Noire de Plaisir – Chapter 1

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer a.k.a Lord of Deviants

Editor: Lewd Prince Scan

01 : Hyper-Sensitive Body

「ーーーーWhat the!?」

Eiji had expected to see the intoxicated expression of the girl who had unleashed her fangs into his nape, but instead he was greeted by the sight of her limp and powerless form atop him. At the same time, he felt a very warm sensation spreading out across his abdomen where the girl had been straddling herself.


Eiji could only mumble, not having caught onto this abrupt development.

However, there was no response.

The girl seemed to be in a barely conscious state; her body merely twitching and convulsing, unable to give out any voice. For now, he decided to lift her body and politely placed her to the side.

Looking at the situation from Eiji’s point of view, though she was without a doubt a suspicious person who had suddenly attacked him, he couldn’t bring himself to handle such a young girl in crude fashion.

Naturally, her being a peerless beauty was one of the reasons.


Eiji could finally get up after moving the girl. He sat down on the bedside, a troubled expression on his face as he turned to her. The girl was faced upwards, her defenceless body exposed. Her limbs seemed to be void of strength, unable to rise on their own.

Her dress’ skirt had been overturned from moving her, exposing the girl’s lower body.

Eiji instinctively gulped when he eyed those white, seemingly transparent naked thighs.

And then, further inside, were those improper black lace panties, completely soaked and dripping wet.

Eiji felt dizzy as he was assailed by the intense odor of involuntary urine mixed with various bodily fluids.

She originally exuded a lovely and bewitching aura, but her current foolish appearance transcended it, directly assaulting a man’s sexual arousal. Eiji extended his tottering hand towards her body, as if he were a puppet being manipulated.

†  †  †

The girl’s fair body held a deep contrast to the darkness due to the moonlight shining on her through the window. Eiji was overwhelmed by her fantastic naked form as he troubled himself to strip her black gothic dress as well as the black underwear concealed beneath.

Her modest breasts formed a gentle curve while those erect and towering protrusions at the peaks emphasised their presence.

The slight fuzz at the mons veneris past her slender abdomen couldn’t conceal her vulva.

And now, her most important location at the crux of her fine legs, her shameful region within the vulvar slit, continued to gush out nectar even while being concealed within.

Eiji felt his penis harden as he gazed upon the indecent state of her childish vulva.

If she had only bared her naked body, perhaps he wouldn’t have dared set his hand towards her, overwhelmed by her blooming divinity.

However, those perky protrusions as well as the nectar oozing out of her pushed Eiji past the final line that acted as a barrier.

It’s a man’s shame to not eat what is offered to him. ー with this thought, Eiji leaned toward the girl. Although Eiji didn’t understand what state her body was in, it was obvious her senses had become hyper-sensitive.

It was so extreme, in fact, that she couldn’t bear even the slight stimulus of her rustling clothes while he undressed her, causing her to climax several times. Perhaps she would have even been aroused by the slightest breeze striking against her body. To such a girl, whose perky and appetizing nipples seemed to say: “Please feel free to pinch me~”, Eiji was currently using his thumbs and middle fingers to softly pinch them together.

「Nhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ーーーー!?」

She orgasmed immediately.

A tempestuous deluge burst from her nether region.

Eiji gazed blankly at the scene of the girl climaxing as her waist sprung upwards. However, a smile rose across his face as he increased the torment to those protrusions.

The thumbs and middle fingers’ pinching those nipples seemed to almost touch each other.

「Hn?? Aahhhh, Ahyaaaa!?」

The girl, who still hadn’t completed her previous climax, was at the end of her wits as she once again orgasmed from this assistive strike. The fact that there was no resistance with regards to pleasure was utterly ridiculous.

「Sh-Shtaap ……」

The girl pleaded for mercy with her lisp voice but it had an opposite effect. Eiji felt increasingly aroused by her frail childish appearance.

He solely stuck to her left breast, playing around with it using his right hand, whilst his left continued to persecute the protrusion on top of it.

「Shtaap …… this is unreasonable …… Aaaahhhh, it’s coming again!?」

Although the girl begged to be released, she once again orgasmed intensely as the unbecomingly risen nipple of her modest breast was sucked.

Induced by his wicked emotions when he saw her lovely, lewd appearance, Eiji gave her nipple a soft play-bite.


The effect was tremendous.

The girl was assaulted by a pleasure so intense that she was unable to even give out a voice. Her body convulsed, arching to an extent such that it almost resembled the shape of a bridge.

What spurted out from her nether region wasn’t a tide, but rather the remnant urine in her bladder from the previous incontinence.

