Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Yeah… Me!

The blood essence converged around the Evil Spirit totem.

Qin Shi was frightened when he saw this scene. His body trembled as he fiercely flailed his arms around, trying to shake the blood essence off his arm.

However, it was as if that blood essence had engraved itself on the totem; nothing was of use. Most importantly, the blood essence started to drill inside his body after adhering itself to the totem.

Qin Shi became frantic, saying: “Older Sister Yu, what is happening?”

“How would I know?” Shu Zhong Yu bit her teeth, saying: “It seems that the totem on your hand and this blood essence are attracting each other.”


Qin was very cautious about the matters related to the Evil Spirit.

“Could this Inheritance Blood Vessels and the Evil Spirit have some relation?” In his dazed state, he suddenly remembered the words spoken by his father before.

The Inheritance Blood Vessels were very important to him.

“Did father already know that the Evil Spirit and the Inheritance Blood Vessels have some relation? Why didn’t he tell me?” Qin Shi anxiously racked his mind, but he couldn’t figure anything out.

“Shi’tou, look, the totem is reacting.”

At this time, Shu Zhong Yu’s shout brought him back from his dazed state.

Qin Shi was startled and hastened to look at the Evil Spirit totem on his arm. That originally black totem had turned into a dreadful scarlet color after absorbing the blood essence.


After changing into a red color, a crisp sound came from the totem.

A hole had opened up on the egg-like totem and insect like feelers scuttled out of that hole, wriggling around; it looked disgusting.

“What is this?” Qin Shi disgustedly said.

After a while, the blood essence was absorbed by the totem completely. Like a hatched egg, that totem had transformed into a little hairy beast. This little beast had the head of a dragon, the body of a lion, horns of a deer, hoofs of a horse and the tail of an ox; it seemed quite mystical.

The little beast wriggled its body, just like a newborn infant.

“The Evil Spirit hatched?” Seeing the Evil Spirit totem hatch from an egg into a beast, Qin Shi was frightened. At this moment, the hatched Evil Spirit little beast turned silent again and firmly adhered itself back onto his arm.

“Really strange, why didn’t it react?”

Seeing the Evil Spirit show no reaction, Qin Shi relaxed his breath. However, he was till restless, because he could sense that the baleful qi inside the Evil Spirit totem had raised several times its original quantity after its beast transformation.

Realizing this point, Qin Shi nervously said: “It seems that I have to increase my strength quickly, and take back the Ruined Jade as soon as possible. Or else, this Evil Spirit may recover its consciousness; the consequences of that would be unthinkable aahh …”

He was frightened recalling the scene that happened at the mountains behind the Qin Family.

“However, this Inheritance Blood Essence was really beneficial to me. “ Qin Shi clenched his fist, sensing the changes in his body, he thought: “My body has become stronger after absorbing the blood essence.”

“Clearing of the energy channels, expansion of the tendons and arteries and strengthening of the bones. These 3 points are not of much use after beginning to cultivate.” Thinking till here, Qin Shi was excited: “However, my vision and hearing have improved now. I can even see an insect a thousand meters away clearly.”

“It seems that this Inheritance Blood Vessels is indeed a treasure!”

“Later, I’ll try to ask Grandpa if he can give another bottle to me. It would be bliss if it’s possible~!” The matter of the Evil Spirit and the Blood Essence had come to a conclusion, Qin Shi’s heart also calmed down as he made a depraved laugh.

Seeing Qin Shi’s this foolish appearance, Shu Zhong Yu was speechless: “Idiot~!

Qin Shi was in a really good mood today. He not only brought his father and mother back to Qin Family, but also obtained the Inheritance Blood Vessels. Moreover, he could also find out the real facts behind the matter.

This made his mood quite good, making his eyes make a crescent moon from the laughing, he lecherously took liberties with Shu Zhong Yu, saying: “Hehe, Older Sister Yu, how can you scold me like that? Otherwise, why don’t we play a game at night, let me serve you after I finish bathing?”

“Beat it!”

Shu Zhong Yu tightened her throat and scolded him.

During the time those two were playing, it had already turned to late night.

Shu Zhong Yu returned back into the Blazing Book. Qin Shi also placed his arm on the pillow, crossing his leg over the other; he lay down on the bed.

He looked at the starry night sky through the sky, feeling very happy.

“If feels good to come back home.”  A curve rose at his mouth as a fierce light passed through his eyes: “Yang Family, hehe, I have to really thank you; it’s only because of you that I could understand a home’s warmth.”

“Feel reassured, there’s a ‘Great favor and kindness’ between us. I will give it back to you with interest. Moreover, that day isn’t too far.” Qin Shi curled his lips, thinking: “Right now, I’m at the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm; moreover, I already absorbed the Inheritance Blood Vessels and also possess the Heaven Splitting Boxing as well as the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets. A ordinary person at the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm simply isn’t my opponent.”

“I have the power to even withstand the power of 7th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm.”

“However, although this ancient hidden dimension is restricted to the 8th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm and is a competition for the younger generation, the Yang Family is very cunning; they will send a person at the 8th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm.” Qin Shi wrinkled his brows, saying grimly: “It seems I have to make a breakthrough in this period of half-a-month.”

Qin Shi gradually fell asleep as time passed by.


The Sun rose from the east in the morning.

Qin Shi slumbered deeply the past night due to the weariness.

He woke up and stretched his body.

“I have to properly exploit the Qin Family’s resources this time. Let’s take a look at the Scripture Pavilion to see if there are any martial imitations fit for me!” After exercising a bit, Qin Shi thought: “That 9 Yellows Springs Sword Qin Siyu used last time seems to be more powerful than Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

Thinking of this, Qin Shi walked over to the Scripture Pavilion.

