Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Escape

Sun Yuyun was stunned when he saw Qin Fei lose the fight.

This was very hard to believe; an individual at the 4th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm had unexpectedly defeated a person at the 5th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm?

“Didn’t I say? I will personally kill you!”

Qin Shi walked forward, grabbing Sun Yuyun as if he was grabbing a small chicken. He held him up, “If I, Qin Shi, say anything, then it’s as good as done! Go to hell!”

Sun Yuyun was frightened, and struggled with all his strength.

“Yo-Young master Qin, spare me, I will send that whore, Li Juan Juan to you, I beg you, uhg… Aaahhhhh!” He wanted to beg for forgiveness, however, he was already unable to say anything else.

Qin Shi used his spiritual power to break the three vertebras at Sun Yuyun’s neck, and finally, he died with a remaining grievance.

Sun Yuyun died; he was killed like this by Qin Shi.

However, Qin Shi didn’t feel any pleasure after killing Sun Yuyun.

Regarding this person, who used his strength to bully others, he didn’t have any pity and grimly said, “You were already damned, and since the Heavens didn’t stop you, let me be the Heavens’ substitute to stop you!”

– Peng! –

With a single strike, Qin Shi threw Sun Yunyun’s dead body a few meters away.

Then, Qin Shi swept his eyes towards Qin Fei who was lying on the ground. He indifferently shook his head and didn’t attack him again; after all, no matter what, they both share the same blood.

“Aiyo~!” Shu Zhong Yu said with a strange accent, “Originally, my family’s Shi’tou also has such a grim time? Older sister is infatuated with you! You’re so violent!”

After Qin Shi heard this, his originally cold appearance disappeared, “Older sister Yu, you’re mocking me. If you’re really enchanted by me, why don’t you accompany younger brother during bath time at night?”

“All right~! I’m afraid you will be unable to endure; this older sister is a thorny rose!”

“It’s nothing, I like roses; their thorns excite me!” Qin Shi’s mood calmed down as he took liberties with Shu Zhong Yu.

“Yi! Really disgusting! I’ll not speak with you.” Finally, Shu Zhong Yu was unable contend against Qin Shi and went silent.

Qin Shi forced a smile and shook his head as he turned around to leave.

“Qin Fei?”

At this time, a few silhouettes flew over from a distance. Their speed was very quick; it could be clearly seen that their strength was extraordinary. They jumped towards Qin Fei, who was twitching on the ground, and supported Qin Fei to stand up.

“Great Uncle?”

Seeing them, Qin Shi wrinkled his brows.

Qin Shi wasn’t unfamiliar with them. They were all members of the Qin family, and leading them was precisely Qin Fei’s father, Qin Shi’s great uncle, Qin Tian Yu.

Qin Tian Yu was a person who held much power within the Qin family’s second generation. Moreover, his talent was also exceptional, second to only the previous Qin Tian Qing, his strength was at the 8th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, and within the entire Desolate Town, he was considered to be a peak expert.

Following behind Qin Tian Yu were a few attendants of the Qin family, furthermore, a few younger generations of the Qin family; Qin Feng Shan, Qin Feng Hai, those two brothers were also among them.

“Qin Shi, you injured my son?”

Supporting Qin Fei, Qin Tian Yu trembled with anger. This wasn’t surprising; his son was hit until he fainted by someone, it was impossible for a father to not get angry.

Qin Shi bluntly said, “That’s right, it was me.”

“Your courage is very huge!” Qin Tian Yu angrily stood up, in a split second, he operated his spiritual power and enveloped Qin Shi’s body with it, berating, “Qin Shi, admit your mistake right now, and I will hold you as young and inexperienced for that year!”

Qin Shi retreated a few steps due to the powerful spiritual power.

However, his expression didn’t change, and he loftily said with a cold voice, “Admit my mistake?  The one who disgraces others, shall be disgraced by others. Have I, Qin Shi, wronged him?”

This sentence made all the people standing in the alley stare blankly.

