Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Great Inheritance Battle

Qin family’s Great Inheritance Battle.

Desolate Town’s North district, Qin family courtyard.

The Qin family’s reputation was quite high in Desolate Town. Therefore, all the small families of Desolate Town wanted to make connections with the higher branches of Qin family and hurriedly rushed over to congratulate them.

The Qin family courtyard was like a bejeweled jade palace, an intoxicating scent of a beautiful spring day providing an unusual ambiance to everyone. In particular, the central main hall was richly ornamented. It was fitted with red glazed tiles and a golden board hung in the middle. On top of it was the word ‘Qin’ written in a vigorous style.

There were a few martial arts stages in front of the main hall.

Those stages were surrounded by seats which were already set in order. A few important guests had already taken their seats, continuously conversing with each other.

Great Inheritance Battle. This was a martial arts competition between the younger generation.

The Qin family used this occasion to display its power and prestige to the big and small families at Desolate Town; as well as inspect the cultivation of the family’s younger generation.

After all, the prosperity and decline of a family finally depended on the strength of the younger generation within the clan.

Their strength will decide the development of the Qin family at Desolate Town for the next few years, even up to more than 10 years.

There was one tall building in front of the martial arts stages.

It was a grand and majestic structure. Fierce male tigers were carved into its four corners while the elaborate and refined pavilion was covered in seats.

This was the seat of power for the hosting Qin family.

In the middle of the pavilion floor, an old, gray haired and cold eyed old man was seated. That old man sat upright with his chest broadened, suppressing anyone who sat there.

This old man was the Qin family’s Grandfather, Qin Yong Feng.

Sitting beside Qin Yong Feng were the elders of the Qin family’s second generation: Qin Tian Yu, the third oldest Qin Tian Xing, and the fourth oldest Qin Yue Ling.


At this time, a voice suddenly echoed through the pavilion.

The one who spoke was none other than Qin Shi’s father, Qin Tian Qing.

Qin Tian Qing had left early morning with Qiong Shu Yao and Liu Yan Bing in order to the Qin family. After returning back they discovered that the Qin family members did not leave a seat for them.

Qin Yong Feng raised his head slightly, sweeping his eyes over Qin Tian Qing.

However, before he managed to open his mouth, a sarcastic, ridiculing voice came from the side.

“Oh my! I was wondering who it was… if it isn’t my genius second younger brother?” After Qin Tian Yu saw Qin Tian Qing, he said in a rather strange manner, “How can I be siblings with you? Where’s your darling son?”

Qin Tian Qing wrinkled his brows and didn’t reply.

He hadn’t seen Qin Shi during these seven days and also didn’t know where he’d ran off to.

This morning, he had waited a long time for Qin Shi at the house gate along with Qiong Shu Yao and Liu Yan Bing, however, seeing that he didn’t return, they had no choice but to set out towards Qin family first.

Thinking of this, he was angry in his heart. He scolded secretly, “This reckless brat, where did he run off to? Always causing worry to a person. He dared to be inattentive towards such a huge matter as the Qin Family Inheritance?”

“From what I can see, he wouldn’t dare to come. That’s really no surprise. After all, he’s a crippled person. Even if he came, he would only be able to disgrace himself!” the third oldest Qin Tian Xing said.

Qin Tian Yu laughed while saying, “Indeed, indeed, this is called knowing oneself. Not resembling someone’s dad, unable to realize this truth, unworthy of his son.”

“You…” Qin Tian Qing said in a cold voice.

“What, you trash?” Qin Tian Yu curled his lips and coldly replied.

“Eldest brother, how can you speak to second brother like this? No matter what, isn’t he your younger brother?” At this time, the youngest in the Qin family senior generation, the fourth oldest Qin Yue Ling, said angrily.

Qin Yue Ling had actually led a very pitiful life up until now. After marrying, she lost her husband very early and lived on as a widow for many years, raising her little daughter by herself.

A few years back, when Qin Tian Qin was dominant in the Qin family, he had helped her a few times. Therefore, she was the only person who approved of Qin Tian Qing in the entire Qin family.

“Younger brother? I don’t have such a trash-like younger brother.” Qin Tian Yu coldly said.

“Enough!” At this time, the grandpa of the Qin family lifted his hand and interrupted the dispute. He pointed towards a nearby corner and said, “Tian Qing, you and Shu Yao can sit over there.”

Qin Tian Qing turned his head. Seeing that corner, he felt a sharp pain in the pit of his stomach.

