Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: War Body Small Success

“Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets?”

Qin Shi was stupefied; he didn’t think that this common looking martial imitation would turn out to be a 2nd rank 1st class martial imitation!

The Qin family’s three great martial imitations were only 2nd rank 2nd class that’s all.

However, these 2nd rank 2nd class martial imitations were the best among the top martial imitations at Desolate Town. Not even speaking of 2nd rank, a 1st rank martial imitation seldom came by in a common family’s possession.

“What is this Lin Yu’s identity in the end? Taking out a 2nd rank martial imitation so casually is surely very extravagant, is he a very influential person?”

Looking at the martial imitation in his hands, Qin Shi was sure that Lin Yu was absolutely not a simple person. Not speaking of other matters, solely his Spirit Bestowal Realm strength and moreover his identity as a medicine refining master was capable of shaking the entire Desolate Town.

“Shi’tou, let me take a look at that martial imitation.”

At this time, Shu Zhong Yu suddenly flew out and said with a serious expression.

Qin Shi was startled, he had very rarely seen her become this serious, therefore, he quickly gave the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets to her.

Receiving the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets, Shu Zhong Yu flipped through it.

Flipping through for a while, she knit her brows, suddenly sacrificing a share of spiritual power, pouring it into the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets.

At this moment, that Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets struggled against the oppressing spiritual power, as if it had a spiritual nature. Issuing a buzzing sound, it wanted to run out of Shu Zhong Yu’s hands.

Seeing this scene, Shu Zhong Yu was happy, shouting: “It’s really like this; it seems that my guess was correct. This Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets already has spiritual wisdom; it’s an evolvable type martial imitation.”

“Evolvable type martial imitation?”

Qin Shi startled blankly as he asked this.

“Foolish Shi’tou, you have obtained a treasure this time.” Shu Zhong Yu’s laughed happily, saying: “ Evolvable type martial imitation, it is capable of evolving along with the growth of the cultivator, in other words, if you cultivate it now, it is merely a 2nd rank 1st class martial imitation, however, after you reach Spirit Bestowal Realm, it might transform into a 3rd rank martial imitation.”

“So fierce?”

Qin Shi had only heard that a martial imitation could evolve for the first time: “Then wouldn’t it be saying that it is also cultivating along with me?”

Shu Zhong Yu replied: “En, if I haven’t made a mistake, this marital imitation’s origin is definitely mysterious.”

Hearing Shu Zhong Yu, Qin Shi was absolutely certain about it.

After all, Shu Zhong Yu was born from the Blazing Book, a marital imitation spirit tool, having the heavenly gift of understanding martial imitations.

“Ai, can only say that a good person has good returns … ….”

Qin Shi was excited, laughing heartily: “Really good, I was idle these past few days, might as well cultivate this Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets. Right now, I’m already at the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, if I can master this Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets, I may be able to stake everything against Qin Siyu!”

“Qin family, Qin Siyu, wait for me … …”

“Shi’tou, you reached the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm?” Previously, Shu Zhong Yu was asleep, and didn’t know the outside affairs. Seeing that Qin Shi had made a breakthrough, she curiously asked him.

Qin Shi nodded and described the previous events to her in a concise manner.

Naturally, he added a few details to make it more interesting. For example, how heroic he was, bravely facing that iron mouth pangolin, and battling with it, continuously fighting it hand to hand, before finally beheading it.

In a word, speaking of his marvelous actions, he had completely twisted the real facts.

Shu Zhong Yu curled her lips, she didn’t believe Qin Shi; however, she didn’t expose it and merely frowned, saying: “Shi’tou, that totem on your hand should be a treasure? I didn’t notice it before.”

Hearing this, Qin Shi trembled, turning serious.

Regarding the matters of the evil spirit, he was very careful, therefore, he said a small lie: “Older sister Yu, to tell the truth, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, merely, I also don’t know since when this totem had latched onto me.”

“You’re definitely cheating me!”

A woman’s intuition was sharp, Shu Zhong Yu could make out that Qin Shi was lying at a glance, however, she didn’t question him, contrarily, she said: “Be careful a bit and try to use it as less as possible. I can feel an intense baleful qi from that totem, if it’s used frequently; you might accidently turn into a demon!”

Hearing this, Qin Shi’s heart warmed up.

This past year, there were very few who cared about him, he had recorded all of them. Similarly, he had also kept those who bullied and humiliated him within his mind, after he becomes strong, he shall personally get back at them.

“Be at ease, I know.”

Qin Shi laughed foolishly, returning back to the main topic: “Older Sister Yu, help me visualize this Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets, I want to begin cultivating it within these seven days.”

However, Shu Zhong Yu shook her head: “I can’t do it, this Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets, is a body refining martial imitation, it can be said that it simply doesn’t have a style, you can only depend on yourself to cultivate it!”

Hearing this, Qin Shi’s mouth twitched, saying in a low voice: “Alas, I believed you were omnipotent, and the result, such a tiny Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets was enough to stump you?”

“Smelly Shi’tou, who are you speaking about?”

“Although this older sister cannot visualize it, however, I can guide you. Do you think you can learn this martial imitation within seven days without me? Dream on.” Shu Zhong Yu was mad after hearing him.

Qin Shi was happy: “Older sister Yu, you can help me successfully cultivate this Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets within seven days?”

“I cannot!”

Shu Zhong Yu didn’t wait for Qin Shi to finish speaking before angrily throwing out these two words.

Qin Shi blinked and hurriedly coaxed her: “Older sister Yu ~ ~! Beauty Yu ~ ~! You mustn’t get angry … … your appearance when angry isn’t pretty, a devastating beauty like you, resembling the moon, nimble minded, loved by all, a blooming flower … … Ke Ke Ke, … you ought to smile more!”

