Peerless Demonic Lord: Chapter 10

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Chapter 10, Fighting Qin Fei

“Someone has stealthily come over?”

After hearing this, Qin Shi was startled and became completely alert.

At this time, the sound of footsteps came from outside the door; that sound seemed to become more rushed with each passing moment, and in a blink of an eye, it had already arrived at the doorway.

Qin Shi didn’t dare to be careless after hearing those footsteps.

He kept a pillow inside the bedding and found a dark corner to hide himself. He thought to himself,  “Let’s see who has come this late in the night?”

– Peng! –

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open by a person.

A black silhouette ferociously advanced inside the room. That person had worn a black nocturnal clothes and held a silver sword in his hand. That silhouette quickly dashed towards the bedside and ferociously stabbed a few times on top of Qin Shi’s bedding.

Qin Shi sucked in a cold breath after seeing that person’s actions,  “This person wants to kill me?”

After stabbing a few times, that black-clothed person stopped his movement. After he turned over the quilt, he was amazed to discover that Qin Shi wasn’t on top of the bed, and there was only a pillow over there, “He isn’t at home?”

“Who are you?”

At this moment, Qin Shi suddenly came out. He filled his hand with spiritual power and ruthlessly grabbed that person’s neck as he coldly said, “Which faction sent you here?”

“Humph! Your spirit veins have really recovered.” That black clothed person was startled after seeing Qin Shi. Not only did he not evade, he even ferociously moved his sword and chopped it towards Qin Shi.

– Peng! –

“Want to take me and die together?” Qin Shi was startled. He would have never expected that this black-clothed person would unexpectedly use such an extreme method. Therefore, he didn’t dare to be careless and hurriedly retreated a few steps, evading that attack.

Qin Shi had hardly evaded the attack as that black-clothed person turned around a fled towards the doorway.

“You want to run?” How could Qin Shi let him off? Operating the entire spiritual power of the Spirit Tempering Realm’s 4th Layer, Qin Shi quickly began his pursiot.

These two persons ran after each other in such a manner.

“Stop running!” Qin Shi was anxious as he chased after that person. They were going to leave Desolate Town soon, so he decided to raise his speed in order to overtake that black-clothed person.

He had to grab that black-clothed person and know who was callous enough to actually assassinate himself.

At last, by the time they reached the crossing of the Desolate Town, there was only a distance of 3m between that black-clothed person and Qin Shi. He was about to reach that black-clothed person soon, “Let’s see where you will run this time?”

At this time, another silhouette suddenly advanced from the crossing and blocked Qin Shi, forcing him to stop on his tracks.

“Oh my! Isn’t it Young master Qin?”

The person who had blocked him wasn’t anyone else, but rather, it was that Sun Family’s Young master, Sun Yuyun, whom Qin Shi hated to the bones.

Sun Yuyun blocked Qin Shi and it seemed as if he still didn’t know about the matter of Qin Shi recovering his spirit veins; he showed an aloof look as he mocked him, “Young master Qin, where are you going while bustling with so much energy?”

“Get lost! I don’t have time to play with you!”

Qin Shi cursed at him and thought of crossing over Sun Yuyun and continuing to pursue that black-clothed person. Sun Yuyun only stared blankly at him; he didn’t expect that Qin Shi would have such impertinence to actually speak to him like this, so he got angry and said, “Oh my? After disappearing for a few days, it seems as if Young master Qin has recovered his temperament?”

When Qin Shi recovered his spirit veins, he had made an oath to himself; it was to personally cripple this Sun Yuyun. However, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to this bastard; his entire being was focused on that black-clothed person, therefore, he roared, “Get lost for me if you don’t want to die!”

Sun Yuyun not only didn’t step aside but instead blocked Qin Shi even more closely and scolded, “You dare to speak to this young master like this? It seems as if the previous lesson was not enough for you to learn?”

“You’re courting death!”

At this time, Qin Shi saw that the black-clothed person was almost going to disappear and stamped his foot with anger. Finally, he released all his rage on Sun Yuyun’s body.

