Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Qin Family’s Calamity


“Husband, take care of these two rogues for me!”

In that moment, Qin Shi almost forgot to breathe.

“Stinky brat, you are her husband?” Those two monkey-cheeked men clearly didn’t know Qin Shi. After hearing Shu Zhong Yu, they both tilted their heads, pointing themselves towards Qin Shi with a provoking look across their faces.

The corners of Qin Shi’s eyes twitched. Waving his hand, he replied blandly, “Nope, I don’t know her!”

At this moment, Shu Zhong Yu swayed her waist as she walked nearer to Qin Shi with a lovely expression across her face. Quite naturally pulling Qin Shi’s arm, she coquettishly purred, “Husband, how can you not know me? You forgot, but we already gave our respect to both heaven and earth.”

“I say, Older Sister Yu…“

Even if there’s a need to be deceptive, there’s no need to be so deceptive right? Qin Shi felt somewhat uneasy, but before he could open his mouth to protest he felt Shu Zhong Yu’s lily-white hands climb onto his waist and lightly pinch. She whispered, “Hehe, Shi’tou, don’t tell me you’re willing to let your beautiful older sister be bullied by others?”

Listening to her lovely voice, Qin Shi’s bones ached. He felt as if he had boarded a pirate ship. Finally, he helplessly sighed. “Cough, All right. These two brothers, I will tell you the truth. This is my wife – a married woman; you mustn’t have any plans on her.”

Since he had been called as husband, wouldn’t it be suffering losses if he didn’t take some small advantages?

Thinking of that, Qin Shi grabbed Shu Zhong Yu’s graceful and slender waist, touching her tender white skin through the skirt, delightfully shouting in his mind: “Humph! This skin quality, this sexiness, is indeed very comfortable!”

“Stinky brat, you’re thinking of cheating us?”

Looking at Qin Shi and Shu Zhong Yu showing a play, the two men went ashen.

Qin Shi shrugged his shoulders and sized up these two men. They were both only at the 4th layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm. To the present him, they were simply worthless.

“Humph! So what if she’s your wife? Weren’t you so scared to admit it just now?” The two men became angry after seeing Qin Shi act like this. One of them stepped forward, grabbing Qin Shi’s shirt collar. He growlingly said, “Be tactful and get lost for me. From now on, your wife is ours!”

Qin Shi tilted his head while laughing disapprovingly. “I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle her!”

“Handle or not has fart relation with you! Be smart and quickly — eh aahh!!” The man opened his mouth to rain curses but he hadn’t even started before Qin Shi suddenly grabbed his wrist using a large strength making a “zhi zhi” bone disintegrating sound come from it.

“Stinky brat, what are you doing?”

Seeing his brother release a painful howl, the other man got angry and raised his leg to quickly rush ahead.

But, he had only made one step when Qin Shi raised his head, emitting a frightening spiritual power from his body, making that man withdraw from the force. He said, “Humph! You know what the final outcome of all those who dared to speak like this to me, Qin Shi, is?”

“Y-You are a person from Qin Family?”

Those two men stared blankly, looking at each other, their savage expression had already deflated, saying: “Y-You are precisely the one who was expelled from the Qin Family a year ago and recently made a counterattack, Qin Shi?”

Qin Shi narrowed his eyes. The thing he hated most was when others unmasked his scar, thus, the spiritual power around his soared and a thunderous several thousand jin power enveloped those men, pressuring them. “You still haven’t replied to my question. That’s fine, let me tell you! All those people died!”

– Pu! –

As soon as his words ended, Qin Shi sent force to his palm, making the man he grabbed tremble before he went unconscious.

Seeing his brother become like this, the other man was really frightened, unexpectedly pissing his pants. Falling down to the ground, he begged lowly, “Y-Young master Qin, spare me, I beg you, I really didn’t know it was you!”

“Young master Qin? Just now, you didn’t call me like that.”

Qin Shi didn’t stop, he walked towards him step by step, converging spiritual power in his hand.

“You… Fine. In any case, you’ll accompany your Qin Family members after death soon, this can also be considered to be worthwhile, hahaha!” Seeing that Qin Shi wasn’t going to spare him, that man raised his head and started laughing.

Qin Shi was shocked. He grabbed that man’s collar and questioned him. “What do you mean? What happened to my Qin Family members?”