His following days were dry and dull, colorless, but this was also sensible. During the day, he roamed in the Scripture Pavilion, cultivating all kinds of martial imitations suitable for him. During the night, he returned to his and cultivated.

Naturally, there were some occasional clueless Qin Family younger generation members who attempted to take revenge against Qin Shi for Qin Siyu.

However, the outcome was obvious; they were all taught a fierce lesson by Qin Shi.

“You, You, You and You, will you all dare to trouble me again?” Qin Shi shouted at a few younger generation members and scared them: “If you trouble me again, I’ll cut off your little brothers and feed it to the hens at the rear court.”

Hearing this, the Qin family younger generation members all subconsciously covered their trousers crotch region.

“Humph! Go out and fight with other people if you’re angry, what’s the use of showing off at home?” Qin Shi curled his lips, seeing their unruly nature, he started a long lecture: “In those days when I left the Qin Family, I passed through many winds while mingling outside, and you? Let me tell you, a man, has to stand on top of sky, stamp the earth, show filial respect to parents and love his wife dearly …”

Those younger generation members were dizzy hearing the long lecture, puzzled, they could only nod their heads which had become similar to a child’s rattle toy.

Qin Shi was satisfied after seeing their appearance and released them: “I’ll let you off here today, if there’s a next time, think of your little brother …”

All the younger generation members there ran away.

“Shi’tou, you’re scaring them …” Shu Zhong Yu’s sweet voice echoed at his ears.

Qin Shi made an evil laugh: “Naturally, they are worried about their little brother.”

Shu Zhong Yu blinked her eyes, and suddenly asked a sentence: “Shi’tou, isn’t their little brother also your little brother? Why are they so afraid?”

Qin Shi was startled as a black crease emerged across his forehead.

“This … Cough … it isn’t suitable for children to know this, it’s better if you don’t know it.”

This only made Shu Zhong Yu more curious, making her continuously question about this little brother.

However, Qin Shi remained silent, covering his mouth, putting out a ‘death also cannot make me speak’ expression.

“Elder Brother Shi’tou, no good, Older Sister Qiao’er is in trouble!”

At this moment, Liu Yan Bing anxiously came running here. She yelled as she ran “Qu-Quickly go to Market Lane, Older Sister Qiao’er is fighting with a Yang family member there.”


Qin Shi supported Liu Yan Bing and questioned her: “What happened? Explain everything to me clearly.”

“Older Sister Qiao’er said there was no one to accompany her during the year I left Qin Family. Therefore, I pulled her to go buy clothes for me at Market Lane.” Liu Yan Bing gasped for breaths: “We still hadn’t walked far inside Market Lane and we ran into a Yang Family member, Yang Zi Long.”

“Yang Zi Long tried to grope me and Older Sister Qiao’er as soon as he saw us. You know Older Sister Qiao’er’s temperament; she directly attacked Yang Zi Long at Market Lane.” She paused, then anxiously said: “However, Yang Zi Long’s strength is equivalent to Older Sister Siyu, Older Sister Qiao’er simply isn’t his opponent.”

“Older Sister Qiao’er was already injured as I was returning for help.”

“What did you say? Qiao’er is injured?” Qin Shi was furious, he immediately dashed towards Market Lane, coldly saying: “Good one Yang Family, I still haven’t found you to settle the account and you’ve delivered yourself to the door?”

Qin Shi’s speed was quite quick; soon, he had reached the Market Lane.

He saw a crowd after entering inside the Market Lane. Qiao’er and Yang Zi Long were fighting in the middle.

After struggling a bit, Xu Qiao’er was clearly couldn’t beat Yang Zi Long and began to continuously retreat under his offense.

“Younger Sister Qiao’er, are you done already? Older Brother is still strong and hasn’t had enough fun.” A single hit from him made Xu Qiao’er fly a few meters, speaking nasty words, his face made a ‘meaningful’ sneer.

– Peng! –

Xu Qiao’er fell to the ground fiercely.

She stomach was already dyed red with blood due to the severe injuries. However, even if it was this way, her expression was ice-cold, tenaciously glaring at Yang Zi Long.

“Aiiyah, don’t look so coldly. Soon, we shall become relatives, Step-mother Qin Yue Ling, who shall become my mother. The two of us, brother and sister ought to take care of each other.” Yang Zi Long laughed his head off.

Xu Qiao’er’s complexion changed in that moment, scolding: “Yang Zi Long, stop dreaming. I absolutely won’t let my mother suffer by marrying into your Yang Family. I won’t let it happen even if I die!”

“Aiiyah, you mustn’t speak such scary words.” Yang Zi Long made a scared appearance, and approached Xu Qiao’er step by step, saying: “You will not let your mother marry over? Why don’t you marry me then?”

“You — —“

Xu Qiao’er trembled in anger.

“What?” Yang Zi Long pinched Xu Qiao’er’s chin.

He made a greedy look across his face, lustfully looking at Xu Qiao’er: “How? Will you marry? Otherwise how about this, you and your mother can marry over at the same time? Let me and my grandfather love you and your mother together.”

“Yang Zi Long, you bastard. You dare to act like this with me, if Elder Brother Shi’tou was here, he would have already beaten you up badly!” Getting grabbed had affected her wounds, making her take a cold breath in.

“Qin Shi? Him?”

Hearing Xu Qiao’er’s words, Yang Zi Long revealed a disdainful look.

At this moment, a silhouette suddenly blocked Xu Qiao’er’s body. He grabbed Yang Zi Long’s wrist to force him back, coldly saying: “Yeah… Me!”

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