Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Qin Shi falling from the sky

“Liu Yan Bing?”

“Liu Yan Bing, what are you doing? Who do you think you are?”

“Exactly! A parentless mixed breed, quickly get down!” A few Qin younger generation members rained curses after seeing Liu Yan Bing.

All the members at the scene were startled.

That’s because Liu Yan Bing was really weak in their eyes.

Moreover, she wasn’t even a Qin family member. She had not even reached the 3rd layer of Spirit Tempering Realm. Fighting Qin Siyu was simply courting death.

“Bing’er, quickly come down…”

The Qin Tian Qing couple were frightened seeing Liu Yan Bing’s actions.

At this time, Liu Yan Bing turned her head and merely shook her head towards them. Although she was shivering due to the raining curses, there was no hesitation in her eyes.

She raised her head and looked towards Grandfather Qin, saying, “Grandfather, although I’m not related to the Qin family by blood, adoptive father and adoptive mother have treated me as their own daughter. I also want to participate in the Qin Family Inheritance Battle.”

“As they have always tried their best to show filial piety towards their parents.” After saying this, she looked towards Grandpa Qin. Feeling nervous in her heart, she waited for the outcome.

Grandpa Qin narrowed his eyes, locking his brows tightly in consternation.

According to the norm, Qin family blood vessels were required to participate in the Qin family Inheritance Battle. However, he couldn’t openly refuse Liu Yan Bing in front of so many persons.

If it spread out afterwards, he would appear very unreasonable.

“Grandfather, I wish to accept this fight!” At this time, while Grandpa Qin was feeling awkward, Qin Siyu who was still standing on the stage shot a glance towards Liu Yan Bing and suddenly agreed to it.

Grandpa Qin swept his eyes over Liu Yan Bing, making sure that her strength was actually weak. Feeling relieved, he said, “Alright, I’ll allow it. Siyu, it’s merely a competition so take care to stop when required!”

“En, child knows.”

Qin Siyu nodded and then she turned her head. A cold light flashing through her eyes, she moved while saying, “Since Qin Shi hasn’t come, let me take revenge for my younger brother on you!”

Roaring, Qin Siyu turned her hand into a palm, slapping it towards Liu Yan Bing’s face.

– Peng! –

Liu Yan Bing hadn’t recovered her spiritual strength and she was sent rolling to the ground, a trace of blood seeping out of the corners of her mouth.

“Right, only this strong?”

“A mixed breed is really a mixed breed, quickly come down!”

Seeing Liu Yan Bing get knocked down by Qin Siyu in a single hit, the younger generation at the scene started to jeer.

Qin Siyu also groaned, “If you don’t want to die, concede!”

At this time, Liu Yan Bing got up while swaying. She covered her face, but didn’t concede. She  instead looked towards Qin Siyu and said, “I will not concede!”

Qin Siyu was startled, her complexion turned ashen.

“Since you’re courting death, let me help you meet it!”

She advanced forward, grabbing Liu Yan Bing’s hair. She used her knee to make Liu Yan Bing fly out again.

However, Liu Yan Bing seemed like a stable and obstinate stone.

No matter how many times she was knocked down, she always got up. In the blink of an eye, her body was already bruised and bloodstained, making a person unable to look at the scene.

“If you get up again, I’ll kill you!”

Qin Siyu unexpectedly felt fear in her heart.

She couldn’t understand why a person who hadn’t even reached the 3rd layer of Spirit Tempering Realm could endure her intense offense and get up each time.

Naturally, she didn’t know.

Liu Yan Bing’s power was supported by her faith.

At this time, Liu Yan Bing rolled over on the ground a few times, her fingernails pierced into the ground, already shattering into small pieces, she exerted all her strength to raise her body, and unexpectedly stood up again.

Getting up, she was covered by her long hair, however, unswerving determination could be seen in her eyes: “I haven’t lost, I can still fight!”


