Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: The 9th Sword

“Qin Shi, I’ll not let you enjoy a good death!”

Yang Zi Long’s expression was twisted as he cursed Qin Shi. He wasn’t ready to accept that he was defeated by Qin Shi, a trash at the 5th layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm.

“It’s impossible. There’s definitely some trick to that white light!”

Thinking of this, Yang Zi Long crawled up, throwing himself towards Qin Shi.

“Still haven’t learnt your lesson? Looks like you want me to beat you some more.” Shu Zhong Yu narrowed her eyes. Seeing Yang Zi Long advance forward, she prepared to set out again.

However, she was stopped by Qin Shi; berating her, he said, “What did I say just now? Obediently stay beside me. What are you trying to do by showing off when you’re injured? If you had to set out to take care of this trash, then this young master will have no future prospects!”

“Qiao’er, retreat a few steps. We’ll return home after I’m done dealing with him.”

After stopping Shu Zhong Yu, Qin Shi softly spoke to Xu Qiao’er. Turning his body, he coldly looked towards Yang Zi Long saying, “Let me show you who’s superior!”

“You’re courting death!”

Yang Zi Long yelled as he bombarded his fist down.


Qin Shi was calm as he faced the fist falling towards him. He moved his body aside a little, using his palm to grab Yang Zi Long’s fist.

After that, he suddenly formed a flame by sending spiritual power to his fist.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing!”


Yang Zi Long tumbled as he retreated a few steps back.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing? You have a little ability.” Yang Zi Long’s expression turned serious; then, he took out a sharp dagger from his waist, scolding Qin Shi, “Let me show you the difference between us.”

Saying this, Yang Zi Long dashed forwards while crazily waving the dagger; chopping it towards Qin Shi.

Qin Shi was cautious as he faced this dagger. He still hadn’t cultivated the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets to the invulnerable stage. Getting chopped by this dagger wouldn’t be a good outcome.


Qin Shi dodged as a cold wind went past his ear. He turned pale, “Damn! This bastard! Elder Brother here is empty-handed, but he keeps on using the dagger. Doesn’t he have a noble spirit?”

“What? Are you afraid?”

Seeing Qin Shi’s alarmed appearance, Yang Zi Long’s smile turned even more sinister, as his dagger randomly chopped towards Qin Shi.

“Afraid? You show-off! Eat this, Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

Qin Shi jumped back a few steps as a path of flame emerged out.


However, that flame path was slashed by Yang Zi Long’s dagger.

“Humph! A trash will always be a trash! See how my blade hacks you to death!” After breaking the Heaven Splitting Boxing, he jumped and suddenly chopped towards Qin Shi.

“Heaven Beheading Tiger Strike!”

Yang Zi Long shouted as a powerful spiritual power adhered itself to the dagger in his hand. The dagger issued a ear-piercing whistle, like a malevolent mountain tiger.

“Yang Family’s martial imitation, Heaven Beheading Tiger Strike!”

Everyone in the Market Lane were alarmed, and immediately retreated back a few steps.

Qin Shi was also anxiously looking at the impending attack. Heaven Beheading Tiger Strike; he knew this martial imitation. It was the Yang family’s secret imitation, a 2nd rank martial imitation. It was more powerful than the Heaven Splitting Boxing.”

“Damn it!”

Qin Shi cursed with a pale face. Soon, that attack was going to fall on him.

“Elder Brother Shi’tou, take this!” At this time, Xu Qiao’er shouted towards him. She took a silver sword out and threw it towards him.

Qin Shi was startled. His expression turned fierce as he caught the sword in his hand.

“You think you can hold against my Heaven Beheading Tiger Strike just by obtaining a sword?” Seeing the petty maneuver between them, Yang Zi Long mocked them as he fiercely chopped down.

“Hehe, this is enough to handle you!”

It seemed as if Qin Shi’s aura had changed the moment he caught the sword. He slowly streaked the sword across the sky in a circle, leaving a silver scar behind, “9 Yellow Springs Sword!”

“1st Sword, Disintegrate!”

“2nd Sword, Assemble!”

“3rd Sword, Reap Life!”

“4th Sword, Order Death!”

“5th Sword, Annihilate!”

In a blink, 5 sword-lights emerged from Qin Shi’s hand. That sword-light was just like a slumbering thunder – waking up from its sleep, it fiercely exploded towards Yang Zi Long.

“9 Yellow Springs Sword?” The crowd went into an uproar.

Xu Qiao’er eyes opened wide as she gulped down. She thought that Qin Shi would be able to block Yang Zi Long’s attack after receiving the sword. However, she never expected Qin Shi to take out such a fierce attack.

“When did Elder Brother Shi’tou learn the 9 Yellow Springs Sword? He has been at the Qin Family for only a few days!” She was naturally happy, but also puzzled, “Moreover, the power of these continuous 5 Swords seem to be more powerful than Older Sister Siyu.”

At this moment, the 5 sword-lights had already charged towards Yang Zi Long. His momentum was disturbed by these sword-lights.

“6th Sword, Slaughter Devil!”

What was unexpected was that Qin Shi lashed out another sword-light towards Yang Zi Long.

Yang Zi Long was blown away by the sword-light as his body fell down to the ground like a broken kite, making him spurt out a mouthful of blood.

“7th Sword, Temblor!”

“8th Sword, Split Heaven!”