They didn’t expect Qin Shi would dare to speak like this towards Qin Tian Yu. Wasn’t he courting death?

Qin Feng Shan and Qin Feng Hai, those two brothers, immediately rejoiced and said, “Great Uncle, what nonsense are you speaking with him? He’s a trash who betrayed the family, quickly take revenge for elder brother Fei!”

Hearing those two brothers, Qin Shi’s expression became grim, and he roared, “Hah, two disturbing right and wrong bastards, if I had known it was going to be like this earlier, I would have crippled you during our previous fight!”

Qin Shi’s spiritual power exploded along with his roar and oppressed those two brothers.

Getting oppressed by Qin Shi’s spiritual power, those two withdrew their necks in fear and hurriedly retreated a few steps. Assuming a miserable expression, they said, “Great Uncle, take a look, he still dares to be this violent in front you, simply inconsiderate of everyone else beneath him!”

“Qin Shi!”

Qin Tian Yu was completely angry towards Qin Shi, he fiercely waved his hand and repelled Qin Shi’s spiritual power, “Since you are so stubborn, let me substitute for the Qin family and teach a lesson to you, this unfilial son!”

Finally, Qin Tian Yu was angered to his limits; he dashed towards Qin Shi.

Seeing this, Qin Shi was startled.

He didn’t expect that Qin Tian Yu would really attack him. This made him very angry in his heart.

It was obviously Qin Fei who troubled him and continuously humiliated him; he was forced to use force. And now, people were making bogus accusations, completely inverting right and wrong.

“This old bastard actually ignored what really happened and unexpectedly attacked, not distinguishing between right and wrong. Hehe, no wonder he fell, Qin family members all have this kind of morality and conduct.”

In a split second, a crisis was approaching.

“Shi’tou, quickly avoid it.” Shu Zhong Yu cried in alarm.

Qin Shi bit his teeth after hearing her voice.

Avoid it? Would he able to avoid it? Qin Tian Yu was at the 8th layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, relying on his current strength, he would only get slaughtered.

He understood that he couldn’t hide from it.

“If I had more strength, then resisting would have been possible.” Looking at Qin Tian Yu’s rapidly approaching fist, Qin Shi clenched his own fist, feeling absolutely unwilling to die.

He realized that he was very small and weak right now. In front of the huge strength of an 8th layer Spirit Tempering Realm cultivator, he was a tiny individual with no power, simply powerless to resist; he could only wait for his death by closing his eyes.

At this time, a white ray of light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

That white light became huger after appearing. It finally formed a protective screen made of spiritual power, defending Qin Shi.

– Peng! –

Qin Tian Yu’s fist smashed against that protective screen, giving rise to intense undulations; in a flash, the alley was enveloped in flames.

After the flame scattered, a spider-web sort of ditch spread on the ground. However, the ground under Qin Shi was undamaged.

“Wh-What happened just now?”

“Great Uncle’s attack was blocked? Really?” Seeing this scene, all the Qin family members at that place were stupefied.

Qin Tian Yu also stared blankly. His memory was really hazy, but he remembered a white robed woman baselessly appear at moment he attacked and resist his attack.

What made him baffled was whether that woman was a human?

“Don’t tell me that I made a mistake? Qin Tian Yu was astonished.

Shi’tou, run quickly!” At this time, Shu Zhong Yu’s voice echoed at his ears.

Qin Shi recovered his spirit; he knew that Shu Zhong Yu had saved him just now. Without her, he would have already been on his way to Yama’s Palace Hall.

Therefore, he didn’t dare to be careless; when all the Qin family members were absent-minded, he turned his body, bending his legs, and quickly running outside Desolate Town.

“Thinking of running?”

Seeing Qin Shi run, all of the Qin family members recovered their spirit.

Qin Tian Yu angrily roared. He picked up a stone from the ground, and after pouring spiritual power into it, he shot it towards Qin Shi.

