Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Blood-Thirsty Sword


“Who are you?”

“5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm?” Those three men instinctively went on guard when they saw Qin Shi. However, they started laughing the moment they noticed Qin Shi’s strength: “Hehe, only this much strength and you have the nerve to jump out and lecture me about life?”

“Go back home and drink your mother’s milk!”

Qin Shi’s expression gradually turned ice-cold. He ignored these three men and moved his gaze towards that Fiery Cloud Cobra. However, at the moment he faced that Fiery Cloud Cobra, his entire body trembled.

He could clearly sense an appealing expression within that Fiery Cloud Cobra’s eyes.

“Shi’tou, help her, she’s very pitiful!” Shu Zhong Yu was after all a woman. Women, some of them have one kind of common failing, that’s precisely being simple and kind hearted.  Naturally, this simplicity and kindheartedness often brought deadly danger along with it.

Qin Shi hesitated a bit. The reason he jumped out was originally to get the Fiery Cloud Cobra’s blood essence and use it to recover the profound weapon. However, right now, he was hesitating whether or not to save this Fiery Cloud Cobra.

“Aiyah! Although I know a snake isn’t warm.”

Qin Shi shook his head, sighing towards the Fiery Cloud Cobra: “However, the only person I respect all my life is precisely a great mother! You are fortunate that you ran into this young master today.”

“Stinky brat, get lost!”

Those three men got angry. Soon, they were going to get hold of the prey but someone showing up suddenly to disrupt their plan made them somewhat vexed, making them curse at Qin Shi.

“You three old men, are your hearts made of iron? Making threatening gestures at such a touching scene, you’re really being a fucking eyesore.”  Qin Shi curled his lips, raising his head, he said in a domineering and cold voice: “Are you going to come one by one or all at once?”

“You — Good! Let me come and handle you!”

The man who was previously called as Old Cai stepped forward, thrusting the pike in his hand towards Qin Shi: “You speak of maternal love? I say, brat, you didn’t get enough love? Do you have a mother’s complex?”

A clear killing intention flashed through Qin Shi’s eyes.

However, he just moved forwards, dodging the pike by moving his body to the side. After that, he grabbed the pike and poured strong spiritual power into it, attacking the man through the pike’s handle.

– Peng! –

Suddenly, the man felt a sharp pain in his hand, making him release the pike and retreat a few steps back: “This brat’s very strange. How can someone at the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm display this kind of strong power?”

“You foolish brat, you’re really naïve!”

“Old Cai, let’s kill him together. What maternal love? Let’s make him understand this world’s cruelty.” The boss roared impatiently and quickly dashed forwards.

He scolded in disdain as he fiercely thrust the pike within his hand towards Qin Shi: “Stinky brat, do you believe in reincarnation? Let me deliver you to the Yama Raja’s Palace, go and report to him there! Ask to be reincarnated as a stinky mother in your next life, and show your maternal love then!”

Qin Shi calmly faced the impending attack.

He merely leaned sideways and easily dodged the attack.

The boss was startled. Soon after, he turned about and swept the pike against the barren sandy land, smashing it towards Qin Shi.

“Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets!”  Qin Shi didn’t evade this time but rather amassed spiritual power at his arm, forcibly resisting the attack.

– Peng! –

Unexpectedly, after the wooden pike smashed onto Qin Shi’s arm, it’s sharp edge directly flew out after breaking apart.

“H-How can it be like this?”

The boss stared blankly at that place with the blunt wooden pole in this hand.

However, Qin Shi didn’t give him the opportunity to recover, his body deftly moved forwards, grabbing that boss’s neck. Tilting his head, he said with a cruel expression within his eyes: “Humph! It seems that the person who’s going to be reincarnated first is going to be you. Go slowly on the Yellow Springs path, the female pig at my family’s pen is almost going to give birth to a child; you mustn’t overtake it!”

“’W-What are you going to do?! You cannot kill me!”

“Boss! Stinky brat, let go of my boss!” The other two men became anxious immediately, not daring to move about, and they said: “Let me tell you, our boss’s wife is a woman from Desolate Town’s Yang Family. She definitely wouldn’t let you off if you hurt us.”

“Yang Family?” A cold light flashed through Qin Shi’s eyes.

It was really touching a sore spot. These three men were really unlucky. They originally thought of threatening Qin Shi by using their relation with the Yang Family, but they had instead kicked the iron panel. This instead brought the time of their deaths sooner.

“Hehe, maybe I would have been lenient if you hadn’t mentioned the Yang Family, but you have to definitely die now!” Qin Shi sneered. A red flame suddenly emerged out of his palm.

– Peng! –

In a single hit, those men’s boss directly fell to the ground while burning.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing?” The other two men were frightened after seeing Qin Shi’s attack, directly falling down to the ground with a blank expression on their face: “Heaven Splitting Boxing, y-you are a person of the Qin Family?”

“I am your Grandpa Shi!”

Qin Shi didn’t waste time and continuously used the Heaven Splitting Boxing twice, directly blasting those two men to the ground. Red flames burned their entire body, in a wink, becoming pitch-black, their bodies twitched before passing out.

Qin Shi was never lenient towards the enemy.

He picked the broken pike from the ground and pierced those three men’s chest each once. After ensuring that they were dead, he released the pike and cleaned the blood on his face, wearing a murderous smile.

“Hiss Hiss Hiss!”

Nearby, the Fiery Cloud Cobra hissed towards Qin Shi.