Qin Shi continued to send out sword-lights until the 8th Sword. By this time the attack’s momentum had clearly weakened bit.

Peng! Peng!

Those two sword-lights struck Yang Zi Long like a malevolent dragon. The intense spiritual power fluctuations had ripped his clothes, producing bloody scars on his body.

“8th Sword? He was able to use even the 8th Sword?” Xu Qiao’er was amazed.

Yang Zi Long’s body trembled as he spit out blood. He asked in a panicky manner, “How is it possible for you to defeat me? How can it compare to my Heaven Beheading Tiger Strike?”


Qin Shi curled his lips. Indeed, the 9 Yellow Springs Sword wasn’t the equal of the Heaven Beheading Tiger Strike amongst the 2nd rank martial imitations.

However, the 9 Yellow Springs Sword employed by Qin Shi wasn’t its ordinary version. His version was at the peak in terms of strength, speed, and skill, after going through Shu Zhong Yu’s handling.

“Don’t worry, there’s more to come!”

A cold light flashed through Qin Shi’s eyes as he hacked the sword down towards Yang Zi Long, coldly saying, “9th Sword, Universe – Quaker!”

“Universe – Quaker!”


A Heaven and Earth shaking sword-light flashed from Qin Shi’s hand.

This sword-light stung the eyes of everyone present at the scene. A violent spiritual power spread through the ground till the walls and eaves, leaving behind a cobweb of fractures.

“9th S-Sword?”

“The 9th Sword? How can this be possible?” Xu Qiao’er felt giddy at this moment. As a member of the Qin family, she naturally knew that there were only two people who knew how to use the 9th Sword.

The first was Grandpa Qin. And the second was Qin Tian Qing.

“Elder Brother Shi’tou…” Xu Qiao’er bit her lips. She hesitated a bit, and at this moment her ice cold expression started to waver.

The sword-light pressed towards Yang Zi Long.

Seeing the vicious and violent sword-light pressing towards himself, Yang Zi Long was really frightened. He retreated backwards as he begged for forgiveness, “Qin Shi, Young master Qin. Don’t kill me! You can’t kill me!”


At this moment of crisis, a silhouette flashed by the crowd and blocked the strike towards Yang Zi Long with his bare hands, “Brazen child, you dare injure my son?”

“Yang Xiao Han?”

Qin Shi, Xu Qiao’er, as well as everyone at the scene sucked in a cold breath after seeing this person. He was the oldest of the Yang Family, as well as Yang Zi Long’s father – Yang Xiao Han.

“Qin Shi, you unexpectedly want to murder him in a fight?”

Yang Xiao Han was at the 9th Layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm. He could clearly sense that Qin Shi’s attack had the power to kill Yang Zi Long. This made him gloomy as he coldly said, “It’s really unexpected that you’re so vicious and merciless at such a young age.”

Qin Shi shrugged his shoulders, “Killing him was also letting him off lightly.”

“You! Very well! You are indeed a shameless kid. Let me discipline you today on behalf of the Qin Family!” Yang Xiao Han suddenly dashed forward, sending his palm towards Qin Shi.

“Elder Brother Shi’tou!”

“Shi’tou, dodge it!”

Xu Qiao’er and Shu Zhong Yu cried out simultaneously.

Qin Shi was also shocked. He didn’t expect Yang Xiao Han would disregard his seniority and attack him. It was already too late for him to dodge as the palm was almost on him.

“Damn this old man!”

He was oppressed under the spiritual power. Unable to move a single step he could only curse, “He’s really shameless! Despite being a half-dead senior, he set out to handle a younger generation junior? Do you even understand the phrase ‘Respect the old and cherish the young’?! Fuck!”

“Having this kind of morality, you want to marry my aunt? Her becoming your ancestor would be giving you face.” Qin Shi cursed in his heart, “If it’s possible, I will personally kill you!”

However, no matter how he cursed, it didn’t affect Yang Xiao Han’s attack.

Danger was already at the doorstep.

“Shi’tou, let me handle it!” Shu Zhong Yu wanted to leap out from the anxiousness.

At this moment, Qin Shi used his hand to fasten the Blazing Book at this waist, not letting it come out, “Wait, don’t come out!”

“Shi’tou, what are you doing? Let me attack! Or else you will die!” Shu Zhong Yu anxiously struggled inside the Blazing Book, as it was suppressed by Qin Shi. However, Qin Shi wasn’t ready to let go, no matter how much she struggled.

Qin Shi roared lowly, “It will be you who will die if I let you attack.”

“Shi’tou, Shi’tou… let me go, I’m pleading you, let me go!” Shu Zhong Yu started to sob as Yang Xiao Han’s attack almost reached Qin Shi.

Qin Shi simply refused to listen to her. He was clear that her body was already at its limit after using her spiritual power several times. If he let her out again, it will definitely hurt her soul.

Qin Shi didn’t want her to rush towards her death.

He firmly pressed down the Blazing Book at his waist.

He raised his head to look towards the pressing attack, coldly saying, “Yang Xiao Han, you’d better kill me. If your palm isn’t able to kill me, sooner or later there will be a day that I, Qin Shi, will slaughter your entire family!”

“All is according to the will of Heaven.”

Qin Shi powerlessly closed his eyes.

At this moment, a powerful voice clearly resounded in the Market Lane.

“You believe your Yang Family has the right to discipline a person of my Qin Family?”

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