Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 28

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Chapter 28, Massacre

Qin Shi gritted his teeth as he looked towards the incoming meteor, “If this young master is able to escape from this calamity, I’ll slaughter those bastards from the Yang Family. I’ll also make these brats from the Qin Family serve this young master for a while!”

“This young master is betting my life to protect you!”

Although Qin Shi felt very vexed in his heart, his movements didn’t slow down for a moment.

He raised the Blood-Thirsty Sword, pouring all the spiritual power in his body into it in order to use his most powerful attack, “Yellow Springs 9 Swords!”

“1st Sword, Disintegrate.”

“2nd Sword, Assemble.”

“3rd Sword, Reap Life.”

“4th Sword, Order Death.”

Four sword lights emerged from the Blood-Thirsty Sword.

The sword lights combined together to collide with the huge meteor in order to stop it.

“5th Sword, Annihilate.”

The 5th sword light burst out, crashing into the meteor. However, the meteor’s huge spiritual power dispersed the sword lights into the void at the same moment they touched it.

“6th Sword, Slaughter Devil.”

“7th Sword, Temblor.”

“8th Sword, Split Heaven.”

Qin Shi gritted his teeth feeling unresigned. He sent another 3 sword lights over. In a blink an eye, 8 sword lights had already gone out. However, that meteor was still the same as it made its way towards Qin Shi.

“9th Sword, Universe Quaker!”

Qin Shi waved the Blood-Thirsty Sword in his hand, sending the final sword with ferocity.

That sword light swept past the earth like a snake as it struck on top of the meteor.

At that split second, that meteor stopped for a moment. However, it was but for a moment as it swallowed the entire sword light inside itself. After that, that meteor resumed its ferocious drive, splitting past with an ear-piercing screech, just like a malevolent beast as it reached in front of Qin Shi.

“Even this isn’t enough?” Qin Shi tightened his fists while feeling unreconciled.

The ‘Yellow Springs 9 Swords’ was the most powerful move Qin Shi could use for now, but it was still unable to stop the meteor. This gave rise to a helpless feeling in his heart. His fingernails had dug into his palms due to the force in his grip.

“Shi’tou, escape from here, there’s still time!” Shu Zhong Yu yelled.

“Hah, escape?” Qin Shi shook his head, showing a bitter smile, “Do you think a hero will shrink back halfway when showing off? That’s not my, Qin Shi’s, style. Let me take a look at how powerful this meteor is!”

Saying this, Qin Shi braced his hands to resist the meteor with his corporeal body.

“Resisting it with his corporeal body? Is he insane?”

“Haha, this Qin Shi is definitely going to die!” The Yang Family members were excited, especially Yang Zi Long. He scolded with delight, “Getting hit by such a powerful attack, maybe even his bones won’t remain?”

The Qin Family members looked at Qin Shi in despair.

At the moment that attack was going to hit Qin Shi, a white light suddenly flashed by Qin Shi’s waist. That white light was Shu Zhong Yu, she stood in front of Qin Shi, making a seal with her hands. She formed a barrier.

Qin Shi was frightened when he saw Shu Zhong Yu, “Older Sister Yu? Don’t!”

Qin Shi knew she was injured. This degree of attack could be fatal to her.

Thinking of this, he took a step forward to stop Shu Zhong Yu. However, by the time he raised his hand to pull her back, it was already too late. The meteor had struck the barrier.

– Peng! –

Flames spread in all directions at the moment the meteor hit the barrier.

The land shuddered due to the attack, forming several deep gorges over the ground just like a cobweb.

– Pfft –

Shu Zhong Yu coughed out a mouthful of blood which fell down on Qin Shi’s face. Qin Shi dashed forward in worry to hold her with tears on his eyes, “Older Sister Yu, Why? Why did you set about? It’s obviously me who was showing off, these are unrelated to you!”

Ke ke, foolish Shi’tou, you still know to show off?”

“Humph! I’ll see if you dare act by youself from next time onwards!” Qin Shi held her weak body which seemed like it would disappear any second.

“I won’t! I won’t dare to do it again! If you’re alright, I’ll listen to whatever you say.” Teardrops couldn’t help but bubble out from his eyes. “Older Sister Yu, don’t worry, I’ll find a soul curing medicinal plant for you again. You must hold on until then!”

