Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Maternal love is universal


“It’s a Spatial Ring?”

Qin Shi trembled.

He had only heard about this thing. It was a convenient ring containing a small dimension within it where it was capable of holding things inside.

However, these kinds of rings were very expensive. There wasn’t a single one of them to be found in Desolate Town. Only the great families of a huge city or someone with powerful connections had these rings.

Qin Shi was excited as he thought this, a golden gleam flashing in his eyes.

Shu Zhong Yu curled her lips, saying coldly, “Country bumpkin, a single spatial ring is enough to make you so happy. You really don’t have any future prospects!”

Qin Shi didn’t bicker with her and stared at the spatial ring with fixed eyes.

“I have nothing more to say!” She was angry. Ignoring Qin Shi, she quietly operated her spiritual power and enveloped the spatial ring with it. Erasing the soul imprint on it, she said, “Send your psychic power inside and this ring will become yours.”


Qin Shi was exalted. He grabbed the spatial ring and sent his psychic power inside it.

Actually, he was stupefied at the very moment he took a look inside the spatial ring. There were several thousand boxes of gold coins, hundreds of low grade spirit stones and different kinds of spirit grass as well as all sorts of rare treasures.

“I-I’m r-rich!”

Qin Shi licked his lips, saying excitedly, “Even several hundred years of our Qin Family’s savings wouldn’t compare to this wealth. Moreover, I can easily break through to the 6th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm using these spirit stones.”

Spirit stones. They were stones which had spiritual power within them.

They are divided into four grades: Low grade, Medium grade, High grade and Top grade.

Spirit stones are an indispensable treasure for cultivators. Many of them prepared a huge amount of spirit stones at the time of breaking through in order to overcome the shackles of their bottlenecks. Therefore, because of their vast importance, something like murder was a common occurrence when dealing with spirit stones.

Generally speaking, 1 low grade spirit stone was equal to 100 gold coins. 1 medium grade spirit stone was equal to 100 low grade spirit stones. 1 high grade spirit stone was equal to 100 medium grade spirit stones. As for top grade spirit stones, they were priceless.

Top grade spirit stones were often located at the spirit ore’s core.

Several thousands of low grade spirit stones could be produced from a single top grade spirit stone. It’s value can be clearly understood from this fact alone. Once, there was there was such a saying circulated in Blazing Flame Empire, “Possessing 1 top grade is equal to having wealth equivalent to that of an entire country.”

These words were genuine.

“It’s really unexpected that a single outer circle disciple of Burning Sky Sect could be so rich!” Qin Shi felt envious in his heart as he thought, “It seems that the Burning Sky Sect is really worthy of being known as the most powerful sect of Blazing Flame Empire’s North Region. Naturally, they will sooner or later…”

A ruthless light flashed through Qin Shi’s pupils.

“Hey – What is this?” Coming back from his excited state, he suddenly discovered a cracked and rusted bronze sword in a dark corner of the spatial ring.

“Cracked profound tool?”

Shu Zhong Yu was shocked when she laid eyes on this bronze sword.

“Cracked profound tool?” Qin Shi blinked and asked curiously, “Older sister Yu, this cracked profound tool is what kind of thing?”

Shu Zhong Yu didn’t reply. Rather, she placed her hand on top of it and operated a minuscule amount of spiritual power, adhering it on top of the bronze sword. After some time, the bronze sword started to tremble and released a buzzing sound.

“It’s really like this! This bronze sword is a profound tool. Merely, it’s a pity that this sword is cracked and is almost the same as scrap.” Shu Zhong Yu evaluated the bronze sword and shook her head with regret while saying, “Otherwise, you could have used it.”

Qin Shi was also disappointed. “Scrap?”

Shu Zhong Yu giggled after seeing Qin Shi’s depressed expression and said, “However, if we can find a fire attribute desolate beast’s blood essence for this fire category sword, recovering this profound tool’s body is a simple matter.”


Qin Shi recovered his vitality, saying with an excited face, “Profound tool? If I am able to find a fire attribute desolate beast, then I will be able to obtain a profound tool? Heaven indeed wants to help me; the firmament is also generous to me.”

“Firmament! Great Earth! How should I thank you?”

Qin Shi directly kowtowed three times and showed his respect five times towards the heavens in his excited state since he was unable to find another way to express his happiness.

Shu Zhong Yu calmly tossed out these two words when she saw this scene, “Country bumpkin!”

Qin Shi ignored Shu Zhong Yu and kissed the sword two times, then, he turned about and walked towards the mountain depths, saying, “There are only a few days left before the ancient hidden dimension opens. It would be great if I could find a fire attribute desolate beast to recover the bronze sword by then.”

He will definitely do the things he was determined to do; therefore, he went along the mountain path near Desolate Town to find it.

There were many desolate beasts within these mountain woods. However, most of them were of the earth and wood attribute. Qin Shi had already killed over 10 desolate beasts along the way and his spiritual power had also progressed due to the evil spirit totem’s devouring ability.

No matter how much he searched, though, fire attribute desolate beasts proved to be very rare.

Three days flashed by in a blink but Qin Shi hadn’t encountered even a single fire attribute desolate beast. This made him curse in anger, “To hell with it! I’ve already seen over a hundred desolate beasts during these three days, and even met with gold, wood, water and earth attribute’s desolate beasts, but why isn’t there even a single fire attribute desolate beast here?”

“Shi’tou, can I scold you?” Shu Zhong Yu suddenly floated out.

Qin Shi was startled. “Older sister Yu, why do you want to scold me?”

“You’re a big idiot!” Shu Zhong Yu dragged out each word as she scolded him, saying, “You’re trying to find a fire attribute desolate beast in a forest? That can only happen in two cases: either you’re a retard, or that desolate beast is one.”


