Noire de Plaisir – Chapter 3

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03: Vampire Princess’ of Darkness



A stifling silence dominated the room’s interior.

Seating apart across the small table, the two wore strange expressions while feeling perplexed about how to proceed ahead and begin a conversation.

Eiji was seated at the anterior of the room wearing a standard T-shirt and slacks.

He gazed at the person sitting in the interior with an awkward expression.

The object of his stare was the beautiful black-haired girl, wearing her former black gothic dress.

She scowled at Eiji with her piercing red pupils.

Washing away the maniacal vestiges from last night by taking a shower alternatively, both of them were now dressed in proper form.

The bed sheet, drenched in various bodily fluids, had been taken off the bed and tossed inside the washing machine.

However, the odour wafting within the small one-room hadn’t ventilated out yet. It was an instantaneous matter for anyone to conclude the events of last night if they entered inside the room at this moment.



They both maintained silence, the same as the other.

The attacker and the victim – Perhaps it couldn’t be helped due to this relationship.

The normal setting would be for Eiji to apologize for attacking her as a result of losing himself to desire, but the cause of the entire affair was due to this girl trespassing into his room, trying to suck his blood.

Considering this point, she could be considered as the one who attacked him, thus resulting in such a complicated situation.

(Which reminds me …… she sucked my blood.)

Eiji felt around the base of the throat after remembering this. Although it seems to have scabbed already, the traces of two circular wounds were left behind.

The events after that had been too galvanizing, causing him to forget that she had bit his nape, sucking his blood.

She seemed to have been overwhelmed right after that, collapsing down. Thus, the volume of blood sucked had amounted to a minuscule amount. He also felt no sensation of feeling anaemic but it was a solid fact that his blood had been sucked.

(Is she a …… Vampire?)

Vampires. They were non-human apparitions which existed only in folklore or the occult.

Boasting physical strength far surpassing a humans’ along with the ability to transform into either a wolf or a bat, they sucked the lifeblood of humans. The victims of their blood-sucking would in turn transform into vampires and attack others.

They possessed a lot of weaknesses as opposed to their overwhelming strength which surpassed human reasoning. Being reduced to ashes under the sunlight, unable to cross flowing water, they also detested garlic, as well as silver and the cross.

(…… and so on, but isn’t sunlight covering her now?)

Although inside the room, the light passing through the window can’t be said to be non-existent.

The girl’s’ body was basking in sunlight yet there were no signs of her being reduced into ashes.


Feeling suspicious about his fixed gaze over her body, the girl took the initiative to speak.

[Nothin’, just that you’re fine even under sunlight.]

The girl stared blankly in response to Eiji voicing out his current thoughts.

However, realizing why his thoughts had wandered in such a direction, she perked up her lips.

[Hmm, it seems you’ve realized my true nature.]

[So you mean to say that you’re really a vampire?]

[That is correct. There’s no harm in explaining it to you since going back is a bit troublesome now.][But?]

When queried about the ambiguous words she spoke, she pointed towards the table while wearing an impish smile and voiced out her request.

[I don’t think at least offering tea would cause you to suffer retribution?]

Black tea, if possible. Saying such words, when looking at her current appearance, it seemed as if the anger from before had vanished altogether.

†  †  †

[Muh ……]

[I’m saying it beforehand but there’s only that black tea at my place.]

Eiji informed the girl who sipped the cup with a dissatisfied expression across her face.

Living the solitary life of an university student, his home only had those tea-packs of black tea. It was at least better than nothing.

Eiji didn’t expect this mass produced good to satisfy the tastes of this girl who seemed used to high quality black tea but it couldn’t be helped because there wasn’t any of that. He didn’t plan to specially go buy it for her.

[……………………It can’t be helped then.]

The girl extended her hand towards the sugar and milk placed in the middle of the table albeit giving out those words which were filled with a sense of reluctance.

She must have thought she could deceive herself by having milk tea rather than having it straight.

Pouring lots of sugar and milk, the girl began to narrate her tale while mixing them together with a teaspoon.

[Let’s see. What exactly am I, is it?]

[As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a vampire.]

[However, I’m not just any ordinary vampire.]

[What do you mean?]

[Hmm. Well then, let me reintroduce myself. Now that I think about it, it would be unfair for only me to do so. Tell me your name.][Aahh. Azuma Eiji. As you can see, I’m an ordinary university student.]

Eiji announced his name while feeling a little overwhelmed by her prompt.

However, the girl muttered a few words in response to the word ‘ordinary’ within his introduction.

[At least, you aren’t an ‘ordinary’ university student from my perspective.]

[Did you say something?]

[Nothing. Something personal.]

[It’s my turn now.]

In order to deceive Eiji who had noticed her murmuring, she stood up and introduced herself after slightly raising the hem of her dress.

[My name is Noire. Noire Primella. One of the six Demon Sovereigns of Night which exist in this world, the Sovereign of Darkness.]In that moment, Eiji experienced an illusion of everything surrounding the girl in the one-room transform into a palace from somewhere.

Her greeting had such grace ーー Noire exuded an aura characteristic to those of nobility.

However, he wasn’t one to just blindly believe and queried about something within her introduction.

[Demon Sovereign of Night? That means you’re the Sovereign of Vampires?]

