Hell’s Cinema – Book 1 Chapter 8

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Book 1 – Chapter 8: Nothing Venture, Nothing win

Xue Yan asked Hao Sheng.

“What do you think about the murderer? Did he come from outside or inside the bus?”

Hao Sheng hesitated as he did not know what to say. You Lin kept silent and turned her eyes to Ye Jiang. He knew she was about to say something very important.

“I … I see …”

She only said words like that. Ye Jiang regained his calm. He could feel that his present dialogue was considerably less than in the first scene.

“The beggar told us the truth!”

You Lin took a deep breath and said no more.

Ye Jiang knew that she really saw something, not pretended to see. Because the first scene did not require her to point a finger and show fear. She could not know the plot of the second scene. Differently, it was not You Lin but the actress who plays You Lin’s character that saw something … But, Ye Jiang could not see!

Then Hao Sheng and Xue Yan continued, Hao Sheng sighed and said:

“Nothing precious was lost, so this must be revenge. But, how it killed the driver is still a mystery. As I woke up from the nightmare, I heard the scream…”

In the plot, after this, the passengers would split into two groups: one group would stay on the bus, and one group would go down the mountain. La Hao Sheng and Kang Xue Yan would go down the mountain. There were many people who would go down the mountain. A total of only 13 people would stay on the bus. All of them were old and just the support characters. Of course, they could use the death tickets to change the plot.

All six main characters chose to go down the mountain, but Xia Yun and Du Yan had to die. However, the strange thing here was that both of them disappeared from the group. The first missing one was Du Yan. Two protagonists and other people tried looking for him, and in the searching, Xia Yan vanished. Then, their corpses were discovered at the same time! How they died was the puzzle. By the description of the plot, when the corpses were discovered, their face showed extreme fear. They must have seen some terrible things before they died.

Vanished without a trace, only this thing could make him terrified. If he wanted to avoid the disaster, he could stay on the bus. All 13 people were old, so they would hardly help. But, if he followed the others and went down the mountain, what he faced was unpredictable. It was very hard for him to decide. Ye Jiang must consider this problem carefully. At this time, two main characters and others were discussing who the killer was.

“If the killer is lurking around here, we can not stay on this bus!”

“There is a dead body here, so who could dare sleep in this place!”

“Then we must find the way down!”

In the end, Hao Sheng spoke clearly.

“So everybody must give out the decision on your own. I think it would be better to go.” However …
He had a nightmare and the way the beggar talked before made him feel that the bus had something unlucky, so he decided to go. Many people followed Hao Sheng.

Stay or go? Ye Jiang knew that this was a vital decision. He had investigated the corpse of the driver, but there was no holy item. Should he stay here with the few, or go down the mountain to vanish into thin air and die. This was an extremely difficult decision.

If he waited on the bus, then there would only be 14 people. It would be as quiet as a grave …Thinking about that made him scared.

In fact, there was a third choice where he does not choose both of these groups and instead goes down the mountain alone. But that was too dangerous, so he eliminated it from the start. Most of the characters in horror movies would die because they went alone. So … what should he do now?

Turn by turn, everyone had told their choice. Some said that they were old, so they would stay on the bus. Some man said they could not sleep in the crime scene and the killer may still be lurking around. Then more and more people wanted to go down the mountain. Ye Jiang thought for a long time but could not find the optimal choice.

“Ok … Let’s prepare to go down … For the people who stayed here, tomorrow we will find aid and pick you up.”

The tour guide talked with repent:

“To let this happen, this was our company’s fault. Let me on behalf of the company say sorry.”

After everyone got off the bus, Du Yan immediately ran up to Hao Sheng and hugged him. Du Yan said:

“Hao Sheng! Let’s go together!”

“Don’t do that Du Ya…”

“We have known each other for such a long time, but you must not consider me as your friend if you say that.”

Ye Jiang knew what Du Yan wanted to do. The devil would capture him, but not the main character. But the plot also said that the main character was not absolute, so maybe he could not save Du Yan. Du Yan stuck to Hao Sheng like a leech. If other people saw this, they would have questioned Du Yan gender. Hao Sheng wanted to evade but Du Yan hardly lets him go. This was the only way Du Yan could think of to stay alive. Even if Hao Sheng knew Du Yan intention and denied, Du Yan would not leave.

“Let me go!”

Hao Sheng got angry and pushed Du Yan away, he shouted:

“Don’t get near me!”

Du Yan was pushed and nearly fell to the ground. Then Hao Sheng pointed at Du Yan and said:

“Don’t come near me. They would think that we are gays.”
Hao Sheng flicked off the dust and avoided Du Yan like he would avoid the plague. If Du Yan comes again, he would not mind punching him.
Du Yan stood up from the ground and looked at Hao Sheng with contempt. He resented that he could not kick Hao Sheng ass. In the end, he must choose to stay on the bus. He used his tickets to change the plot and became the 14th people in the bus. Now he sat next to a mid-age man. No one advised him as they prepared to go. The corpse must be kept on the bus.

Ye Jiang was in despair. He even thought of being on the bus. But, at that time, a beautiful hand held his. He looked up and saw You Lin.

“Go with me. I am weak, so I can not go fast. You must hold my hand tight.”

After heard this, Ye Jiang understood thoroughly. That’s it.

You Lin may not be the main female character but could be the inferior main character. The relation between You Lin and Xue Yan was very close. If the plot wanted to make some sensational detail, it could create a triangle relationship among You Lin and the two main characters. She must have an important role in this movie. If Ye Jiang followed her, he had a chance to live.
But this was the first time You Lin and he met. Why should she help Ye Jiang? Ye Jiang felt so thankful to her. Du Yan also said:

“I want to hold your hand too, You Lin…”

“You could stay here.”

You Lin said and lead Ye Jiang by the hand as they got off the bus.

After group up, Hao Sheng became the leader and lead way. Ye Jiang held You Lin’s hand and walked right after. Travelling with so many people made Ye Jiang feel much better. If staying in the bus would save Du Yan or not? Only god knows.

Ye Jiang did not know whether his choice was right or wrong. He could only go step by step until this movie ended!

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