Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Supreme Glory

“Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

A trail of flame followed along Qin Shi’s fist.

What made everyone amazed was that the flame on his fist was more powerful in comparison to Qin Siyu’s. That flame fluttered in the sky, producing an ear piercing dragon cry.

– Peng! –

The two flame paths collided with each other.

A huge vortex formed due to the intense spiritual power raised from the collision. The explosion made everyone nearby tremble.

“Both used Heaven Splitting Boxing?”

“Qin Shi can also use it? How is this possible?”

“Couldn’t only a person at the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm use it? How can Qin Shi…”

All the Qin family members who had been jeering a moment ago now had their mouths wide open.

“Good brat!”

In the pavilion, Grandpa Qin’s eyes shone as he got up and solemnly said, “5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm and can already use Heaven Splitting Boxing? None have ever been able to accomplish such a thing.”

“Also, how is he that proficient? It’s not inferior to even me!” Grandpa Qin turned around to look towards Qin Tian Qing, saying, “Like father, like son. This brat is also a good seedling.”

– Teng! –

On the stage, the effects of Heaven Splitting Boxing had disappeared. Qin Siyu and Qin Shi retreated 3 steps back.

“It seems that I have looked down on you!”

Qin Siyu blinked while roaring with a frightened, pale appearance.

“Older Sister Siyu, are you surprised?” Qin Shi tilted his head. Enjoying this atmosphere, he went on to say, “You mustn’t believe that only you can learn martial imitations. Regarding them, you are not even eligible to carry this young master’s shoes.”

“Qin Shi, you indeed have a little strength.”

“However, you think you can match me just by using Heaven Splitting Boxing? Stop dreaming!” Saying this, she stretched her hand to her waist and took out a half meter long sword.

“A Sword?”

Qin Shi was startled.

“9 Yellow Springs Sword!”

Taking out the sword, Qin Siyu placed it perpendicular to her stomach and softly moved it in a circle. It left a silver sword scar in the sky as it moved before it suddenly pointed towards Qin Shi.

“1st Sword. Disintegrate.”

“2nd Sword, Assemble.”

“3rd Sword, Reap Life.”

“4th Sword, Order Death.”

“5th Sword, Annihilate.”

Five sword lights shot out following the movement of the sword in Qin Siyu’s hand.

The sword thrusts ripped across the horizon, leaving a scar behind in the sky and imposingly hacking down towards Qin Shi.

“Quickly look, isn’t that the 9 Yellow Springs Sword?”

“That is one of the Qin Family’s Three Great Marital Imitations. This sword play is much more powerful than Heaven Splitting Boxing. Each strike has heaven extinguishing power,” everyone at the scene exclaimed.

“9 Yellow Springs Sword… Qin Shi will definitely lose.”

At the topmost seats in the pavilion, Qin Tian Xing’s mouth twitched. He flattered Qin Tian Yu, “Eldest Brother, Siyu has already trained the 9 Yellow Springs Sword up to the 5th layer?”

“Seeing this, I’m afraid we also will have to step down soon.”

Qin Tian Yu nodded satisfactorily. “Siyu, this child, doesn’t have any other strong points except being strong-minded. The moment that the student surpasses the master is imminent.”

“Qin Shi is also pretty good. He could contend against Siyu just by relying on his 5th layer Spirit Tempering Realm strength, ultimately forcing her to use the 9 Yellow Springs Sword.” Hearing them, Qin Yue Ling was displeased and wanted to speak up for Qin Shi.

The pair simply ignored her.

Their eyes were filled with sarcasm and disdain as if they could already see Qin Shi’s defeated appearance. “A jumping clown – that’s all. With his brash nature, even if he was talented he will die prematurely.”

However, Grandpa Qin was silent.

He narrowed his eyes, gazing towards Qin Shi and pondering something in his mind.

“This is precisely the 9 Yellow Springs Sword?”

Feeling the sword qi’s oppressive force, Qin Shi also became serious.

He could sense that the might of any one of these swords of qi were more powerful than Heaven Splitting Boxing. However, instead of cowering he was excited and laughingly said, “Hehe, Older Sister Siyu is really fierce. You’ve not only cultivated Heaven Splitting Boxing but also mastered 9 Yellow Springs Sword?”

“It’s a pity that it’s still lacking!”

“If you could display the entire power of 9 Yellow Springs Sword, then I may have lost today’s fight. Only, it’s a pity, you can only display the power of 5 swords and desire to defeat me! This is not at all enough!”

After laughing, he suddenly renounced resisting. He bared his strong chest against those 5 sword lights and coldly said, “Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets!”

“What is he doing?”

“Is he insane? He wants to block the 9 Yellow Springs Sword’s strike?”

Everyone was startled seeing this scene. This action made it look like Qin Shi was attempting to commit suicide. “Don’t tell me he realized that there’s no other way to win and is trying to commit suicide?”

“Is it possible that he has such a frivolous nature? Deciding to commit suicide due to a defeat?”

Qin Siyu squinted her eyes, snorting disdainfully, “Humph! Since you’re courting death, let me help you.”

– Peng! –

In a split second, those 5 sword lights dropped simultaneously.

Everyone turned their heads, unwilling to look at the stage. In their thoughts, the conclusion was already set. Qin Shi was sure to lose.

– Rumble! –

Under the 9 Yellow Springs Sword’s oppression, the stage was filled with flames. Cracks spread out on the stage floor, crisscrossing each other like a spider web.

“Shi’er!” The Qin Tian Qing couple, Qin Yue Ling, Xu Qiao’er, and everyone who cared about Qin Shi, all stood up. Their faces were filled with worry.

At this moment, a silhouette suddenly came out the fire.