There were only two ice cold stone stools placed in the indicated corner, and since no one had sat there in a long time, it was covered with green moss.

Qin Tian Qing didn’t say anything.

He pulled Qiong Shu Yao and walked over to the stone stools, sitting down on their moss covered surfaces.

“A trash will always be a trash, humph!”

Seeing Qin Tian Qing sit on the stone stool, Qin Tian Yu scolded.

At this time, the Qin old family master got up.

He stood at the front of the pavilion floor in a dignified manner. After clearing his throat, he spoke loudly towards the audience, “Everyone! First, I thank you for coming to join our Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle despite your busy schedules. The time is already upon us – begin the competition!”

Applauses echoed out after the voice.

After that, the Qin family’s younger generation walked onto the stages one by one.

The competition used an elimination-style system. Starting off with a fierce struggle on top of the stage was thrilling. The spectators shouted from the seats and all those small families of Desolate Town nodded praise towards the Qin family’s strength.

“You lose!”

At this time, a pretty girl was on top of a stage while wearing a proud smile across her face. She had barely moved and directly struck Qin Feng Shan out of the stage in a single hit.

“Qin Siyu!”

“She’s really is worthy of being called the number 1 genius of the Qin family’s younger generation!”

This pretty girl was precisely the genius of the Qin family, Qin Siyu.

This was already her third match. What’s amazing was that she had instantly defeated her opponent each time.

“The peak of the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm.”

“The Qin family’s young daughter has unexpectedly already reached this level!”

The small family members sitting on the spectator seats were all showing an envious expression. Qin Siyu was only 18 years old now. Possessing such a horrifying talent, if she’s able to mature, reaching the Spirit Bestowal Realm was just a question of time.

– Peng! –

At this moment, a cracking sound came from the martial arts stage next to Qin Siyu’s.

Attracted by the sound, everybody looked over to see a girl in the prime of her youth standing on the stage. She had relied on her intense attack to blast the opponent to the ground, making the entire stage tremble from the impact.

“Xu Qiao’er?”

This girl was called Xu Qiao’er.

She was the daughter of the fourth oldest, Qin Yue Ling.

Xu Qiao’er never had a father since her childhood, resulting in cold feelings towards men. She had almost no friends inside the Qin family. Naturally, there was one exception and that was Qin Shi.

It was due to the friendly rapport between Qin Tian Qing and Qin Yue Ling.

The relationship between Qin Shi and Xu Qiao’er had been quite good ever since their childhood. Xu Qiao’er was the only person who called Qin Shi as elder brother in the entire Qin family.

“6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm… it’s the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm again!”

“This Qin family is really great. They have talents coming out in droves in their younger generation,” the spectators exclaimed in admiration from their seats.

At last, these two girls fought their way to the top.

The final battle was between Qin Siyu and Xu Qiao’er.

These two gave rise to an intense round of applause as they walked over to the stage.

Xu Qiao’er’s strength was a surprise to all the Qin family members on the pavilion floor. Qin Tian Yu mocked, “Older sister, who would have thought that you would have kept such a low profile!”

“Yue Ling, when did Qiao’er make a breakthrough?” Grandpa Qin also asked, wearing a satisfied smile across his face.

Qin Yue Ling shook her head, wearing a pleased smile across her face. “Answering father, Qiao’er has been immersed in training hard these days. As for when she made a breakthrough, even I am not certain.”

Grandpa Qin was startled and didn’t question again, contrarily saying to Qin Tian Yu, “Right! Tian Yu, where’s Qin Fei? Didn’t that brat make a breakthrough to the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm?”

“Father, you don’t know, but my child was injured by second eldest’s son a few days back and is still seriously hurt.” Mentioning this, Qin Tian Yu felt aggrieved and shifted his gaze towards Qin Tian Qing over in the corner.

“Oh? Qin Shi?”

“He has that kind of strength?”

Hearing this, the Qin family members all frowned. They had heard that Qin Shi had recently recovered his spirit veins, however they didn’t expect that Qin Shi was able to defeat Qin Fei.

“Previously, I heard Feng Shan and Feng Hai say that Qin Shi boasted he would defeat Siyu personally in this competition. Today, he unexpectedly didn’t come,” Qin Tian Xing curiously mentioned.

Qin Tian Yu sneered while saying, “Humph! A child’s drama, that’s all. It must be false.” He coldly thought in his heart, “I estimate that brat won’t dare to come here.”

