Noire de Plaisir – Chapter 4

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04: Training Proposal


Gulping down her saliva, Noire faced the meal presented before her eyes.

Her actions weren’t due to her appetite but rather from the fear of the side effect it caused.

However, she had already spoken. If she backed out at this moment, there was no doubt that the youth in front of her would laugh at her. That will be an intolerable humiliation.

「What are you waiting for? Ain’t gonna suck?」

「I’ll s-suck, okay! I was just catching my breath.」

「Is that so? Well then, you can begin immediately.」

The youth questioned her while presenting his nape in front of eyes, as if to lure the hesitating girl.

Noire had impulsively replied with words of denial in response to his query.

It’s really strange. How did things end up like this?

Normally, she would’ve noticed the blatant provocation if she had remained calm.

The boy’s nape presented to her had two newly-made wounds; they’d been given by her the night before. The memory of sucking blood from there was still fresh in her memory and the outcome of her actions were also deeply imprinted within her mind.

It wasn’t an easy feat to endure through that. It was clearly apparent that the same thing would happen if his blood was sucked again.

It would be fine if she refrained from sucking it but withdrawing at this point would hurt her pride as one of the Demon Sovereigns of Night.

(I’ll surely be able to endure it if I be really careful and suck only one drop.)

That’s right! That had happened yesterday only because I had sucked the blood in one go.

There’s no way I’ll be be unable to endure it if I carefully sucked out only a minuscule amount.

Noire bit into Eiji’s nape by resolving herself with such wishful thoughts.

 †  †  †

「And so, this is the outcome of drinking a single drop.」


The result of sucking the blood with utmost care so that not even a 2nd drop be sucked was as expected; Noire fell backwards while fluids squirted out from her groin region

If Eiji hadn’t supported her upper body to lie on top of the bed, she would’ve directly collapsed onto the floor.

Her body from above the waist lay on top of the bed while her legs dangled from the bed itself. It was a very immoral posture.

However, sucking carefully wasn’t completely useless.

Compared to being forced into an unconscious state yesterday, her consciousness was quite clear this time.  

However, the problem was that it was difficult to say whether she felt fortunate for this.

Since she was in this semi-conscious state, the shame she felt also caused fear to build up within her.

「You’ve squirted quite flashily again.」

「Ho-honn’ wook……」

By turning over the skirt of the dress Noire was wearing in her defenceless paralysed state, Eiji could see nectar gushing from her tightly closed pussy, sliding along her snowy legs.

The intensity with which she was squirting could be perceived by the damp interior of the skirt.

Although he had seen the same spectacle last night, seeing it in a bright surrounding made it seem quite gentle, by no means relatable to the fact that it had been able to swallow Eiji’s humongous thing last night.


Noire sent a kick towards him while he was taking a peek inside after raising her skirt.

Being a vampire, her physical strength exceeded that of humans by a large factor. A hole would have opened up in Eiji’s torso if she had kicked him seriously.

However, she had just overcome successive orgasms and hence couldn’t muster much power within her legs.

Easily receiving her kick, Eiji proceeded to turn her body over thereafter.

「Whass all yuu hooing?」

It was a posture where her upper body lay on top of the bed whilst her ass stuck out towards Eiji. Her snowy, curvaceous, delicious looking buttocks subconsciously made Eiji caress them. Although they couldn’t be called bootylicious, it’s tender feel caused Eiji’s penis to soar as well as harden.

However, it was still too early to put it in.

That place of hers’ was moist to the point that there was no need for foreplay but enjoying the main dish directly would be too impatient.

Thinking such, he extended his middle finger, thrusting it within her defenceless lower lips.


Overflowing with ample nectar, that place of hers’ accepted his finger quite smoothly.

Pleased with this, he continued to moil her vaginal flesh with his finger.

「Aaaahhhh, Hyaaaaa, S-Shlaapp……」

Not content to only moil, he began to thrust his finger in and out. Noire’s body spouted cloudy white bodily fluids in response to his increasingly vehement stimulus.

In the meantime, Eiji suddenly realized the existence of a region within her which gave an unusual feel to her.


A few centimetres into the lower entrance of the girl who laid face down, thrusting her ass towards him, was a region which was slightly sunken, carrying a bubbly sensation to the feel. He aimed for this place, stroking it mercilessly.

The effect was spectacular.

「Hyah!? W-Waszz lere!? S-Shlaapp…… 」

「Aaahh!? Somethingzz strange lere!」

Immobilizing the panicking girl trying to escape with his left hand, Eiji continued to massage her G-spot.

Blaming the weak point within her vagina, unknown to even herself, Noire felt both embarrassment and fear as she screamed from the overwhelming pleasure.

「Shlaapp, Shlaapp, somethingzz guming, gonna gum out……!?」

Noire screamed out, overwhelmed by the sensation of feeling as if something was going to leak out. Eiji scooped his finger outwards swiftly, delivering it as the finishing blow.

After undergoing through the continuous torment, this hit summed up as an insurance, making Noire pass over the limit.