– Peng! –

Qin Shi directly swung his fist without hesitation and ruthlessly hit Sun Yuyun’s face. After breaking through into the Spirit Tempering Realm’s 4th Layer, Qin Shi’s strength had become very strong; this one hit had beaten Sun Yuyun black and blue, and had ruthlessly threw him onto the ground.

“Y-Your spirit veins have recovered?”

Sun Yuyun was alarmed as he said this after getting thrown to the ground.

“Motherfucker, you asked for it! This young master lost the opportunity to grasp a person all because of you.” Qin Shi didn’t pay attention to him and advanced forward a few steps, stepping on Sun Yuyun’s body along the way.

– Peng! –

Qin Shi was anxious; he was itching to kill this Sun Yuyun, however, there was still the matter of that black-clothed person. Releasing the rage he had piled up from a long time, he continuously hit Sun Yuyun.

“Youn-Young master Qin, st-stop!”

“I beg you, l-let me go!” Sun Yuyun never expected that the cripple, Qin Shi, would unexpectedly become so fierce in a few days, not giving him a single opportunity to hit back.

Although Qin Shi heard his voice, an evil light flashed past his eyes, “Sun Yuyun, do you remember what I said to you before?”

“What?” Sun Yuyun was somewhat puzzled.

“I said, if there’s a heaven, and the firmament opens its eyes by letting me recover my spirit veins; then I will personally kill you!” Qin Shi roared lowly, tightly gripping Sun Yuyun’s neck.

He could clearly feel the rich killing intent in Qin Shi’s eyes. He knew that Qin Shi really wanted to kill him.

This had thoroughly scared him; he grabbed Qin Shi’s wrist, trying to struggle free. But relying on his jack of trades’ skill, he was not Qin Shi’s opponent in any way.

“Older Brother Q-Qin Fei, save me!”

In the moment of desperation, Sun Yunyun yelled like a swine.

“Hehe, Qin Shi, you have recovered you spirit veins?” At this time, another silhouette appeared from the crossing. That silhouette’s attire was gorgeous; while one of his hand was holding a fan, his other his other hand grabbed Qin Shi’s wrist.

Getting his wrist grabbed, Qin Shi frowned, “Qin Fei?”

This Qin Fei was Qin Shi’s Great Uncle, Qin Tian Yu’s, son. He was Qin Siyu’s younger brother, and he could also be said to be Qin Shi’s older paternal cousin.

However, Qin Shi didn’t have a good impression towards this cousin of his. Qin Fei idled around every day, following an all take and no give attitude, acting tyrannically by relying on Qin family’s might.

“I heard Qin Feng Shan and Qin Feng Hai say that you have recovered your spirit veins, however, I didn’t believe them. It seems that it is really true.” Qin Fei seemed very tranquil.

However, Qin Shi could clearly sense the fury in his eyes; this made him feel unpleasant, he roared, “Qin Fei, let go of your hand, there’s no matter here which requires you!”

“Oh? No matter which requires me? However, Young Master Sun is this Young Master’s close friend!” Qin Fei sneered, and by moving a portion of strong spiritual power, he forced Qin Shi to retreat and said, “If you kill him, who will accompany this young master to drink?”

After being forced to retreat, Qin Shi was startled, saying, “5th Layer of Spirit Tempering realm?”

“Hehe, did you find out? You actually believe that after recovering your spirit veins and a little strength, you could already show off? You’re still inferior to this Young Master!” Qin Fei mocked him.

Qin Shi gritted his teeth, he had hardly made a breakthrough to the 4th Layer of Spirit Tempering realm, and he already had to face someone at the 5th Layer of Spirit Tempering realm; it was really strenuous on his part.

“Older Brother Fei, kill him quickly!”

Sun Yuyun, after escaping Qin Shi’s grasp, took a few big mouthfuls of air as he fiercely said, “If you help me kill him, I will promise you the matter you asked me before!”

Qin Fei was exalted, “Are you serious?”

