Noire de Plaisir – Chapter 5

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05: Hors d’oeuvre


「Well then, what shall we do today?」

「Since it would be difficult to immediately start with the extreme stuff, the agenda for today shall be kissing and torturing your breasts.」

「Listening to you say these words after doing all that to me even though it was my first time really doesn’t have any persuasive power.」


Eiji scratched his cheek as he gave a strained laugh in response to Noire’s scornful glare.

Both of them were currently sitting on the bed across each other.

They had cleansed themselves with a shower. Noire wasn’t wearing her dress, clad only in her underwear.

Her elfin yet bewitching body could be seen through the black slip.

Perhaps worrying over Eiji’s gaze, Noire covered the vicinity of her breasts as well as her quim with her hands.

Those bashful gestures had roused her carnal desires even more but she probably hadn’t become aware of that herself.

「I’ve already seen you naked two times, there’s no need to be that embarrassed.」

「S-Shut up. I can’t help it since it’s the first time I’m being watched in such an appearance while I’m conscious!」

Noire justified herself with a slightly ireful tone of speech in response to the words Eiji murmured.

Eiji had certainly made love with her two times but she had been unconscious during both due to the effect of his blood. It was the first time her half-naked appearance was being watched while conscious and moreover during such a bright time.

「Well, that’s fine and all. I’ll be kissing you now, okay?」


Eiji lay his hands on Noire’s shoulders in order to embrace her, but he noticed her body unusually stiffen at that moment.

Not only that, she also seemed to be quivering.

Towards such a condition of the Vampire Princess, Could it be… … Such thoughts popped into Eiji’s mind.

「Perhaps, even a kiss too……?」


Though he had learned that she was a virgin on the night of the day before yesterday, Eiji was unable to believe that she didn’t even have experience kissing, his face falling to a dumbfounded expression.

After all, not considering the appearance of the girl before his eyes, she had lived for several decades longer than him. Would it be really possible to never experience a kiss after passing through so many years?

She had perhaps lived a solitary life away from humans for several hundred years.

A sense of pity towards her roused within Eiji instantly.

「I have a feeling that you’re having some stomach-churning thoughts right now.」

「Nah, it’s not that…… Leaving that aside, are you fine with it? It’s after all your first kiss.」

「Of course I’m not fine with it.  Though I’m not fine with it …… You’ve even stolen my purity, so even if you ask me that now ……」

Noire nodded whilst feeling a little reluctant, but no intentions of refusal could be felt from her.

Eiji confirmed that before proceeding to embrace her, gently kissing her lips.


Parting after a few seconds, Noire opened her tightly shut eyes, touching her lips softly with her finger.

「……Though I’ve wondered what it would feel like for a long time, it’s surprisingly quite simple.」

Her soliloquy filled with dissatisfaction awakened the wicked side of Eiji.

「Is that so? I won’t go easy this time then.」


Saying this, Eiji ignored the perplexed Noire and went on to kiss her lips again.

And then, his tongue pried open her lips, invading inside.


Her flustered expression could soon be seen due to the abrupt offensive.

Eiji’s tongue violated all the nooks within her mouth.

Tickling her palate, sliding along the back of her teeth ridge, it twined around her tongue before polishing her teeth.

Noire’s body lost all its strength in the blink of an eye, almost about to collapse. Eiji propped her body up by embracing her.

And then, he continued to torment her with his tongue.


As Eiji continued the French kiss, he noticed something strange with Noire’s state.

Her eyes had lost focus as if they had melted whilst a sweet fragrance circulated all around the room. Her nipples could be seen perking outwards as nectar overflowed from her quim.



Noire’s body within Eiji’s embrace stiffened for a bit and then began convulsing.

Her voice was being subdued due to her mouth being blocked up or she would have surely moaned magnificently.

(Did she cum? Just from a kiss?)

Though Eiji wasn’t inexperienced with kissing, he had never considered himself to be a technician at it.

The French kiss that he’d tormented Noire with just now was just an imitation of the knowledge he had gained through a magazine.

Just what degree of sensitiveness did her body possess to cum from such crude persecution?

For how much more longer would this hyper sensitive girl keep purring? Eiji felt extremely excited from this strange arousal.

 †  †  †

He lay the post-orgasm limp Noire on the bed and then dropped off the shoulder strings of her slip to pull down her underwear.

Though not completely lowered, only right till the base of her belly, doing so exposed her modest bosom completely.

Smallish breasts slightly smaller than the palm on top of that snowy skin together with perky pink nubs.

Irresistible for those with that kind of fetish, and even those without such would also perhaps find it difficult to take their eyes off her wondrous beauty.

Almost urged to suck on them, Eiji was mesmerised.

However, he couldn’t afford to lose himself to desire at this moment.

Eiji was accompanying Noire with training so that she could familiarize herself to pleasure. If he got carried away due to his lust like yesterday and attacked her again, Noire would most likely conceal her whereabouts immediately like before.

On the contrary, she might kill him as well on her way if he messed things up.