Everyone at the scene gulped down their saliva. They were moved by Liu Yan Bing’s perseverance.


Anger flashed through Qin Siyu’s eyes.

She looked towards Liu Yan Bing’s worn out body and yelled.

“Elder Brother Shi’tou still hasn’t come!”

Liu Yan Bing forced herself to smile.

“Aaahhhh! I’ll kill you!” Qin Siyu was finally truly frightened by Liu Yan Bing. She didn’t care about anything else – she had to end this nightmare.

She dashed forward. Gathering spiritual power in her fist, she hit towards Liu Yan Bing’s underbelly.

“Bing’er! Bing’er…”

Seeing this scene, Qin Tian Qing and Qiong Shu Yao couple anxiously shouted, wanting to dash towards the stage. However, they were blocked by the Qin family members. “No, no, no – Bing’er!”

At this moment, a crisis was approaching.

A silhouette suddenly flashed past the group and leapt on the stage. That silhouette obstructed Liu Yan Bing’s body with both hands at the pit of the stomach, forcibly blocking Qin Siyu’s attack.

– Peng! –

The force from blocking the attack cause a crack to appear on the path.

“Who is it?” Qin Siyu retreated a few steps, making a serious face. She knew it would be difficult for even a normal person at 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm to block her attack just now.

Obstructing Liu Yan Bing’s body was a handsome youth.

That youngster’s skin was a robust bronze color and his face filled with determination. He looked towards Qin Siyu and coldly stated, “Who am I? I am the person who will defeat you, Qin Shi!”

That youth was undoubtedly Qin Shi.

He had directly returned to Desolate Town from the mountain woods.

After returning back, he went home to discover that his father, mother, and Liu Yan Bing were all not present, making him quickly set out towards the Qin family. Because he had stopped at home first, he was delayed in getting there.

He had hardly entered into Qin family and saw Liu Yan Bing in a crisis.

This made him quickly move towards the stage and block Qin Siyu’s attack.

Seeing Qin Shi, everyone at the scene was startled.

A seldom sweet smile perked up on Xu Qiao’er’s face as she secretly said to herself, “Humph! Have not seen you for a year, yet you still do things the same way. No matter what you do, all go out with a bang.”

“How unexpected, this brat really dared to come back?” Qin Tian Yu clenched his teeth. However, he was also relieved at the same time, thinking, “This is also good. I’ll let Siyu teach a lesson to him!”

“Caught up at last?”

The Qin Tian Qing couple relaxed their breathing after seeing Qin Shi save Liu Yan Bing.

“Elder Brother Shi…” On the stage, Liu Yan Bing saw Qin Shi arrive and relaxed her mind, her tense body suddenly easing up and going limp. She was at her limit after experiencing so many things physically and mentally.

Her gaze became hazy and she slowly fell over.


Qin Shi swiftly moved his hand to support Liu Yan Bing.

He looked towards the bruised Liu Yan Bing, feeling a fierce pain in the pit of his stomach. Fuming with anger, he said, “Bing’er, thank you. Thank you for buying time for me. Leave the rest to me!”

At this time, a few Qin family younger generation, Qin Feng Shan and Qin Feng Hai, saw Qin Shi and mocked, “Oh my! I was wondering who it was, it’s unexpectedly that trash Qin Shi?”

“I really didn’t expect him to come.”

“Of course, he declared that he would personally defeat older sister Siyu.”

“Him? Defeat older sister Siyu? Haha, really funny. Relying on his strength, he’s not even eligible to carry older sister Siyu’s shoes.” a few of the younger generation mocked.

Qin Shi sneered. He didn’t pay attention to the younger generation. Rather, he turned his head towards Grandfather Qin in the pavilion and said, “Grandfather, those possessing the Qin family blood vessels are entitled to participate in this Qin family Inheritance Battle, right?”

Grandpa Qin couldn’t help but to turn serious after looking at Qin Shi face to face.