– Peng! –

Qin Shi had hardly run two steps when that stone suddenly hit his calf. The force behind the stone was really large; it directly split his flesh and sank deep inside his body.

This made him groan, almost falling down to the ground.

“Damn it!” He glanced towards his calf which was dripping with blood. However, he was completely occupied to attend to it; he could only barely do his best to run. If he slowed down even a bit, then it could be dangerous to his life.

In a blink, Qin Shi had disappeared into the horizons.

“Great Uncle, quickly chase him!” Seeing Qin Shi flee, Qin Feng brother’s roared.

At this time, Qin Tian Yu blocked them, treating them with contempt, he coldly said, “Humph! No need to chase him; let him run. Let’s see if he dared to return back to Desolate Town in the future!”

Qin Tian Yu supported Qin Fei by letting him lean against his shoulder; he walked over towards the Qin family.


Qin Shi ran with all his might.

This way, he ran until the mountain woods. Then, Qin Shi timidly turned his head back to take a look.

After seeing that the Qin family members weren’t chasing him, he loosened his breath. After he stopped, his body fell on the meadow while taking big mouthfuls of breaths, “It was a close call, they actually tired this Young Master to death, Shhussh ~~ It hurts!”

After stopping, he felt weak all over his body.

Before, his spirit was in a tense state, so he didn’t feel the pain at his calf at all.

However, after he stopped, he sucked in a cold breath; his entire trouser leg was dyed red with blood, and this made him angrily curse, “Good one Qin family, indeed vicious and merciless, I will remember this!”

“I, Qin Shi, will get that Qin Family Inheritance! Wait until that time, I will definitely make you regret.” Remembering the slandering he had faced, anger welled up in Qin Shi’s heart.

“Qin family, sooner or later, I’ll let you know that losing me, Qin Shi, is your biggest loss!”

As Qin Shi thought this; he tore his clothes and simply wrapped it around the wound at his calf.

This made him feel better; he collapsed on the ground while looking at the starry night sky. He sighed, “Really damn bad luck, I can’t return home till late in the night, all because of that black-clothed person…”

“However, in the end, who was that black-clothed man? Why did he want to kill me?”

Recalling the black-clothed man who mounted a sneak attack on him, Qin Shi fell into deep pondering. He was sure that the black-clothed man definitely wanted to take his life.

No matter how he speculated, he still didn’t have a clue, “Strange, in Desolate Town, other than the Qin Family, only the Sun Family and Lin Family have a little hatred towards me, but that isn’t something worth killing me. However, that also isn’t murdering their father or mother and at most is the big hatred of having slept with the daughter-in-law. Was that really worth killing me?”

“It’s really strange; except them, who else could it be?” Being unable to reach a conclusion, Qin Shi secretly cursed; he disliked this passive feeling.

Right now, the enemy was hidden and he was exposed, this vexed him.

After being unable to arrive at a conclusion, Qin Shi shook his head; he suddenly recalled that Shu Zhong Yu had saved him just now, and he still hadn’t expressed thanks, so he quickly said, “Older Sister Yu, thank you!”

“Shi’tou, I’m very tired, I want to sleep!”

Shu Zhong Yu’s voice was very wan and sallow, provoking a person’s care.

Hearing her wan and sallow voice, Qin Shi stared blankly; he suddenly remembered that her soul was seriously hurt. He dearly said, “Sleep, I’ll protect you, I’ll always protect you!”

Qin Shi waited until she fell asleep. While staring at the night sky alone, he thought, “There are only seven days remaining before the Qin Family’s Great Inheritance Battle. I have to be careful these seven days; those Qin family members won’t let me off, and it would be best to not return home, so as to not cause trouble for father and mother.”

“No matter what, father and mother are also members of Qin family; they wouldn’t be too excessive right?” Thinking of this, Qin Shi expended a great effort to stand up and walk towards the abyss of the mountain woods.

Having nothing to do, he decided to go through a proper experience in the mountain woods within these seven days.


At this time, a beast’s roar echoed out.

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