Noire de Plaisir – Chapter 0

Hehe. The first JP ero WN I’ve chosen to TL. Some of you may remember me mentioning about this before, enjoy this steamy and lovely novel! Don’t forget to thank the editor as well! They do a lot of work! 🙂

Note: Cover image is of LN version and they lack knowledge of French. Period. Don’t bugger me about why it’s Plaisir or Noire. Google it.

Translator: Immortal Dreamer a.k.a Lord of Deviants

Editor: Lewd Prince Scan

00: Prologue


Midnight. Eiji opened his eyes as his sleeping form felt a sudden weight on top of him.

As such, he attempted to raise himself; stopping when he perceived something sitting on top of his abdomen.

「What is it?」

Eiji thought, squinting his eyes as he turned his neck towards that direction to take a look. A young girl with black hair was sitting there, clad in a black gothic dress.


Eiji blinked his eyes, thinking that the unexpected scene in front of him to be a dream or an illusion. However, no matter how many times he tried, the young girl’s figure remained invariant; it remained seating on top of his abdomen and looked at him.

A slight body warmth through the towelket confirmed the fact that she was real.

She was a girl possessing peerless beauty.

Her appearance far surpassed even those idols here and there. No, making the comparison was ridiculous.

Her black lustrous hair hung to her waist, different from a Japanese person; her features were similar to a Westerner’s, along with her red eyes, celestial nose and small cute mouth. It not for her body’s warmth, it wouldn’t have been strange to mistake her for a doll made by a top-notch doll maker.

Judging from her appearance, she seemed to be around 15 years old.

The expression on her face could be called ‘lovely’ when considering her appearance and age, though it might be more suitable to describe her as ‘bewitchingly beautiful’ due to the aura emitted around her under the moonlight’s illumination.

「Wh-Who is this child?」

Since Eiji didn’t have any memory of knowing such a beautiful girl, this must be their first meeting as her characteristics would surely have left a profound impression on his memory.

He also couldn’t recall bringing such a girl, or even anyone inside his room.

Perhaps it’d been done during an unstable drunken state…. His thoughts went towards that direction, though he didn’t remember drinking sake last night. At the time he fell asleep, there wasn’t anyone else in the room except himself. These facts can be affirmed.

That is to say, it was certain that she was a suspicious person who intruded into Eiji’s room while he was sleeping.

「Oh, have you woken up?」

Realizing that Eiji had woken up, the girl raised her voice while blinking those red eyes in surprise.

She had a very clear voice. Even though it had been raised loudly, it was heard very distinctly as it were whispered close to one’s ear. If she became a voice actress, it would without a doubt become a hit production; if she became a singer, a million sales were guaranteed…. It was lovely voice holding such a conviction.

When Eiji heard her voice, he felt his back shudder.

「Well, it doesn’t matter though. After all, it won’t change what’s about to happen.」

She spoke, peeling off the towelket covering his body. Throwing it towards the bed’s corner, she began to unfasten three of the buttons of the pyjamas Eiji was wearing.

After doing such, she turned over the collar to expose his nape.

Those slender fingers traced along Eiji’s chest, giving rise to a ticklish feeling. It was pleasant, causing his entire body to tremble.

Eiji’s heart swelled with expectation as the abrupt actions which seemed to be the prologue to a love affair continued to baffle him.

「W-what are…..」

「Haha. Your blood, I’ll be taking it.」


While hiding his anticipation deep within his heart, Eiji asked her but that girl disregarded his words and announced her desire. Hearing an answer different to his expectations, an idiotic expression creeped up onto face.

Her abnormally developed canines shone as she whispered. No, it was more proper to call them ‘fangs’. Possessing a sharpness impossible for humans to have, those could only be related to the weapons that carnivores like wolves used on prey.

Although he imagined the scene of those sharp fangs tearing into his skin, the girl wasn’t going to do that.

Taking blood – those were her words. If they were true, it can be guessed that those fangs were meant to suck blood by piercing into veins through the skin.

That was just like a….


While the name of the existence which exists only in folklore or occult came to his mind, the girl straddling his abdomen brought her lips to his nape.

As their bodies came into contact with each other, Eiji felt the softness of her body’s front. Smelling the fragrant body scent rising from her body, he couldn’t help but get erect from the arousal even though he was in such a situation.

However, the next moment, a stinging pain flashed through his nape. Trying to look at that direction, he could only see her lustrous black hair; it wasn’t possible to see the part of the body he felt the pain from.

(Am I…. gonna be killed like this while getting my blood sucked?)

For some reason, feeling the blood circulating through his body gradually get sucked out brought him a deep pleasure. Eiji resolved himself for incoming death and just like that felt his consciousness….

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