Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Snake Scaled War Body

Qin Shi finally arrived back at the Qin Family after procuring the snake eggs.

It was already late into the night when he returned back home so he went to his room.

He was exhausted from the several events that took place today. As soon as he entered into the room and saw his bed, he directly fell on top of it, wanting to take a proper rest.

Shu Zhong Yu didn’t give any time for Qin Shi to rest, however, as she floated out from the Blazing Book and sat on the bedside. She said, “Shi’tou, get up quickly. This isn’t the time to rest!”

“Aii!! I say, Older Sister, do you have a heart?”

Seeing Shu Zhong Yu, Qin Shi jumped up from the bed with a horrified expression on his face.

Shu Zhong Yu was somewhat astonished. “Why do you say that?”

The corners of Qin Shi’s eyes twitched. “Take a look at your clothes. You’re wearing a pure white muslin skirt and have fluttering long hair that moves with the air. Altogether, under this dim light it’s exactly like a female ghost.”

“Even then, the problem isn’t your ghost-like appearance. The problem is that you mustn’t come out like this and scare me!” Qin Shi took a long breath and gradually calmed down.

“You’re a female ghost! Your whole family is made up of female ghosts!”

“Though… speaking from another angle… if observed carefully, this female ghost is quite pretty!”

Qin Shi calmed down, lustfully eyeing Shu Zhong Yu. He decided to take some liberties with her. “Older Sisters… When it comes to lolitas, this young master has experienced several of them, but I still don’t know the flavor of a female ghost. If possible, I would like to try it.”

“Get lost!”

Shu Zhong Yu roared. Glaring at Qin Shi, she said with a cold voice, “I don’t feel like dealing with your crap. Refine the snake gall quickly before the nerves die out. It has quite the wonderful use in cultivating your Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets.”

Qin Shi turned serious.

He knew that it was highly improbable that Shu Zhong Yu would harm him. Moreover, it was most important for him to promote his strength right now so he quickly crawled up into a sitting position and swallowed the snake gall after crushing it.

“The snake gall has a cold property and a detoxifying effect. The most important thing is that it can strengthen the nervous and immune systems of the human body, slow down body age, and, of course, it suits the Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets you’re cultivating… hey! What are you doing?!” Shu Zhong Yu said before Qin Shi unexpectedly rushed out the room.

After rushing out, he supported his hand on the door frame and vomited out.

After vomiting for a while, practically all of the snake gall was out and he turned around and scolded, “I say, Older Sister, you explained so many trivial things, but why didn’t you tell me this thing was so bitter?”

“I thought you already knew about it.”

Shu Zhong Yu resisted smiling, blinking her big eyes innocently.

“I know fart!” Qin Shi nearly died from anger, but after he turned back and saw Shu Zhong Yu rejoicing expression, he knew that he had been made to look like a fool. Gritting his teeth, he scolded, “Inattentive while making friends, inattentive while making friends!”

Naturally, complaining was only complaining after all. Following the event, he resisted the acrid smell of the snake gall and swallowed it again. There was very good old saying: The one who can eat the bitter together with the bitter is the person who can truly be called a man.

Qin Shi went silent as the snake gall entered the abdomen.

He circulated the spiritual power within his body to refine the snake gall. After being refined, the snake gall wandered inside his blood vessels and stimulated his skin according to the Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets. In a blink, Qin Shi’s skin turned glossier, its toughness increasing.

– Rumble –

Finally, all of the snake gall was refined by Qin Shi.

Qin Shi opened his eyes; a shocking and powerful power could be seen deep within his eyes.

He gripped his fist in satisfaction and got up. He operated the Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets and his whole body’s skin turned invulnerable like iron. “Finally, War Body Huge Success!”

“Yi, what’s this?”

He discovered that after he operated the Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets, a layer of scales had appeared on top his skin. These scales were very hard, exuding a mild red radiance that was similar to the Fiery Cloud Cobra’s scales.

Shu Zhong Yu said with shock, “Mimicry War Body? It seems that I have still underestimated this Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets. It unexpectedly had this kind of ability. Shi’tou, the Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets apparently absorbed the property of the Fiery Cloud Cobra, transforming into this Snake Scaled War Body.”

“This can also happen?”

Qin Shi blinked. He lifted his hand, feeling the hard snake scales on his body. “Snake Scaled War Body? Interesting! Relying on these scales, whether it is my attacking potential or the defensive power, both have clearly increased.”

Thinking of this, he got really excited.

Withdrawing his spiritual power, the snake scales slowly entered back inside his skin. He was instantly relieved. If he couldn’t retract them, even if his body was quite strong using these snake scales, it would really affect his image.

– Ka- Cha –

At this time, a crunchy sound suddenly echoed from within his body.

Qin Shi was excited when he heard the sound. “This is . . . a Spirit Vein breakthrough?”

“‘Good events follow each other’ – it seems that this saying is really true. I have several hundred spirit stones now, not to mention that Fiery Cloud Cobra’s monster core. I really can’t miss this perfect breakthrough opportunity.” Qin Shi circulated the spiritual power inside his body to attack the Sixth Spirit Vein.

As he focused on his cultivation, he used 10 spirit stones and the Fiery Cloud Cobra’s monster core, taking in the spiritual power from refining them. The intense spiritual power filled his entire body, bringing it to a saturated state.

– Rumble! –

After a while, the aura around Qin Shi soared, the Sixth Spirit Vein was run through in a moment, spiritual power pouring inside like a non-stop flood. The originally empty spirit vein was filled within a moment.

