Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Lin Yu

“I-Iron Mouth Pangolin?”

Qin Shi was really frightened after seeing this desolate beast.

Iron Mouth Pangolin, Yellow rank 6th level desolate beast, equivalent to a cultivator at the 6th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm. Qin Shi was not its match right now.

“Damn it! How can an Iron Mouth Pangolin appear here?”

“Isn’t this desolate beast’s habitat at the top of mountains? To hell with this!” Qin Shi cursed and retreated a few steps back carefully.

“Yi… it’s wounded?”

Qin Shi discovered that the Iron Mouth Pangolin had a bloody hole on its body. It seemed to have been wounded just recently.

“Hou! Hou! Hou!”

However, that pangolin didn’t give Qin Shi a chance to think.

It looked hungry, as if it had not eaten anything for several days. Seeing Qin Shi, its mouth drooled as if it saw a delicious meal, and it suddenly pounced towards Qin Shi.

“Fuck! Am I really going to reincarnate as a starving ghost?” Qin Shi cursed while avoiding its attack.

“Hou! Hou! Hou!” Seeing Qin Shi dodge, the Iron Mouth Pangolin roared, raising its head and tearing at Qin Shi again.

By the time Qin Shi had stabilized himself, the attack was already frighteningly close, forcing him to quickly pull back. In a moment, he hit the ground and rolled twice. It was still too late, though.  A deep, bloody hole had been cut open on his arm caused by those sharp teeth.

“Arghhh!” Qin Shi groaned in pain.

He retreated a few steps and gingerly stood up, planning to run into the woods.

At this moment, he had hardly lifted his leg and the wound at his calf suddenly flared up, giving rise to a violent pain. This made his body tremble and stay deadlocked in place.

“Da-Damn it! I can’t move!”

“Hou! Hou! Hou!”

The pangolin pounced towards the motionless Qin Shi. With a mountain-like body that covered the entire night sky, it tore through the air towards him.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

Qin Shi turned his head and was frightened after seeing that pangolin’s huge body. He lifted his hand to execute his strongest move and a blast of flame exploded towards the Iron Mouth Pangolin.

However, the Iron Mouth Pangolin’s entire body was densely covered in scales. The flame merely just caused a few sparks after smashing into it and then slowly dispersed into the air.

“Damn! It didn’t work?”

“I cannot die, I have to seize the Qin Family Inheritance and take father and mother back to the Qin family. I have to make Yu Lin’er and Burning Sky Sect pay – I absolutely cannot die!”

In a split second, his heart nearly leapt out of his chest,overwhelmed by fear.

His wounded calf was frozen in pain, Heaven Splitting Boxing was ineffective, and Shu Zhong Yu was asleep… Right now, Qin Shi was at the end of the road.

“Don’t tell me, I’m really going to die?”

During this desperate moment, Qin Shi looked towards that falling pangolin with a gaze full of despair.


Within that moment, when Qin Shi believed the time of his death had arrived, a black light suddenly appeared from the Evil Spirit totem on his left arm.

Dense black fog emitted out of the totem accompanying that black light.

This black fog was similar to the baleful qi on the mountain behind the Qin family from a few days back, bringing about a disgusting feeling to anyone near it.

“The Evil Spirit?”

Qin Shi trembled after seeing this.

That baleful qi pounced towards the arriving pangolin.

The Iron Mouth Pangolin was rooted in place after being engulfed by the baleful qi. Suddenly, an explosion sounded out. It fell down to the ground, continuously twitching as if it was experiencing an excruciating pain.

“Hou! Hou! Hou!”

The Iron Mouth Pangolin roared. In a flash, it was completely wrapped by the black fog. Its hard scales began to disintegrate and then its skin began to dry out, leaving only dead, snow white bones in the end.

“Wh-What’s going on?”

Qin Shi was stupefied after seeing this strange scene.

He looked towards that bunch of bones and thought, “Don’t tell me this Evil Spirit can devour desolate beasts?”

At this instant, that layer of black fog pulled out from the pangolin, almost as if it had eaten its fill; it swayed languidly in a beautiful arc, returning back to Qin Shi’s left hand.

Qin Shi was frightened seeing the black fog return to the totem.

However, soon after, he felt a vast amount of spiritual power fill his entire body, making him feel unprecedented comfort.

“Very mysterious, there’s actually such a rich spiritual power inside this dense fog?”

“Don’t tell me the Evil Spirit can devour desolate beasts, convert them into spiritual power and give it back for my use?” Realizing this, Qin Shi was excited. If that was the case, then it would be incredible!


At this moment, Qin Shi suddenly heard a sharp and clear shattering sound from his body.

Qin Shi was wild with joy after hearing this sound.

He could feel the blood vessels and meridians inside his body tremble violently from the spiritual power obtained from the black fog. A tiny breach had unexpectedly opened on the path of the sealed 5th spirit vein.

“These signs… seems like a breakthrough?”

Sensing this breach, Qin Shi didn’t dare to be slow; he sat cross legged after getting up, moving the spiritual power inside his body towards the breach on the 5th spirit vein to attack it.

The breach enlarged from the waves of attacks.

However, along with its expansion, the spiritual power needed also increased; this made Qin Shi feel powerless.