“What happened? Hehe, they have already been surrounded by the Yang Family members. Since Yang Zi Yun is there, I fear they have already started their journey on the Yellow Springs road!” That man narrowed his eyes, speaking with a sinister smile across his face.

“What did you say? Damn it!”

Hearing his words, the spiritual power around Qin Shi soared as his eyes went wide.

After that, he didn’t release his hand but rather directly took that man’s life. He didn’t hesitate anymore and quickly rushed towards the region where the Qin Family members should be, thinking in his mind, “I can’t let anything happen to them!”

If what that man had said was true and the Qin Family members were surrounded by Yang Family members, then the consequences will be too horrible.

“Shi’tou, there’s no enmity or grievance between them and you, you won’t go as far as to kill them right?” While he was rushing, Shu Zhong Yu hesitated a bit before finally asking a question.

“Relying on force to bully others, using power to oppress the weak, of course I’m going to kill who I need to kill! There’s no need to ponder over it.” Qin Shi said coldly, a wild, beastly and murderous glint passed through his eyes.

Shu Zhong Yu trembled, finally going silent.

Qin Shi didn’t feel much regarding it. He hadn’t even realized that he had already killed several persons these past few days. However, his nature was precisely like this. He only cared about those who cared for him, the rest of the persons were unrelated to him.

Right now, he only hoped in his heart that the Qin Family members are safe.

“Persevere, you must persevere! Wait until I come!” Qin Shi thought of this and raised his speed, rushing out.

. . . . . .

At the same time, in the depths of the hidden dimension.

A millennium ancient tree was growing here, and two fruits could be seen growing on top of it.

Of these two fruits, one was red and the other was blue, looking quite beautiful. They were called Yuan Yang Fruit.

The Yuan Yang Fruit was a rare 3rd grade lower rank spirit grass.

This thing was a treasure that would cause the whole of Desolate Town to erupt in riots.

Yuan Yang Fruit, it only bores two fruits through its lifetime, each of Yin and Yang, filled with a sinister Yin poison and Yang poison. If eaten alone, even an expert at the 9th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm would be unable to bear its toxicity.

However, if both were taken together, they complemented each other and gave a good effect to the cultivator.

“Hehe, it’s a pity that Qin Shi isn’t present here!” Right now, there were two groups standing opposite to each other beside the ancient tree. These factions were precisely the Qin Family and the Yang Family. The Yang Family was being led by Yang Zi Yun. He was looking towards Qin Siyu with a joyful expression on his face.

The Qin Family members were completely surrounded by Yang Family members.

Most of them were gravely wounded. Some of them had even fallen to the ground, unable to stand.

Qin Siyu was at the front of Qin Family members, she was also hurt badly. Taking big mouthfuls of air, she finally roared, “Yang Zi Yun! We have already given this Yuan Yang Fruit to you! Why are you still doing this?!”

Originally, after Qin Shi left, Qin Siyu had taken the Qin Family members into the depths of the hidden dimension. By chance, they found a Yuan Yang Fruit on the eve of maturing. Therefore, they excitedly waited here for it to mature.

But, unfortunately, the Yang Family members also passed through this region.

The Yang Family members saw the Qin Family members beside the fruit and… the aftermath could be imagined. They directly surrounded Qin Siyu and the others. At the beginning, Qin Siyu thought of resisting them along with the Qin Family members, but after exchanging a few blows, she discovered that Yang Zi Yun’s strength had unexpectedly reached the 8th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm.

The result was inevitable in a way. Qin Siyu and the Qin Family members eventually lost the battle.

She renounced the Yuan Yang Fruit for the safety of the Qin Family members.

However, Yang Zi Yun had no intention of letting them off. He tilted his head as he mockingly said, “Hehe, these Yuan Yang Fruit? They originally ought to be our Yang Family’s thing anyway, so how can they be considered to have been given by you?”


“What do you want so that you can let us off?” Qin Siyu ground her teeth together.

“Begging forgiveness? You think I’ll let you off? There’s no chance of that!” Yang Zi Yun’s gaze fell on the two lofty peaks on Qin Siyu’s chest and he lecherously added, “If you stay being and accompany me for a night, then I’ll agree to let them off!”

“Older Sister Siyu, you mustn’t try to bargain with them!”