“Sixth Layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm!”

The breakthrough this time was quite smooth, without any blocks, and completely natural. He clearly felt that the spiritual power within his body had become more vigorous after breaking through to the Sixth Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm.

“War Body Huge Success and the Sixth Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm! Wait for me, Yang Family.”

Qin Shi chose not to cultivate after breaking through. He knew that his foundation was still unstable due to breaking through using external forces the past two times. It wouldn’t have much effect on the short term, but a solid foundation was incredibly important for the long run and could be jeopardized if cultivation was rushed.

For this reason, he stabilized his foundation for the remaining days.

In a blink, the day the hidden dimension was going to open had already come up.

“The ancient hidden dimension is going to open tomorrow. I definitely have to give a destructive blow to the Yang Family’s younger generation tomorrow and also acquire some exceptional achievements and profits; this will be helpful for recovering the Qin Family’s glory.”

“In addition, I have to find some soul curing medicinal grass for helping Older Sister Yu.” Qin Shi recalled the assistance Shu Zhong Yu had provided him and unconsciously felt somewhat guilty. “Although Older Sister Yu laughs happily at times, she really has helped me a lot. No matter what, I’m going to cure her injury.”

– Dong! Dong! –

At this moment, a door knocking sound rose up. Xu Qiao’er walked inside pushing the door.

“Qiao’er?” Seeing Xu Qiao’er, Qin Shi was startled. He got up quickly, and rushed forwards to support her, saying with concern: “You still haven’t recovered from your injuries, how you can roam around like this? How are your injuries now?”

“Much better,” Xu Qiao’er hummed in reply. Her voice seemed wan and sallow, though. Her complexion was pale and feeble – a sight that could provoke a person’s heart. She spoke in a shy, small voice. “Older Brother Shi’tou, I have something to discuss with you!”

Qin Shi was startled. He nodded without hesitation, saying, “Foolish girl, I am your older brother. What do you need? I will promise it to you if it’s something I can do.”

Xu Qiao’er clenched her teeth with determination. “I want to participate in the ancient hidden dimension.”

“What? That won’t do – I can’t help with this matter!” Qin Shi was startled and directly vetoed while saying, “Your injuries haven’t recovered completely. If there’s a relapse at the ancient hidden dimension, it could be very dangerous! This matter isn’t something I can help you with.”

After half-a-month had passed by, Xu Qiao’er’s injuries had clearly improved, but there were still some aftereffects. Therefore, Grandpa Qin decided that Xu Qiao’er will not be allowed to participate in this time’s ancient hidden dimension and recover from the injuries at home.

“If you ask for anything else, I can certainly promise it to you.” Qin Shi shook his head.

“I want to participate!” Xu Qiao’er refused to budge. She clenched her fists, saying, “This time’s hidden dimension is related to my mother’s future. I can’t shirk back, I must participate! Older Brother Shi’tou, I beseech you, if you speak with Grandpa he will definitely allow it.”

Qin Shi was startled. Even after seeing Xu Qiao’er’s determined expression, he still set his jaw resolutely. “I won’t do it! I’m unable to help you with this matter. In any case, you needn’t be anxious about aunt’s matter; I absolutely won’t let her marry into the Yang Family.”


“All right, no buts. Heal your injuries at home obediently and wait for my good news.” Qin Shi didn’t give any chance for Xu Qiao’er to speak anymore. Seeing that she was still unwilling, he directly held her waist and steered her back to her room.

After delivering her back to her room, Qin Shi stood at the doorway and solemnly said over his shoulder. “Believe me. If I, Qin Shi, say anything, that matter is as good as done. Properly heal your injuries at home and wait for my good news!”

“Yang Zi Long… tomorrow, I will personally retrieve what you owe Qiao’er!”

A murderous breath filled Qin Shi’s heart. He suddenly clenched his fists, looking forward to tomorrow’s ancient hidden dimension.

The night passed by, the East had already brightened up.

Today was the day the ancient hidden dimension opens.

All the small and big families of Desolate Town had long prepared for this ancient hidden dimension. As such, a vast crowd was already present in front of the mountain by the time the day had barely begun. Each family’s members were eagerly waiting for the hidden dimension to open.

There were three huge groups among these crowds.

These three groups were each the three great families of Desolate Town.

Qin Family, Yang Family and Nie Family. These three families were each occupying different regions at a distance from the hidden dimension. All the younger generation of the families had gathered here and everyone knew that they were the highlight for this time’s hidden dimension.

In front of the crowd, at the place the mountain peak and the sky almost merged with each other, there was a rainbow-colored sunlight radiating out.

This multi-colored sunlight continuously flickered in the sky. The ancient hidden dimension was shrouded under this curtain of light. Due to absorbing the breath of the sun and moon, the multi-colored sunlight had already become increasingly thin; the hidden dimension was going to open soon.

“It’s really worthy of being an ancient hidden dimension, just the light from its opening has such a grandiose appearance!”

Looking towards the imposing and magnificent multicolored sunlight in front of his eyes, Qin Shi’s heart was filled with expectation. At the same time, his gaze swept past the Yang Family, a cold murderous light flashing in his eyes. “Hehe, this day has finally arrived!”

At this moment, he locked eyes with a person in the Yang Family.

He was an elegant youth. Qin Shi was somewhat unfamiliar with this person. He hadn’t heard about such a person being in the Yang Family. Moreover, he could feel an extraordinary aura from this person’s body!

“You’re that Qin Shi?” That person looked at Qin Shi and walked forwards step by step.

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