glance towards Qin Shi, “A trash who was expelled out of his family due to a woman actually wants to compete with this young master?”

“What did you say?” Qin Shi became furious.

“I’ll say it again and again. What are you going to do to me? I said you are a trash who was expelled out of his family.” Lin Ya enjoyed seeing Qin Shi get angry, so he slandered him again and again.

“You’re courting death.”

Qin Shi was reminding himself to bear patiently from the beginning, but this Lin Ya had actually overreached the limits of his patience. Unable to endure anymore, he raised his fist, which was suddenly surging with power, and struck at Lin Ya’s face.

Seeing Qin Shi attack himself, Lin Ya was startled. However, he soon felt disdainful, so he casually lifted his fist to face the attack, “You actually dare to set your hand against me. It seems like you don’t know how the word ‘death’ is written.”

The shopkeeper and that big breasted woman pulled back a few steps, revealing a agreeing loathful expression, “This Qin Shi is bringing trouble to himself, Young lord Lin has already stepped into the 2nd layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, how can this trash be able to stand … ….”

– Peng! –

However, when the sound echoed out, the eyes of the surrounding people widened.

An intense ripple appeared from the collision of their fists, and a portion of spiritual power turned over all the tables and chairs inside the Intoxicated Immortal’s House.

However the scene they expected didn’t happen.

Qin Shi was still firmly standing at his original place, not even retreating a single step. But as for Lin Ya, he had difficulty stopping his body after being forced to retreat 3 steps.

“W-What happened just now?”

“How can Young Master Lin fail to win against this trash?”

The surrounding people were all amazed, especially the shopkeeper and the inn waiter who mocked Qin Shi.

Seeing the circumstances, it seemed that Qin Shi’s strength was above Lin Ya.

“Don’t tell me that Young Master Qin has recovered his strength?”

Realizing this point, the shopkeeper and the inn waiter couldn’t help but withdraw their necks after remembering their previous conduct against Qin Shi.

“You…” Lin Ya gradually composed himself and spoke in a tone filled with disbelief.

“What you? Let me tell you, when this young master was picking up girls, you weren’t even born, you mustn’t have a chat with me regarding this.” That manner of speaking was a complete reversal as Qin Shi pointed towards Lin Ya and scolded him.

“I don’t believe that this young master is not equal to you! You certainly used some trick just now.” Lin Ya was not ready to accept the truth; gritting his teeth, he attacked Qin Shi again.

However, he was defeated more thoroughly this time.

After recovering his spirit veins, Qin Shi was already at the 3rd layer of Spirit Tempering Realm. In his eyes, this Lin Ya was equivalent to a clown jumping on a beam. Seeing his movements and gently avoiding the attack, Qin Shi grabbed Lin Ya’s wrist, turning him over as his foot kicked Lin Ya, causing him to fly away


Lin Ya flew and crashed to a table, and after rolling a few times, he didn’t stand up anymore.

“This young master had spent 10 years in the Willow Lane Red-light District and you unexpectedly want to teach me.” Qin Shi shot a glance towards Lin Ya. During the scuffle just now, he had already taken the golden hairpin, so he didn’t feel like idling about and turned to leave.

While he was on his way out of the inn, his sight fell on that big breasted beautiful woman’s body. Sweeping it up and down avariciously, he finally stopped over her lofty twin peaks as he sighed, “Contrarily, you really have some good looks. It’s a pity you have followed the wrong man.”

“Youn–Young Master Qin.”

Seeing Qin Shi leave, the shopkeeper became anxious. The tables and chairs were destroyed, it seemed as if Qin Shi was going to leave, and at the end of it all, who should pay for the damages?

“The-these damaged table and chairs …”

“Did I touch your tables and chairs?” Qin Shi turned his head, pretending to be puzzled, then he pointed towards Lin Ya who was twitching on the floor and said, “Ask the person who touched them to compensate for the loses.”

Leaving behind these words, he shrugged his shoulders and happily left the Intoxicated Immortal’s Restaurant.

This was the first time he had vented off after recovering his spirit veins. His heart felt very comfortable, but he showed nothing outside. Right now, his left hand was holding the golden hairpin, and his right hand was carrying two jins of Shao Jiu as he excitedly walked towards his home.

“Yu Lin’er, Burning Sky Sect, wait and see. I, Qin Shi, have resurrected.” A wide smile flashed across Qin Shi’s face; this smile was brimming with both confidence and pride.

After a while, he had already reached his home.

Looking at the soulless old house, he felt an indescribable pain in his heart.

“Father, Mother… the day I will take you back to the Qin Family is coming. I’ll let those Qin Family members see you in a new light, and I will let them know that your son is absolutely not trash.” Qin Shi deeply exhaled and entered inside the old house.

He had hardly entered inside the old house yet Qin Shi was already startled.

He saw Qin Tian Qing, Qiong Shu Yao, and Liu Yan Bing standing on the courtyard, and there were two youths standing in front of them.

Qin Shi was not unfamiliar with these two youths. They could be considered as his patrilineal cousins. They were Qin Feng Shan and Qing Feng Hai, the sons of the Third Elder from the Qin Family’s second generation, Qin Tian Xing.

Ridicule was written all over their faces.

  1. Jin = 0.5 kg
  2. Shao Jiu = A famous Tang Dynasty wine.
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