The Qin family Grandfather sank into contemplation.

At this time, the two women had already taken their positions on the stage.

Xu Qiao’er swept her gaze over the stage, looking forward to seeing that silhouette in her heart. It had failed to appear though, making her disappointed. “It seems that you won’t be coming. Never mind it, let me help you vent off your anger!”

Off the stage, the younger generation excitedly discussed amongst themselves.

“Who do you think will win?”

“Is there even a need to ask? It will naturally be Older Sister Siyu. She is number 1, peerless in the Qin family.”

“Ke Ke, I say Qin Feng Shan. Didn’t you brother’s say, Qin Shi that trash was going to come to personally defeat older sister Siyu? Why hasn’t he come? You two didn’t lie to us right?”

Qin Feng Shan shrugged his shoulders. He said, “Don’t you know that Qin Shi was seriously hurt by Great Uncle a few days back and had to crawl out of Desolate Town? Would he still dare to come? Wouldn’t that be courting death?”

“Right! That trash is a real laughing stock!”

During all this, an anxious look had appeared on the faces of the Qin Tian Qing couple.

“Husband, it’s unlikely that Shi’er ran into any danger, right? It’s already been seven days,” Qiong Shu Yao pulled Qin Tian Qing’s arm, asking with worry.

Qin Tian Qing narrowed his eyes, feeling somewhat impatient.

He was still a man, however, so he stuck his chest out and said, “It’s unlikely. Be at peace, Shi’er will definitely come. Perhaps he’s already on the way. You mustn’t forget that he’s my, Qin Tian Qing’s, son.”

Facing the finals, anything could happen at any moment.

“Younger sister Qiao’er, I really didn’t expect my final opponent would be you. You’ll concede to older sister in a moment.”

“I won’t concede to you – start!”

Xu Qiao’er’s voice was as cold as ice. She had always been like this – there was no nonsense, no sloppiness. She took a large stride forward and attacked Qin Siyu.

Upon seeing this, Qin Siyu also didn’t speak anymore and faced the attack.

– Peng! –

Those two exchanged a move and retreated a few steps back at the same time.

Qin Siyu expression turned grim, saying secretly, “What powerful strength. Qiao’er has a difference of 3 years from me, but her strength is almost the same as mine. This is going to be troublesome!”

“If she’s left to mature, the family might give the resources to her in the future.”

Realizing this, Qin Siyu didn’t leave Xu Qiao’er a chance to even gasp for breath and ferociously attacked her.

“Grandfather, how do you see it?”

All the members on the pavilion looked towards Grandpa Qin.

“Qiao’er’s innate skill is pretty good. If she’s given time, she will turn out to be a real talent. However, she has only recently made a breakthrough and is also lacking in combat experience. She is not Siyu’s opponent in this competition.” Qin Old Father caressed his beard, attentively looking towards the martial arts stage.

On the stage, a hundred moves were already exchanged in a flash.

After the flurry of moves, Xu Qiao’er still tried to persevere. This made Qin Siyu narrow her eyes. A cold light flashed through them and a flame followed around her fist, bombarding towards Xu Qiao’er.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

Seeing Heaven Splitting Boxing, Xu Qiao’er was really frightened.

She had just entered into the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm and still hadn’t cultivated the Heaven Splitting Boxing. Therefore, she couldn’t even evade it and rolled to the ground after being struck.

The strength of Heaven Splitting Boxing was monstrous, making her twitch in pain and unable to stand up.

“Older Sister Yu won?”

Everyone at the scene cheered.

Xu Qiao’er lost the battle. With this, Qin Family Inheritance Battle had also finished and the final victor was no doubt the genius girl of Qin family, Qin Siyu.

Finally, Grandpa Qin got up and declared the outcome, “Qin Family Inheritance, Qin Siyu wins!”

Listening to the final result, some were happy while others were worried.

“Don’t tell me that it’s too late?” After hearing the outcome, Qin Tian Qing and Qiong Shu Yao were worried in their hearts.

Xu Qiao’er was also unwilling and clenched her teeth. Tightly closing her fist, she fiercely smashed it on the ground.

“Hold on!”

A weak voice suddenly echoed out.

Everyone’s eyes followed that sound back to its source.

The one who spoke was Liu Yan Bing. She squeezed out of the Qin family younger generation step by step, making a strenuous effort to get on the stage. She said, “I still haven’t competed.”

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