Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Marry my little aunt as a mistress?

Night, the stars glittered over the sky.

“Damn! That girl, Qin Siyu, is very heartless.” Qin Shi got up, and seeing the tended wounds on his stomach, he said, “If I hadn’t cultivated the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets, I would have already visited the Yellow Springs.”

“I will surely teach her a lesson in the future!”

“Shi’tou, your grandfather is very good to you!” Just as Qin Shi was feeling indignant at the injustice he faced, Shu Zhong Yu spoke these words.

“My Grandfather?”

Hearing her, Qin Shi wrinkled his brows and mocked, “You say he’s good to me? I’m going to laugh!”

Shu Zhong Yu flew out of Qin Shi’s bosom. She sat on the bed and said, “Mmh, you were able to regain consciousness due to him imbuing your body with spiritual power, assisting your healing.”

“If not, even if you cultivated the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets, it would have taken 3 days and nights for you to recover.” Shu Zhong Yu lifted her hand to wipe the sweat on Qin Shi’s forehead.


Qin Shi was somewhat astonished, “He helped to heal me?”

“Humph! Hypocritical pretence and crocodile tears that’s all!” He thought a bit and said, “Right now, I, Qin Shi, possess strength, so he helps me, where was he before?”

“Where was he when my spirit veins were crippled a year ago? Where was he when my parents were suffering?” Qin Shi roared.

Although he had returned back to the Qin Family now, but the hatred he had for the Qin Family hadn’t lessened even a little bit.

“Ended? Wrong! This is merely the beginning!”  A malevolent curve rose at Qin Shi’s mouth as he said, “There will be a day soon when I make the Qin Family pay.”

These sentences dropped at Shu Zhong Yu’s ears word by word.

She bit her lips. While looking at this youngster bearing hardships he shouldn’t have at such an age, she could only silently lament.


A sound suddenly came from the door.

Hearing it, Shu Zhong Yu returned back inside the Blazing Book.

At this moment, Grandpa Qin walked inside. He stood there, looking at the conscious Qin Shi, he was startled, saying, “Shi’er, you’re awake? How is the recovery of your wounds?”

“It’s fine!” Qin Shi’s tone was somewhat stiff.

Grandpa Qin was startled. Forcing a smile, he said, “Shi’er, are you still angry at grandfather? A year ago, grandfather’s heart was indeed fierce, but you ought to know, guarding the Evil Spirit is my Qin Family’s mission.”

Hearing this, Qin Shi disapprovingly curled his lips.

“This generation’s Evil Spirit killed many people.”

“You don’t know a few things; grandfather was also forced to do some things.” Grandpa Qin shook his head, sighing, “At that time, because of the Evil Spirit matter, Yang Family used the chance to pressure Qin Family and demanded the Qin Family to give an explanation.  Moreover, they also demanded that the Qin Family had to abolish your father and mother!”

Qin Shi frowned, “Yang Family?”

He knew this Yang Family. It was one of the three great families at Desolate Town.

Desolate Town’s three great families, Qin Family, Yang Family and Nie Family.

The background of these three great families was very vast, possessing a hundred thousand years heritage. Most significant point was that the heads of these families were all experts at the Spirit Bestowal Realm.

This single point was enough to overwhelm the other families.

“Mmn, that’s right.” Grandpa Qin sighed, “I had to expel you from the family in order to save you. However, I didn’t expect the Burning Sky Sect to get involved and cripple Tian Qing’s spirit veins; this is all my mistake aahh…”

“This past year, I had placed several people at Broken Rock Street to protect your mother and father. No matter what, Tian Qing is my blood and flesh!” Grandpa Qin shook his head.

Qin Shi was startled when he heard this.

He didn’t know these things before, he thought, “Originally, such a thing had happened? The reason for grandfather to expel my father and mother was to protect them? Did I misunderstand him before?”

Qin Shi half believing, half doubtingly asked, “What’s with the Yang Family?”

