Hell’s Cinema – Book 1 Chapter 7

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Book 1 – Chapter 7: At midnight …

When Ye Jiang regained his conscious, he found out that he had slept for too long.

He immediately looked at the cabin! Driver … now … death?

In the dark, he saw that You Lin has already awoken while everyone else was still sleeping. In the front, Hao Sheng was having the nightmare as described in the plot. Ye Jiang huddled and peeked at the cabin, but it was too dark so he could not see anything. Was the driver dead? Was he still alive?

You Lin glanced at Ye Jiang, looking at each other as they seemed to understand the other’s thoughts. Now they could only wait and see.

The cabin where the driver sits was very silent. Now it was 11:59 pm, so maybe he died. The time was not that different, so maybe it has already past midnight.

Ye Jiang lied low, and waited, as he did not dare to even move an inch. Then he thought, the driver was not stupid, so he knew he would die. Therefore, he would try to spend the ticket and escape. Why would he still stay here?

Suddenly, Ye Jiang saw a human shape stand up in the cabin! It looked like the driver! He stopped breathing, may be he prepared to see the evil spirits … not the evil played by the actors in movies but the real terror evils.

He bit his lips while soaked with sweat turning his armpit frigid from the cold. The human shadow started to walk slowly. A spark lit up the dark that showed the face of the man, it was the driver. The driver used the lighter to light a cigarette. The flame of the lighter flashed then disappeared. After a while, the driver sat back in the cabin. Ye Jiang heart beat faster, he never felt a level of fear like this before. He glanced to You Lin and saw that she was pointing to a place, and she was trembling… It was crystal clear that she was frightened too. But … the place she pointed to was quite normal, Ye Jiang could not see anything unusual!

However, he thought about a possibility. You Lin could see what others could not see. Maybe she had acted for a long time, and she had something like the Yin Yang eyes?

His legs started to quiver. He was born and raised in the material world, and now he was brought into a horror movie world. As he nearly faced the evil spirits, because he prepared his mind carefully and in the reassuring presence of many people on the bus, his mentality was quite strong as he stayed calm and conscious. Since the driver dared to stay on the bus, he must have something that can banish the evil.

Next, he heard the driver fall to the floor as he convulsed violently. At the same time, Hao Sheng convulsed too, so it must be the high tide of his nightmare. When he woke up, he would see that horror scene.

Ye Jiang held his head as he hoped for the time to fly faster, so the driver could use the holy item to banish the evil and then he could snatch it. If the driver died he could take it easily. His mind started to become chaotic. Who could blame him? Anyone would act like this in this situation.

The sound, of convulsions, had stopped. Then he heard a scream made by Hao Sheng as he had awoken from his nightmare. The light was turned on. Most of the passengers were roused by the scream, which included Du Yan and Nian Zhou.

“What’s happened?”

“Who screamed?”

Hao Sheng looked at the cabin. The driver had died on the steering wheel, as blood covered all his face, with his hand on the light-on button. Following the plot, everyone screamed in terror…

The first scene had ended.

Then a large amount of information poured into Ye Jiang mind. The information about the second scene! All the information was crystal clear, to the smallest detail.

Unexpectedly … it was the modified plot … and Ye Jiang face turned pale. Because … in the group of six people, two would die in the second scene. The first one would be Du Yan … and the other … was Xia Yun, … it was him. Ye Jiang would die in the second scene!

Ye Jiang became very distressed. Du Yan angrily punched the window causing blood to come out of his hand.

Hao Sheng stepped up and investigated the dead body. Nian Zhou now knew that he would stay alive, so he exhaled lightly. He slapped Ye Jiang shoulder, looked at him with sympathy, and read the script “Why did this happen? Is he dead?”

Now the tour guide, the two main protagonists, and the others were crowded around the driver corpse. They mentioned calling the police but there was still no signal. “No one came near the scene!” Hao Sheng spoke loudly. “This is a homicide.”

The main character was always the best, and all the support characters were just the background. Hao Sheng said: “Everyone please stay away from the crime scene! This is a murder case, everything must be investigated carefully … Did anyone know what happened?”

Ye Jiang followed the order of the script, he expressed like he wanted to say something but then stop. Hao Sheng saw that expression and he immediately interrogated: “Xia Yun, you know something right?”

Ye Jiang could now feel something strange. In the first scene, it never mentioned that Xia Yun woke up and witnessed the death of the driver. This was an important detail so it could not be ignored. Although he was not tired, he fell asleep but later regained his conscious because of his worry. He changed the script in the first scene thus the second scene would be affected. Ye Jiang continued following the second scene script:

“No … It’s nothing. I only feel that he died so … tragically.”

Hao Sheng felt something suspect, and his face showed confusion. This must be the order of the plot, so the main character dreamed about the death of the driver and the driver died in reality, the character must be confused. When he would remember what the beggar said, he would be terrified.

The tour guide was very scared and started to cry, her facial expression was remarkably real.

“What should I do? I have been a guide for many years but I have never faced something like this before…”

This time, Xue Yan glanced at the corpse and said:

“By looking, we don’t see any outside wounds, but his seven holes are bleeding. Was he poisoned? There’s no more trace of fighting here?”

Inside the bus, there were no female children, most of the females were elders, so when the corpse was found many people screamed, but not for long. Ye Jiang discovered that Jiang Yi and Zhang De Kun had not come back yet. Liu An was staring at the driver’s corpse.

“No one saw anything?”

Hao Sheng asked again:

“Were all of you sleep at that time?”

Of course, there was a witness and not only one. However, the script prevented them from speaking, so Ye Jiang would not do anything abundant. Inside the bus, the lights were turned on and there were many people, so he was not really frightened.

He observed the corpse and speculated: Did the driver have any form of holy item? If not, why did he dare stay on the bus? Maybe the holy item didn’t have enough power so he lost his life. But if that item really existed, Ye Jiang must have it at any cost.

Because ….


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