[Yes. I would possess a large number of subordinates as well as territories if I returned back to my homeland.][Hmm …… It’s a bit unbelievable.]

Such a small kid? Perhaps Noire could feel this thought from his gaze and adopted a sullen expression. Furthermore, Eiji had fixed his gaze a little lower from her face.

[You’re quite rude. I have lived several decades longer than you even though I appear this way. Also, where are you looking? Do you have a problem with my bust size?][No, it was beautiful and felt quite good so I don’t have any complaint.]


Noire’s face was dyed red with anger as well as embarrassment as she hid her bosom with her hands while Eiji gave a honest reply to her as he motioned his hands reminiscing the feeling he has experienced last night.

[On that subject, how dare you do such a thing last night! Such conduct as taking advantage of a person during their weakness ……. On top of that, you even took the chastity I’ve protected for so long!]Eiji flinched a bit before justifying himself as he perceived Noire glaring at him after she seemingly remembered the events.

[Well, I admit it was a wrong thing to do …… but it all began because of you attacking me. Moreover, I could only think of it as an invitation when you revealed that place of yours.][W-Who did you say was inviting you?!]

Noire was enraged as Eiji recounted her foolish state right after sucking his blood, her legs parted to the sides with her panties dripping wet from her pussy juices.

However, her anger seemed to just be camouflage to hide the shame she felt as much dread couldn’t be felt from her.

Incidentally, since her panties weren’t in a wearable condition, it was at present inside the washing machine together with the bedsheet. In other words, she wasn’t wearing it right now.

[To begin with, why did things turn out that way?]

[……It’s because of your blood.]

[Eh? My blood?]

Eiji opened his mouth wide in response to her words, a blank expression written across his face.

[Yes, the reason why we vampires suck blood is to absorb the magic power within humans through sucking their blood.][Magic power? Such a thing really exists?]

[It doesn’t. Within ordinary humans, that is.]

According to her words, it seemed that vampires suck the blood of humans so that they can absorb the magic power which comes into existence along with their birth. Their aim is to maintain or elevate their own power by doing so.

They wouldn’t starve immediately if they didn’t suck blood as a meal, conversely absorbing too much of magic power could in turn hinder the process of maintaining their body.

The amount of magic power humans possess is quite minuscule and isn’t sufficient. Magic power can be obtained by the absorption of bodily fluids as an intermediary, but it could be summed up to one word ーー impure.

「However, you’re an exception to that. Although I don’t know the reason, the magic power density within your blood is several hundred times that of an ordinary human. A mouth-watering prey for vampires…… so I thought. 」Noire’s facial expression warped into a displeased manner after speaking till here.

The reason for that can be easily guessed from yesterday’s events.

[You weren’t able to absorb it?]

[Yes, I couldn’t. Wasn’t it dreadful? I really didn’t expect it to be so difficult!]

Eiji looked at her with a very warm gaze as she whined after feeling sulky.

After perceiving this, she coughed once to clear her throat and continued speaking.

[The exchange of magic power is usually accompanied by sexual pleasure but the amount of sensation felt was usually quite negligible. However, your blood was at a completely different level. An overwhelming violent pleasure…… There’s no way even for me to endure that.]In short, she seemed to have climaxed midway of sucking his blood because the magic power within his blood was too dense.

She had crossed the limit of 100% right after biting his nape with her fangs and sucking a few drops of blood, causing her to experience a forced orgasm.

In addition, her body had fallen into a hyper-sensitive state as if it had soaked within an undiluted solution of aphrodisiac for a long time.

She couldn’t bear it and had been left in an all but dead state. And thereafter, Eiji had tasted this delicious meal set in front of him.

A powerful medicine for one can be the ultimate poison to another.

「Hah, such a fool’s errand……it turned out to be a disaster in the end.」

Noire rose up after finishing her drink and placing the cup on the table.

It appeared that she was planning to leave this room.

Eiji became flustered as he saw this.

It things were left as it is, she would most probably disappear and never appear before him again, making him unable to see her make that expression ever again.

Although she was a blood sucking monster, he didn’t want such a rare encounter with this beautiful girl who had straddled on top of him to end in this way, he had to do something by hook or crook.

Stimulated by his impatience, Eiji murmured a few words at the moment she showed her back to him and faced towards the entrance.

[Hmm? So you’re running away?]

[What did you say?]

Noire came to a standstill and glared at him, finding fault with his words.

[This is inexcusable. Who did you say was running away?]

[Was I wrong? Although your purpose was to suck my blood, aren’t you running back home to safety because you weren’t able to handle it? It seems that a Demon Sovereign of Night is a being which gives up quite easily.]Although it was cheap provocation, looking at Noire’s face proved it was indeed effective. The corners of her eyes twitched and a vein seemed to rise up to the surface at her forehead.

[Correct your words. The proud Demon Sovereign of Night never runs away]

[If so, why don’t you try sucking again?]

[…As you wish. Yesterday’s situation was something unexpected due to its abruptness. Sucking it again is an easy thing if I know about it beforehand.]She would have perhaps noticed it was cheap provocation if she was in a calm state of affair. The black haired vampire princess had readily boarded a ship that would bring calamity upon herself.

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