Noire de Plaisir – Chapter 2

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02: Royal Castle in Chaos


Applying some strength, Eiji forced his glans into her hidden orifice. That place of hers was small, befitting her physique, but it still received him quite smoothly due to its extremely wet state of affair.

The pleasure from his glans pushing through her flesh, the pleasant sensation of her tightly squeezing onto the shaft, and above all else the arousal from having sex with such a immature-looking girl with peerless beauty; all of it almost made Eiji feel like cumming instinctively after entering inside her.


However, it would be too wasteful to cum so quickly. I want to climax midst the zenith pleasure by savouring more of her pure body. With such thoughts in his mind, Eiji clenched his teeth, invading her depths as he resisting ejaculating. He suddenly felt his glans strike against something. That soft elastic sensation was evidence that she had never received a man inside her body.

Eiji felt a little guilty as he realized this fact, but he still shifted his weight to his back as he experienced a surreal arousal from violating a pure girl.

「Hnn…… guh……」

It was a voice never meant to be heard. While perceiving the octal sensation of the gate opening directly through his dick, Eiji pushed himself into her depths.

No matter how much preparation had been done by making her dripping wet, it was inevitable for her to feel the pain of her hymen being broken, making the limp girl raise a moan.

A trickle of tears seeped out of her well-featured eyes suddenly.

「Kuh, all of it went in.」

Eiji had succeeded in breaking through the final barrier, pushing his extraordinarily large-sized thing – comparative to the Japanese average size – inside her womb. It was a marvelous affair when considering her petite figure. It was affirmed by the splendid elasticity that place of hers’ possessed. However, it seemed that it was really too large. A slight bulge from the inside could be observed on her belly.

Eiji caressed her silky belly, sensing the foreign object within her womb through his palm’s touch.

「Uh…… Aaahh……」

The girl raised an agonized voice as his dick crammed closely through her vaginal walls, making its way towards the orifice of the uterus.

However, Eiji could clearly feel her body reacting through the flesh linkage between them. He felt her vaginal walls spasm as she climaxed, his dick poking at her depths.

In an ordinary case, it would’ve been difficult for a girl to experience pleasure right after losing her virginity. However, having fallen into an extreme state of abnormal sexual excitement, where she felt pleasure just from a caress on her skin, the pain of deflowering amounted to nothing more than a trivial spice to her.

Naturally she felt the pain, but her body welcomed Eiji rather, contrary to her wishes.

Her squirming vaginal walls squeezing energetically by itself proved this fact. It was as obscene as that of an experienced prostitute.


Being overwhelmed by the sensation of being squeezed by that dripping wet tender flesh, Eiji almost came accidently. While somehow holding it in, his dick charged deep into her innermost parts in a panic as he began tormenting her upper body.

「Aaaaahhhhhhh, shtaaapp!」

Her snowy skin was dyed pink due to the pleasure and arousal. Eiji began by kissing her pink nape, spiralling towards her smallish breast to suck her erect nipple.

The girl moaned coquettishly each time in her over-sensitive state while several soft orgasms called upon her.

Her vagina crammed with Eiji’s cock continued to gush out nectar while twitching in harmony with her orgasms.

「Ugh, crap!」

In conclusion, this plan was a failure. The torment to her upper body, meant as a distraction, returned as feedback to himself by form of a massage from her pussy. His endurance began to crack under the peerless and wonderful welcome he was given and it seemed like holding on for longer was impossible. Thereupon, Eiji abandoned his plan of holding on for as long as possible and decided to enjoy himself satisfactorily till the moment the final trigger is pulled.


Placing his hands on her waist, he pulled out his dick buried within her pussy with all his might. She moaned unconsciously from the sensation of feeling like everything within her body be pulled out.

A few centimetres more; pulling out till only his glans remained inside her, Eiji suddenly penetrated deep inside her.


She climaxed, giving out a short scream from the intense thrust perturbing her vaginal walls while his dick drilled into her uterus.

He ignored this and pulled out again, thrusting slowly three times instead of his previous instantaneous thrusts.

「Ugh, uwa, aaahh!」

Feeling this slower fuck, vastly different from the deep thrusts till now, an unusual pleasure assaulted her, making her spring up while experiencing a light orgasm. For the fourth time, Eiji once again shifted from the slow thrusts to a deep thrust till the depths of her vagina.


Three soft thrusts followed by a deep thrust on the fourth, such a pace was repeated over and over again.

She experienced a light orgasm from each slow thrust while those deep thrusts made her arch back, her body welcoming an intense orgasm.

