Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Slaying The Black Clothed Man

“You believe your Yang Family has the right to discipline a person of my Qin Family?”

A powerful voice clearly resounded in the Market Lane.

Several persons swooshed past the crowd, landing in front of Qin Shi. They were none other than Grandpa Qin, Qin Yue Ling, as well as a few Qin Family attendants.

– Peng! –

Grandpa Qin blocked Yang Xiao Han’s attack with his bare hands. Soon after, he used his Spirit Bestowal Realm’s vast and powerful spiritual power to make Yang Xiao Han retreat a few steps back, then he coldly spoke, “Get lost! Even if my grandson had made a mistake, only I have the right to scold him!”

“Qin Yong Feng!”

Yang Xiao Han’s complexion turned ashen.

Grandpa Qin glared at Yang Xiao Han, he didn’t say anything, but rather he just turned around to check Qin Shi and Xu Qiao’er’s condition.

Qin Shi’s condition was not bad since he was saved by Grandpa Qin just in time to avoid getting injured. However, Xu Qiao’er was already stained in red; she seemed extremely thin and pallid. This made Grandpa Qin roar furiously, “Yang Xiao Han, if something happens to Shi’er and Qiao’er, I will make your Yang Family pay even if this weary old body breaks into pieces!”

– Teng! Teng! Teng! –

Yan Xiao Han was forced another few steps back due to the intense spiritual power.

He grit his teeth and said with a cold complexion, “Qin Yong Feng, you really believe that the current Qin Family is capable of shaking up my Yang Family? Let me tell you, annexing your Qin Family is a matter of a few moments for my Yang Family.”

“The reason for leaving you all alone for so long is…”

At this time, Qin Yue Ling’s expression changes, she suddenly came to the front and coldly said, “Yang Xiao Han, have you forgotten the agreement between us?”

“I —“

Yang Xiao Han stopped and turned around, “Humph! Let it be!”

Yang Xiao Han supported Yang Zi Long as he sneered towards Qin Shi, “Hehe, Qin Shi, right? Don’t worry! It will be best if you don’t enter the ancient hidden dimension half a month later, or else someone will definitely approach you to settle this debt.”

“Yue Ling, there’s no need for you to be so anxious; our wedding day will be soon after the matter of the ancient hidden dimension ends. Wait until that time; I will properly ‘take care’ of you.” Yang Xiao Han avariciously swept over Qin Yue Ling and finally left the Market Lane together with Yang Zi Long.

All the Qin Family members bitterly looked towards Yang Xiao Han as he left.

“Bastard! This Yang Family is a group of bastards!” Grandpa Qin trembled in anger, stamping his foot, he coldly said, “They just keep on suppressing my Qin Family since our family’s power has weakened right now!”

Xu Xiao’er, Qin Yue Ling and a few others also cursed in rage.

However, Qin Shi didn’t say anything; his gaze was fixed on Qin Yue Ling, thinking, “What was Yang Xiao Han going to say just now?”

“Moreover, it seems as if aunt if is afraid of this, what is it in the end?” Although Qin Shi was laid-back and wanton some days, his mind was still quite sharp at times. Qin Yue Ling’s small action hadn’t escaped his gaze.

“Regardless of what it may be, I absolutely won’t allow my aunt to marry into Yang Family.”

Qin Shi loftily raised his head while looking towards the direction where Yang Xiao Han left. He licked his broken lips with his tongue and smiled weirdly, thinking, “Yang Xiao Han, didn’t I say just now, if your palm isn’t able to kill me, sooner or later, there will be a day I will slaughter your entire family!”

“Keep waiting, that day will come soon.”

“I won’t allow anyone to bully me. I will kill all those who bully me and my parents. Yang Family, Yu Lin’er, Burning Sky Sect, none of you will escape.”

At this moment, Qin Shi’s expression seemed just like a vicious murderous beast.

Shu Zhong Yu trembled within the Blazing Book when she saw this kind of Qin Shi.

“Qiao’er! Qiao’er!” While Qin Shi’s mind was preoccupied with an intense murderous intent, a frightened and anxious voice brought his train of thought back.

Qin Shi saw that Xu Qiao’er had lost consciousness due to excessive blood loss.

This frightened all the Qin Family members. They supported Xu Qiao’er and brought her back to the Qin family to cure her. However, Yang Zi Long was really vicious and attacked fiercely. Even her internal organs were injured, making it difficult for her to recover in a short time.

It was possible that she will not be able to enter the ancient hidden dimension.

“Yang Zi Long, I will personally chop you into pieces!” Qin Shi gritted his teeth as he glanced at the unconscious Xu Qiao’er lying on the bed, before turning around to leave. He knew that rather than lament in anger, what he had to do right now was to promote his strength.

He left the Qin Family and walked aimlessly until he reached an alley in Desolate Town.

He vexingly took out a sword from his bosom. This sword was thrown to him by Xu Qiao’er. Only, this sword was already damaged right now.

“Damn it! How can it become like this after only using it once?”

“Idiot Shi’tou, how can a common grade weapon like this endure the might of a martial imitation like ‘9 Yellow Springs Sword.” Shu Zhong Yu couldn’t resist saying, “Thanks the heavens that it didn’t break!”

Qin Shi shrugged his shoulders, sighing, “It seems that I have to find a weapon for myself. Or else, I’ll have to go around carrying bucket-loads of common grade weapons each time I go out.”

However, where can a top-notch weapon be found?

Thinking of here, Qin Shi felt somewhat embarrassed. Weapons were divided into several grades. They were Common Tool, Spirit Tool, Profound Tool and Emperor Soul Tool.  According to Qin Shi’s knowledge, the Emperor Soul Tool is the fiercest existence among all of them. It’s said that it was capable of turning iron into mud, such that even a breeze could break the iron down to pieces. It was a treasure which all the almighty martial artists longed for. However, such weapons were rare in the Blazing Flame Empire, let alone at Desolate Town.