“Yi, sappy to death, good older sister, will you speak?”

Shu Zhong Yu couldn’t bear Qin Shi’s sappy spirit, glancing towards the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets, she said: “This Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets: admire the stars and the boundless milky way. It’s very abstruse and mysterious, and is roughly divided into 5 layers.”

“1st layer: Skin Refining. 2nd layer: Tendon Refining. 3rd layer: Bone Refining. 4th layer: Mind Refining. 5th layer: Soul Refining.”

Shu Zhong Yu stopped for a moment, and continued: “The first 3 layers are easy to understand; it’s only cultivating skin and flesh, tendons and arteries, and bone marrow. If cultivated to Large Success, a fist’s power when executing a martial imitation would be equivalent to a diamond, completely invulnerable.”

“As for the last 2 layers, they are very abstruse.”

Qin Shi earnestly listened to her, recording each word and sentence in his mind.

Seeing Qin Shi’s appearance, Shu Zhong Yu nodded; saying: “Mind Refining, it is to cultivate mental power, if the mental power is huge, then, your willpower shall become unflinching.”

“Cultivating mental power? There’s such a miraculous marital imitation?”

Mental power was different from spiritual power, which could be cultivated by spending a great effort. This thing was often decided by nature, faintly discernable in the void, difficult to explain, and the path unclear.

It was due to this mental power that those higher stage cultivators had to give up on further cultivation.

Realizing this, Qin Shi became more curious about the Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets, and impatiently questioned her: “Older sister Yu, what about that 5th layer? What is that Soul Refining referring to?”

“Soul Refining … …”

Suddenly, Shu Zhong Yu turned serious, thinking for a long time, she said: “Soul, there’s no doubt about it, it’s referring to the soul. If you are able to cultivate till this layer, even if your corporeal body breaks down, you can exist between Heaven and Earth as an injured soul.”


Qin Shi sucked a cold breath in and jumped in joy, saying: “Such fierceness? Wouldn’t that mean that I can neither die nor be exterminated?”

However, a basin of cold water splashed down.

“Stop dreaming, ‘neither die nor be exterminated?’ You think it’s easy to cultivate this Soul Refining? Many people haven’t been able to reach this aspect after spending their entire lifetime.” Shu Zhong Yu gave a supercilious look, and said unhappily.

Qin Shi was dispirited after hearing those words and said: “Didn’t you say that you will help me cultivate it successfully within these seven days, were you deceiving my young and ignorant heart?”

“You’re thinking of cultivating until Soul Refining within these seven days? You think I am a daoist immortal?”

“In these seven days, you can at most grasp the 1st layer: Skin Refining. That will also  depend on your willpower,  it you cannot persevere, then it will be difficult to grasp even the 1st layer.” Shu Zhong Yu looked down on him and said.

Qin Shi curled his lips, feeling a little disappointed.

“1st layer is also good ~!” Qin Shi excitedly shrugged his shoulders, thinking: “If I can grasp Skin Refining, then it will increase the cards in my hand during the Qin family Inheritance Battle, raising my chances of success.”

Afterwards, for the remaining seven days, Qin Shi began to cultivate Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets each day.

These seven days, were also the most painful days.

These seven days were like a nightmare to Qin Shi, if he had a choice, he would have chosen to rather get shot to death by an arrow.

Only after beginning to cultivate Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets did Qin Shi understand why Shu Zhong Yu kept on repeating the word ‘willpower’ over and over. It was really difficult to cultivate this martial imitation without sufficient willpower.

Body refining martial imitation was different from the common martial imitation, which progressed according to a style. Cultivating it didn’t depend on a person’s innate skill, merely, depends on willpower and toughness.

There were no shortcuts when cultivating body refining martial imitations, and needed one to continuously take beatings and go through a masochistic cultivation. The more one suffered from hits, the more it hurt, receiving oppression, refining a war body, the power becomes more and more formidable.

Qin Shin was mad due to this reason.

He was bruised under Shu Zhong Yu’s ‘encouragement’ each day. Bearing the scorching sun in the daytime; dipping within the ice cold creek water in the nighttime.

Naturally, the investment had its returns.

Within these seven days, Qin Shi had at last cultivated the 1st layer: Skin Refining to the Small Success.

Early morning; the sun rose up from East.

Today was the day for the Qin Family Inheritance Battle.

Qin Shi was standing within the woods, breathing the morning light scattering on his body through the tree leaves.

Right now, his body had clearly become stronger since seven days back, his originally spotlessly white skin had completely turned  into a healthy bronze color.

He clenched his fist and hit towards a 100 year old ancient tree.


His fist was similar to a 1000 jin large cauldron, fiercely smashing on the ancient tree. That ancient tree swayed and finally snapped off in the middle, exploding to the ground, giving rise to waves of flames.

“This Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets is really fierce!”

“Right now, my one punch can contend against the might of a 1st rank martial spirit, capable of knocking down ancient trees and smashing huge rocks. 1st rank martial imitations simply won’t be able to injure me.”

“Relying on this war body, plus my 5th layer Spirit Tempering Realm strength, even if I run into Qin Siyu, I am confident in fighting with her!”

Looking at the collapsed ancient tree, Qin Shi laughed satisfactorily.

The seven day’s investment had been worth it.

Next, what he wanted to do was to defeat Qin Siyu at the Qin Family Inheritance Battle, and seize the Qin Family Inheritance, making the Qin family members repent.

“Humph! Qin family, I, Qin Shi, am coming!”

A weird arc perked up at his mouth’s corners. Gazing towards the northern district of Desolate Town; he disappeared into the mountain woods.

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