Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 19

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Chapter 19, Women Are Scary

“Yeah… Me!”

These words echoed loudly in the Market Lane.

The person who set about was naturally Qin Shi. He became furious the moment he saw Xu Qiao’er on the ground, injured. He was unable to bear it and grabbed Yang Zi Long’s hand, using his foot to kick at his stomach, “You want Qiao’er to marry into your Yang Family?”

– Peng! –

Yang Zi Long reacted quickly, bringing his elbow down to block Qin Shi’s attack.

He retreated a few steps back after blocking, coldly saying, “You…”

“What? You don’t have a mother? You think you can make my aunt your mother?” Qin Shi didn’t give Yang Zi Long any the opportunity to speak. With his unruly character, he kept on hitting Yang Zi Ling while saying, “You don’t have a father? Otherwise, why don’t you let your mother marry me? Let me become your father?”

“Oh… Right, I forgot, you don’t have a mother…”

“Why don’t I become your grandfather then?” Qin Shi continued his monologue, speaking fiercer each time; he was throwing out all the eloquence he had learnt this past year, “That also won’t do, your grandmother is very old; wouldn’t she be taking advantage of me?”


The people in the crowd started laughing.

The originally tense atmosphere had livened up after Qin Shi’s arrival. A few stall owners started commenting at the side.

“Shi’tou, I discovered another strong point of yours.”

Shu Zhong Yu almost stopped breathing from laughing inside the Blazing Book, “This eloquence is very suave.”

“Naturally, who do you think I am? An ordinary person cannot learn this young master’s style!” Qin Shi raised his head, speaking with a prideful expression across his face.

“Qiao’er, are you alright?” After scolding a bit, he didn’t feel like reasoning with Yang Zi Long anymore. Turning his head back, he asked Xu Qiao’er with concern.

“I’m alright.”

Xu Qiao’er words were clear and simple. However, an almost unnoticeable tender emotion momentarily flashed through her eyes.

Yang Zi Long was angry after getting humiliated by Qin Shi. He stamped his feet, scolding, “Qin Shi, you have the impertinence to humiliate me? Did you forget I am a member of Yang Family? It won’t be good for your Qin Family if you provoke me.”

“This young master never looks at the master while hitting a dog!”

Suddenly, Qin Shi recovered his frivolous expression, saying this sentence word by word.

“Qin Shi, stop being complacent.” Yang Zi Long bit his teeth, scolding with a malevolent expression, “Wait until your aunt marries into my Yang Family, see how my dad torments her then.” Speaking till here, he pointed towards Xu Qiao’er and roared, “Stinky woman, furthermore you, you’ll not be able to keep acting reserved like this for long. Sooner or later, there will be a day you will look for me while crying!”

“Say that again!”

Qin Shi aggressively shouted.

At this moment, Shu Zhong Yu stopped him, saying, “Shi’tou, stop wasting time with him, it isn’t the time to fight now. Your younger sister is seriously hurt; her treatment should be done quickly.”

He hardly made a step forward before he was startled by Shu Zhong Yu’s words.

He turned his head, looking at Xu Qiao’er sitting on the ground. Although she was braving her expression, her stomach was bleeding profusely. Right now, her complexion was deathly pale and her mind was already tottering.

“Damn it! I’ll let this bastard off here today. Treating Qiao’er’s injury is more important.”

Qin Shi indignantly scolded in his heart and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

He was still capable of distinguishing who was important and who wasn’t. Therefore, he didn’t bicker with Yang Zi Long again; rather, he turned about and supported Qiao’er, preparing to take her back to the Qin Family for treatment.

“Aiiyah, you want to run?”

At this time, Yang Zi Long sneered at them, “That’s also no wonder; I forgot what kind of person Young master Qin was. Isn’t he a famous great person who betrayed his family for a stinky bitch?”

“What did you say?”

Qin Shi became furious.

The matter of Yu Lin’er from a year ago was his bane. A bane no person was allowed to mention, “Say that again if you have the guts?”

“I’ll say it, you, Qin Shi, is a trash that got played by an bitch!” Yang Zi Long shrugged his shoulders, rampantly repeating those words again.

“You’re courting death!”

Qin Shi was at his last straw, lifting his hand up to set about.

– Peng! –

At this moment, Yang Zi Long didn’t know what happened, but he felt as if a heavy object had struck against his stomach, flipping him in the air once. He mysteriously flew out and fiercely fell down to the ground.

Yang Zi Long face was blank as he lay on the ground, his eyes widened, inconceivably looking towards Qin Shi, “Wh-What did you do just now? You dare to sneak attack me?”

Qin Shi was also startled. He hadn’t even finished his move. He secretly though, “Don’t tell me my training has made my hit so awesome? Wrong! Don’t tell me this is that legendary thing? Some special super power?”

“Trash! I’ll kill you!”

Yang Zi Long crawled up.

His strength was at the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, and it was even greater than Qin Siyu. How could he believe that he was defeated by Qin Shi? He thought what happened just now was just a fluke.

Therefore, he raised his fist to attack again.