Qin Shi blinked, remaining speechless for a while.

“Wouldn’t this forest have burnt to ashes if there was a fire attribute desolate beast here?” Shu Zhong Yu sighed while adding, “Most of the fire attributed desolate beasts live in warm lands.”

“Couldn’t you have said this earlier?!” Qin Shi suddenly saw the light after the secret behind the mystery was exposed.

Many black creases floated across Shu Zhong Yu’s forehead. “This is the bare minimum of common sense! I’m really wondering how you lived before meeting me, unexpectedly not dying because of your stupidity.”

“Hehe, I didn’t die so that I could meet you. Moreover, if had died, you think you could have met such a dashing individual? Heaven itself does not dare to harm a unique, good man like me!” Qin Shi giggled and asked Shu Zhong Yu this question. After realizing the problem from Shu Zhong Yu’s revelation, he didn’t dally at these mountain woods and set out towards a desert outside of Desolate Town.

This desert was near to Desolate Town so Qin Shi reached there in half a day.

Qin Shi furrowed his brows after entering the desert. The atmosphere here was clearly hot and arid. His skin turned red and chapped, big beads of sweat constantly tumbling down his forehead. “This damned region really isn’t a place where humans can live. I wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t for a fire attribute desolate beast.”

Qin Shi skittishly endured the piping hot pain from this scorching desert.

At the moment where he was almost driven mad, a conversation suddenly reached his ears, making him completely alert. He turned his gaze towards the voice only to discover three robust men in the middle of a discussion.

“Old Cai, you said there’s a Fiery Cloud Cobra here?”

“Boss, there’s no mistake about it, it’s certainly nearby this region. Moreover, that cobra is going through its ovulation period right now. It will be unable to escape!”

Qin Shi was stirred when he heard those three men’s dialogue. He thought, “Fiery Cloud Cobra? That’s a Yellow rank 8th Layer fire attribute desolate beast. I can easily recover the profound tool with its blood essence.”

Qin Shi decided to tail behind these men.

From the way they acted and carried themselves, those three men were sure to be veterans of this desert. They held a pike each and walked forward while stabbing them on the sand dunes to stabilize their advance. Finally, they reached a sandpit and stopped with a serious expression across their faces.

Qin Shi stood at a  distant place and looked towards the sandpit.

There was a two meter long, half meter wide cobra curled up inside the sandpit. This cobra was precisely the Fiery Cloud Cobra; its entire body was covered in hard red scales.

There were a few fist sized snake eggs beside it.

These snake eggs were moist with a thick liquid covering their exterior, so the onlookers could determine that it hadn’t been long since it had given birth.

The Fiery Cloud Cobra covered the snake eggs with its body when it sensed these three men. It raised its body while revealing an alert expression within its gaze, issuing a ‘hiss hiss’ sound with its forked tongue. It was warning the three men to stay away from it.

“Hehe, it’s really a Fiery Cloud Cobra.”

“Moreover, it seems to have birthed the eggs just a moment. Our profits this time are going to be really huge.”

A greedy expression flashed past those three men’s eyes when they saw this Fiery Cloud Cobra and the eggs beside it. They probed out the Fiery Cloud Cobra using their pikes, stabbing them towards it together.

However, that pike had hardly approached near it and that Fiery Cloud Cobra opened its mouth wide, revealing its two sharp and venomous fangs to break the pike at its 7th inch position.

It stared at those three men after breaking the pike, issuing a ‘hiss hiss’ sound. It opened its mouth occasionally in an attempt to scare those three men away.

However, those three men had come prepared. How could they be scared?

“Hehe, there’s no need of fearing it. She’s very weak after laying the eggs. Old Cai, you two restrain her. We’ll kill her together after I get the snake eggs.” Those men’s boss laughed as those three started their plan.

Those other two men were at the 6th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm. They restrained that Fiery Cloud Cobra together while their boss moved to steal the snake eggs.

The Fiery Cloud Cobra was anxious after seeing that boss man’s actions and leaped towards it despite being attacked by those other two men.

“This damned animal!” The boss was preparing to steal those snake eggs and suddenly saw the Fiery Cloud Cobra leaping towards him. He heaved his pike suddenly and stabbed it towards those snake eggs. “If you don’t let me take them away, I’ll stab them all to death!”

“Hiss hiss hiss!”

The Fiery Cloud Cobra issued a fierce yell after seeing that man’s actions. It revolved its body and turned its locus, covering the snake eggs with its huge body. The pike smashed against its body, skewering it.

Its body twitched after it was pierced by that pike. However, it still moved towards Qin Shi’s direction. In spite of the pain, it used its forked tongue to push the snake eggs. Its yellow eyes were filled with love.

“Maternal love is really the most selfless love in this world.”

Qin Shi was moved. He recalled how his mother forgave him and his hands balled into fists. “Although it’s a ice-cold snake, it knows to show love towards its children. As for humans…”

“Bitch, you want to protect your children? I will kill you all together!”

Those men’s boss was hardly moved. He ruthlessly stabbed the pike towards that huge snake’s body, skewering it.

“Damn it! It’s really tenacious! Brothers, take the snake skin and snake gall. Take those snake eggs after that.” That Fiery Cloud Cobra was already at its last gasp after being attacked several times. However, its body was still protecting those snake eggs, refusing to part away from them.

“Go away bitch!” Those three men walked forward and kicked the Fiery Cloud Cobra’s huge body while cursing, “An animal is after all an animal, dying such a foolish death!”

“From what I can see, the ones who are going to die a foolish death ought to be you?”

Qin Shi couldn’t help but jump out. Sweeping his cold gaze towards these men, he said coldly, “Even a snake could comprehend love. As for all of you, selfish desire has blinded your hearts! Even animals are better than you!”

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