“Let’s stake it all with them! The Qin Family members will not lose!”

Hearing Yang Zi Yun’s shameless terms, the Qin Family disciples walked forward. They roared indignantly, thinking of setting about against the Yang Family.

However, Qin Siyu raised her hand and stopped them.

After stopping them, Qin Siyu’s complexion turned ashen. She knew that the Qin Family members had no chance of success with Yang Zi Yun being here. She couldn’t let the Qin Family disciples lose their life like this.

“I promise you! First, let them go!”

Qin Siyu took a deep breath. After struggling in her heart, she finally made a decision.

“Hehe. As expected, Siyu really knows how to act!” Seeing Qin Siyu agree, an excited gleam passed through Yang Zi Yun’s eyes. He waved his hand towards his family members as he said, “Come, step aside. Let them go!”

“No! Older Sister Siyu, you mustn’t agree with him. We aren’t afraid of death!” The Qin Family disciples shouted malevolently in despair.

However, Qin Siyu resolutely turned her head away. Her eyes were red as she roared at them, “Go quickly, this is an order. You mustn’t die; you are our Qin Family’s final ace in the hole. Quickly leave this place and find Qin Shi.”

The expression of all the Qin Family disciples changed.

They hesitated. Finally, despite being unwilling in their hearts, they followed Qin Fei’s lead and limped towards a distant place. Glaring at them, he roared towards the sky, “Let’s go! You mustn’t let my older sister’s innocence be stained in vain!”

All the Qin Family members trembled, finally leaving with unwillingness in their hearts.

Yang Zi Yun stepped forward, grabbing hold of Qin Siyu. His hands wantonly wandered over her body, and he released an evil smile across his face. “Younger Sister Siyu, what comes next… is precisely our time.”

“Nasty person!” Qin Siyu’s eyes were red; her lips were already broken due to her biting them in anger and hatred.

“Nasty person? Hehe, don’t worry! There is an even nastier matter left to do! Come, let me show you a beautiful scene!” Being cursed, Yang Zi Yun didn’t get angry but instead showed an amused expression.

As he said this, a cold light flashed past his eyes.

Soon after, he heaved his hand upwards, amassing a majestic, purple spiritual power on his hand. That spiritual power was like a malevolent ferocious beast, issuing a ear-piercing whistle as it rushed through the air. With a roar, a huge meteorite rocketed towards the nearby Qin Family disciples.

“No! Yang Zi Yun, you cheated me, don’t!!!”

Seeing this scene, Qin Siyu was really frightened as tears welled up at her eyes.

Qin Siyu roared malevolently. Wanting to rush ahead, she used all her strength to try to break free from Yang Zi Yun. However, it was already too late, the huge meteorite fell towards the Qin Family disciples.

“No! No! No!”

Qin Siyu madly screamed.

– Peng! –

In a split second, purple fire bloomed outward in all directions.

Seeing the blaze that seemed to cover the sky, Qin Siyu fell into despair.

She fell down to the ground. Crawling back up to a kneeling position, she looked back at the monster beside her as teardrops streaked across her cheeks. “Why? . . . Why? . . . ”

“Why? Qin Siyu, you’re really naïve. You really thought that I would let them go?” Yang Zi Yun sent a ruthless glance towards Qin Siyu. Laughing, he said, “Don’t worry. After I have played with you, I’ll deliver you to accompany them!”

Qin Siyu’s whole body trembled in grief while she regretted in her heart.

She regretted acting in a fit, for not heeding Qin Shi’s words, and for not releasing a Heaven Splitting Boxing towards the sky. She regretted that she had naively thought that she could defeat Yang Zi Yun by herself.

Seeing the conflagration before her, she almost went insane. Grabbing her hair with her hand, she wailed, “Because of me… this is all because of me! I killed them… Aaah aaahh!!”

“Older Sister Siyu, you mustn’t cry!”

At this time, a clear shout came through the fire.

Soon after, a majestic spiritual power could be felt from the center of the purple flames. The spiritual power dispersed all the fire, revealing a charming youth. That youth was naturally Qin Shi and his face was filled with cold fury.

Looking towards Yang Zi Yun, he said, “Those who injure my Qin Family members shall be killed! Those who cheat my Qin Family members – especially those who cheat my beautiful Older Sister Siyu – shall be killed!”

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