Ke ke, I’m fine. I’m just feeling a bit tired.”

Shu Zhong Yu shook her head. She tried to squeeze out a smile with her pale complexion, “Why are you crying? Don’t you know the saying ‘ Real men do not easily cry’? Moreover, this older sister isn’t dying, so stop wailing like you’re at a funeral and let older sister take a good rest!”

“Hey, I really can’t understand you. You hated those Qin Family members before and now you try to protect them. Let it be, this older sister is going to rest now, save your Qin Family members quickly …” Her voice became weaker as she slowly floated back inside the Blazing Book.

Qin Shi wiped his tears after seeing her return back inside the Blazing Book.

“Older Sister Yu, thank you! Wait until I deal with the Yang Family members, I’ll help you find those spiritual plants again.” Qin Shi said in a low voice. He raised his head, and with a sight filled with the desire to murder, his gaze swept past all the Yang Family members present here. He roared, “Today … Your Yang Family members will all die!”

Before his words could end, he had already charged into the Yang Family members.

They were completely scared after seeing Qin Shi was still fine. Yang Zi Yun lost his mind in fear, “How can this be possible? Purple Star – Setting Sun is the number one martial imitation of the Cloud Cauldron Sect. How could he resist it? This is completely irrational!”

He failed to understand the reason why Qin Shi, an insignificant 5th Layer Spirit Tempering Realm expert,  was able to be so heaven defying; First, it was the Body Refining martial imitation, second, the Profound Weapon, and lastly, he had unfathomably resisted the Purple Star – Setting Sun.

However, Qin Shi didn’t give them the time to ponder.

He charged into their ranks and ruthlessly slaughtered whoever got caught by his hand, just like a wolf which had entered inside a sheep pen.

“Is he still a person? No, he isn’t a person, he is a devil! This is definitely a devil! Save me!” The Yang Family members trembled in fear. At this moment, Qin Shi looked like a cold-blooded devil to them.

“Yang Zi Long!”

The sword rose and fell, each move beheading a member of the Yang Family. Qin Shi’s sight fell on Yang Zi Long’s body, “You were saved by your damned father at the Market Lane last time, but you definitely won’t be able to escape this time. I’ll return the hatred Qiao’er felt at that time!”

Yang Zi Long’s body started to tremble in fear.

Suddenly, he took a dagger out and placed it at Qin Siyu’s neck while roaring at Qin Shi, “Don’t come over here! If you come near, I’ll kill her!”

At this moment, Qin Siyu suddenly turned around and kicked Yang Zi Long’s crotch.

“Humph! Using Older Sister Siyu to threaten me? Did you forget that she is the no. 1 genius of my Qin Family! You are going to die without leaving any descendants.” Qin Shi rushed forwards quickly, swiftly running the Blood-Thirsty Sword through Yang Zi Long’s throat.

“Yang Zi Yun, you’re next.”

After beheading all the remaining Yang Family members, Qin Shi’s gaze fell on Yang Zi Yun.

At this moment, Qin Shi was drenched in blood, just like an Asura from hell. The Blood-Thirsty Sword in his hand gave rise to sparks as it crackled with the ground. Slowly, Qin Shi approached Yang Zi Yun, “Do you remember what I said to you before?”


Yang Zi Yun retreated back step by step in a daze.

He was already shocked by Qin Shi’s strength as well as his cruel methods.

“I said … I’ll dismember you three times!”

Saying this, Qin Shi rushed forward, cutting off Yang Zi Yun’s arm ruthlessly using the Blood-Thirsty Sword, “First!”

“Aaaahhh!” The intense pain from having his arm cut off almost made Yang Zi Yun lose consciousness. He leapt backwards, looking at Qin Shi with alarm, “You cannot kill me! I am a disciple of the Cloud Cauldron Sect!”

“The Cloud Cauldron Sect won’t let you off if you kill me! Disaster will befall to your Qin Family!” Yang Zi Yun was scared witless, his body trembled as he looked towards Qin Shi timidly.

“Cloud Cauldron Sect?”

A sneer filled with ridicule escaped from Qin Shi’s mouth, “I’m not even afraid of the Burning Sky Sect, so why will I be scared of your insignificant Cloud Cauldron Sect? Moreover, have you forgotten what you told me before entering the hidden dimension?”