Previously, when he had heard that Qin Shi injured Qin Fei, he didn’t believe it. After seeing him block Qin Siyu with his bare hands though, he had no choice but to believe it.

“He injured Qin Fei and unexpectedly still dared to come over. It seems he really does have some strength.” Thinking of this, Grandpa Qin nodded his head and said to himself, “That’s also good. Let me take a look at how much this little demon has matured after disappearing for a year.”

“That’s right! If someone possesses the Qin family blood vessels, they can participate in the Qin family Inheritance Battle,” Grandpa Qin said.

“En, that’s good!”

Qin Shi spoke in a naturally confident tone.

Then, he walked off the stage while supporting Liu Yan Bing and handed her over to the Qin Tian Qing couple. “Father, Mother, child has made you anxious. Next, see how your son takes you back to Qin family!”

Saying this, he turned around and jumped onto the stage.

After going on top of the stage, he sarcastically said, “Older Sister Siyu, you’re 18 years old and quite pretty, huh? Merely, it’s a pity. It’s unexpected that you’re such a vicious woman.”

Qin Siyu curled her lips. She coldly asked, “You injured my younger brother?”

“En, that’s right. It was me.” Qin Shi shrugged his shoulders and calmly said, “What? Older Sister Siyu wants to take revenge for him? That’s also good – I too want to for take revenge for Bing’er!”


Qin Siyu acted as if she had heard a gargantuan joke.

“Hehe, yes – me!” Qin Shi agreed. If it was before, he wouldn’t be fully assured of a victory. However, after seven days of suffering through Shu Zhong Yu’s devilish training his confidence was boosted.

“Humph! Stop being conceited. Don’t think you are unequalled in the world just because you recovered your spirit veins. You, Qin Shi, shall forever be a traitor with a blackened name!”

Qin Shi felt it beneath himself to argue with her.

He operated his spiritual power while bracing his body. The power of 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm spread across the martial arts stage.

“5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm?”

Sensing this power, everyone at the scene was disappointed.

“Apparently, this Qin Shi was also a boasting brat. Relying on this strength, he wouldn’t be able to take one of her hits.” Everyone spectating the events were not very optimistic after finding about Qin Shi’s strength.

However, the Qin Feng Shan brothers sucked in a cold breath of air.

They were certain that Qin Shi was at the 3rd layer of Spirit Tempering Realm when they fought him half a month back. In the short duration of half a month he had unexpectedly climbed two layers?

Wasn’t this cultivation speed going against the heavens?

“He had progressed again?” Standing on top of the pavilion, Qin Tian Yu turned serious. He remembered that just seven days ago Qin Shi had made a breakthrough to the 4th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm.

At this moment, the two on the stage had already started fighting.

– Peng!-

Qin Shi was forced to retreat under Qin Siyu’s attack. Qin Shi still had to spend some effort when facing the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm. However, this was only just a little. After a hundred moves, it was still very easy for him to keep up.


“Since it’s like this, let me show you the might of the Qin family’s martial imitation. “ Qin Siyu grunted and formed a fist with one of her hands.

A majestic spiritual power gathered at her fist. Then, it formed an intense red flame and exploded towards Qin Shi. “Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

It would only be a matter of moments before that Heaven Splitting Fist fell on him.

Qin Shi stood in his original position and didn’t evade. Instead, he calmly laughed.

“Humph! An ordinary and reckless man – that’s all!”

“Is he insane? Don’t tell me he’s thinking of blocking Heaven Splitting Boxing when it nears him?” Everyone was sure that Qin Shi would lose, but the move Qin Shi made next caused their eyes to open wide in shock.

Like a cat crossing a bridge, they saw him make identical movements to Qin Siyu. Vast spiritual power gathered on his fist, transforming into a red flame. He welcomed the attack while saying, “Don’t think that only you can use a martial imitation!”

“Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

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