Hell’s Cinema – Book 1 Chapter 9

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Book 1 Chapter 9: Impurities

It’s clear that You Lin helped Ye Jiang for her own purpose. But no matter what, there was hope for Ye Jiang. It would be worried if he stayed with the minority in the bus. If You Lin was the long term actress then she must have some tricks. No matter what tricks she had, following her would be safer.

Those who decided to go down the mountain, including Ye Jiang, were 17 people. Leading the group were Hao Sheng and the tour guide. By listening to their conversation, Ye Jiang knew that the tour guide family name was Mu. But, it did not matter because it was just a fake name.

17 people brought their packages and followed the tour guide. The mountain path was difficult to walk, and the one who remembered the way was the dead driver. Consequently, it would be hard to go down the mountain using the tourist map. The tour guide asked them to leave some traces.

Every actor knew that sooner or later they would have to go back to the bus. The movie’s name was « Terror Bus », so all the incidents would centre around that fearsome bus.

The leader, Hao Sheng, looked at his lover Xue Yan with worry. Not far from them were Ye Jiang and You Lin. It was past midnight, the surrounding scenery was deeply dark and silent. Frankly, could they reach the foot of the mountain using just a simple map? It’s a fifty-fifty chance. What they did now was just a requirement for the movie.

Hao Sheng told Xue Yan:

“Actually … when the driver died…”


Xue Yan seemed very anxious. Her acting skill was quite good, so she acted naturally.

“At that time, I screamed so loud not because I found the corpse, but because I had a nightmare. In my dream, the driver was covered in blood and he came to me and shook my body … then I woke up …”

Although they said it softly, Ye Jiang already knew the dialogue. The next sentence would be:

“Xue Yan, do you remember the beggar? He said that this bus was full of miasma. I regret that I did not listen to him. Maybe he told the truth. And he…”

“What about him?”

“When he was beaten by Xia Yun, I felt sympathy so I came to help him stand up. He whispered in my ear: ‘If you want to expel the miasma, you … must discard that impure thing…’”

The impure thing? What was that? Ye Jiang felt confused. But, that thing must relate to the life of all people. He continued watching Hao Sheng and Xue Yan as they must be discussing the impurity. In Ye Jiang’s opinion, that impurity must be the source of the miasma. If someone was the victim of an injustice after he died, he would become the wraith, it called the karma. Karma is a very important concept and is often used in horror movies. In the Hong Kong movie « A Wicked Ghost » in 1999, or the worldwide famous Japanese movie « The Ring », karma was mentioned. « The Grudge » was an exception as people were cursed just because they walked into the haunted house. Terminate the impurity, it meant to solve the reason why the ghost killed people. The impurity … could it be a curse?

This time, You Lin said: “Xia Yun, you need to stay with me, although nothing has happened, hold my hand and never let go.” Ye Jiang felt a warmth from hearing this. In the horror movie world, being taken care of like this made him very thankful. He swore that he would repay her for this favour if he could make it out alive, although he did not know her real name. When he first saw the flyer, there was another name that appeared but he just focused on his name so he did not remember.

In the plot, at this time, Du Yan would walk next to Nian Zhou and have many dialogue exchanges with Ye Jiang and Nian Zhou. But, Du Yan stayed on the bus so the plot would be blank. In this condition, the tickets would not be deduced. Ye Jiang was holding You Lin’s hand, but his tickets were unchanged so the plot was not very stringent.

As the incident developed, Du Yan would go missing soon. Normally, if there is a time adjustment, the exact time will be shown in the plot. It’s 0:15 am, and Du Yan would disappear around 0:20 am. It meant Du Yan would go missing in 5 minutes, and how he vanished was unexplained. He was not divided from the group, and he even walked in the middle of the crowd. What happened could be like this:

In the original plot, it was 0:18 am, Xia Yun said:

“The path was so hard to walk. My new shoes were ruined!”

Nian Zhou:

“So who did kill the driver? The passengers had no reason to kill him, right? We have just met for a day, so there was no way that they killed him to rob him.”

Du Yan:

“It’s hard to tell. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe there is a serial killer among us. Hao Sheng, can we go down the mountain safely?”

Hao Sheng:

“I can not be sure. What will be will be. Fortunately, the tour guide brought the compass.”

Nian Zhou:

“If we can not escape then we must go back and stay on the bus until the sun rises, right? I felt that this mountain had some evil, it made me scared.”

Xia Yun:

“What nonsense are you talking about? Nian Zhou, do you believe in the beggar?”

Nian Zhou:

“At first, I didn’t believe, but … What if he told the truth? It’s all your fault. He wanted to say something but you kicked him, didn’t you?”

Xia Yun:

“What? You mean I was wrong?”

Nian Zhou: « Of course, if it’s not you then who should be blamed? You are so mean! The driver died abnormally, so there must be some problem! I think the beggar was right! »
Xia Yun: “Shit! Now you put all the blame on me?” (He remembered You Lin’s strange acts in the night and got terrified, but he pretended like he fears nothing)

Nian Zhou:


[ Xia Yun rushed and grabbed Nian Zhou neck. Everyone hastily dissuaded them ]

Hao Sheng:

“How can you fight at a time like this!”

Xue Yan:

“That’s right, let’s talk!”

Xia Yun:

“He believed in some shitty stories and blamed me. Ok, I kicked that beggar. But, why did you not stop me at that time? Now you tell me to take all the responsibility?”

……[ The argue part was shortened ]

00:22 am.

Hao Sheng:

“Okay, everything ends here! And you two stop arguing! Wait! Where is Du Yan?”

Xia Yun:

“Right, he also did not come here to dissuade…”

Xue Yan:

“Where is Du Yan? Anyone see my friend? He is a tall thin boy with a stubbly beard.”

Du Yan vanished just like that, no evidence. In the original plot, when he was found, he was only a corpse without a soul.

But now Du Yan had stayed on the bus, so no one knows how he will disappear. But, the argument between Nian Zhou and Ye Jiang had still yet to happen. Everyone was attracted to the incident as some wanted to dissuade and some were curious about what the beggar said.

Next, Nian Zhou started to blame Xia Yun. Ye Jiang tried to act like he was angry and grabbed Nian Zhou collar with one hand, and his other hand still held You Lin’s hand. Then people started to split them apart.

“Stop arguing, aren’t you friends?

“Why do you talk so much? We need to go down quickly.”

Everyone started to make noise. After a long time, the meaningless squabble ended. They hurriedly continued on their way. However ….

“Hey wait, where is that young man who was wearing a cap?”

“Right, isn’t he the man wanted to go with you before, Ye Jiang?”

Ye Jiang heard this and felt uneasy. Cap? It couldn’t be … He turned around and looked carefully. Liu An has disappeared. So that’s it, Du Yan escaped his fate so Liu An became the replacement. Fear lurked in Ye Jiang mind as a chill ran down his spine. So … the details would be changed …

The tour guide said:

“I was looking for him too. I have his phone number, but there is no signal…”

No one knew what to do. The guide continued:

“We should split up to find him! Maybe he was left behind!”

A muscle man agreed:

“We should try to look together! I have some impression about him because he always wears a cap to cover most of his face and never says anything. I remember that he was standing next to me at that time, but I was distracted by your conversation then I could not see him anywhere. On this mountain, there must be a hidden criminal!”

The tour guide quickly added:

“Right! I am also worried about that!”

Then everyone went to find Liu An. All of this happened to make sure that the incident, in which Du Yan went missing, still occurred! Furthermore, in the original plot, when everyone was focused on finding Du Yan something would happen to Xia Yun!

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