It was rumored that there was a Divine Tool that existed above the Emperor Soul Tool. Only waving it around would result in toppling the mountains and overturning the seas.

“Aiyah, I’ll try to obtain a Spirit Tool first. It will at least be capable of enduring the ‘9 Yellow Springs Sword’.” Qin Shi shook his head and sighed.

At this moment when Qin Shi was at his wit’s end, a shadow suddenly scuttled before his eyes; Qin Shi turned serious after seeing that shadow and chased after it.

He was sure that this man was the same black clothed man who tried to assassinate him.

That man was frightened after seeing Qin Shi, just like a rat encountering a cat, he ran outside Desolate Town as fast as possible.

“Stop running!” Qin Shi relentlessly pursued after him.

He lost this man’s tracks after being blocked by Sun Yuyun and Qin Fei last time. He had no intention of letting this man escape this time; he wanted to know who this man was.

They entered the woods after leaving Desolate Town.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing!” A red flame strike hit that black clothed man, making him fall to the ground.

– Peng! –

That man rolled down on the ground a few times.

– Swish! –

Qin Shi overtook him and held the sword in his hand at that man’s neck, coldly saying, “Speak. Who sent you? Why did you try to assassinate me?”

“Don’t kill me! I’ll tell you everything!”

That black clothed man was really frightened.

“Speak!” said Qin Shi, feeling somewhat irritated.

“It was a member of the Qin Family. Qin Tian Yu! It was him who wanted me to assassinate you.” That black clothed man said.

Qin Shi wrinkled his brows; he didn’t expect such an answer.

“It was Eldest Uncle?” He pondered for a bit, before retracting his sword, saying, “I’ll remember your appearance. Get lost now, if I see you again, I will break both of your legs.”

That black clothed man was startled, he didn’t expect that Qin Shi will let him off. Therefore, he crawled up and turned around, preparing to run.

– Puchi! –

At the moment the black clothed man turned around, blood sprayed out from his neck.

Qin Shi killed that man without the slightest hesitation. He curled his lips while coldly saying, “Humph! You dare to cheat this young master? You think I am young and ignorant? Although there are a few misunderstandings between me and Uncle, it hasn’t reached a point that he would want my life.”

“Moreover, the misunderstanding with Uncle was also brought about by you.” Qin Shi received his sword as a fierce light flashed past his eyes. He wasn’t foolish; he absolutely wouldn’t do such a thing like releasing the tiger back to its mountain.

He advanced forwards to search that black clothed man’s clothes.

However, he had hardly started searching yet his had already widened. He stared towards that black clothed man’s arm, and after a while, he roared, “It was you, Burning Sky Sect!”

A blood red sun was etched onto that black clothed man’s arm. Qin Shi wasn’t unfamiliar with this sun mark; instead, he knew it very well. It was the emblem for the Burning Sky Sect’s outer circle disciples.

This sign was also etched onto Bai Yu Tang’s hand.

“It seems that the Burning Sky Sect still hasn’t given up.”

Qin Shi laughed weirdly, saying, “This is also good; I am also looking forward to settle the debt with you. Wait until I deal with the Yang Family, your turn will be next. Yu Lin’er, wait for me, I cannot live under the same sky as you.”

Rage engulfed his heart again.

Thinking of this, he kicked that black clothed man’s corpse fiercely. He himself wasn’t a good and honest person; he nodded satisfactorily after taking that black-clothed man’s money bag.

“A letter?”

However, Qin Shi couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows after opening the money bag.

He discovered that there wasn’t any money inside that money bag and only had a letter inside it. He curiously looked at it; there was only a word ‘Yang’ written on top of it. He tore it open.

Then, he carefully read the letter.

He gripped his fist in anger after reading the letter, turning that letter into a ball, burning it with his spiritual power, “Good one Yang Family and Burning Sky Sect! Originally, all of this was premeditated by you!”

The content on top of the letter was more or less an order from the Burning Sky Sect to the Yang Family to annex the Qin Family after the matter of the ancient hidden dimension ends, and pry out the method to use the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade.

After knowing this, Qin Shi finally understood why Qin Yue Ling was afraid of the Yang Family. Originally, the Yang Family was being secretly supported by the Burning Sky Sect.

Burning Sky Sect – It was an inviolable huge monster in front of the Qin Family.

However, in Qin Shi’s eyes, it was already a place which was doomed to be destroyed. A cold light flashed through his eyes, sneering, “Yang Family, I really want to see how rampant you will be under the Burning Sky Sect’s support.”

“It’s mentioned in the letter that the Burning Sky Sect has prepared a hundred spirit jades for the Yang Family.”

Qin Shi recalled the content within the letter after calming down. It was mentioned that these hundred spirit jades were prepared so that the Yang Family could acquire a good achievement in the ancient secret dimension.

He curled his lips, thinking, “One hundred spirit jades, those are almost equal to 10,000 gold coins. I could easily break through to the 6th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm if I had them. But where are this spirit jades?”

“Shi’tou, take his ring.”

Shu Zhong Yu came out of the Blazing Book.

Qin Shi saw that there was a ring on that black clothed man’s hand. The ring looked very ancient with a Tai Ji Eight Divinatory Trigrams diagram drawn on it, making it seem very mysterious.

He pulled the ring out of that man’s hand and handed it over to Shu Zhong Yu, saying, “Older sister Yu, is this ring some kind of treasure?”

“You don’t say! This is a spatial ring!”

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