“Aiiyah, it’s very complicated!” Grandpa Qin said, “You also know, a mountain cannot have two tigers. When rivers intersect, they will definitely separate, and when they are separate, they will surely intersect. The tripartite power at Desolate Town had already persisted for a long time…”

“It goes without saying that one can subject their opinion only if they have the power. My Qin Family could be considered to be the deepest and most powerful family at Desolate Town. Even if it is Yang Family, they cannot look down on us.”

“However, Qin Family’s strength had decreased a lot due to the Evil Spirit’s matter. Therefore, Yang Family wants to take advantage of this and annex the Qin Family.”

“They have roped in several small families this past year and always use different kinds of reasons to suppress the Qin Family!” Saying this, Grandpa Qin felt a bit powerless.

“Such a thing happened?”

Qin Shi was angry after learning these matters.

In his heart, the Yang Family’s ancestor should be paying respect to them. Feeling angry, he said, “They indeed bully intolerably, wanting to annex my Qin Family? Let me take a look at how big is their appetite.”

Grandpa Qin shook his head, saying, “If it was only the Yang Family, I would never fear them. Merely, the Qin Family has lost the people’s support greatly due to the matter of the Evil Spirit; many powers of Desolate Town have all inclined themselves to Yang Family.”

“At present, they are still forcing your aunt to marry into the Yang Family, to be the Yang Family’s oldest, Yang Xiao Han’s, concubine!” Speaking till here, Grandpa Qin trembled with anger, “Even if they say that she’ll be a concubine, it is actually more like becoming a mistress. She wouldn’t even have a little bit of status.”


Qin Shi was furious, and he coldly said, “They are forcing my aunt to become a mistress? The Yang Family dares to do this? Even if my aunt had to go to their Yang family, she would be the ancestor.”

Qin Shi’s aunt, Qin Yue Ling.

Among those who cared about Qin Shi in the Qin Family, she was definitely at the top position.

From childhood till he grew up, the person who took care of him the most was Qin Yue Ling. Qin Shi still remembered the time when his mother and father were busy with family matters, it was Qin Yue Ling who held his hand as he grew up.

Qin Yue Ling was like a mother to him.

And now, the Yang Family had schemes on Qin Yue Ling. Qin Shi was already infuriated, saying, “This Yang Family is indeed bullying intolerably. Grandfather, you didn’t accept it right?”

Seeing Qin Shi angry, Grandpa Qin sighed, “I naturally didn’t accept, but your aunt… for the Qin Family’s safety, she chose to accept silently and already secretly agreed!”

“Aunt agreed?”

Qin Shi punched the wall feeling indignant, scolding, “Very well, let me see who dares to marry my aunt, I will personally kill him!”

“There’s a method to stop this wedding.”

“What method, quickly say it Grandfather!” Qin Shi bluntly said, “For my aunt, I, Qin Shi, have no complaint in traversing a mountain of blades or going through a sea of flames!”

Hearing this, Grandpa Qin forced a smile.

He was someone who had lived for over a hundred years. These 180 years, he had passed many more bridges than Qin Shi; he could naturally understand the implications behind Qin Shi’s words.

‘For my aunt.’ Qin Shi specially made these three words sound serious. In other words, he was only giving face for the sake of Qin Yue Ling, or else,  he wouldn’t have cared about it.

“This stinky brat…”

Grandpa Qin forced a smile, shaking his head, he said, “Not long ago, an ancient hidden dimension appeared at the mountains behind Desolate Town.”

“Ancient hidden dimension?”

Qin Shi was hearing about this for the first time.

He knew that if something had the word ‘ancient’ in it, it definitely ought to be a treasure. It was the so called ‘The rarer something is, the greater its value’, how could something left behind from the ancient times be bad?

“Mmn, that’s right.”

Grandpa Qin nodded, saying, “This hidden dimension is filled with vicious and powerful desolate beasts and heavenly treasures. However, it’s a pity that this hidden dimension is under a restriction; a person above the 8th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm is unable to enter it.”