He had recently made a breakthrough to the 4th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm. Making a breakthrough once again was difficult, so he scolded himself, “This one bit, I must persevere…”

In a flash, the time it takes for half a joss stick to burn had passed by.

Qin Shi was already exhausted, however, that spirit vein breach seemed like a bottomless pit, nibbling away at his spiritual power, but still not showing the signs of breaking through.

“Don’t tell me I’m going to miss such a good opportunity?” Qin Shi gritted his teeth. He was not reconciled, but he didn’t have any method to push through.

At this crucial moment, he suddenly felt a powerful spiritual power pour inside him through his back. That spiritual power entered his body, directly moving towards the breach on the 5th spirit vein and completely ran through it with a bang. Immediately after, a comforting feeling flooded his entire body.

“So comfortable…”

“I succeeded?” Feeling the abundant spiritual power, he jumped from happiness. Clenching his fists, he sighed with emotion, “This is the strength of the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm? It seems to be several times stronger compared to the 4th Layer.”

Succeeding in the breakthrough gave rise to a satisfied smile across his face.

At this time, he suddenly recalled the spiritual power that came through his back and couldn’t help but be surprised, “Where did that spiritual power come from? Don’t tell me someone helped me?”

Realizing this, he turned his head back.

Qin Shi saw a handsome youth standing behind him. This frightened him, making him retreat a few steps. “Wh-Who are you?”

“Hehe, indeed a daring kid, unexpectedly daring to make a breakthrough in these deep mountain woods. It’s fortunate that I ran into you. If not, I suppose you would have already become the food for these animals,” the handsome youth said as he curled his lips.

Qin Shi was startled. Sweeping his gaze beside that youth’s body, he saw more than 10 wolf desolate beasts laid out on the ground.

Seeing that group of desolate beasts, Qin Shi couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

He had thrown his heart and soul into the breakthrough and hadn’t sensed this group of desolate beasts. He rejoiced in his heart, “That was a close call. If it wasn’t for him, I would have already become this wolf pack’s food.”

“Yi, these wounds?”

At this moment, Qin Shi discovered bloody holes on those wolves’ necks. These bloody holes were identical to the Iron Mouth Pangolin’s wound.

“It seems that the Iron Mouth Pangolin from before was wounded by this man…”

Realizing this, Qin Shi became alert.  The iron mouth pangolin was a 6th level desolate beast, moreover, its entire body was covered in hard scales. Even experts at the 7th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm would avoid it.

“To be able to injure an Iron Mouth Pangolin, this man is remarkable.”

“Shi’tou, be careful a bit. This man’s strength is at least at the Spirit Bestowal Realm or higher!” Shu Zhong Yu gravely said, having just woken up.

“A Spirit Bestowal Realm expert?”

Hearing Shu Zhong Yu, Qin Shi trembled while thinking secretly, “Spirit Bestowal Realm? Wouldn’t that mean he is evenly matched with grandfather’s strength?”

Shu Zhong Yu said, “En, there’s no mistake.”

Learning this information, Qin Shi clenched his teeth and turned cautious.

A Spirit Bestowal Realm expert was much scarier than an Iron Mouth Pangolin.

“Hehe, really strange. You have just broken through into the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, and yet you were able to defeat an Iron Mouth Pangolin?” The youth curled his lips. Looking towards the bones of the Iron Mouth Pangolin, he said, “I am called Lin Yu, what are you called?”

“I’m called Qin Shi!” Qin Shi cautiously replied.

“Qin Shi? Hehe, this is really interesting.” Lin Yu slightly bowed his head and walked over towards the Iron Mouth Pangolin’s skeleton.

Reaching it, Lin Yu lifted his hand up and snapped off the Iron Mouth Pangolin’s hard ribs with his bare hands, “I have obtained the rib of the Iron Mouth Pangolin at last. Qin Shi, thank you for this time.”

“Thank me?”

“En, I came out to find medicinal ingredients this time. However, this animal was very clever. If it hadn’t run into you, I would have only found it after several days.” Lin Yu smiled. There was no choice but to say his smile was incredibly infectious.

Qin Shi stared blankly. He couldn’t help but to think, “It’s no wonder that this Iron Mouth Pangolin ran inside these mountain woods. Originally, it was chased by him?”

“Right, seeing that you have made a breakthrough to the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, this cultivation technique may be useful to you… I’ll gift it to you.” Lin Yu put the ribs away and fished out a yellow book, throwing it to Qin Shi.

Qin Shi received the book. Startled, he asked, “Gifting it to me?”

“Yes. Anyway, I’m a medicine refining master. Keeping it to myself would be a waste. It would be better to gift it to you, so treat it as me expressing my thanks to you.” Lin Yu shrugged his shoulders as he naturally spoke those words.

At those words, Qin Shi’s heart was stirred. “Medicine refining master?”

Medicine refining master is a very respected profession on the Desolate Spirit Continent.

“Alright, it’s late, I’m going to return now. If we have related karma, we may meet again.” Lin Yu laughed and left towards a distant place.

Qin Shi calmed down after seeing Lin Yu leave.

He began to size up that martial imitation book in his hand.

However, he had barely opened that martial imitation book, but his tranquil heart had suddenly become turbulent again. He choked with emotions for a long time before finally squeezing out, “2nd rank 1st class martial technique, Falling Star Overlord Body Secrets?”


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