Eiji’s bed was already completely drenched in the various bodily fluids the girl had released, though the person on the scene wasn’t someone who’d be bothered by such a trivial thing.

Before long, the girl fell down on top of the soaked bed, taking rough, deep breaths. Her intense orgasm had caused her to once again stick out her hips and leave her exhausted.

「……Haahh, Haahh」

Watching the girl collapse, Eiji shifted his focus from her upper body to her lower.

Like walking on top of it, he gently caressed along her breasts with his finger, moving down towards her belly, navel, and finally her mons veneris. Even the light act of such a caress brought her pleasure since she’d fallen into such a sexually driven state. Touching her ordinarily non-erogenous zones now caused her body to tremble.

Finally, it was time to torment her most crucial location. While it seemed as if it would avoid the girl’s stiff body, Eiji’s finger suddenly passed by the side of her vulva, gently caressing the inside of her thighs.

「Eh? Hhmn!」

The girl let out a marvelled voice in response to the gentle pleasure she felt from his unexpected movement.

At the same time, her body – which had become stiff in expectation of the torment her vulva was about to receive – slowly began to lose its strength.

ーー At that instant, Eiji caressed her defenceless body’s vulvar slit upwards from below with his finger.


The girl had let her guard down, when the sudden stimulus at her nether region forced her to wildly moan. Eiji watched her appearance, slightly smiling as he caressed her vulva, his hand sliding up and down across it.

「Hnn, Nmn, Sht-Shtaaapp. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!」

Her overly sensitive, orgasm-wracked body continued to climax each time his finger traced along, making her raise a desperate heartrending moan.

Her childish vulvar slit began to bloom under his constant caress, eventually exposing the pink, dripping wet flesh hidden within. However, he saved that part for later and stretched his hand towards another location. It was the flesh pea at the summit of her vulva. Eiji separated the foreskin to both sides with his finger, exposing the jewel hidden within it.

「Y-You aren’t possibly …… Sht-Shtap! Th-That place is …… 」

The girl climaxed once again from the sensation of air coming into contact with her usually concealed place. She trembled as she imagined the scene of the next attack her body was going to suffer.

Sensitiveness such that it made her climax when the protrusion came into contact with air. She quivered with fear, as well as some expectation, imagining the overwhelming pleasure she’d feel if that place was touched directly.

She once again pleaded to be released for the nth time, but there was no voice to answer her. She was instead gifted with a kiss to her most sensitive protrusion.


Having her almost nipple-like perky clitoris sucked on made her lose her voice once more as she climaxed over and over again.


An orgasm from the sensation of Eiji’s lips touching her clitoris, another when the tongue touched it, once again as his tongue traced along her trapped clitoris, once more as her clitoris was sucked passionately. Springing up from successive orgasms even before each previous one had ended, the girl was unable to descend from her high, doing nothing but climax. Particularly, his sucking was the worst offender. She had reached the level where she couldn’t endure anymore of his soul-sucking passionate sucking. Reflexively raising her waist to escape from the intense pleasure, she was unable to do so whilst under the clutches of the two hands on her butt cheeks. On the contrary, the action of raising her waist itself served as a stimulus to the clitoris being sucked, causing her to be even more aroused. Even while understanding this fact, she couldn’t stop the reflexive movements of her waist, forced to endure the successive orgasms Eiji brought to her until he was satisfied.

Eiji separated his mouth from that captivating protrusion, feeling satisfied for the time being. The girl had already fallen into a half-conscious state, no doubt an all but dead, deeply distressful state.

After all, she’d orgasmed several times already. Eiji didn’t keep count, and perhaps even the one who’d undergone so many could not answer this question. However, it was still too soon to spell the end of this sexual assault.

If you ask why? It’s because Eiji still hadn’t cum even once. There was no way it was going to end like this. Eiji stripped himself of the pajamas and trunks he’d been wearing, revealing his naked body.

A comparatively tall stature as well as a moderately forged body, it was the type of build women would have a preference for.

However, the most eye-catching object was the monolithic penis at his groin. A size surpassing the average size of Japanese men, its erect and towering state revealing itself fully.

Pre-cum flowed at its tip, soaking glans eagerly waiting to violate a woman’s body.

Eiji separated the girl’s legs with his left hand, propping up his penis with the other. She offered no resistance to this, due to being almost completely paralyzed from her successive orgasms.

At the heart of those parted legs, her childish yet lewd dripping wet vulva came into view.

Even in her feeble and limp state, she pleaded with her upturned eyes. This only acted as a supplement to flame his arousal.

「I’m going to enter.」

Ignoring the girl who shook her head in refusal, he pushed the tip of his glans against her lascivious dripping wet vulva. She orgasmed from just that, wearing a frightened expression on her face.

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