“The hidden dimension is filled with danger, losing one’s life is but a common matter. Did you forget the words you spoke yourself?” Qin Shi laughed weirdly, he suddenly severed Yang Zi Yun’s other arm using the Blood-Thirsty Sword, “Second!”


Having both arms cut off, Yang Zi Yun raised his head and roared.

He felt fear emerging from the depths of his heart. Suddenly, he turned around and rushed towards the Qin Family disciples.

“Damn, you think you can resist?” Qin Shi narrowed his eyes, a huge amount of spiritual power rouse from his body as he overtook Yang Zi Yun in a flash and kicked his back.

– Peng! –

Yang Zi Yun rolled on the ground several times before his body came to a stop.

He had hardly steadied his body before he was kicked in the chest by Qin Shi again, “It’s all because you hurt Older Sister Yu! It will be really hard to dispel the hatred in my heart if I don’t kill you!”

Qin Shi raised the Blood-Thirsty Sword, stabbing it towards Yang Zi Yun’s chest.

At this moment, an alluring fragrance came arrived from a distant place. The emergence of this fragrance was the sign that the Yuan Yang Fruit had matured completely. The surrounding land started to tremble at the same time it finished maturing.

“Hou! Hou! Hou!”

Heaven frightening beast roars suddenly echoed out.

“A beast wave? It seems that the nearby desolate beasts are all being attracted by this mature Yuan Yang Fruit!” Qin Shi stood there, staring blankly while listening to the roars. When he raised his head, he saw a Goshawk desolate beast flying in the sky towards Qin Siyu, planning to attack her.

Qin Siyu was still standing at the original place, completely oblivious to the impending danger.

“Damn it! I’ll slaughter this bastard after saving Older Sister Siyu!” Qin Shi grudgingly let Yang Zi Yun off, spitting towards his direction. He turned around to rush towards Qin Siyu.

After rushing there, he raised his left hand.

The Evil Spirit Totem emerged out, swallowing the Goshawk in a split second.

“This…“ Qin Siyu was frightened. By the time she had recovered herself, she discovered that she had already been saved by Qin Shi. She lowered her head shyly, “Thank you…“

More and more desolate beasts rushed towards their location crazily.

There were probably more than several hundred desolate beasts. Even Qin Shi felt a bit nervous facing these many desolate beasts. He wasn’t sure whether the Evil Spirit Totem would be able to swallow all of them, and as such, he could only shout, “All the Qin Family members are to escape from this place immediately!”

“Hou! Hou! Hou!” At this time, an unprecedented heaven frightening beast roar echoed everywhere. The aftereffects of that roar were just like as if the land had been struck by thunder, causing it to tremble. Soon after, a giant bear the size of a mountain suddenly rushed out.

All the Qin family members were stupefied seeing that giant bear.

“A Profound Rank Desolate Beast?” Qin Shi shivered while gulping saliva down his throat.

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  • Nope, still can’t catch a break. And that armless guy is going to escape, isn’t he. Never mind that the beast wave should eat him alive… ?

    • March

      Even if he guy survives, I just hope he becomes a villian instead of just tattling on Qin Shi by telling is sect…

    • Wentley

      UGH. How long does it take to complete a motion when he was ALREADY STABBING AT THE GUY!

  • etloth

    “Qin Shi raised the Blood-Thirsty Sword, stabbing it towards Yang Zi Yun’s chest.”

    And then he stops? Like, this is a logic I cannot understand. It would take literally less than a second to continue the stab. Yet, he stops, and ” staring blankly while listening to the roars”, when he was supposed to be mad and raged for bringing the life period of the spirit girl down and nearly massacring his family members?

    Why not continue the stabbing that will take less than a second to finish while listening to the roars, which probably should not be happening at the exact moment the plant finishes maturing.

    Qin Siyu, I thought she was “the no. 1 genius of my Qin Family!” as said by Qin Shi himself, yet she can’t handle herself for a second against a desolate beast? What kind of genius is that then? Is the word genius meant to be tossed around like thrash?

    I hope this sort of weird logic happens only once and maximum twice in this novel. There are a lot of novels I dropped because I could’t handle the stupid logic that the author tries to force into them.

    • archrequiem

      I cringed too… -_-

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