For that reason, Eiji suppressed his impulsive desires and took out the devices he had prepared beforehand.

Those were two brushes and egg vibrators each.

「W-What are those?」

「I’ll be playing with Noire’s breasts using these now.」

「W-Wait! Don’t go about hastening with such weird actions, please.」

「It’s nothing weird. I’m just using the proper gadgets to efficiently deliver pleasure.」

Saying such, Eiji dismissed Noire’s gaze, holding onto a brush in each of his hands as he whisked the underside of her breasts using them.


Eiji began whisking the brushes while giving a sidelong glance towards the trembling Noire. Making circular motions, he aimed towards the top by spiralling upwards from the base of those mounds. Though lacking much to climb, the ascent proved to be quite fruitful.

The brushes ascended towards the top but stopped right before coming into contact with the areolas and then reversed their flow, descending downwards.

Her already erect nipples rose all the more outwards from her body whilst trembling in response to those blithe movements.

Unable to receive stimulus, those lonely nubs trembled. Eiji suddenly made a surprise attack at them by whisking the brushes with descent-like motions at first but then directly raked them upwards towards the summit.


Feeling both astonishment as well as pleasure, Noire gave out a high-pitched moan from the sudden explosive attack at her breasts.

However, she felt astonished only at the beginning.  Only pure pleasure remained after the astonishment faded away.

Those tender spots, said to be the most sensitive locations of the bust, were affectionately burnished using the tips of the soft brushes. It was impossible to escape the arousal from that.

However, feeling that to be shameful, Noire had frantically shut her mouth tightly from which she had given out a pleasure-filled moan.

「Mmn, Mmmnn, Mmmnnnnn, Fummnmnm」

She persevered to somehow suppress her voice but those brushes would cause her to snort each time they caressed her sensitive nubs.  The corners of her eyes were on the brink of welling up with tears due to due the mild pleasure.

「You’re quite stubborn.」

「B-Be quiet!」

「It can’t be helped then. I’ll make you moan by teasing more intensely.」

「W-What are you planning to do?」

Noire showed a slightly scared expression in response to Eiji’s declaration.

Under her gaze, he stopped tormenting her breasts using the brushes and tossed them aside.


Noire voiced out, feeling down from having the object which had delivered her bosom with a mild pleasure part away from there.

However, Eiji had taken hold of the two vibrators in place of them, fixing them against her nipples with the help of tape.

「……? I don’t feel anything?」

Noire looked down towards the quail egg sized vibrators attached to her breasts, feeling no stimulus from them after being mounted there.

「It’s ‘cos I still haven’t turned on the switch.」

「Switch? What will happen if you turn it on?」

「This will happen.」

Saying so, Eiji turned on the switch of the vibrators, setting the power to 「Medium」.

The two vibrators attached to Noire’s breasts whizzed out and began vibrating. Naturally, the nubs to which they had been attached also began vibrating along with them.

「Aaah, Hyaa!? W-What’s this! I feel a little strange……」

Noire felt bewildered towards the stimulation from the vibrations for the first time, a stimulation which can’t be achieved using human hands.

「Aahh, Mmmn, Uuu, I don’t like this. Not this.」

Noire shook her head in refusal towards the heartrending, numbing sensation she felt. However, the vibrators attached to her breasts couldn’t be concerned about her words.

The vibrators attached to her breasts would move along with her even if she tried to escape by twisting her body around. They would keep delivering pleasure until they are removed.

「Is it fine to not suppress your voice?」

「It’s useless, my voice leaks out no matter how much I try.」

「It seems to have been more effective than I thought. By the way, Noire.」

「Aaahh, Mmmnn, Hah? W-What?」

Eiji called out to Noire as she savoured the pleasure while moaning without restraint.

As she faced towards him even whilst feeling she would melt from the pleasure at any second, Eiji showed the remote of the vibrators to her.

「This can be used to control the power, it’s at 『Medium』right now.」


Unable to understand the meaning of his words, Noire displayed a dazed expression at first, but the colours of comprehension soon dyed it over.

Flustered after realizing the future that was going to descend upon her body, Noire hurried to stop him.

「W-Wait! S-Sto……!?」

With a face stiff from the fear, she indicated for him to stop but he raised the power to 「Strongest」right under her pleading gaze.

At that very moment, the volume of noise emitting from the vibrators attached to her nipples got raised by a level.

「Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!? Sssshhhlllllaaappppp!? Cumming, I’m going to cum! Hyaaaaaa!!」

Naturally, not only the sound, but the vibrations as well as the stimulus to her nipples had all risen in level.

Experiencing an extremely intense sensation at both of her nipples, Noire climaxed whilst arching her body atop the bed.

Eiji turned the vibrators off after confirming this.

After the vibrations from the vibrators attached to her nipples had stopped, Noire dropped down her waist which was shaking after adopting a bridge like stance onto the bed.

「Haaahh…… Haaahh……」

The Vampire Princess of Darkness was completely drenched in sweat, feeling powerless to even get up as she took rough breaths.

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