That silhouette was Qin Shi. His top clothing had disintegrated, exposing 5 terrifyingly bloody holes. Even in such a state, his face was decisive as he dashed towards Qin Siyu.

Qin Shi advanced as a flame gathered on top of his fist. He sneered, “I said it, right? I will personally defeat you and take away the Inheritance Blood Vessels!”

“Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

– Peng! –

Qin Siyu was already exhausted from using the 9 Yellow Springs Sword. She had been sure that Qin Shi would lose, so she hadn’t been careful in saving her spiritual power. She lacked the power to resist and was sent flying.


Rolling on the ground, Qin Siyu coughed. She crawled up with difficulty while thinking of making a move against Qin Shi. At this moment, Qin Shi lifted his hand. Pointing towards Qin Siyu, he laughed strangely and said, “Older Sister Siyu, you’ve already lost!”

Hearing these words, Qin Siyu was startled.

She followed Qin Shi’s finger. She saw that she had already fallen off the stage, losing the qualifications to participate. “This…”

“Older Sister Siyu lost?”

“You’re joking, right? Qin Shi won?”

Qin Shi groaned in pain, proceeding to ignore Qin Siyu.

He turned his head and proudly swept his gaze towards everyone present here. He enjoyed seeing the frantic expressions of shock and fear in their eyes, thinking excitedly, “Afraid? Anxious? Do you now know my, Qin Shi’s, fierceness? Don’t worry! This is merely the beginning.”

“Starting today, you’ll be looking at the brand new me – a figure so bright and blinding that you won’t dare to look straight at it!”  Waves of excitement appeared in Qin Shi’s heart.

His gaze, which was filled with supreme glory, moved past Qin Tian Qing, Qiong Shu Yao , Liu Yan Bing, Qin Yue Ling, and Xu Qiao’er – the few people important to him.

He turned his head, gazing towards the dazzling sun. The corners of his mouth raised up as he said, “Father, Mother, Bing’er… I have won, I have succeeded.”

“Qin Family! I, Qin Shi, have returned!”

“I am Qin Tian Qing’s son and I won’t allow anyone to bully me or my parents!” Qin Shi stood on the stage similar to a budding, talented young dragon.

Although young, however, he was already fully fledged.

Everyone at the scene engraved this youngster deeply into their mind, because they knew that he would soon become the most dazzling star in Desolate Town.

Qin Shi gradually calmed down. He turned his head and looked towards Grandpa Qin in the pavilion, proudly saying, “Grandfather, please declare the result.”

“Please declare the result!”

In the span of a moment, everyone became silent.

Grandpa Qin glanced towards Qin Shi.

Although he was shocked by Qin Shi’s strength before, he didn’t expect Qin Shi to really defeat Qin Siyu. After all, there was a gap of an entire layer between them.

“Father, this is not valid!”

“Right! Father, this time he sneak-attacked Siyu.”

Qin Tian Yu and Qin Tian Xing grinded their teeth, unable to accept this result. “Moreover, he already betrayed our family once and brought disgrace to the family. How can the Qin Family Inheritance be given to such a person?”

Saying this, Qin Tian Yu trembled in anger.

Qin Shi had previously injured Qin Fei and just now he snatched the Qin Family Inheritance from Qin Siyu’s hand. This was the last straw, making him get up with a desire to teach a lesson to Qin Shi.

At this moment, Grandpa Qin raised his hand and blocked Qin Tian Yu. “What do you think you’re doing? Don’t tell me that you’re going to lose my Qin family’s face in front of all the small families of Desolate Town?”


“No buts! A loss is a loss,” Grandpa Qin coldly groaned. Soon after, he raised his head and looked towards everyone present here while he declared the result, “This time’s Qin Family Inheritance final victor is… Qin Shi.”

In a split second, everyone went silent.

Anger floated on the faces of several Qin family members.

It seemed to them that Qin Shi could only win due to his tricks. In their eyes, it was only due to him taking advantage of Qin Siyu’s carelessness that he could seize the champion’s title.

Only, they didn’t put too much thought into it. If Qin Shi wasn’t strong, how was he able to resist the 9 Yellow Springs Sword?

“I succeeded!”

Qin Shi laughed. His smiling expression was dazzling.

He knew that seizing the Qin Family Inheritance would mean that his family would once again receive the Qin family’s patronage. His father and mother could also return to Qin Family.

Only he knew how much he had invested for today. And now that everything was at the end, the feeling of exhaustion caught up to him. The great amount of blood loss due to the wound on his stomach only made it worse. In a moment, his gaze became dazed and his body fell forward as he lost consciousness.

“Shi’er! Shi’er!”

Grandpa Qin, Qin Tian Qing, Qiong Shu Yao and others, all hurriedly dashed towards the stage, supporting Qin Shi. Seeing the 5 horrible holes on his chests, all of them sucked in a cold breath at the same time.

Those 5 holes were so deep that the bones could be seen.

“Receiving such wounds and still preserving till now…”

Grandpa Qin clenched his teeth; he was sure now. If given time, Qin Shi would gradually mature and grow boundlessly in the future. “This child’s temperament can really bring about a person’s admiration.”

The Qin Family Inheritance Battle concluded.

Qin Shi was brought to a room under everyone’s support.

To appease Qin Shi, Grandpa Qin declared that Qin Shi, Qin Tian Qing, Qiong Shu Yao, and Liu Yan Bing would formally be invited back into the Qin Family, arranging a top-notch wing for them to live in.

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  • the patriarch destroyed his genius son’s cultivation because of his trash grandson (how does that make sense), and is content to let his family members viciously attack their siblings and cousins … explains why Qin Shi would betray his family like he did before: this family is rotten to its core.

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