However, this time, everyone could clearly see a fantastic white light appeared out of the blue and smashed against Yang Zi Long. That white light didn’t stop after that and moved about in the sky, continuously smashing him around.

“What is that thing?”

All of them were amazed seeing this white light.

“Older Sister Yu?” Qin Shi was enlightened after seeing this white light. He checked his waist and discovered that the Blazing Book was missing; that white light was definitely Shu Zhong Yu.

Realizing this point, his mouth twitched. Looking at Yang Zi Long getting trampled cruelly by Shu Zhong Yu, he thought, “The ancient people’s sayings really make sense. It would be better to offend a noble man than to offend a person of low status. It would be better to offend a person of low status than offending a woman aah… if that woman went mad, then she wouldn’t remain human.”

Shu Zhong Yu bombarded Yang Zi Long with attacks until he was muddled.

After this, Shu Zhong Yu satisfactorily returned back to Qin Shi’s waist.

She hardly returned and furiously said, “Shi’tou, beat him up for me, beat him to death, killing him is also fine.”


“I say, Great Older Sister, didn’t you say to ignore him just now? You even told me to bear patiently, but right now you…” Hearing her words, a black crease rose on Qin Shi’s forehead.

However, Shu Zhong Yu unexpectedly scolded him, “Bear, bear, bear, you’re this big head ghost. I endured when this bastard scolded you; however, he dared to scold me as a bitch? That was the last straw for me.”

Actually, Shu Zhong Yu had misunderstood. She thought that Yang Zi Long had scolded her. Thinking of this, Qin Shi shot a glance towards Yan Zi Long rolling on the ground, feeling it was somewhat funny, “You youngster has suffered enough injustice.”

“Wait a second, wrong!”

Qin Shi pondered a bit, and after realizing something, he furiously said, “No, no, what do you mean by your words scolding me is fine? Are the words ‘Lacking in scolding’ hanging over my head?”

“Keke, you mustn’t take it seriously. How could I be willing to let a person scold you! I care about you the most… Didn’t I take revenge for you just now?” Shu Zhong Yu embarrassingly laughed.

Qin Shi angrily shook his head, he was really speechless.

“Keke…” At this time, Shu Zhong Yu suddenly started coughing.

Qin Shi thought she was acting, but after the coughing became serious, he became anxious, “Older Sister Yu, what happened?”

“No-Nothing, it’s the after effects of blocking Qin Tian Yu’s attack before. I will be fine after a few days, it’s not important…” Shu Zhong Yu’s voice seemed wan and sallow, provoking Qin Shi’s pity.

Qin Shi wrinkled his brows, he felt something was amiss.

If it was merely after effects, how could they flare up after so many days?

Realizing this, he made a serious face, saying, “Speak the truth to me!”

“I …” Shu Zhong Yu stared blankly, feeling somewhat wronged, she said in a small voice, “You also know that my soul has received damage. My injury will take effect each time I use spiritual power, if it turns serious, then it might…”

“What?” Qin Shi questioned.

“It might affect my life…” Shu Zhong Yu hesitated before finally speaking.

Qin Shi turned serious. After such a long time, a very deep emotion had already emerged between them. Therefore, his brows locked up, saying with worry, “It can endanger your life? Why didn’t you tell me such a huge matter?”

“Moreover, why did you continue using spiritual power if you’re aware of the danger? What will I do if something happens to you? I’m telling you, from now on, you aren’t allowed to use spiritual power without my permission. You are my person.”

Shu Zhong Yu trembled in that moment.

After staying silent for a long time, she giggled, “All right, I merely didn’t want you to be bullied by others. Moreover, I will be fine after using medicine. At present, using spiritual power several times isn’t a problem for me!”

Qin Shi’s heart was filled with warmth, “How long can you bear?”

“Half a month!”

“Only half-a-month?” Qin Shi was alarmed, worriedly saying, “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Shu Zhong Yu trembled, feeling somewhat wronged, she said, “You were busy preparing for the family inheritance before; therefore, I didn’t want to disturb you. Moreover, that ancient hidden dimension would definitely have some soul curing medicinal plants!”

“Feel relieved, wait until I go inside the hidden dimension, I will find a lot of soul curing medicinal plants for you.” Qin Shi sighed with emotion. Shu Zhong Yu was really good towards him; he had kept all of this in his heart.

Although he had an unruly and frivolous temperament, he was capable of distinguishing who was good to him and who wasn’t, he knew how to return back their favors.

“Keep your promise. I want it!” Shu Zhong Yu laughed.

Shu Zhong Yu’s words were filled with enticement, especially matching her wan and sallow voice; it raised a wicked desire in Qin Shi’s heart momentarily as he evilly said, “Laughing? Older Sister Yu, are you still unsatisfied? Otherwise, why don’t you let this young master satisfy you tonight?”

“Get lost!” Shu Zhong Yu angrily scolded.

Qin Shi couldn’t help but laugh heartily after seeing her adorable appearance.

While they were bantering flirtatiously, Yang Zi Long difficulty stood up.

His eyes were red with anger. Wearing a malevolent expression on his face, he roared towards Qin Shi, “Qin Shi, you dare to hit me? I’m going to kill you; I will not let you have a good death!”

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