“Oh, there’s also this?”

“Mmn, although it’s this way, it’s an opportunity for my Qin Family!” Grandpa Qin said this, pausing a moment, he continued, “Qin Family’s core power has taken a hit due to the matter of the Evil Spirit, however, my Qin family’s younger generation is superior to his Yang family’s!”

“Grandfather, you meant to say…”

“Mmn, if you can acquire exceptional achievements in this hidden dimension, Qin Family can also recover its glory at Desolate Town.” Speaking till here, Grandpa Qin displayed a ruler’s might, “Wait until then and would this insignificant Yang Family be something worth mentioning?”

In that moment, Qin Shi trembled.

He could clearly feel the oppressive power emanating from Grandpa Qin’s body. That oppression was a cultivator’s oppression, it wasn’t something an ordinary person could possess.

“Is this the power of Spirit Bestowal Realm?”

“Such an overbearing oppression merely due to getting angry…” Qin Shi was very excited in his heart, “There will be a day when I will also reach the Spirit Bestowal Realm!”

Qin Shi’s battle spirit was ignited.

Feeling Qin Shi’s battle spirit, Grandpa Qin stroked his beard and laughed. Soon after, he fished out a jade bottle from his bosom and gave it to Qin Shi, “Shi’er, you won the Great Inheritance Battle. This Inheritance Blood Essence is yours!”

“Thank you Grandfather!”

Qin Shi happily looked at the jade bottle.

He was also not polite and took the jade bottle. This Inheritance Blood Essence was originally something which belonged to him.

“All right! Shi’er, heal your wounds properly. The hidden dimension will open again in half a month.” Grandpa Qin nodded his head and turned around to leave.

Seeing Grandpa Qin leave, Qin Shi’s expression turned grim.

He clenched his fists, coldly saying, “Yang Family, they have the impertinence to scheme for my aunt, moreover, they plan to make her a mistress? See if I don’t make a move on the young women in your family.”

“This is the Inheritance Blood Essence?”

Qin Shi’s gaze dropped onto the jade bottle. Seeing it, he was excited, thinking, “I have finally obtained it.”

“Huhu~! I was bored to death; this old fellow has finally left!”

Shu Zhong Yu swiftly came out. Standing at the bedside, she took coarse gasps, and her sight was suddenly attracted towards the jade bottle in Qin Shi’s hands, “Such a powerful spiritual power!”

“Older Sister Yu, what can you sense inside it?”

Qin Shi asked her after seeing her reaction.

“Mmn, the blood essence inside this jade bottle is filled with powerful spiritual power…” Shu Zhong Yu said until here and curled her lips, saying, “Moreover, it seems as if there’s a restriction placed on this jade bottle?”

“A restriction?”

Qin Shi was startled hearing this.

He knew the Inheritance Blood Essence wasn’t ordinary, so naturally, it was right for it be filled with powerful spiritual power. However, it was the first time he heard about something like a restriction, so he curiously asked, “What’s a restriction?”

“Let me take a look at it!”

Qin Shi was dazed hearing her, he half believingly gave the jade bottle to Shu Zhong Yu, saying, “Older Sister Yu, you can break restrictions?”

“I can, what’s impossible for me?”

Shu Zhong Yu sent a haughty gaze towards him as she took the jade bottle. She gathered spiritual power at her hand and touched the jade bottle; an abstruse restriction became visible on top of the jade bottle.

“Hehe, very interesting!” Seeing the restriction, Shu Zhong Yu turned serious. She condensed her spiritual power at her forefinger and middle finger, and then streaked across the restriction on the jade bottle like a pair of sharp scissors.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Shu Zhong Yu quickly and easily waved her hands, splitting open the restriction. Then, she returned the jade bottle to Qin Shi, “There, it’s open!”


At this moment, the jade bottle exploded.

After that, the excited blood inside threw itself towards Qin Shi. After it reached his body, the blood essence approached the Evil Spirit totem on his left hand.

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