Accompanied by her coquettish voice, an extra-large tide squirted out from Noire’s pussy,

soaring before falling to the floor whilst she arched backwards in a state of laying face-down.

Although she had squirted oft hitherto, it was her first time squirting on such a grand scale.

Eiji couldn’t endure anymore, seeing this mystical scene enriching her womanly figure. He unfastened the fastener of his slacks, pulling the zipper down. Dropping it along with his trunks, he brought his dick out.

Pushing his already erect dick towards Noire’s vulva who still laid face-down, Eiji leaned forward as if wrapping around her entire body.

「W-Wh–. Whayt, I just came……」

Sensing Eiji was trying to do something, Noire asked him to stop but he ignored her, pushing his dick inwards with all his strength.

「Aaaaahhhhh, whayt, cumming again?!」

Having his hard, fiery dick cram inside her sensitive place after just orgasming, Noire was unable to endure it and soared once again.

However, all of that was just the beginning.

Unlike yesterday, Eiji began to thrust deep into her all of a sudden.

「Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. hiiiiiiiii!?」

The unusual sensation of being fucked doggy style as opposed to her previous invasion from the front aroused her senses. A different location from the missionary position gave a fresh sensation.

Moreover, being ravished in a way similar to how animals mated gave birth to an immoral excitement.

It was the same for Eiji who was ravishing her.

Having sex with a delicate girl in an animal-like posture, the actual feeling of ravishing her in such a way was extremely arousing.

「Cumming! Cumming! How many times are you gonna make me C-U-M ーーー!?」

Having fallen to a breathless state, she shook her head tempestuously, causing her glossy black hair to flutter about.  

At the same time, whilst she continued to orgasm, her vaginal walls squeezed onto Eiji’s dick with a terrific strength.

「Kuh, It’s gonna come out!」


Pulling out the dick at the last moment, semen spattered all over Noire’s ass.

The pleasure from its heat as well as the feeling of the towering glans scooping her outwards caused her to instinctively arch backwards whilst welcoming a conspicuously prolonged orgasm.

 †  †  †

「The worst……」

Noire was assaulted by an intense self-loathing due to falling for such cheap provocation and as a result allowing her body be violated once again.

She showered once again to cleanse her body but her dress couldn’t be used again as it was in an unwearable state, completely soaked. She helplessly covered her bare upper body by wrapping a towel around herself.

「Well, isn’t Noire really weak to pleasure?」

「N-Now that you say it….」

Having received the blessings of autumn colours on his cheek from the slap in the morning, Eiji pointed out this fact to the depressed girl.

After fucking her, cramming his dick inside her, using such an insolent manner of speaking enraged Noire, almost making her start an argument. However, Eiji pinned her lips with his finger, placing a cup of black tea in front of her.

「I’m speaking earnestly. Since you were a virgin, it means you don’t have any experience in those kinds of things, right? Being unable to endure sucking my blood, perhaps it’s from having insufficient experience in such things?」

「Muh…… that…yes, perhaps it may be so.」

Noire suppressed her anger for the time being and contemplated on Eiji’s remark.

Certainly, she had no sexual experience in order to protect her chastity. At best, all that she’d done was masturbation. Moreover, it was only on the level of teasing her clitoris over the foreskin, and also using her finger to caress her pussy. Her finger had never even been inserted inside.

If the reason was a low tolerance to pleasure, there weren’t any factors that could deny this.

「However, if that’s really the case, what do you mean to say?」

「In other words, it may be possible to absorb the magic power within my blood if you can get used to the pleasure.」

You want magic power, right?

She was at a loss of words towards Eiji as he sent a fleeting glance towards her after speaking such words.

Surely, the magic power within that blood was attractive if absorption was indeed possible.

However, Noire asked Eiji as she couldn’t think of a definite method to get used to it.

「Get used to it…… How?」

「Naturally, isn’t there no other choice but to do those kinds of things many times over?」

「You…… so that was your aim……」

An expression of disgust creeped up Noire’s face as she realized his aim.

However, he didn’t shy away.

「Aaahh, My real intention maybe to do more lewd actions with a cute child. However, doesn’t this also hold a merit for Noire as well?」


Noire looked downwards, blushing in response to Eiji’s frank words.

Eiji waited for her to reach a conclusion.

「Well, what will you do?」

Noire folded her arms, pondering Eiji’s proposal for quite some time, feeling troubled.

There was no doubt that the young man in front of her had proposed for his own pleasure.

However, the proposal itself wasn’t incorrect and made sense.

Moreover, the gains would be enormous if the magic power from his blood could be absorbed.

Having thought as such, though she hesitated, Noire eventually nodded.

「I understand. I’ll be indebted to you for a while then. However, do remember this point.

If it turns out to be pointless, be prepared to receive equivalent retribution.」

「That’s really scary. Then, I’ll diligently help you gain experience so as to avoid that.」

「T-That…… I would like to request to go easy on me……」

Thus, having receiving consent from the Vampire Princess of Darkness, her pleasure training began.

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