Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: The Hidden Dimension Opens


“You’re that Qin Shi?”

The elegant youth from Yang Family looked at Qin Shi and walked forwards step by step.

Qin Shi narrowed his eyes and pulled his guard up. He could feel an extraordinary power from this person; it was at least at the 7th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, or higher. Despite being this way, Qin Shi’s aura didn’t lower but rather increased as he said, “That’s right!”

“Yang Zi Yun?”

“How can he be at here? Didn’t he go to the Cloud Cauldron Sect in Ancient City?”

“It’s really unexpected that he had came back. It seems that the Yang Family will be the final winner of this time’s hidden dimension. He isn’t small some small time bandit like us – the Cloud Cauldron Sect seems to regard him with great importance.”

The younger generation within all the families cried out in alarm after seeing that elegant youth.

Qin Shi also stared blankly upon realizing who it was. Locking his brows, he secretly said, “He’s the person who was received by the Ancient City’s Cloud Cauldron Sect three years ago due to outstanding innate talent, Yang Zi Yun? It seems that the Yang Family is really putting down all their capital for this ancient hidden dimension!”

Qin Shi had heard about this Yang Zi Yun. He was a legendary character within Desolate Town. The number one talent of the Yang Family, it’s said that he had already broken through to the 6th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm three years ago.

“Hehe, you really are as temperamental as they say.” Yang Zi Yun swept his eyes past Qin Shi. Raising his head towards the distant rainbow colored light, he went on to say, “This hidden dimension is rumoured to be filled with numerous dangers. I hope that younger brother Qin Shi will be careful.”

Qin Shi narrowed his eyes as he thought, “Displaying your strength?”

“Many thanks for your concern, Older Brother Zi Yun.” Qin Shi’s tone didn’t lower but rather became stronger as he coldly added, “I also ask Older Brother Zi Yun to be careful. It wouldn’t be good if you carelessly lost your little life inside the hidden dimension.”

“Ha? Alright!” Yang Zi Yun was startled as a cold and incredulous light flashed through his eyes.

– Rumble! –

At this time, the rainbow light at the peak trembled. After shaking intensely, a huge entrance opened at the center of the multicolored light. The hidden dimension had formally opened.

All the members of the big and small families began to move after the hidden dimension opened.

This hidden dimension entrance would stay open for half of a month. In other words, the younger generation of each family had the time of half of a month to display their might inside this hidden dimension.

They had to leave the hidden dimension at the end of this time period or else the entrance would close and they will be sealed inside until the next time it opened.

The Qin family members didn’t tarry anymore.

Qin Shi and Qin Siyu, these two lead the disciples of the Qin Family into the hidden dimension.

The disciples Qin Family sent inside this time were all talented ones within the younger generation, their strength was at the 4th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm or higher.

Among them, Qin Siyu and Qin Shi were the most powerful.

As soon as they entered inside the hidden dimension, they could feel that the spiritual power here was stronger by several times from the outside world, almost 10 times more. If they cultivated here for half-a-month, it would almost be equal to cultivating for half-a-year outside.

“Older Sister Siyu, I won’t be coming with you. I’ll let you lead the Qin Family members; you can take them on a treasure hunt from here on out.” After walking a bit, Qin Shi turned around and said to Qin Siyu.

He was used to being a lone wolf. Moreover, he had several personal matters he had to handle. For example, that Yang Zi Long and also finding soul curing medicinal grass. If he moved around with a huge group, it would be very troublesome.

After saying this, he turned around to leave.

Naturally, Qin Shi’s strength had actually increased a lot during the past half-month, his fame within the Qin Family was already no less than that of Qin Siyu. The impression the younger generation had of him had also experienced an enormous change.

Therefore, no one objected him.

“Arrogant ghost!” Qin Siyu’s lips twitched after seeing Qin Shi leave.

Although she didn’t reveal it, she had hated Qin Shi from the beginning. After all, he had snatched the Inheritance Blood Essence she was going to receive. It doesn’t matter who it was that it happened to, they would definitely feel unpleasant.

“Right! You mustn’t try to clash with the Yang Family if you run into them.” Qin Shi walked a few steps and suddenly turned his head around, saying to Qin Siyu, “Older Sister Siyu, if you encounter any trouble, release a Heaven Splitting Boxing towards the sky, I will rush over as soon as I spot it.”

“Be very careful.” Qin Shi warned again before finally leaving.

However, Qin Shi’s kind reminder had changed into a different flavor after it fell into Qin Siyu’s heart. She said coldly to herself, “Humph! What are you pretending for? Aren’t you just a little talented in Martial Imitations? Isn’t your strength just about similar to mine? I can deal with those Yang Family members myself.”

Naturally, Qin Shi didn’t know the inner thoughts of Qin Siyu.

After he separated from the Qin Family members, he walked towards the depths of the hidden dimension. The most important matter for him right now was to help Shu Zhong Yu find soul curing spirit grass, after all, this matter had already been put off for quite a long time.

It will be dangerous for Shu Zhong Yu if she didn’t get any soul curing medicinal grass. She had used spiritual power several times, her body was already at the limit and her voice also seemed unusually wan and sallow. This made Qin Shi anxious.

He looked everywhere within the hidden dimension.

There were several spirit grasses that, quite precious within Desolate Town, could be even said to be common here. But there weren’t any soul curing medicinal grasses, which somewhat irritated Qin Shi.

“Damn it! How can there not be any here!”

Qin Shi was a little restless during the entire journey, constantly scolding as he traversed the area.

At the moment he was truly starting to become restless, Shu Zhong Yu suddenly floated out and said excitedly, “Shi’tou, I can sense a stalk of Purple Spirit Flower at a spot two kilometers ahead from here! They can cure the soul.”