Since Eiji refrained from halting the movement of his hips, the girl’s vaginal walls fell weak to the pleasure due to it being rubbed several times while she was in an over-sensitive state immediately after experiencing an orgasm. Her sensitivity increased after each orgasm, causing her to orgasm once again due to this. It was an inescapable, vicious cycle.

「I can’t anymore…… be more gentle……」

The girl pleaded, feeling completely helpless in this hell of pleasure which left her breathless.

However, her voice failed to reach his ears. Even Eiji didn’t have the time left to consider anything else.

He began to thrust his dick all the more intensely after sensing the omen of ejaculation stirring at his nether region.

Perhaps from his actions or feeling his dick swell preluding to his ejaculation, the girl suddenly came to her senses and began to plead while gasping vehemently.

「Pwease…… dwon’t schum imswide……!」

Eiji slanted his head while feeling his sadistic heart rouse up due to her upturned eyes.

The delight in defiling the pure womb of a girl who had never accepted a man was unimaginably arousing.

「Pwease, I’ll goo anythwing ……」

Meanwhile, the part of Eiji’s brain which was still left with a sense of reason warned him.

Perhaps the reason she had been pleading could be due to the fear of becoming pregnant. Although her accurate age was unknown, it wouldn’t have been strange for her to have experienced her first menstruation when taking her external appearance into consideration. The thought of impregnating this lovely girl in front of him was extremely arousing, but Eiji didn’t have the resolve to climb into parenthood so soon.


He smacked his lips reluctantly and abandoned the notion of ejaculating inside her. However, he vented his feelings on her most sensitive protrusion as a form of revenge.

Plunging his oversized dick inside, he spread her legs, exposing all of her pussy.

Stretching the flesh pod at the topmost section, the pearl hiding within it peeked out from that small opening.

Eiji separated the flesh covering it, pushing the pea out completely and used his two fingers to rub it while squeezing it.

「ーーー!? Hyyyyaaaaaahhhhhhh!?」

The girl climaxed while releasing a high-pitched scream as she was pushed to a near-dead state from the extreme pleasure.

Arching her waist while squirming, her vaginal walls clamped onto his dick so intensely as if to crush it. This stimulus served to become the final trigger. After holding back the sensation to ejaculate up to this point, the pleasure his penis felt had accumulated. Eiji’s endurance had reached its limit.

「Mmn…… Ooohhhh!」

Pulling out his penis from those voracious vaginal walls which acted contrary to the girl’s’ thoughts, Eiji maintained his posture while showering her snowy belly with his sperm. From holding back for so long, the volume of semen he ejaculated was greater than he had ever released before.

The white liquid he released not only defiled her belly but also didn’t spare her navel as well as her breasts.

「Haah…… haah……」

Finishing his ejaculation, he stroked the shaft to expel the semen remaining inside it and sprinkled it all over her body. Soon after, he collapsed onto the bed feeling exhausted from the intense sex. Although the bed was drenched with various bodily fluids and couldn’t be said to be suitable for sleeping, the drowsiness piling up from the fatigue compelled him to sleep.

Losing sight of his surroundings, he cast his gaze towards the girl at his side. It seemed that she had fainted after her orgasm a while ago and was asleep now while breathing gently.

In the end, who is this child? Recalling this question at this time, Eiji faced her eyes and drifted off into sleep while wearing an innocent sleeping face.

†  †  †

「…… A dream. Nah, it doesn’t seem so.」

That next morning, the first thing that came into Eiji’s vision after waking up, while feeling unusually pleasant, was the figure of a stark naked girl. The dried stains of white liquid on the belly of this nude girl sleeping in front of him as well as the bed drenched in various bodily fluids refuted any chance of last night’s incident being a wet dream. Her naked body tempted Eiji with a different kind of charm under the sunlight, as compared to its allurement under the moonlight yesterday. Eiji felt his penis become erect even though he’d came a lot just a few hours ago. However, cooling down after a night of sleep, he couldn’t bring himself to attack her again.

「Well…… What’s to be done now?」

The girl suddenly snapped her eyes open in front of Eiji while he was in a daze, unable to think of any good ways to deal with this.

She surveyed her body as well as the surroundings after suddenly sitting on the bed with a drowsy look. Scratching the dried white substance clinging onto her belly with her fingers, she failed to comprehend what it was.

However, her eyes slowly dyed with the colours of comprehension as she regained her senses. And then, they were immediately replaced by the colours of anger. The girl turned her head towards Eiji like a stiff robot. Her face was flushed with tears welling up at her eyes.



The response to the dubious greeting which Eiji was about to give, while not knowing what to say, was a fierce slap to his cheek..

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