“I’m serious, isn’t it just sleeping with Li Juan Juan, that stinky whore for a night? I will tell her after returning, anyway, I don’t truly love her!” Sun Yuyun spoke as if he wasn’t speaking about his own wife.

As those words fell on Qin Shi’s ears, his complexion became ashen.

He hated this bastard who was lower than even a pig. He coldly said, “You’re selling your own wife, Sun Yuyun, can you even be called a man?”

“My wife? Qin Shi, you think I am a fool? Li Juan Juan, a brothel woman, you really think I fell in love with her?” Sun Yuyun shrugged his shoulders, saying in a unperturbed voice, “There is only something we need from each other, I like her appearance, and she likes my money!”


Qin Shi suddenly jumped forward, “I’ll kill you!”

– Peng! –

At this moment, Qin Fei deftly blocked Qin Shi, sneering, “What are you doing by interfering in the matters between another person’s wife? Don’t tell me you forgot that you’re also a trash who got played by a woman?”

“Qin Fei, I dare you to say that again!”

Hearing Qin Fei’s words, Qin Shi’s body trembled as he tightly clenched his fist.

Yu Lin’er’s matter from a year ago was his bane, one which shouldn’t be mentioned by anyone.

“I said, Qin Shi, you’re a trash who got played by a woman!” Qin Fei disdainfully said, as if he was enjoying seeing Qin Shi’s angry expression..

“Qin Fei, you’re courting death!”

Qin Shi was at the end of his patience, his fist blasted towards Qin Fei’s lower jaw.

“Hah, you dare to think of hitting me?” Qin Fei swiftly grabbed Qin Shi’s hand,and afterwards, he fiercely hit his knee cap towards Qin Shi’s stomach!

– Peng! –

Qin Shi couldn’t evade it; getting hit fiercely at his stomach, he flew like a broken kite, falling down on the ground.

“Just this much strength?”

Qin Fei’s felt superior after making Qin Shi fly as he spoke with disdain.

Sun Yuyun also felt the same; he wore an expression of taking pleasure in another’s misfortune. He vented his anger, “Humph, motherfucker, just now, you dared to hit me? Haven’t you suffered this time?”

“Humph! Two dogs!”

Qin Shi crawled up; a malevolent expression was plastered across his face. He roared towards Qin Fei and jumped towards him again.

– Peng! –

Those two exchanged several blows again and again.

The strength of someone at the 5th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm was indeed very large. Whether it was speed or strength, relying on Qin Shi’s current abilities; he would be easily swept away.

In a flash, they had exchanged over 100 blows.

However, Qin Shi was completely passive during the fight and could barely resist, unable to hit back.  

“Hehe, a trash is a trash, forever unable to reach a high position!” Seeing Qin Shi’s disadvantageous position, Qin Fei felt more superior. He wore a loathful smile across his face as he shot his fist towards Qin Shi again, “Now, let me teach you how a trash should act.”

– Peng! –

“Qin Fei, you’re forcing me!” Finally, Qin Shi was completely infuriated with Qin Fei. After retreating a few steps back from Qin Fei’s attack, Qin Shi assumed a fighting posture and roared.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing!”

Saying this, Qin Shi raised his hand, amassing a boundless amount of spiritual power.

Spiritual power converged and formed a dazzling flame, bombarding towards Qin Fei.

“Heaven Splitting Boxing?”

Qin Fei prepared to hit back, however, after clearly seeing this flame, he was dumbstruck.

Heaven Splitting Boxing, it was second ranked in the peak martial imitations of the Qin Family’s 3 great martial imitations. Qin Fei would have never anticipated that Qin Shi, this trash expelled out of the family, could actually use the Heaven Splitting Boxing.

However, before completely realize the implications behind this thought, that flame had already struck his body, making him fly before falling hard to the ground. Qin Fei’s clothes were already burnt, his body continuously twitched as he lost his consciousness.

“Sun Yuyun, it’s your turn now!”

Seeing Qin Fei lose consciousness, Qin Shi coldly turned his head; accompanied by an intense killing intent, he looked towards Sun Yuyun’s body.

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