“Really?” Qin Shi was overjoyed when he heard her.

He didn’t hesitate and directly rushed over there. Travelling two kilometers was merely a matter of a moment for him. After arriving in the region, he could see a stalk of spirit grass emitting purple radiance in the distance.

“This spirit grass should be the Purple Spirit Flower!” Qin Shi excitedly rushed forwards.

“Shi’tou, don’t!” Seeing Qin Shi’s movements, Shu Zhong Yu cried out in alarm, wanting to stop him. But it was already too late.

– Hou! Hou! Hou! –

A beasts roar echoed out several times.

Immediately, a huge desolate beast rushed out from a nearby place. This desolate beast was an dark-blue wolf, and a 3m tall body, opening its huge malevolent mouth, it threw itself towards Qin Shi.

“Yellow Rank 8th level desolate beast! Blue Night Wolf?”

Qin Shi was alarmed after seeing this blue wolf. He hurriedly withdrew back, rolling on the ground a few times. “Good, that was a close call. How can a 8th level desolate beast be here, really terrible!”

“Really, don’t tell me you didn’t know that high level spirit grasses like these have a desolate beast guarding them?” After seeing Qin Shi escape successfully, she worriedly scolded, “I really didn’t expect that a trunk of Purple Spirit Flower would unexpectedly have an 8th level desolate beast guarding it.”

“Shi’tou, get away from here quickly, you’re not its opponent!”

Shu Zhong Yu looked at the Purple Spirit Flower and said reluctantly, “There’s really no need for these purple Spirit Flower!”

“No need you say? Why?” Unexpectedly, Qin Shi had no intention to listen to Shu Zhong Yu. He didn’t retreat but rather approached the stalk of Purple Spirit Flower while saying, “We’ve finally found this soul curing medicinal grass after great difficulty – how can we just leave it?”


“No buts. For you, let alone a mere 8th level desolate beast, I would stake my all even if I was facing the Emperor of Heaven!” Qin Shi interrupted Shu Zhong Yu, saying with a determined voice, “I said it before right? I will definitely cure you!”

“Shi’tou…” Shu Zhong Yu stared blankly, obviously moved by his words.

“Hou! Hou! Hou!” The Blue Night Wolf simply didn’t let them have an affectionate moment, it jumped up and threw itself towards Qin Shi again, baring its sharp claws down.

Shi Zhong Yu became anxious. “Shi’tou, dodge it quickly!”

“Hehe, what are you saying? Did you forget that I have ‘that’?” A strange smile appeared on Qin Shi’s face. After that, he heaved his left hand and faced the evil spirit totem on his arm towards that Blue Night Wolf.

Seeing this movement, Shu Zhong Yu also realized his idea.

Evil spirit totem, it was the nemesis of desolate beasts. With its usage, not mentioning a Blue Night Wolf, even a Profound rank desolate beast couldn’t injure Qin Shi.

– Weng! Weng! Weng! –

Sure enough, as that Blue Night Wolf approached Qin Shi, the evil spirit totem trembled in excitement. A portion of black baleful qi flew out from within the totem and, just like a hungry wolf, threw itself towards that Blue Night Wolf. After an obscured battle within a cloud of qi, that Blue Night Wolf twitched a few times and directly dissolved into snow-white bones.

The baleful qi returned back inside Qin Shi’s arm after devouring the Blue Night Wolf.

Qin Shi felt a portion of spiritual power fill his body, making him release a comfortable moan, saying: “8th level desolate beast, its strong spiritual power really can’t be compared to common ones.”

“Good brat. Qin Shi, you already had it all planned out? You really moved this Older Sister in vain.” Looking at the joyful expression on Qin Shi’s face, Shu Zhong Yu felt like flying out to slap him.

“Just now, all those words you spoke were really pleasant! Humph, it turns out that the affection was to cheat me!”

Qin Shi woke up from his expression and blinked his eyes, making a crying face, “Older Sister, you’re accusing me wrongly! Ah… although I had planned it in advance, but even if I didn’t have the evil spirit totem, I would battle with this Blue Night Wolf for seven days and nights and seize the Purple Spirit Flower for you!”

“Who would believe that!”

Shu Zhong Yu ignored Qin Shi. She swiftly flew out of the Blazing Book and picked the Purple Spirit Flower, swallowing it.

A purple light appeared on top of Shu Zhong Yu’s body.

After that, her qi and blood had recovered by many times, and her originally pale complexion had also changed to a ruddy, healthy red.

“Older Sister Yu, how is it? How long can this Purple Spirit Flower support you?”

Qin Shi also felt happy after seeing Shu Zhong Yu recover. Actually, what he said before was true.  Even if he didn’t have the evil spirit totem, he still would have done his utmost to seize the Purple Spirit Flower.

“Mmn, this is really much comfortable.” Shu Zhong Yu nodded while she answered, “If I don’t use any spiritual power, this Purple Spirit Flower ought to be able to support me for three months?”

“Three months?”

Qin Shi didn’t speak this but rather noted it down in his mind.

“Oh my! This little girls is quite pretty. How did I miss such a face in Desolate Town?” At this time, a vulgar voice came drifting over. Two loudmouthed men walked over while lustfully gazing towards Shu Zhong Yu.

One of them raised his hand after walking forward, wanting to feel Shu Zhong Yu’s face, vulgarly saying “Exactly! She seems fresher when compared to those women at Intoxicated Immortal’s Restaurant.”

Seeing these two men, Qin Shi wrinkled his brows.

However, he didn’t make any moves because he knew that these two bandits simply couldn’t injure Shu Zhong Yu. Just when he thought that he’d be able to watch something good, the words the pretty girl spoke next simply stupefied him.

“Husband, take care of these two rogues for me!”

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