Qin Shi came back to his senses and walked towards it step by step. He looked towards that Fiery Cloud Cobra’s wounds and sucked in a cold breath. The 7th inch position on its body had already been pierced through by the pike: “This 7th inch position is a snake’s lethal point, it’s already too late to save it.”

“I’m sorry; I could have saved you if I had come out earlier!”

Qin Shi blamed himself in his heart. He was already in the vicinity and wanted to be the fisherman, but the result was that the Fiery Cloud Cobra was severely injured and also harmed these little lives on the verge of being born, making them almost lose their mother.

“Shi’tou, you can’t be blamed for this!” Shu Zhong Yu comforted him.

“Hiss Hiss Hiss!” At this time, the Fiery Cloud Cobra suddenly swayed its massive head down, difficulty pushing the snake eggs towards Qin Shi, issuing a yell: “Hiss Hiss Hiss!”

Qin Shi stared blankly at this scene: “You’re handing them over to me?”

“Shi’tou, it says you’re a good person, it knows that it won’t live much longer and wishes for you to be able to help it by taking care of its children.” Shu Zhong Yu suddenly said in a sad voice: “It says, it will repay you if you promise it this.”

Qin Shi was startled, the corners of his eyes twitched as he said: “Older sister Yu, you’re also proficient in beast language?”

“Don’t tell me you forgot? I’m a tool spirit; therefore, it’s possible for me to resonate with all living things in the world!” Shu Zhong Yu bit her teeth, saying in a grieving voice: “Shi’tou, promise it. If you raise them well after these snake eggs hatches, they can be of assistance towards your family!”

“Let it be, might as well finish what I have started.”

Qin Shi sighed and nodded his head towards the Fiery Cloud Cobra, saying: “Feel relieved. Entrust your children to me. They will be treated fairly as long as I, Qin Shi, am alive.”

– Bang! –

The Fiery Cloud Cobra unexpectedly pricked its head inside the sand pit after hearing Qin Shi’s words. It looked as if it was kneeling towards Qin Shi. Soon after, it raised its head, offering a weakly glowing crystal from its mouth.

“Monster core?”

“This Fiery Cloud Cobra has unexpectedly already reached this layer.” Shu Zhong Yu said in an amazed voice: “It seems that if it hadn’t been for laying the eggs recently, those three men would have already become its food.”

“Monster core? It had already condensed a monster core?” Qin Shi was also astonished. Monster core, it was the dividing line between a Yellow rank desolate beast and a Profound rank desolate beast, only the desolate beasts which had genuinely condensed a monster core had the ability to enter the Profound rank.

A monster core was the result of assembling all the spiritual power of the desolate beast during its entire lifetime and was also the emblem of their strength.

“This is for me?” Qin Shi clenched his teeth as his heart wavered. The benefit this monster core would give him was incomparable.

The Fiery Cloud Cobra nodded its head up and down, handing over the monster core in its mouth to Qin Shi.

After doing this, it was as if it was relieved from a burden. It finally swept its eyes over the snake eggs in the sand pit; its eyes were filled with reluctance and affection. Finally, it operated the remaining spiritual power in its body and exploded its body, dying a tragic death.

“This —“’

Seeing the Fiery Cloud Cobra’s final self-mutilation, exploding its body as blood splashed out from it, Qin Shi panicked: “Why did it do this?”

Shu Zhong Yu bit her teeth, responding after a long time: “The reason it did this was to give the snake gall and blood essence in its body to you.”

Qin Shi was shaken at this moment.

He stood at that place, trembling. He didn’t expect that the Fiery Cloud Cobra would be so extreme, not even leaving an intact body after its death.

Qin Shi clenched his teeth. He took the bronze sword out of his spatial ring, placing it on top of the Fiery Cloud Cobra’s blood essence: “Pass away at ease, let this sword inherit your will!”

– Boom –

The bronze sword trembled as it bathed in the blood essence; the rust on it slowly came off. The originally dim bronze sword suddenly emitted a gaudy blood light as its blade edge became sharper.

“Such a formidable power!”

Qin Shi was excited as he sensed the bronze sword awaken.

– Peng! –

Finally, the bronze sword recovered completely, transforming from a worn out blade into a sharp blood sword. The blood sword’s build was exquisite, a 10m long sword blade, three words were written in a compelling manner on its sword hilt: Blood-Thirsty Sword!

“Blood-Thirsty Sword? It’s a good name!” Qin Shi weighed the Blood-Thirsty Sword in his hand, slashing it in the air, the sword qi left a red scar behind as it banged against a distant sand dune, making it explode.

Qin Shi nodded satisfactorily after seeing the might brought out by the Blood-Thirsty Sword.

“It’s really worthy of being called a Profound Tool; merely waving it can bring out such earth-shaking power.” Qin Shi was excited after thinking till here: “I really wonder what kind of might will the 9 Yellow Springs Sword display through this Blood-Thirsty Sword.”

Qin Shi fondly waved the Blood-Thirsty sword a few times in the air: “With this Blood-Thirsty Sword, even a person at the 7th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm cannot be my opponent. Ancient hidden dimension, come quickly.”

A curve rose against his mouth as he received the Blood-Thirsty Sword back.

Then, Qin Shi walked forward, holding the Fiery Cloud Cobra’s snake eggs into his bosom. He sighed: “Pitiful little guys, you have a great mother, she didn’t hesitate to throw away her life for you. She’s your pride.”

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